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  1. They just gave Jones the non-exclusive tag. The conversation starts with two 1sts. They won't get that, but you're not getting him for less than one 1st. I'm meh on Kinlaw, personally. I have very high expectations for Buckner. If he isn't excellent for us for the next three years, this will prove to be a bad trade. But those expectations are based on how highly I regard Buckner, which goes back to before he was drafted. He's a stud, and there's no reason to expect him to fall off in Indy. If he meets expectations, he's the best interior linemen we've ever had.
  2. Not even close. Ends the QB at #13 talk...
  3. Armstead got $17m/year. I like Buckner a lot better, always have. Hurts to give up the pick, though. That means no Jordan Love, sorry. Also out of range for Herbert. Maybe a guy like Fromm or Eason later on. Most likely adding Rivers, I assume.
  4. Desperation. I think there was a pick swap somewhere in the Tunsil trade, no? Clowney? Meh. Hopkins? Outrageous. So does everyone else. They were at least a year away from him actually trying to force the action on a new deal.
  5. I understood the Clowney deal, because I think Clowney is somewhat overrated and I wouldn't spend a bunch of money on signing him. But this one is pretty outrageous.
  6. They should have just traded a first for Nick Caserio last year. I don't know what BOB is doing down there...
  7. My assumption is that doesn't mean he wants to be in the room when roster decisions are made. I think that means he wants someone to sign Antonio Brown, and at cut down he wants to be able to say 'I like this guy, let's keep him.'
  8. Wouldn't that be nice... We probably won't get another comp pick until 2022.
  9. I still don't get the complaint. This team isn't good enough to win without a solid QB because Ballard didn't spend enough in free agency? No team can win without a solid QB. The biggest domino has yet to fall. In the meantime, this team is pretty well positioned. A couple good draft classes in the building already, some already playing really good football and others still developing, a good OL, a lot of cap space, and the opportunity to add a QB whenever they find one they like. The Colts aren't top three right now because Andrew Luck retired, no other reason worth talking about. And no sane, honest person can blame Chris Ballard for that.
  10. I doubt it. Comp picks are meant to be an equalizing, based on what happens in free agency. Players retire early, get cut, etc. That's not what the comp pick system is for.
  11. You're so all over the place. I can't tell if it's because you don't know what you're talking about, or if you're being intellectually dishonest. It seems like the latter. 1) "Literally" 6-8 players? An outright falsehood. 2) When you have a team with five reliable players, you're in a rebuild. So is your argument that Ballard should have tried to rebuild a roster that had five reliable players using free agency? (Also related, you say "sign some people!" Have you looked back at the Colts 2017 FA class?) 3) The FA approach in 2018 yielded two difference makers. Ebron and Autry probably helped this team go from being a 7 win team to a 10 win team. Once the line settled in and Eberflus figured out what the defense was doing, they started winning. What high profile FA was going to change any of that? 4) Our cap standing right now is absolutely critical. First, we actually have good players eligible for extensions, which is why cap space is so important to begin with. Second, now that we've actually had a couple of pretty good draft classes in a row (we think), we can move into the next phase of team building. 5) Why do you think it will take "the next few years" to acquire a QB that we can win with? This is the biggest FA QB class maybe of all time, and a decent draft class of QBs. We have a decent mix of cap space and draft standing, where we could realistically come away with a solid veteran QB and a solid rookie QB, in one year. I don't know what's going to happen over the next month and a half, but I know it doesn't have to take "the next few years" to be good enough at QB.
  12. To the bolded: How? Saving cap space, and at the same time developing young players, makes the team weaker in the long term? How? Not signing FAs in 2018 hurt us with Luck? How? (And by the way, Ballard in fact did sign FAs in 2018; both of his noteworthy FA signings had great seasons in 2018.) Also, I don't think you understand cap management. It's precisely because Ballard saved cap space in previous seasons that the Colts have such good cap standing right now. One additional fact: Ballard signed 10 free agents in 2017. We went 4-12. Not sure why you think signing FAs is so critical, especially when the team is in a rebuilding phase.
