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  1. Didn't get an interview with the Colts (in two rounds of interviews), and didn't get an interview with the Browns.
  2. That's absolutely wrong. If there were any actual good defensive players, they would have been retained. And Vontae never played in the "new" defense, he left during the 2017 season. He's a 3 sack/year guy. And he has nothing to do with the roster inherited in 2017. Goodness. Five players. Your take on Gore vs Mack basically nullifies your opinion.
  3. Nine in 9 games, so there was some production. But I think they owed him $15m for 2019 and didn't think he was worth it. Edit: 9 in 12 games.
  4. I don't view that position as a mentor. That's nice if/when it happens, but I wouldn't be counting on JB to get the rookie ready to play. That job is done by the staff.
  5. The Seahawks did a great job deploying Metcalf. I was not a fan, and I still don't think he's a very skilled player, but his physical ability speaks for itself.
  6. Houston was older and had been hurt and not producing. They traded for and re-signed Frank Clark, but got rid of Dee Ford, so that's a wash on the books (and ultimately cost them a first rounder, for a better player who is two years younger). Chris Jones is a foundational player. They do have to pay Mahomes, but they can manage that as they get some cap relief in 2021.
  7. There's no indication it happened in March.
  8. Harry literally made plays in the Pats literal division-winning game last weekend.
  9. I disagree. They both made plays for their teams, just not enough of them. Harry had a couple good plays to help the Pats win the division. It will be interesting seeing him and Brown in the same game Saturday. Campbell was in a rough situation, between the injury and just not being a fit for the offense with JB at QB.
  10. Nobody is trading anything of value for JB. So my question is what's your preferred approach? If you want to blow out the QB room, who's the starter next year? And is he someone you're expecting to be the starter for the next five years, or are you drafting someone?
  11. JB never looked like the answer to me. My experience with Love is that, as I watch him, I see more and more that I like. Maybe I'm talking myself into him, but I've really been reserved and measured in my evaluation of him. The intangibles and his ability to compete against NFL competition are unknown, but his tools are impressive to me. If he made it to #34, it's a no brainer. I don't know that he will.
  12. Neither of them sucked. We gotta stop claiming rookies who don't light the world on fire "sucked." It's stupid. The more I watched him, the more I liked him. I would have loved to have him.
  13. Nah, this argument is hogwash. If the defensive roster was any good, even a wholesale scheme change would not have resulted in replacing 25 players in two years. And none of those 25 players are contributing on other teams around the league. They were bad. Grigson built a bad roster. Even if Ballard hadn't pushed forward with a scheme change, we still would have needed a completely new defense. It's also downright crazy to suggest that Marlon Mack is not better than Frank Gore. Just stop. And what Grigson tried and failed to do for five years, Ballard did in Year 2. He spent two top 40 picks on OL to fix a sore spot on this roster. That's two top 40 picks that didn't go toward defensive playmakers, or a #2 receiver. Ballard inherited a trash roster, because Grigson built a trash roster. And then the best and most important player on the roster retired before the start of Year 3. Edit: Henry Anderson is contributing for the Jets. So one of Grigson's defensive holdovers is contributing around the league.
  14. The players he inherited on defense were bad, and they're all gone. I think Geathers is the last holdover, and he got phased out of the defense and will likely be gone by next season. None of the players that left are performing anywhere else. The defense was bad because we didn't have good players. On offense, he inherited five good players, out of 11. The most important one retired. The second most important one is considering retirement. The roster was bad, because Grigson built a bad roster. There's no arguing that.
  15. My preferred strategy is to draft and develop a QB, with an eye on him starting no later than Week 1 2021. If he starts sooner than that, great, but at worse, we're following the Patrick Mahomes model (which I'm all-in on). That being the case, having JB remain the starter makes sense to me. An alternate strategy is to add a veteran QB. I'm not in favor of that strategy. There are some decent to above average guys who might be available and might play well with Reich coaching -- Carr, Winston, Foles, etc. -- but I'm not interested in hitching our wagon to any of them, especially considering the expected cost of acquiring them. There are some desperation heaves -- Rivers, Newton, Rosen, Eli -- that I want no part of. Any middling guys -- Bridgewater, Keenum, Mariota -- don't represent any real chance of improvement over JB. They're just change for the sake of change. So going 7-9 with JB or another veteran isn't ideal, but if we have the QB of the future on the roster, then at least we know where we're going. And maybe along the way, the rookie gets some reps, maybe a start or two, and we can start the transition.
