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  1. They have a CEO, Mark Murphy. He reports to the board of directors.
  2. Good heavens...
  3. He never played a down in the NFL. Never even made an active roster. Really weird.
  4. Yeah I won't quibble over whether we could have gotten him later. That's entirely unknown, IMO. I just think that pick is kind of a trend breaker, based on what they've been doing so far this season, especially the guys they're using big resources on. Rivers, never misses games. Buckner, never misses games. Day, rarely misses games. Pittman, rarely misses games. Taylor, never misses games. (Even the FAs they signed who have had injuries recently, they have a history of being pretty durable, and they've performed at a high level in the NFL.) Then, a Day 2 pick on Blackmon, who just tore his ACL, and with even a minor setback, might miss the season. Even if he plays in 2020, he won't be 100% physically until 2021. And I guess that's fine, it's just interesting to me that they would make that pick after placing such an obvious emphasis on durability and availability so far this offseason. So, head scratcher. His tape is great, I see how he fits the defense and why they would like him. Just wouldn't have expected a risky pick like that at that point in the draft.
  5. I haven't found any better analysis of QBs than what he's doing. Everyone should watch this.
  6. Let's say he signs elsewhere for $9-10m/year, that's a 4th/5th round comp pick in 2022. Add in what we're paying him this year, and I don't think it's good value at all. I'll take the future comp pick, but I think I'd rather have a normal 6th in 2021 and save the extra $6m. Of course, if Rivers were to miss a month, JB will make a good spot starter. I understand why they want to keep him, and I'm fine with him as a backup, just would like to get something back for him. I guess that will just be delayed by a season.
  7. Lots of teams carry three QBs.
  8. I gave it a preliminary B. I'll be going through a watch of each player and giving my grades, probably over the next month or so. Favorite pick is Pittman. He makes a ton of sense, he'll have a chance to contribute right away, and he has a ton of upside. Biggest head scratcher is Blackmon. I see why they liked him, but most of what they've done so far this offseason has shown an effort to get guys who don't have major injury concerns. Blackmon just tore his ACL and quite possibly won't play this season. I would have gone with Taylor because of the trade up, but it's not really a head scratcher, just a difference in philosophy. But not only is he a stud, they explained why they traded up, and they still wound up with nine total picks. And I think some of my "why trade up for a RB" is influenced by my preconceptions of what they'd do in the second round. Overall, using a mid second rounder on a back isn't something I have a problem with.
  9. We have a ton of free agents next year, but we only have $86m committed. Let's call it $100m, once we include the rookie class. We'll be okay on the cap.
  10. First, I said the Colts were more likely to move up than to move down. They didn't move up. Then Day 2 came, and I said I fully expected them to move down from #34. They stayed there and drafted Pittman. I'll take mine well done, extra BBQ sauce. Thanks.
  11. Jordan Glasgow looks like a great special teamer as well.
  12. Too bad they had to bail on Quincy. Not surprised that's all we could get though.
  13. Great highlight reel, lots of good stuff there. He never stops playing, recovered a lot of fumbles that way.
  14. Decent 1 gap DL who plays with a high motor. In the 6th round.
  15. I don't think there's a market for him, and that's kind of it, IMO. Either he stays or we cut him, and I think he still has value to the team so it's not likely we cut him.
  16. It's clear that you'd like to see Kelly get a shot. I'm not sure why you think he needs a clear shot. The Colts staff doesn't seem interested in clearing the deck to give Kelly a path to the field. He'll have to earn it. And in no situation should a team hold off on drafting a talented QB because they have someone stashed on the end of the roster who has never thrown a pass in a real game before.
  17. Where in that post did I mention Eason?
  18. I'm entirely indifferent on Chad Kelly. The head scratcher is anyone acting like they know whether he's good or not.
  19. That's probably dependent on his mental grasp, and whether he can handle snapping the ball. But that makes sense.
  20. Braden Smith was also one of the strongest in that draft class. He's also a couple inches taller than Pinter. Either way, I doubt the Colts intend to pigeon hole him at guard if he shows himself capable of playing tackle. He'll probably be allowed to compete at every position. I like what little I've seen of Pinter. He's a smooth mover and I like his hands.
  21. Mobility for a QB has little to do with forty time.
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