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  1. Backup QB A, in 7 games: 265 yards/game, 64.5% completions, 14 TDs (6%), 3 INTs (1.3%), 11 sacks, team wins 71% of his starts Backup QB B, in 6 games: 228 yards/game, 67.8% completions, 9 TDs (4.6%), 2 INTs (1%), 12 sacks, team wins 83% of his starts
  2. I think people are complaining about Hill because a) he turned the ball over the other day, and b) because the Saints are 1-2. It's all results based. Unlike JB, Hill actually has traits that make him a good gadget player. He's made a lot of plays for the Saints in that role.
  3. I wasn't critical of JB only because of his low y/a. It was his way of playing QB, and the y/a was a simple statistical expression of his play. It was also combined with an increasing time to throw, and hesitance to throw the ball down the field. Rivers doesn't play QB the way JB does. He hasn't started throwing the ball down field so far, yet he still has a noticeably higher y/a than JB did this time last year. Kind of illustrates what I was saying about JB's lack of efficiency last season.
  4. Is this a serious post? Are you prepared to argue that he's NOT a good backup?
  5. Because he's a good backup. This is elementary. Why are we glossing over it? The only valid complaint about JB this season is his salary. But even if he were being paid vet minimum, he'd still be QB2.
  6. That's why he's a backup. But if we needed him for a few games, he's good enough for us to have a chance. That's what can be expected of a backup. If Rivers was out for the year, I'd want to see a plan to get to Eason at some point this season, but I wouldn't be throwing him out there right away. And since Rivers isn't hurt at the moment -- knock on every piece of wood -- I'm not that concerned about whether Eason gets a few snaps in garbage time in Week 3.
  7. What evidence do you have to suggest that Eason is better than JB, right now?
  8. JB is a better QB than Eason at this point.
  9. Do you want to dress three QBs on game day? Probably not, right? Especially with the injuries at virtually every other position (specifically on offense). The only time you dress three QBs on game day is if your starter has an iffy injury situation. Since the reason for having a backup QB dressed on game day is to have someone ready to take over in case your starter goes down, isn't it reasonable that QB2 is Jacoby Brissett? He's the backup QB for a reason. So unless the coach is able to predict that you'll be winning by four scores in the fourth quarter, and that your
  10. Per PFF charting, he's 4/9 on passes 20+ yards downfield. He has one pass completed 33 yards past the line of scrimmage, against the Vikings. (To MAC; really good throw, but it didn't exactly explode out of his hand.) Per NGS, average completed air yards is near the bottom of the league at 4.9. Intended air yards near the bottom at 6.9. Longest completed air distance near the bottom at 39.2. He's not slinging the ball all over the field. The only throw that really qualifies is the shot to TY. His efficiency is good to see, outside of the turnovers and coming up short
  11. So he has more arm than you expected? I'll give you that. Maybe I'm being pedantic, but when you say "ripping it," I think of guys with serious arm talent throwing the ball all over the field. I could give you examples, but I probably don't need to.
  12. He's not "ripping it." He's playing okay. Hasn't really gone downfield yet, definitely not with any success. His throw to TY last week looked fine. Rivers is doing well, he's playing efficiently overall, and he's keeping the chains moving. He has to do better at making plays on third down, and he has to do better in the red zone. I put some of that on play calling, but I think the entire offense is still finding it's way. It's early in the season, new QB, new receivers all over the place, injuries all over the place, no preseason. So I'm not sounding the alarm, but there are some
  13. He also came on the field a little late and rushed the missed kick. He's 16/18 overall through three games, with no preseason, as a rookie. It's kind of low to bang on him at this point. Kickers miss kicks every once in a while. By the way, if we're going to compare him to AV last year, let's look at AV's numbers through three games. He was 2/5 on XPs, and 3/5 on FGs, 50% overall.
  14. I just watched that play again. I think the secondary missed the play call, period. I don't know if Rhodes was wrong or Moore was wrong, but someone was. And on the other side, they let a receiver go uncovered the same way in the opposite corner of the end zone. So something wasn't right. I've said plenty of times that I'm confused about what our scheme is; I think the players might be also. But good recovery by Rhodes, and great play to take the ball away. And the first pick, being in phase with the receiver, getting back to make a play, and more importantly making th
  15. Yeah, just to be clear it wasn't a judgment on my part. Just saying, they couldn't really proceed without the video evidence. It was the backbone of the case. And the comment about Goodell was just snark, since he likes to destroy video evidence related to accusations against the Patriots.
  16. Lots of question marks in the secondary. For me, the questions start with the scheme. I don't think Ballard went into the 2017 draft planning to change the defense a year later; that's an assumption that people accept as fact, and I think that's undetermined. Still, Hooker would fit fine into the defense I assume we want to play (still don't know what exactly the scheme is meant to be), although the value for a mid first rounder isn't exactly there. Not a waste if Hooker plays well. Hooker's play never matched expectations after his knee injury, and declining the option was more an indication
  17. Will he get fined tomorrow?
  18. Ultimately, it's results that matter. But yeah, I've understood his approach at WR to this point. I wasn't thrilled with guys like Ryan Grant or Kamar Aiken, but the roster was still under development at that point. Now he's used 2nd rounders in back to back years, and we're gonna need to see something out of it eventually. I'm not writing anyone off. Just not giving anyone credit for potential. I'm talking about the lack of results. And this goes back several years. Since Reggie got hurt in 2013, we've been without a reliable #2. Hakeem Nicks, Donte Moncrief
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