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  1. It was a lateral. It was also inconsequential as Doyel wasn't anywhere near a first down. Why don't we cut block on quick slants?
  2. I don't call draft prospects elite, especially at QB. I see some guys who might become really good pro QBs, but there's no way to know for sure. If you forced me to choose one today, it would be Justin Herbert.
  3. Yeah, that's not lighting it up. Eli was decidedly average last night, just like he has been for the last seven years. Rivers might not be done, but he's 38 and not playing well overall. And it's interesting that anyone would call Tannehill a proven talent. He was considered yesterday's garbage this offseason. I'd actually take Tannehill over everyone we're talking about right now, and I said in the offseason that I thought he was better than he was getting credit for. But we didn't need him in the offseason, or so we thought. And there were will other QBs available this offseason, but no one franchise-level. We'll have to find our next franchise QB in the draft. If you want a short term patch, you can give one of these guys $25m/year.
  4. First, I want to stress that Eli is not lighting it up, which was the statement that prompted my earlier post. Second, Rivers is better than Eli, but Rivers has been bad for most of this season. He played well Sunday, but I'm thinking Rivers is done. Third, if Rivers has another year or two left, I think he's better than JB, but I don't think it's reasonable to expect him to play for the Colts. Cam is a different story. He's also better than JB, but IMO, he's not the kind of QB that I would want. He's gotten by on his physical abilities his entire career, and his superior mobility is starting to falter, plus the injuries. Jameis Winston will also be a free agent.
  5. We blitz a lot on third down. I'll do some charting for the Bucs game though.
  6. Fifteen blitzes out of 48 dropbacks. I'd like to check the third down numbers more carefully, but I feel like they blitzed a lot on third down. I think they just did a bad job in coverage. Winston was 10/14 against the blitz.
  7. Define "lighting it up." Do you really want to pick between a couple of 38 year old QBs? And what makes you think either of them were/are available for the Colts? And aren't you Team Jacoby? You want to replace him with Eli, or Rivers? Or are you just being contrary?
  8. JB did a few things well yesterday. He threw the ball down the field, seemed more decisive, even made some plays. I literally applauded some of his throws, including the TD to Marcus Johnson (the same Marcus Johnson who everyone has claimed can't get open and doesn't have JB's trust). He was also erratic, inaccurate, late with throws, etc. We needed some routine plays that didn't get made. And that's not only on JB. There were some drops, which hurt. And the run game couldn't get going.
  9. Cain has 3 catches for 62 yards... in three games. He is most decidedly not "ballin out," and certainly isn't proving anything pertaining to Brissett or the Colts.
  10. Poor execution -- especially the level of breakdowns we saw yesterday -- is about everyone. Poor preparation, poor technique, they didn't line up properly, they got caught in bad calls, the players didn't communicate well on the field and didn't work well during plays... etc. (The tackling also wasn't good.) I also think the youth and inexperience of the secondary showed up yesterday. Khari Willis and Malik Hooker looked like they have only played five or six games together. That doesn't excuse the awful performance, but I do think it's a factor. It's also possible that we needed to mix up the coverages more than we did.
  11. I'm assuming this was about the dreadful pass defense yesterday. So my comment was specific to what I viewed as the problem with the defense against the Bucs. In general, absolutely, no pressure is a problem when you're playing zone defense. But that's true no matter what coverage you play. Yesterday, Winston didn't have any more time in the pocket than he usually does (2.81 seconds). He was far less aggressive than he usually is (per NGS aggressiveness stat, which calculates how often a QB throws into a tight window). He had easy throws all day long. His turnovers were bad decisions, not due to a lack of options. So when a defense has been giving up 245 yards/game and 7.6 Y/A, then suddenly gives up 456 yards, and 10.1 AY/A, I don't think the problem is with the scheme the team plays every week. I think the problem is the execution of the scheme.
  12. Zone doesn't work when it's not played properly. It wasn't a lack of pressure, it was blown coverages, over and over again.
  13. Tough look for AV. Wish he had made one more...
  14. I am convinced Luck will never play again. I'm disappointed, but I've made my peace with that. I assume he retired for good reason, and while he technically "quit," I think it's harsh to call him a quitter, as if he's less of a person. I also don't think I'd ever be able to trust him or commit to him again, if it were up to me.
  15. Just speaking for myself, I liked my post, and I didn't like your post, so it's not hard for me to understand. Here's what happened in this thread. OP posted a stat. You derided stats on the basis of "you guys keep using stats to talk about things JB doesn't do well, which means you can't form an opinion for yourself," which is just another way of you trying to show your superior depth or whatever. No one has ever offered any singular stat as definitive proof that JB "isn't the answer." If they have, that's ridiculous. You say you agree with the first point. The stat in the OP quantifies it. So what's the problem?
  16. Same. I'm not crowning him, but the kick he missed in the Seattle game was a 47 yarder, not exactly a gimme. And he made a 47 yarder to send the game into OT, so he's shown the ability to make a pressure kick. Just have to let him show what he can do.
  17. He hit three other kicks in that game. You guys know kickers sometimes miss kicks, right??
  18. I'm being pedantic, but my point is that the complaint is we have one kicker more than we need. By saying "three kickers," it becomes an exaggeration. But on a topic like this, that should not be surprising.
  19. Of all the things to be concerned with, this doesn't make the list. Not even close. First, plenty of teams carry three QBs. I went through and posted a list a few weeks ago. More than half. Second, we have two active kickers, not three.
  20. It's actually really simple. JB isn't good at throwing the ball down the field, and he and the staff know it. You keep presenting this argument that throwing downfield isn't valuable, and that's just dead wrong. But that's a discussion for another day. You and others also keep presenting this argument that, because the receivers aren't the guys the team expected to have at the beginning of the year, it's not possible to be productive throwing down the field. But there's a reason players wear the same color uniform in games, and we have ocular proof of receivers open in various spots on the field, including down the field, but not being targeted. The first prerequisite for downfield production is receivers getting open; the second is the QB throwing the ball. The first is happening, the second is not. We don't need to muddy the waters on this, even though that's your MO. It's clear cut, plain and obvious. JB has bad downfield numbers because he's not good at that part of the game.
  21. He was signed off the street by the Niners. But he was a "non-vested" player, which means he doesn't have enough years of service to reach unrestricted free agency. So whatever team he's on would have his exclusive rights for 2020 and 2021, whether he was claimed on waivers or signed as a free agent. Then he can be a restricted free agent in 2022. His contract technically expires at the end of the 2019 league year, but the Colts can tender him and effectively extend his rookie contract, one year at a time, until 2023. (And at that point, they could franchise tag him, assuming that provision still exists in the new CBA.) As a UDFA, the CBA allows him to be signed to a veteran extension after two years of service; for drafted players, it's three years. Until then, his contract is based on the rookie wage scale, which was determined by the CBA. A recent case study for this is Kenny Moore. He signed with the Patriots as a UDFA in 2017, then was waived at cut down, and the Colts claimed him. After 2018, he had two years of service, so he was eligible to sign a veteran extension, which is what he did in the 2019 offseason. If he had not agreed to an extension, the Colts could have tendered him as an ERFA for 2019, and then as an RFA for 2020.
  22. My point is that this has been going on all year. It's not like the TN game was some red flag out of nowhere. However, today's news makes it seem like AV is actually hurt. So this move might be more prompted by his status than I originally thought. Still, interesting coincidence that McLaughlin is available now...
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