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  1. I guess we'll see. I don't necessarily agree with the way Ballard has allocated resources over the last three seasons. Nelson is great, but I always felt like drafting a guard at #6 wasn't maximizing value. Still, I'd rather have him than not. (My favored alternative was trade down and draft Derwin James; he hasn't been able to stay on the field, so continuing to second guess the Nelson pick isn't reasonable, IMO. I'm glad we have him.) Funchess for $10m, big extension for JB, can't find an edge player high in the draft, etc. Some of the premium positions you mentioned, we're still
  2. Maybe I had his # mixed up when I rewatched... I didn't think that was him. If so, he was part of the problem on a TD pass. Fair enough. The previous TD pass, Minshew shoulder faked Khari Willis out of position, which led to the throw in the corner of the end zone. So let's bench Willis too, right?
  3. Sunday was like having Larry Coyer back.
  4. These threads crack me up. Rivers is 38. He wasn't signed to be the savior. He signed for one year, he's a bridge QB until we have someone better. And he's an upgrade on JB. (By the way, it's not close. Rivers is a substantially better QB than JB, even at 38, even with a couple turnovers/game.) He has to be more sharp than he was Sunday. Also, the defense has to play better. Speaking of, aside from the penalty, Rhodes wasn't bad. Not good, has to do better at the snap, but it's not like he specifically got torched, so I'm not sure why OP is calling him out as if him be
  5. They need to mix up coverages, and play with better technique at the snap. If they play off and allow quick completions, it's going to be a problem. Trying to boil it down to man vs zone -- like people always do -- misses the point. The problem isn't zone. If we played man with the kind of cushion and technique they played on Sunday, the results wouldn't have been any better. Also, while the pass rush wasn't impressive, it wasn't as bad as it seemed. On some plays, yeah, no pressure. But the Jags moved Minshew quite a bit. Whenever he took more than 2.5 seconds to throw
  6. One day when Trey Burton is healthy, they're going to run a gadget play with him (he was the trigger man on the Philly Special). If that play looks as awful as the JB play did, I promise you I'll start a thread about it if no one else does. You have my word. If they ran a gadget play for a player with gadget playmaking ability -- Hines, Campbell, any fast/shifty player -- it would be viewed differently. I personally don't understand taking Rivers off the field to run a gadget play for JB, not because I don't like JB, but because JB isn't a gadget player. He's also not a dynamic pla
  7. I don't know anything abut Sirianni as a play caller, so I'm not necessarily stumping for him, but it's not my favorite situation to have the head coach as a primary play caller. I think Reich is good at it, but I agree there are times where I think more focus would benefit him. The head coach is always going to have to divide his attention.
  8. Patently false. https://forums.colts.com/topic/63094-adam-vinatieri-merge/page/6/
  9. From the very first defensive possession, they were on skates. At least they tightened up the run D, but never did anything against the pass. At least there were some sacks, but no consistent pressure, and Uncle Rico ate them up all game long.
  10. Why are you quoting me on this nonsense? Why don't you go back and try reading what I posted in the thread you're talking about, and stop misrepresenting my argument?
  11. Nothing has changed for me. His fit in the offense is obvious. He found receivers quickly, the pace and tempo were good, all of a sudden we have a screen game, swing passes were completed with chance for extra yardage, etc. We have to run better, and he has to be more judicious with the ball. And we'll see if he can play well enough down the stretch for the whole season. My concern when we signed him was late game interceptions, and whether he's about to completely fall apart. I have the same questions today as I did in March.
  12. For opportunity, I agree. I just wonder whether another team is going to eager to sign an above average back in Year 5 coming off an achilles, and for how much. No one is going to be counting on him as the lead back. If the money is the same, I would think he'd rather go back to the Colts. Either way, he'll need to be healthy, and then he'll need a break to get back near the top of a rotation. And yeah, it sucks for him. I think the plan was to ride him hard all season and let him go get a nice contract in FA. That plan is gone now.
  13. Agreed. Best thing about running to the right is you can pull Q and get an even bigger advantage. Even then, it took Nelson getting beat on a second move, and Hines not being able to fall forward. I mean, they're going to run left plenty, but have to execute better when they do. I think the refs were trigger happy on the taunting call, tbh. Yeah, Parris could have completely avoided it, but I would rather not see that called, on either team. Let them enjoy themselves.
  14. In hindsight, sure. But philosophically, I support the decision to go for it. Even though they failed, the defense actually got a stop on the next drive, which is what your counting on there. Sadly Rivers threw the pick on that next drive. In general, 4th and short should be attempted more often than it is, and you won't get them all, but early in the game I'm not counting points yet. If it's a tight game in the 4th quarter, take the 3. First quarter, I'm good with the decision.
  15. It's possible Nelson's back affected that play, but I thought he just got beat low. Good play by the other side. A more powerful back might still have been able to complete the run. We'll see if Nelson has issues moving forward. I think the OL had a substandard game overall, but Rivers made some bad decisions, the play calls were a little wonky, we had some mistakes... but the defense was bad. The run D tightened up in the second half, but the pass defense didn't make a single play all game. It's an outrage. The play call to JB could have been costly... as it stands, w
  16. For him, I agree, the Colts would be the best fit for one more year. Rehab, familiarity, and all it takes to get a chance is an injury (as we see today). But with the cap expected to go down significantly, and the fact that we have three young backs on rookie deals, why pay the premium for Mack when he's probably not going to be 100%? I'd rather sign a healthy vet for competition, stay on the lookout for Jonathan Williams again, whatever. If he wants to come back for vet minimum, absolutely.
  17. Yeah, hopefully he can get ready to practice in training camp next year. But my guess is it will be with a different team.
  18. Anything he did last season can be traced back to substandard QBing. But he went in the opposite direction yesterday. And to be fair, he had some play calling issues in 2018. I hated his play calling in the playoff loss to the Chiefs. I just think he's usually a good play caller, at times a great play caller, who needs to tighten up in some areas. Even still, he had some really nice calls yesterday.
  19. That's a drastic overreaction, and I disagree strongly. Frank is usually a really good play caller. But he has moments where he seems to lose rhythm, or tries to get cute. Yesterday was a day to get stubborn with the run game, and instead he went away from it.
  20. The JB play was on second down... But yeah, I liked the 4th down to Doyle. They set it up all game and then finally went with it. Well done. And I don't have a problem with the 4th down call early in the game, even though it came up short. Sometimes you're the hammer, sometimes you're the nail, but I think going for it on 4th down in short yardage is generally a good decision. Just have to execute better, and I wouldn't mind using a different back in those situations. But whatever you're gonna do, don't take your QB1 off the field. If you have Taysom Hill or someone dyn
  21. I think he was going to be looking for well more than $6m/year, based on what RBs have been getting recently. I could see him re-signing for one year, $4m now. But I don't see why the Colts would do it, we have a pretty good stable of backs already, and Mack won't be ready to play again for at least a year.
  22. Frank needs to shrink his playbook. Dramatically. He can start with all the plays that involve taking the ball out of his starting QB's hand, especially inside the five yard line.
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