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  1. The defense benefitted from playing a bad QB. He missed several open targets, and we all know JB won't challenge DBs downfield. We couldn't sack him most of the game, and then we gave up 14 points in the 4th quarter, plus some awful penalties. (By the way, on the penalties, at least the defenders were near the receivers when the ball arrived. We weren't in position to even take a PI in the first two games...) If they had at least finished strong, maybe we're look at a high 6 or a 7... On offense, several times we failed to convert in the red zone, despite favorable starting field position. The play calling is still not clicking, and we struggle to make plays when the pressure is on. They were 6/15 on third down, 2-4 in the red zone. We need to score more points when given the opportunities we had in yesterday's game. At least the running game got going, but there were some situations throughout where we could have kept some drives going, and didn't. STs, muffed punt could have been a killer.
  2. Offense - 5 Defense - 5 ST - 5
  3. Mechanics start with footwork. Wentz had a foot surgery during camp, and now has two busted ankles. It's completely undermined his mechanics, which sucks. Even before the ankles, we've seen plenty of throws under pressure where he doesn't use his feet properly, his bottom half is out of sync with his top, etc., which has led to missed throws. Hopefully he continues to tune himself up as the season goes on, but these injuries aren't helping. Unlike last season, he's been careful with the ball, not taking as many chances. Last year through three games he had six interceptions, on pace for 32 for the season. This year, he's on pace for six (probably not a sustainable pace, but obviously much better), and the one pick he has wasn't his fault. He's also holding the ball too long at times, so this isn't entirely great news. He needs to be more decisive. Better play calling would help.
  4. I've always wanted to see the Colts on this kind of series. With the Next Pick sort of scratched the itch, but not quite. I think it's great for exposure, great for fans who want to get to know the team better, etc. I'm looking forward to it. From an operational / preparation standpoint, there is no doubt that it can be a distraction. Players definitely know they're on camera, and it affects how they act, talk, etc. Probably the same for coaches, some of whom have their own personal ambitions, which can be problematic. So I'm torn, always knew it would be that way. But mostly, I'm excited.
  5. He can run a few feet just fine.
  6. Bootlegs, no time at all. It's part of the structure of the play, especially for a team that runs crossing routes like we do. Extending the play? Shouldn't take long either. Scramble drills, work back to the QB and move laterally with him. These are staples of every offense.
  7. I didn't listen to Kelly's comments, just read a brief clip, and the impression I got was that he said Wentz had to be too tough, not that he wasn't ever supposed to move. And in general, if you call a normal dropback and give up pressure, that's a problem. It's not saying you can't call a play that gets the QB on the move by design. And if your gameplan is to keep the QB somewhat stationary, but your protection sucks, you need to adjust. Especially if your QB is doing a fine job of moving to avoid pressure. Bottom line, Reich has to do a better job of working with what he has, and adjusting to the game situation.
  8. Move the QB. Bootleg, sprint outs, etc., with half field reads. It takes pressure off the OL and the QB, and it has a cumulative effect on the DL. Even the read option, good call, bad decision by Wentz, but get the defense moving laterally and watch how many passing windows open up. And there are variations of that same read option play that allow for a late pass, just have to make sure the OL doesn't go down field.
  9. Big stat to mention, the Seahawks went play action on 41% of their passing attempts, and sliced us up. I'd like to see the Colts try that one of these days. Just see what happens. Come on, Reich.
  10. Wentz could have gone out and looked like a lost cause in Week 1. I'm encouraged by the fact that he looked like a good starter. Still remains to be seen if he can play winning football over the course of a season, but I've always thought that he can/will. Nothing is determined after one game, though. He got a little frenetic at times, and his mechanics suffered for it. But this was his first live action since late last season (and the OL didn't do him any favors). In general, his footwork, throwing mechanics, command, arm, accuracy, etc., were all sound and good. Let's hope it stays that way.
  11. I want to see stats on play action results vs back to back play action results.
  12. 4th down decisions are separate from play calling, for me. You can be aggressive in go-for-it situations, and still conservative as a play caller, and vice versa. It's two separate things. So while Reich is more aggressive on 4th down, his general play calling still trends toward being more conservative. Also, when your running game is rolling, I don't care if you run the ball 50 times in a row. If it's working, and you're scoring points and controlling the clock, you have my approval. If you're stubbornly running on first down and your offense can't get going, then we have a problem. And in general, I'm not too worried about what a play caller says, I'm worried about what he does. Coaches speak in cliches. If he says 'we want to run the ball to establish play action,' my ears perk up, but if he uses play action without worrying about the run being established, then I'm fine with it. But yeah, Reich has been more true to the cliches than I'd like. Still, I think you're assuming a lot about Luck's adjustments at the line. Rivers had freedom to change plays at the line, and still trended conservative, especially with downfield shots (and yes, there were opportunities last year that Rivers just didn't pull the trigger on, for anyone wondering). On the other hand, I'm assuming that with a capable QB that he trusts, Reich will loosen up, and we might see more of the 2018 flow. Hopefully I'm right and you're wrong. And even if I'm right, I still think having the HC as the primary play caller is a disadvantage, and I'd love to see that change at some point. Not holding my breath, though.