  16. Sincere question: Have you watched either of them?
  17. That's a mischaracterization of the front office's position, though. They've signed several free agents, with mixed results. They are doing exactly what you're saying in bold. I think people are not accepting that this roster is still under development. Not only in player acquisition, but also player development. Still relying on a lot of young guys, still establishing a culture and an identity. And still need more players at critical positions. For me, any criticism of Ballard that includes the team's record is missing the mark. When he took the job, everyone believed Luck would be able to play in 2017. Instead, Luck missed the season, and took time getting up to 100% in 2018. Then, the team starts gearing up to really compete because with Luck, the sky's the limit, even with an incomplete roster. But he retired, and our ceiling was lowered dramatically. It's hard to imagine a GM having his legs cut out from under him more than Ballard has in his first three seasons, and most of the drama isn't a result of any of his own decisions (unless you blame him for considering McDaniels, but the snake move was almost unprecedented). Now, I still think Ballard should be graded on the basis of his decisions and their results, and I agree that some have anointed him as a great GM prematurely (it helps when your predecessor is considered one of the worst of all time), but I think we're just barely getting into range to truly evaluate Ballard's work. And the fact that, in Year 1, he was working with someone else's staff and scouts, drafting for a lame duck coaching staff, kind of influences my thinking on his start anyways. If Ballard proves to be a stubborn denier of the benefit of free agent supplementing and trading for players, then I'll be with you. That was my biggest issue with Polian. I don't think Ballard is, to this point.
  18. It's not an endorsement of Brissett. The point is that I don't necessarily think we're doomed to 7-9 next season if Brissett starts. But more importantly, if we have the next guy on the roster, then there's no need to nuke the QB room. This isn't like 2011, and JB is still a good backup and can play a role on a team with a rookie QB. As for the injuries and the circumstances, again, not defending JB's play. I've been very critical of his play, and I don't think there's room for him to hide behind the circumstances. I'm saying that, even with his play, we could have finished with a better record if a couple things break differently, so it's not like the team is entirely hopeless if JB remains the starter in 2020. I absolutely agree that JB is not the guy, and we need to get better at QB. I've been co-piloting that plane all season long.
  19. I think the key is he's a second round pick, so no fifth year option. I expect them to use the tag if they have to. If not, it would make sense for Ballard to break the bank on him, but he's the kind of guy that rarely ever makes it to free agency.
  20. A few games ago, TY dropped a big third down pass. Reich didn't call him out. AC has missed blocks and assignments, Reich hasn't called him out. The desire to see/hear a coaching staff publicly call out players has very little correlation to winning, if any at all. What the players do see is that the playbook changed as the season went on. When Hilton asks Reich why they don't throw more on second and long, I'm pretty sure Reich doesn't say it's because JB isn't good enough, but I bet Hilton can put 2 and 2 together and come up with 4. When he had some questionable 4th down attempts in the middle of the season, I'm pretty sure everyone in the locker room understood that AV's status influenced the decision making. If a player is concerned with the QB situation, he's not waiting around to hear the coach talk about the QB situation. He wants to see what the staff does with the QB. That's all that matters. Arians can blast Jameis all he wants, but if he starts Jameis again in 2020 and he has another 30/30 season, what difference do his words make?
  21. I moved on when I changed the thread title back.
  22. Not the point. If Reich said 'Brissett isn't a very good playmaker,' it would be factually correct, but would not help the Colts in anyway.
  23. It's literally what Holder's tweet said. You are editorializing by reading meaning into something that goes beyond what was actually written. That's the definition of editorializing.
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