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  1. Not the point. If Reich said 'Brissett isn't a very good playmaker,' it would be factually correct, but would not help the Colts in anyway.
  2. It's literally what Holder's tweet said. You are editorializing by reading meaning into something that goes beyond what was actually written. That's the definition of editorializing.
  3. The point is that you don't look to late round flyers when you need a franchise QB. That's a 'let's take a shot on a guy late because it's not critical to the foundation of the team' kind of pick.
  4. What do the Colts have to gain by undermining Brissett? Nothing. What does Arians gain by undermining Winston? Contract leverage?
  5. Nope, not interested in late round flyers. I've only been looking at the top guys so far.
  6. You're editorializing. So is everyone else. The tweet in the OP literally says what I said. He may have meant something different, but others have also reported it that way. Chappell -- AC considering two options, keep playing or retire Kravitz -- AC says retirement among the options he's considering Bremer -- Retirement not off the table, considering for personal reasons Keefer -- AC says he has decisions to make, doesn't commit to anything Since then, we've heard more from Reich, and I agree that it sounds like this is simply AC's decision about whether he wants to keep playing. Still a bunch of editorializing and melodrama, but yeah, AC is considering retirement. He's also considering continuing to play for the Colts.
  7. "He did not give any sense of how seriously he is considering walking away, but it is one of two options, he said: First is re-signing with the Colts and the other is retirement." Holder did in fact say that.
  8. I don't think there's a reasonable solution that leads to a better projection than that in 2020. Unless you hit on a rookie who lights it up in Year 1, any QB transition right now is going to lead to a mediocre 2020 season. The point is that you have a guy to transition to. If you draft a guy now, and he either sits for a year, or gets the starting job, you're still going to have trouble winning games next year. But if he's on the roster and working with the staff to get ready, then once he does play, you reset your expectations accordingly. Blowing out the QB room is an overreaction, unless the objective is to bottom out (which I'm against anyway). But there's no reason to bottom out if you draft your next guy in 2020.
  9. The least of my concerns is how they handle Hoyer. I don't expect him to be on the roster for Week 1.
  10. We didn't hear what he said. We know what reporters say he said. The initial tweet from Holder was 'first option, re-sign with Colts, second option, retire.' That's what the thread title says because it's a more accurate representation of the reporting, so far.
  11. I edited. But it's not just the thread title. It's being sensationalized across the Internet (big surprise!) SMH
  12. I'd love to get Chris Jones, but the Chiefs are crazy if they let him walk. Sammy Watkins is their second highest paid player. Anthony Hitchens is sixth. They can get rid of either, or both, and replace their production without breaking a sweat, and keep Jones. That would be my approach if I were them.
  13. It's not. JMO. I'm not making excuses for JB's play, and you know I think we need to improve. But it is still a fact, based in our present reality, that the WR room got decimated by injury, then JB got hurt (which probably directly cost us two games), then he played his way back to reasonable health but wasn't as effective anymore, and TY was out, and the staff had built a roster around Luck and not JB, and they were shellshocked by the retirement as well. Oh, and AV did cost us games. Also, Reich went through a weird stretch where his second down play calling was pretty awful. None of this excuses JB's play, and I'm not being sensational about it. But even with JB as the starter, we reasonably could have gone 11-5 this year. So my preferred approach is draft the next guy, let him compete with JB and whoever wins the job is the starter, but if it's JB, make sure we have a solid receiving corps around him, figure out what to do on second down, throw some screens in neutral situations, keep working on the defense, and see what happens in 2020. I think there's a reasonable floor with JB as the starter, and a potentially acceptable ceiling. But either way, proceed in 2020 with the goal of getting the next guy ready to be the starter asap, while putting a good team around whoever the starter is. Again, JMO, but I wouldn't just scrap the QB room. That's an overreaction, to me.
  14. So really, AC said he wants to keep playing for the Colts, and if not, he'll consider retirement. What a headline, guys.
  15. The staff enabled him -- basically dared him -- to step up and make plays this week. I appreciate the approach, because the table was set for him to succeed, but he couldn't. He doesn't have it, and we have more than enough proof. He'll be the defacto starter in 2020, but I'm expecting the staff to find another QB to groom, who can compete in the offseason. JB is the bridge to the next guy.
  16. Not saying that, but those who do tend to be the loudest, and they like to repeat themselves in multiple threads, making it hard to just ignore them.
  17. Criticism and disagreement tend to go overboard at times. Especially when the opposing viewpoints seem to be completely divorced from any semblance of reality.
  18. Anyone questioning the intelligence of Ballard and Reich, especially this season, doesn't know what they're talking about.
  19. "Plenty." That's five in 30 years, 16%. Great odds. And we can argue about whether JB is better than the guys you named. For instance, Joe Flacco performed in a way that JB never has during the Ravens SB run. I like JB and want him to do well. My point is that it's not a good strategy to hitch your wagon to a guy with his ability.
  20. We might just wind up on different pages on this one, and that's fine, but what makes me think the writer is talking about the decision to keep JB being good for the Colts is the line in a subsequent paragraph: As Brissett relays the story in late November, he remains floored by Ballard’s foresight. “Chris,” he says, “is a beast.” To me, the point is Ballard was smart enough to value having a good backup, just in case, and that "just in case" came more quickly than anyone knew it would. So we can say 'dang, it's lucky Ballard didn't trade JB,' but the writer -- and, it seems, JB as well -- is giving Ballard credit for making the decision to keep him, which worked out heavily in the Colts favor. By the way, I wonder what prompted that conversation between Ballard and JB, in early summer. I wonder if JB was dissatisfied with his backup role, and wanted a chance to leave. But the article also says negotiations started in that meeting, so I wonder if it was prompted by JB just wanting to know what the plan was, and 'if you're going to keep me, let's talk about an extension.'
  21. Don't we all want him to succeed? We're Colts fans, he's the QB, we want him to do well.
  22. That's not the tone I got from the article, or that statement. It was 'good thing they didn't trade JB, because Luck retired a few months later.' That's what I got from that. And the rest of it was a fluff piece about a guy that everyone seems to like and is rooting for, so no surprise there. Not particularly insightful, and probably more propaganda than substance (not in a sinister way, just designed to endear readers to JB), but I didn't see it as a statement about JB somehow being better for the Colts than Luck. Not at all. Ultimately, there's probably a 90% likelihood that JB will be the starter in 2020, and I think most of us have accepted that. I just want to see a succession plan, because I don't think JB is good enough. If JB improves significantly in the critical areas, I'm probably good with that as well (but I don't think that's likely to happen).
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