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  1. That's good to know. I usually like to watch the late games, Red Zone and SNF, so if I don't see the game live it's hard to watch until Monday. I didn't realize they had made the games available same day. Sounds like it was a re-sell, or something else. In which case not something we can allow to be promoted on our site.
  2. "Cheap" is relative. Game Pass is $100 for the season. It can be split in four payments. If that's your primary way of watching the games, and you're okay waiting until Monday to see the game in full, it's a good buy. If you want to see the game live in its entirety, it won't get the job done. https://gamepass.nfl.com/packages?team=ind&campaign=cb-cl-gd-af-pj&affiliateId=83032&affiliateCustomId=&affiliateCustomUrl=&clickId=3258313108
  3. I think people talk themselves into believing that Ballard is playing games because they want the Colts to pursue a player or a transaction, but so far he's given us no reason not to take him at his word. He telegraphs his moves every offseason.
  4. The only time I'm worried about a receiver not catching the ball is if he's not fundamentally sound -- a body catcher, turns his hands the wrong way, can't track the ball, can't high point, or something specific that he's doing wrong. If it's just a lack of focus, or even the yips, I expect him to work through it and get it fixed. I can't see what's going on with Pittman right now. It might even be overstated, I don't know. But I watched a lot of his college games, so I know he doesn't have fundamental issues as a pass catcher. I think he'll be fine.
  5. This is locked pending moderator review.
  6. Yeah, we don't have enough context on that conversation. I do agree that when Ballard says they weren't going to trade up, that he's telling the truth. But it seems other teams were concerned about a team trading up for Love, maybe the Colts. That might be why the Packers came up for him. So I don't know if the smoke that Rapoport reported was fake or not. It might have been. Whether they thought he was worth a first or not, they obviously weren't interested in trading up for him. Once they traded out of #13, it should have been obvious that they weren't going
  7. Impact to the head/neck, subsequent headache, dizziness or blurred vision = concussion protocol. Hopefully he's okay.
  8. I don't disagree with this. But it's pretty obvious the Colts were interested in Love. Was there enough interest to take him at some point in the first two rounds? I don't think we'll ever have a satisfactory answer to that. But they showed plenty of interest, for months, which makes it hard to believe that they didn't like him. Add to that their need for a young QB, then assumptions get made. Rapoport has made "reports" with less information than that.
  9. I liked Joey Hunt at TCU. He hasn't done much since he hit the pros though.
  10. How can I listen to this?
  11. They won't trade Walker or Mack. It takes several years of good drafting to make a position a strength on your roster. Once you get to that point, you don't trade away your most proven players at those positions, you use them to help your team win games.
  12. It's hard to quantify without a legitimate study of every snap, and that's not about to happen. We know that going from Luck to JB put a strain on every part of the offense; no one's job got easier because of JB. Ironically, AC's pressure rate was better in 2019 than in 2018 (if I remember correctly, AC had a 3 or 4 really bad games in 2018). Smith's was worse. It will be better to compare Smith's development after Year 3. Rivers should make life a lot easier on the OL, and it sounds like the RBs are already seeing more touches in the passing game, so one of the common ways of miti
  13. I think there's evidence that he's firmly below average in pass pro. If he were average, I would have a lot less to say about his need to improve.
  14. They don't give a pass rush rate stat. I have to do the math myself, so I can't sort and order. But let's take a couple of RTs who are in the 5% range. Jack Conklin gave up 30 pressures on 541 pass blocks, 5.5%. Demar Dotson gave up 34 pressures on 676 pass blocks, 5%. Smith gave up 46 pressures on 620 pass blocks, 7.4%. The difference is nearly one pressure per game. And that's based on your premise of comparing his pressure rate to the median (which isn't determined, to be fair; we don't know what the median is, it could be higher than 5%, could be lower, I'm just u
  15. Do you mean every starter at RT, or do you mean every Colts starter? For the Colts, I'm not up at night worried about Braden Smith. But when he comes up, it seems like the tendency is to excuse his below average pass pro because a) we have a good OL, or b) he's a good run blocker, or c) he's young, or d) RT isn't a premium position, and on and on. I'm just saying, looking specifically at Smith's pass pro, he has to improve. If not, then consider alternatives (and a good run blocking RT who was drafted to play guard, there's automatically going to be suggestions to move him to guard).
  16. There's no definitive way to quantify a run blocker's ability, other than subjective grades like what PFF provides. But as a comparison, in 2019 La'el Collins was graded 75.2 as a pass blocker, and 89.4 as a run blocker. He's one of the few RTs graded higher than Smith in the run game, and he gave up 26 pressures to Smith's 46. (Others include Mitchell Schwartz, with a 2.5% pressure rate and an 84.9 run block grade; and Ryan Ramczyk with a 3.3% pressure rate and a 92.1 run block grade.) I don't mean to compare Smith to the most well rounded RTs in the league (subjectively), as if h
  17. I didn't realize cut day was that early. Why? The opener is 9/10, and opening Sunday is 9/13... I guess maybe to get more people out of the building before the season starts, and reduce the chances of anyone getting infected.
  18. Per PFF: In 2018, Smith allowed 38 pressures on 601 pass blocking snaps. That's a pressure rate of 6.3%. Luck's average time to throw was 2.44 seconds, and he took more than 2.5 seconds on 51.1% of his drop backs. (He only played 12 snaps at guard in 2018.) In 2019, Smith allowed 46 pressures on 620 pass blocking snaps. That's a pressure rate of 7.4%. Brissett's average time to throw was 2.73 seconds, and he took more than 2.5 seconds on 62.2% of his dropbacks. So yes, the fact that JB was slower to throw affected Smith's pressure stats, for sure. And we hav
  19. What makes him the 6th best overall RT? His PFF grade? He's fifth worst in terms of pressures allowed. Being a good run blocker doesn't excuse being a below average pass protector at a position where good pass protection is expected and required. We can complain about his pass pro until it gets better. It's not a minor nitpick, it's a fundamental area of concern for a RT. That's especially true since he's blocking for an immobile 38 year old QB. Good thing Rivers knows how to get rid of the ball quickly.
  20. He's a good run blocker, and a questionable pass protector. I'd like to see him get better at pass pro if he's going to stay at RT (and all indications are that he will at this point). I've been suggesting he go to guard because his pass pro would be less of a concern on the inside, and because Glowinski is average at RG. I think Smith would be an upgrade at RG, but we still wouldn't have a RT. Still, either Smith and Glow need to get better -- which is very possible; Smith is going into Year 3, and Glow is still in his physical prime -- or we need an upgrade at one o
  21. I have no issue with it, just thinking about the stakes for the rest of the team, and wondering whether they alternate which kicker they're assigned to periodically.
  22. That's a reasonable conclusion. (He actually wasn't terrible last year, but he did struggle to make plays with the game on the line.) But what if his bad year was due to the fact that he's a 38 year old playing a 28 year old's game? What if it was the start of a precipitous decline, something common to players his age? And what if the people who were most aware of his issues and of how to minimize them were the coaches and players who saw him and worked with him every day? I think it's a good signing, a great fit, it kind of speaks for itself, and it has a great chance
  23. But a good OC. Rivers didn't have success in spite of Norv; most likely it was partly because of Norv.
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