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  1. His age doesn't bother me. He's good for another 5 years, if he doesn't suffer catastrophic injury. Speaking of which, in the last ten seasons, he's missed eight games. All eight of those missed games were in 2019, due to a back injury. He was back and looked fine physically in 2020. (I think there's a feeling that Stafford misses games all the time, is hurt all the time, etc. Not sure where that comes from.) He was producing well before he got hurt, and had started something like 130 games in a row. The Lions having a losing culture doesn't influence my thoughts on Sta
  2. No one knows, but it would likely require at least our first rounder. And that hurts, IMO. We traded last year's first for a vet, and we actually haven't made a pick in the first round since Quenton Nelson in 2018. I don't like continually not picking in the first, but to secure a multiple year QB that we can contend with, I'll grin and bear it. There are other supposedly interested teams with higher picks in 2021, so we probably need to be ready to part with another pick, like a 2021 third or a 2022 second.
  3. We would have $35-40m remaining cap space.
  4. He doesn't have a no trade clause, so I don't know how much leverage he has. But negotiations can be had if that's what he wants.
  5. I'd prefer to wait until after 2021 before guaranteeing him more money.
  6. I did not enjoy Talib's color commentary.
  7. Probably means no first rounder, and about $35-40m in cap space. So it limits what we can do in FA for sure. But I don't think this team can contend without a difference maker at QB, so it's the cost of doing business.
  8. Salary. He has a $10m roster bonus and a $500k workout bonus. His total cap hit to a new team would be $20m in 2021. Assuming he doesn't get a new deal.
  9. In general most pass plays have at least one vertical option, right? Doesn't mean the vertical route is the first read, or that you have to wait for the vertical route to develop before someone else is open.
  10. Their contracts are basically the same for the next two years. Wentz is several years younger, so in theory you could sustain something with him on your roster. Stafford is higher on my list, though.
  11. I think they were always keeping Wentz, once Pederson was fired. I don't agree with the Wentz bashing, though. He can still play.
  12. I'd rather not lose good coaches, that's obvious. But I don't like holding anyone back when they have an opportunity to advance their career.
  13. They could agree to terms, but it wouldn't be official until the start of the new league year. https://www.nfl.com/news/kansas-city-chiefs-trading-qb-alex-smith-to-redskins-0ap3000000912606
  14. Romo is the consensus #1 color guy on TV for the last three years. ESPN offered him half the network last year to go to MNF; CBS countered with a long term deal at $17m/year, which I think is more than Romo ever made in the NFL. He's the top dog. Number 2 is Collinsworth, and he's so polarizing and unpopular that it makes Romo #1 by a long shot. I personally don't mind CC at all, I think he's pretty good, but a lot of people seem to dislike him.
  15. Stafford was always my #1 choice among veteran options. (He was my preferred choice last offseason, someone posted a poll and I picked him.) I'M ALL IN ON STAFFORD YALL.
  16. Gonna lock this. Old threads are usually archived and closed, not sure why this one was allowed to come back to life.
  17. There are so many variants of mesh that I don't understand why anyone would make such broad generalizations of the concept. You can run mesh effectively without long developing clear outs, you can use TEs, and WRs in reduced splits. And mesh generally doesn't feature long/deep crossing routes, but shallow crossing routes, with multiple throwing windows.
  18. That's fair, and that's good research in that piece. It's just one aspect of being a GM, but it's very important. Still, saying he's a terrible GM is a step further than I think is appropriate. He put together a contender, using multiple avenues of adding players, and then doubled down on a roster that was good enough to win, but got destroyed by injury (and apparently, internal conflict). And injury is a big part of those draft results. Anyway, I don't think Roseman is a terrible GM. But I'm not trying to swap him for Ballard.
  19. Not claiming they'll be a match made in heaven, but Roseman clearly wants full roster control after the Chip Kelly saga.
  20. The Eagles ran more vertical routes than any other team in the NFL last year. Don't know why you think mesh takes more time than any other route concept. Or why you think you can't run a pick play to the field in a 2x2 formation. They called a lot of plays tailored for personnel they didn't have. And the point in my earlier post, which you responded to, was that the play caller was more of an issue than the fundamentals of the offense.
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