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  1. The Colts actually did the upstanding thing by him, (and Eberflus and DeGuglielmo, while we're at it). If he was done wrongly by anyone, it's McDaniels.
  2. Adebo in the second would make me happy. This is a strong mock. Big swing on Hargrave, but at that yearly average it's conceivable. He's probably the second best interior lineman scheduled to be a free agent, and I don't think Chris Jones gets free. (As an aside, I was impressed by Arik Armstead this weekend. He still might be a contract year warrior, but he actually looked like the guy everyone thought he would be when he was drafted.) The double dip at TE seems unlikely, as does a big FA signing at that position. I haven't watched most of these guys from your draft, but your final roster seems intriguing.
  3. The Saints went 5-0 without Brees, so yeah. But that's not what typically happens when your star QB isn't available.
  4. I was critical of a handful of things Reich did. But I also think he had one hand tied behind his back all season. So I don't give him a pass, I don't think he needs one.
  5. https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/appeal-to-authority https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/genetic Anyone -- doesn't matter who they are, anyone! -- claiming that receiver weren't getting separation is absolutely, 100% wrong.
  6. He has been graciously paid. I agree with that. Most of what CBFL states is true. I just want to point out that Luck was also paid a $12m roster bonus in 2019 (half in March, half in September I think), which the Colts could have argued for. They did not. As of this point, the Colts are not paying Luck anything more, and have taken the L on whatever prorated bonus that they could have tried to recover from him. That's a stand-up move, but evidently it also allows them to retain his rights into perpetuity (according to certain reports; I haven't seen anything officially official that confirms this). In 2020, there's an accounting for the last portion of Luck's initial signing bonus, so the Colts have a $6.4m cap penalty. After that, the book is closed on Luck's contract, assuming he never plays again.
  7. That's correct. A lot of the time the amount initially reported as "guaranteed" is not actually guaranteed at signing. Some of the guarantees are deferred. So based on the notes on the Spotrac page for Hoyer, his 2020 roster bonus and base salary are not guaranteed until March 2020.
  8. Hoyer's contract was reported as $9m guaranteed. Good agent talk. It turns out it's only guaranteed for $5m, and the other $4m is guaranteed as of March 2020. So we could cut Hoyer with a $2m cap penalty in 2020.
  9. I was gonna mention that. Mahomes got that one start because their seeding was locked up. If not, he might not have played at all as a rookie. And Alex Smith had a great 2017, lest we forget.
  10. This is a fair comment. But we're in a place where basically anything, especially related to the offense, is going to come back to the QBing. I wish it didn't have to, but I don't expect anything different. Were you around in January-March 2012? Everything was Manning vs Luck. Way worse than it is now. It's valid to wonder whether JB can be successful now that teams have tape on him in 2019. But even if you project us to 5 wins with JB in 2020, I'm not all that excited about adding a different vet QB who might help us get to 8 or 9 wins. I'm way more concerned with the destination QB, while it seems a lot of people are stuck on who the bridge QB will be. (And ultimately, it's gonna be JB. The chances of the Colts replacing him with some other vet are extremely low, IMO.)
  11. Here's the deal. I hope everyone enjoys watching their favorite team every Sunday, but I don't want the Colts' front office making football decisions on the basis of whether you're going to watch. I'm not pulling for them to throw away a season. I'm only saying that, whoever the veteran QB is, he's only a bridge for us to get to the next guy, who I hope we draft this April. And once we draft that guy, I hope the staff has a plan for getting him ready asap, and if he's ready in September, awesome. But if he's not, I'm not bailing on the 2020 season just because JB (or some also-ran who has the distinct advantage of not being JB, if nothing else) is the Week 1 starter. And that's because drafting and developing a new QB is about much more than the 2020 season. I personally don't tune out on my team when they aren't good, then come back when things are looking up. That's not my style. And if I could survive every snap of Kerry Collins, Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky in 2011, I can survive another year of JB. But that's just me. If you or anyone else is gonna bail on 2020 because you're sick of JB, that's your prerogative. I just hope the front office isn't basing their personnel strategy on the whims of impatient and impulsive fans.