  13. This many posts in, and no one has blamed Roger Goodell yet... Also, LOL at the 'NFL is dying' narrative, especially based on TV ratings. Ratings went down across the board, for everything, because TV is changing. And still, the NFL is at the top of the list from September to February, and the NFL draft outdraws the NBA Finals (and I'm a huge NBA fan, so not a shot at the NBA, it's just the NFL draft is a huge event that millions of people watch). Last thing, the XFL got one thing right. When the person in charge of officiating makes a terrible call, remove him from that role immediately.
  14. But your entire argument is based on the idea that he should be building his roster through free agency. And it's prompted by a discussion about comp picks... You're way off here.
  15. You're being obtuse. He was rebuilding a bad roster, with a new coach and a QB returning from a shoulder injury. The one year he had those two things, the team won a playoff game. That's because he drafted difference makers and signed some nice additions on both sides of the ball -- Autry, Ebron, etc. He also added critical pieces to the offensive line in a season and a half. You're using hindsight to be critical of Ballard. If not for a franchise-altering development that no one could have expected, the Colts would probably be considered a top three team in the AFC right now, with top five cap space this offseason.
  16. He had Luck for one year, and was still trying to rebuild a really bad roster. I'm going to set aside the rest of your inaccuracies and exaggerations because you're so obviously doing a bit, but just wanted to point out how wrong you are about some of the biggest stuff here. Also, until Luck retired in the last week of August, NFL media considered the Colts to be a top three team in the AFC. Some picked them to go to the Super Bowl. This is a team that won a playoff game in 2018 with what you call a "garbage" roster. Interesting that now you're acting like Ballard has done something to hurt this team. Ballard has spent three years restoring this team, despite being hit with major obstacles each season he's been here.
  17. I don't know if people understand this. Teams that draft well year after year -- not just once -- eventually get comp picks basically every year. Teams that draft well every so often will get comp picks every so often. Teams that draft poorly will rarely get comp picks; they'll also routinely be flush with cap space, because they have no players to give big contracts to. Comp picks being handed out this year are, for the most part, related to players drafted in 2015. They hit free agency in 2019, other teams signed those players, and now the teams that drafted those are receiving comp picks in 2020. Go back to the Colts 2015 draft if you want to understand why we don't have any 2020 comp picks.
  18. Nothing wrong with the OP, this is the official announcement. Just commenting that there's a formula for determining who gets what comp picks, the league office doesn't just choose them at random. So having a vague idea of how the formula works, there are predictions of who gets comp picks once free agency is done.
  19. We knew this in April.
  20. Almost like there are a bunch of individuals with varied opinions... strange.
  21. I'm not sure I agree with the bolded part, I think fans are mostly done with the JB experience. But I don't think the front office should care, they should do what makes the most sense without regard for the fickle feelings of the fanbase, most of whom probably don't know what they're seeing in the first place. I definitely disagree with the sentiment that winning should shield a QB from criticism. The QB doesn't win, the team does, and JB wasn't carrying the team on his back. It's obvious that the team falling off in the second half of the season turned a lot of fans against JB, but there were a lot of people cringing at JB's play even when we were 5-2.
  22. I don't think I would choose that word, and I don't think I've used it in reference to the Colts treatment of JB, so it seems like a misrepresentation of my viewpoint. I also want to be clear about something. Just because the Colts don't openly criticize JB doesn't mean they aren't well aware of his shortcomings. If you look at the playcalling last year and read between the lines of their public statements since the end of the season, it seems obvious that they know he's not QB1 material.
  23. I don't think I ever said JB has been coddled by the team. I said I thought he was shielded from fair criticism and evaluation, specifically by fans and the media, but that hasn't been the case since about halfway through the season. I also said I thought the staff speaking glowingly about him was somewhat self-serving, not necessarily an indication that JB would be a great QB. And I said I think they go out of their way to avoid being critical of him, for obvious reasons. If I'm misremembering something, point it out, but I don't remember saying that the Colts staff coddled JB.
  24. Got it, that happens. I think Foles is better than JB, but I'm not sure by how much, and I don't see him as a long term option for the team. To me, the upside of potentially doing this trade is the draft considerations, and if Foles actually helped the team that would be a plus. But it would cost us $16m, bottom line.
  25. I hate these... Grant Delpit: Heavy hitting is accounted for by receivers trespassing in the middle
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