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  1. It wouldn't be ideal, but I'd do it for the pick. And I'd re-sign Chad Kelly (based on the basically zero information that we have about Kelly, but I'm assuming he knows the offense).
  2. Well that's entirely true. Rivers can't run at all, Cam is much better at getting away from the rush. That's just one part of playing QB though.
  3. Cam would have required a significant overhaul to our offense. The impact that would have had on the other players, with no real offseason or training camp, is hard to account for. Add in his limitations as a pro passer and his injury situation, and there were always reasons to be concerned about adding Cam. Yet there was the potential to add some dynamic playmaking, in both phases. There were also reasons to be concerned with Rivers. Primarily whether he could still play at a high enough level. Still undetermined at this point. But we didn't have to make wholesale changes to the o
  4. You think Brissett has higher trade value than Darnold? Why wouldn't the Cowboys just trade their third for Darnold?
  5. Yeah. At least Cam can run.
  6. Trade for him at what price? And to play what role? I don't see this as the answer to our QB question.
  7. They'd only owe him about $3m. I'd even be okay with the Colts paying the remaining salary if they're willing to give up a fourth.
  8. I was hoping Hooker would play his butt off this season. That could also move Willis primarily into the dime back spot, where I think he's best. That would be a good three headed mix, I think. But Blackmon is playing his butt off, so we're good.
  9. I'm taken aback by the level of entitlement from this guy who hasn't accomplished anything in the NFL. [/sarcasm] Congrats to the happy couple.
  10. False. The quality of the QB play isn't based on whether the team wins or loses. Doesn't matter how you try to frame this discussion, that will never be true.
  11. It's the already paid signing bonus that was the issue. If you want a player to give money back, I don't think you should be able to keep their rights into perpetuity. But the pending bonus was a different story, and I don't know what the rules were on that one. Uncharted territory, as far as I know.
  12. I don't think he's ever coming back. But by keeping his rights, you keep the option open. You can also trade him with three years left on his contract.
  13. That's true if you judge QBs based on the team's win/loss record and nothing else.
  14. Not really, everyone knew he was bad in the game, but after several seasons of falling short and finally getting a ring for Cowher, no one cared.
  15. I think Holder is a good writer, at least.
  16. Hicks is the SB guy, right? He does football stuff. I don't have to agree with it all. He does seem more fanboy than previous SB guys (which isn't a hard bar to clear), but he appears to understand the game and takes the time to write about it. But he's a blogger. He isn't part of the team's media pool, which is what I thought the OP was asking about. Among the guys at the pressers, asking questions, interacting with the team and the staff, none of them really ask about the things that I would like to know more about. They get wrapped up in surface level stuff, and they
  17. She went to Harvard so I assume she can write well, but I don't know if she knows anything about the game, or the Colts. But Indy Star could do worse, that's for sure.
  18. And one more thing about this whole 'he's black' thing... The NFL is burning through young QBs left and right. Most of them are white. Sam Darnold and Mitchell Trubisky are probably done after three seasons. Trubisky got benched and his team hadn't lost a game yet. Josh Rosen was done before he even got started. Drew Lock is probably gonna be done. These are guys drafted in the first round (Lock in the second) who are gonna get blown out within three seasons, and because so many young QBs are coming in, they might not get second chances as starters. NFL teams might eva
  19. You already said no one can tell you different, which means you won't listen to anyone else, but I'm going to say this anyway. This is really dumb. It's true that black QBs get pigeon holed, sometimes get judged by different criteria (on and off the field), they might have fewer opportunities, get less second chances, and so on. But Jacoby Brissett was replaced as the Colts starter because the Colts saw very clearly that he wasn't good enough to be the starting QB for a team with championship aspirations. Not because he's black. JB had a couple
  20. I don't like any of them. The guy doing actual football stuff on Stampede Blue is really good though.
  21. It's funny how people don't know what RPO is.
  22. He's still available, three weeks after being released.
  23. I felt bad for Okereke yesterday, that cast robbed him of a pick. The DBs are inconsistent. To my eye, Kenny Moore made some mistakes yesterday, Rhodes is kind of hit and miss (but mostly a positive), Rock is still unknown. If they play with good technique, especially at the snap, and the pass rush is good, the DBs should be fine. But if the QB has time, our coverages tend to break down and leave receivers very open.
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