  12. Eli started seven games as a rookie; Kurt Warner was ahead of him until he got hurt. He was never outstanding, but he was a good QB. Let's not get crazy. He's has a long career with some reasonable success, and he's likely going to the HOF at some point. (He's better than Andy Dalton, which makes your whole approach here strange, IMO.) Rivers sat two years, behind Brees. We don't have Warner or Brees on our roster, so it's a lower bar to clear for a rookie to start for us, but both of these guys we're talking about have had long, successful careers. Both were first rounders. Both likely HOFers. And both sat. Goff was an MVP candidate last season. Again, Dalton is good, but Goff isn't? The Lamar plan was masterful. If Flacco wasn't so awful, Lamar wouldn't have played at all in 2018. The Ravens completely changed their offense -- new OC, new receivers, new RBs -- to complement Lamar, and then handed him the keys after a year and a half of diligent prep work. And it's very similar to the Mahomes plan. Of course, the starting point for all these guys is talent. Doesn't matter how you transition to a new QB if he isn't good. But even very talented QBs have benefited from a gradual, deliberate transition, including recently. You're coming up with all this post hoc conditions, but the truth is that your earlier statement -- all benching a QB does is set them behind -- is not based in reality. To the bolded, I woudn't expect JB to mentor a rookie. I've never used that as an argument in favor of keeping or starting JB in 2020. I think it's an overstated factor when it comes to the transition to a young QB.
  13. I'd much rather be starting a rookie who we think is ready, than JB. But I'm not on the "Anyone But JB" bandwagon.
  14. That's a fair statement. It's very different from the earlier statement I took issue with.
  15. I'm very excited about the proposition of Andy Dalton making the Colts a 9-7 team in 2020. That really gets me going. (By the way, the 2019 Colts had a strong shot at being 9-7 or better if JB isn't hurt.) Dalton is JB with a quicker release, the same amount of playmaking, and a different name. There are a ton of successful QBs who have sat for a few weeks, some for a year, some multiple years. Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Jared Goff, Lamar Jackson (so the two most recent MVPs), Dak Prescott, etc. And then there are QBs who started right away with success. But you acting like not starting a guy right away is a bad thing is not based in reality.
  16. You're not making a rule about when and how to start a young QB. And I'm fine with that. I've said plenty times, if we draft a QB and he is ready in Year 1, put him on the field. For some reason, nuance is lost on some people. Everyone wants to deal in extremes. All I'm saying is that the reason for not wanting to force a young QB into the action isn't because everyone is trying to recreate the Patrick Mahomes experience. It's because QB is a really difficult position to play. It's a tough transition from college -- even though teams throw a lot more now, QBs are not put in charge of the offense, they run 90% check-with-mes, practices and gameplans are different, defenses are different, competition level is different, game speed is different, etc. Just because a guy is talented and has a high ceiling doesn't mean he's ready to play in the NFL. It's a case by case situation. I have no problem with starting a rookie, but there are a lot of factors to consider.
  17. QBs also fail right away. More often than they succeed. I've watched plenty Bengals games. I've even seen them in person. (Haven't you said several times that you don't really watch games??) Dalton is a paragon of mediocrity. His efficiency, adjusted yards/attempt, deep ball effectiveness, red zone efficiency, production from a clean pocket vs under pressure, etc., all basically the same as JB. The one thing he does better than JB is get rid of the ball quickly, but that doesn't lead to him making plays. He's mediocre. The only times he's ever been anything worth talking about is when he had AJ Green at the height of his powers.
  18. That's not true. The point is you don't throw a young QB to the wolves, especially if he still needs work. You can kill a young QB very easily. Oxymoron. I'm dumbfounded by the desperation for mediocre QBs whose only attraction is that they are not named Jacoby Brissett.
  19. This is an absurd angle for you to take. Having a great OL doesn't guarantee you a winning record, but it's obviously better to be good at OL. What's the complaint here? It's especially strange from a Colts fan, when we suffered through a decade of bad OL play.
  20. The market is drying up on him. The Giants are hiring Joe Judge, Panthers job is gone, Washington is gone, Dallas is gone. It's down to Cleveland, and because it's Cleveland they'll probably hire him.
  21. I was prepared for the OL to take a step back this year, at least superficially. Only allowing 18 sacks in a season, including however many games they went with no sacks, isn't sustainable. But outside of some early issues, the line was great. And I think those early issues are probably more related to changes in the SOP, with a new OL coach and a new QB. Separate but related, the guy who the Colts fired, leading to a fandom freakout, went to Miami. They gave up 58 sacks. And now he's gone in Miami. I'm thinking maybe he wasn't as integral to the success of the OL as people thought.
  22. Weren't the pitchforks out for Chris Strausser a few weeks ago?
  23. I was wrong on this. Seemed like he was going back, but when I read he was doing a presser this morning I got the feeling he would declare. Good for him. It's kind of scary because his most meaningful medical checkup won't come for a few more weeks, and if his imaging doesn't look good it might scare teams off. I don't think anyone is worried about him potentially missing 2020, but if he winds up needing another operation or something like that, it could get messy.
  24. Neither can I, but Metcalf had a great game, and has a handful of other good games this year.
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