  13. Reich was really bad on Sunday. And he's been bad before. He's also been good before. I've consistently used the limited QBs as an excuse for Reich. I assume we haven't seen what he really wants to do with a QB with any consistency since late 2018. And even Sunday, he said before the game that he'd keep the reins on Wentz, given the circumstances. I don't agree with that decision, but it appears obvious that he was conservative in his use of the QB, and with trying to pound the ball with the RBs. If Reich can loosen up a little bit and help the offense get into a rhythm, then maybe he can find that flow he had in 2018 with Luck. But if he's going to be conservative and stubborn, and continually put his offense in 2nd and long, 3rd and long, and have multiple three and outs at pivotal points of the game, then he deserves lots of criticism.
  14. In general, when people are critical of the decision makers, it's as simple as 'we drafted Player X at 30, but Player Y was drafted at 50 and he's better, so the GM messed up.' It's easy and requires little perspective. And honestly, sometimes it actually is that simple. But usually, all the factors you mentioned above need to be considered and adjusted for.
  15. To the bolded, that wasn't meant for you. Just a general comment. To the rest, we're on the same page. We're relying on unproven youth at critical positions, and if we don't have good players at most of those positions, it's gonna be a rough season. You'll note that I'm never the one talking about how good this team is, and how the rest of the league better watch out, etc. I think it's obvious that we still have a lot of work to do.
  16. Yeah, Metcalf got linked up with a QB who excels at throwing the ball deep. And even though JB has a big arm, he doesn't complete deep passes. Rivers arm was done, unless he could take two hops, plant, and chuck. I'm just saying that it's easy to take issue with some of our picks that haven't hit -- especially in 2019 -- when there are guys from that same class performing at positions we need help with. I mean, people had Banogu getting cut this preseason, which isn't totally fair, but he certainly hasn't given them any reason to be encouraged. So if we want to talk about "mistakes" Ballard has made, there's room for it. And there always has been. Just be fair and reasonable, is all I'm saying.
  17. I love this ad hominem approach. As a matter of fact, the next time I'm called out for saying something dumb and wrong, I'll just claim the other person is a robot who doesn't understand nuance. That's the new 'get out of jail free' card around here.
  18. All this is true, and I've gone down this path many times. At the same time, it's also true that Ballard drafted Rock, Banogu and Campbell ahead of Metcalf, and while I don't think the book is closed on any of those players, it doesn't look great for Ballard's choice right now. (And I say this as someone who wasn't a Metcalf fan, and I still think he's limited, but he's been insanely productive already.) He took Pittman ahead of Claypool, and that story hasn't been told, but Claypool had nine TDs as a rookie on a bad offense. So everything is not about Luck (or AC, or any of the other sucky things that have happened that are outside of Ballard's control). And there are legitimate things that Ballard can be second guessed on. But that's true of even the best GMs, because no one is perfect, every roster has some rough spots, and there's always a what-if in the draft and FA.
  19. I expected nothing less from them, as far as insight and whatnot. Peyton was a little amped up early in the game, almost ripped his mic pack off at one point. He had to settle in after a few minutes. But if I'm trying to actually watch the game, how they set it up interfered with the action a few times. I'm sure they'll clean it up next week. If you've ever watched the college football championship coaches broadcast, they nail it. Roundtable style, several other coaches talking about the game, breaking down plays, giving background and bantering back and forth, it's the only way I watch the championship game anymore. I don't think they're going for exactly that, it's going to be less formal and structured, which is fine. But I don't want anecdotes or prop changes overshadowing the game action. It's like if I'm watching the game with friends, and someone decides to mute the audio or stand in front of the screen so they can tell a story. The game is still the main event.
  20. And that's a conversation better suited for a few weeks from now. Week 1 sucked, but it's not definitive. I feel like you're missing the point with the edge guys, or maybe you just don't agree. They didn't want 30+ year old guys who aren't making plays as pass rushers (I will admit, Houston looked really good on an early pass rush last night; he missed the sack, but he abused the RT), especially if that means playing those guys ahead of Turay, Banogu, etc. AQM is a rotational DE, not the answer at edge. All things equal, I'd rather have Houston at $2m or Ingram at $4m than AQM at $3m, but all things aren't equal (they had an offer out to Houston before the draft), and the real hope for the pass rush rests with our young guys. I think people tend to make a bigger deal out of things, especially things they don't agree with, especially after a bad loss.
  21. I'm watching the Peyton/Eli broadcast now, it's kinda tough, not very well produced, all over the place, we almost missed the Mariota run on third down, etc.
  22. I don't have a problem with the talent disbursement or roster construction strategy. The problem is that we haven't quite hit on guys like Campbell, Turay, Rock, Hooker, etc., for various reasons. If we had, we'd be making different cap decisions with other players. And that's setting aside Luck and AC. It's true that roster attrition happens, but right or wrong, we spent an extra $30m on QBs in 2020, plus two additional high draft picks, because Luck retired. Not making excuses, just saying that over time, there are demands on your resources, and those demands are fluid from year to year. So these questions aren't as important when you're going from 4-12 with a bad OL and no defense, which is why second guessing roster construction decisions made in 2018, which actually led to good players, rings hollow.
  23. I know you're being facetious, but people have actually said this. And I just want to go on the record and say I'm not fully on the Josh Allen train just yet.
  24. We'd have to define every single term in this post to continue this conversation, so I'll just say we do disagree, and I'll move on.
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