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  1. It's all about Wentz. Edge is probably gonna be a step back in 2021, but it wasn't a strength last season IMO. And I think now we have the potential to be better in the future. Wild card is probably Turay, if he's healthy and can show something, and Paye, if he's ready to contribute in Year 1. Corner, LB, safety, kind of a push all told. We get some help at corner, losing Walker hurts but not that much IMO, safety is basically the same with room for growth from the young guys. Receiver is about Pittman and Campbell, with a chance for TY to be more productiv
  2. They seem to think that if a guy fits the locker room, he has the best chance to hit his ceiling, even if he has injury concerns. And I get it. A guy with injuries isn't likely to wreck team chemistry, as long as he works hard and has the right attitude, even if he doesn't get healthy. A guy who might not respond well to coaching, or whatever other character issues you might have with him, that might cause issues. But I did think that they were going to make injury history a super priority, especially after last offseason where basically everyone they added had a good history of n
  3. I assumed he'd get $7m/year, based on the Villanueva contract. That he got $5m makes me wonder about the Fisher deal even more. Fisher is a better player, when healthy, but we could have penciled in Leno in Week 1, and apparently at about half the cost of Fisher who best case doesn't play until late September (and I'm not counting on that).
  4. So less than a week ago, the Colts were an 8 win team in your mind. Today, you've seen the error of your ways and believe in Ballard? Okay. Just as a comparison, I said last week that I wasn't thrilled with the idea of adding Fisher, and I'm saying the same thing today. How I feel about Chris Ballard -- he's a good GM, and it's time for him to prove whether he's a great GM -- has not changed since last week.
  5. Thanks for posting. I feel compelled to point out that this article doesn't show anything about players returning to play after just nine months.
  6. Weren't you just voicing disagreement with the Colts moves in the 'are they falling behind thread' last week?
  7. This is the other element. I said before, during and after the draft that I think they're okay with Te'vi, if he has to start. The Fisher signing is kind of a bet that he'll get back and be able to play at a reasonably high level, but if he doesn't, they're okay with Te'vi.
  8. That's a reasonable way of looking at it. I think I would rather have spent less for a player with a higher floor (Leno presumably, or even Villanueva), especially on a one year deal.
  9. I read that also. First saw it last week (either in the Dayo thread, or the previous LT thread), and saw it again today. It states they've made some advancements in the method used for the operation, which makes the procedure easier and faster, thereby saving money. It doesn't say those advancements have any impact on the patient's recovery. Maybe it reduces the risk of post-operative infection, but at this point in Fisher's recovery, that's not a major concern anyway as his wound should be mostly healed by now. And maybe he's just a famously fast healer, and he'll be ready
  10. Yeah, Mack is a low risk, potentially high reward, but we have a capable starter at that position ahead of him. I've written off Dayo for 2021, anything we get from him is a bonus. At least he's under contract for four years. From my understanding, the Achilles is the thickest tendon in the body, and doesn't get great circulation, so it needs a lot of time to heal. During that recovery, a setback could be very costly.
  11. LOL Still waiting on the details. Half of the $9.4m might be playing time bonuses, in which case this makes more sense. I'm not out on it, just don't think he'll be back in September, and if something goes wrong he might not play at all. A two year deal would have more room for cap flexibility, and would give us a better market position, I think.
  12. I'm not calling it a death sentence. I'm saying typical recovery doesn't put Fisher back on the field in September. KD didn't play for 18 months. Mack hasn't returned yet. I don't see anything new out there that suggests that any high level athletes are returning after a ruptured Achilles in a shorter time frame than they did over the past decade.
  13. I think this all goes without saying. The team and their medical people are aware of the details, and that influences their level of confidence in this decision. I'm just a guy on the Internet. But I stated my opinion on Fisher and Dayo last week. The research says it's an 11 month recovery, on average. Outliers are 9 months. For Fisher to play in September, he'd be an outlier. No one bets on outliers without acknowledging the risk they're taking. If Fisher's recovery is typical, he probably won't play until December. And if he has a setback, he might not play this season at all.
  14. He fit the profile of the kind of FA the Colts pursued last season -- guys who don't miss games due to injury. The connection between the Colts and Fisher is obvious, but I think it's unrealistic to expect him to be back nine months after a ruptured Achilles.
  15. Leno is a realistic option right now.
  16. I appreciate your optimism, and that of the team. I just don't share it. Happy to be proven wrong on this one, don't get me wrong.
  17. The documented history of Achilles recovery in football players.
  18. What difference does it make what they expect? What actually happens is what matters. And Fisher playing in 2021 is very much up in the air. For him to play by the end of September would make him a major outlier.
  19. I love PFF, and the other advanced stats sites, and there are more and more of them now. I think they are a great resource, which is why I carry a PFF subscription off and on. The charting, stats, and other detailed info are very valuable. They help provide information and context, and with that info it can add to your understanding of what teams are doing and how they're performing. I even appreciate their grading. They watch every team, every game, and grade in a respectable way. I think there is a percentage of their grading that can be questioned. I'd say 90% of the plays the
  20. Such a weird deal. We're gonna pay him $9.4m to rehab his Achilles, and there's a strong chance he won't even play for us. Of course, the team and doctors know where he is. And maybe the deal is structured in a way that we're not on the hook if he can't go. But still... I'm on the fence on this one. Would have gone with a more reliable option.
  21. We've had three QBs on the active roster most of the last two seasons. JB, Hoyer, Kelly. Then Rivers, JB, Eason, although 2020 was a different kind of year. I don't think they have an issue carrying three QBs.
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