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  1. I don't think anyone needs to forgive McDaniels. He didn't have a relationship with Colts fans, and vice versa. I think he was less than genuine, but he didn't spend seven years as a member of the team. He chose not to come, so we moved on. I've made my peace with that. I think much less of McDaniels as a result; I don't think I hate him. Luck was a Colt (still is, in my mind). The team was built around him, he had relationships with the players and coaches, and with the fans. And he abruptly retired. It was a drastic circumstance that wasn't handled very well. But, if what he and the team are saying is true, I don't think he lied, and I don't think he did anything wrong. I got over my hurt feelings without any need to forgive Luck for retiring.
  2. Brock Osweiler is a decent backup.
  3. No, Luck. I don't think I ever seriously referred to McDaniels as a liar. Andrew Luck deciding he didn't want to keep playing doesn't transform his previous statements into lies. He changed his mind. People do that sometimes.
  4. Thanks, makes sense that I missed it if it was Florio, since I avoid him. It also makes sense to extend Brissett, give him a one or two year deal before he hits the market. I don't know about $18m/year, but I'm sure they'll work that out.
  5. Changing your mind is not the same as lying.
  6. RW re-signed and is under contract through 2023. He's the highest paid player in the NFL.
  7. Tom House will help with footwork and throwing mechanics, not so much accuracy. But accuracy can be a byproduct of better footwork and mechanics, so let's hope. And just before anyone thinks I'm getting carried away, Brissett always had decent accuracy. He wasn't Derek Anderson or Brett Hundley or anything like that.
  8. There's probably no link. They have a new GM, new front office and new coaching staff now. Just coincidence.
  9. That bonus was guaranteed in March. He didn't have to hang around for it.
  10. He got Brissett for a player he was probably going to cut anyway. They tried to sign Sudfeld off the Eagles practice squad last year. They've been interested for a while now.
  11. I hope so. I haven't paid much attention to his play in preseason this year.
  12. There are several reasons he might not be very good: throwing accuracy, pocket awareness, reading coverages, identifying blitzes/hots, etc. You guys know that QBs don't get better at these things just because time passes, right? Some of these traits are inherent. There are very talented and smart QBs who struggle in the NFL because they can't figure this stuff out. There are others who do get better, or who make up for a deficiency in one area by leaning on another area of strength -- Cam Newton struggles with several aspects of pro QBing, but makes up for it with athleticism and arm strength. I don't doubt that Brissett will be better. My question is whether he'll be good enough, whether he'll prove to be a starting caliber NFL QB. Last time we saw him, he was just a plucky and determined fighter with a strong arm. That won't get it done now.
  13. I'm not knocking Brissett for not having great stats or even for not winning a lot of games. I'm saying I think he showed significant limitations as a passer and a QB, and that's not dependent on stats, wins or teammates. To go further, one of the major issues with Brissett in 2017 was that he didn't see open receivers at times. That's something that should be much better with the new staff, and since he has a year in the offense. I expect his decision making and reaction times to be much improved. But he also struggled with accuracy and touch, he didn't show great pocket awareness or mobility, and he had a lot of fumbles. (By the way, he's always had a lot of fumbles, since college.) These are not a function of the offense or coaching. These are his own limitations, independent of any external factors. Obviously, he can improve, but Brissett has never been praised for his accuracy or his touch, so he probably doesn't have a high ceiling there. He's not quick footed, he doesn't navigate the pocket very well, and he'll have to focus in on ball protection on top of trying to avoid the pass rush and deliver the ball to receivers. If the protection sucks, if his receivers drop passes, if the coaching is inept, I won't be blaming him. But if he's throwing bad passes, fumbling, holding the ball too long, overlooking open receivers, and struggling to navigate the pocket, well those will be the same issues that he showed two years ago.
  14. I would never suggest that they are. My opinion is that there are certain things the fans won't know, and I've made my peace with that. But when those facts aren't disclosed, people fill the void with nonsense. And I guess that's a natural response, but it bugs me when that nonsense is presented as anything more than conjecture. People are stating things like 'Luck hid this injury for months' and 'Luck decided a long time ago' as if they're fact. I should probably just get over it, but that bothers me.
  15. I did. One of the best payoffs of the entire franchise, and perfectly executed, I think. But somehow, I doubt Andrew has seen that movie... Ballard said it's something that had lingered throughout last season. I don't find that hard to believe.
  16. I hope Chris Ballard and Frank Reich aren't thinking about Walker's mom and her feelings while they put the roster together. Scott Tolzien works in my favor. He was terrible, and only made it one week because he was terrible. I don't care who holds the clipboard, I'm concerned about what happens if Brissett gets hurt. If Walker has to play, the offense dies, bottom line. (And I hope I'm wrong; I hope Walker is a superstar in the making. But he's likely not. And more importantly, I hope Brissett never misses a snap. But he might.) And my tag line refers to the draft. I'm talking about adding a veteran QB before Week 1 of the season. Player acquisition at this time of the year is almost entirely about need.
  17. Sudfeld is a natural connection, but he's hurt for a few weeks so he can't help us in Weeks 1 and 2. But like you said, they'll find someone. It's time for Ballard to dust off his binder and get to work.
  18. See, I think the missed throws were because he's not that good. But hoping I'm wrong.
  19. Nah, I'm talking about Brissett's QBing. Missing throws, missing open receivers, holding the ball too long, being too slow to get out of the pocket, etc. He showed some serious limitations as a QB, and people kind of gloss over them because the team was bad and the coaching was bad, but I'm talking about his actual ability as a player. I think Reich will help with efficiency and production, but playmaking is a trait, not a learned behavior. Brissett has some playmaking, I don't know if he has enough to succeed as an NFL QB, especially not for a championship team. And again, I'd love to be wrong. I'm a big fan of Brissett's character, personality and leadership. I'm all about seeing him do well.
  20. Revisionist history, influence by a recency bias. The Colts were 10-6 in Manning's third year, and got put out in the first round of the playoffs. Luck's Colts were 11-5, and in the AFCCG. In Manning's fourth year, the Colts were 6-10; in his fifth year, they got beat in the first round, 41-0. They didn't win a playoff game until Year 6. After Luck's third year, he started getting hurt, and the team starting coming apart, partly as the result of things that were completely unrelated to Luck or his injuries, and definitely out of his control. Manning is my favorite NFL player of all time, but the beginning of his career wasn't superior to Luck's, on the field. With respect to injuries, Luck was just barely at the stage of his career where Manning started to dominate. They obviously have different makeups, abilities and priorities. Manning was a monster, super focused and intense, bred to be an NFL QB; comparing anyone to him was going to be a nonstarter. Different leadership styles, different personalities, all that. But Luck's impact to a football team was tremendous, and it's disingenuous to try to downplay that. This comparison is flawed from the start.
  21. Edge gave the Colts seven years, then left in FA. Not only is he in the ROH, the Colts gave him a SB ring for a winning season the year after he left.
  22. I didn't mean to be pedantic. But I also think we need more out of the QB than just an avoidance of mistakes. I think Luck was one of the best playmakers in the league, and in general, I think that playmaking ability is critical to playoff teams. Tom Brady is a great example of QB who avoids mistakes, but even in games where the defense is dominant, he is called on to make a couple of plays down the stretch. He made big plays in his first SB, on that final drive. In this last SB, he had an early turnover, then vowed to his teammates he wouldn't make any more mistakes. But the game came down to the offense being able to score down the stretch, and he had to make some big plays. Meanwhile, Goff was completely incapable of doing anything to help his team. I think Brissett has to rely heavily on his teammates to be successful, but I also think even the best overall team needs a couple of plays a game from the QB. And I thought that playmaking was lacking from Brissett in 2017. Hopefully Reich's coaching can help him be more efficient and productive, and to keep the offense moving.
  23. I would just like to point out that the 2000 Ravens were no worse than the third best defensive team of all time. We'll need more than Trent Dilfer to have a good season.
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