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  1. I don't know the money yet, but I'm very intrigued. I've always been a Rhodes fan.
  2. We've been doing more man at times, but I've always assumed it was going to be a zone matching kind of 2013 Seahawks scheme. Guess we still could, both Rhodes and Ya-Sin are tall, long, and good tacklers.
  3. He should have been a Colt all along... I don't know how well he fits the defense, or why he fell off last year. I'll have to dig into what the Vikings were doing with him.
  4. They really stepped up the production this year. This series is amazing.
  5. I was expecting us to keep him. Gotta replace that spot now.
  6. I'm not ruling out drafting a WR. Just saying I don't think it's a FA need. I don't think our WR corps is as bad as most others seem to think. If we keep Funchess, and he's presumably healthy, TY is healthy, and don't give up on Campbell -- plus, Pascal gave us 600 yards and 5 TDs with bad QBing last season -- we have a good foundation. Also, I assume the offense will feature TEs and backs in the passing game, since Reich and Rivers always do both. I see our passing offense being find next year, as long as Rivers is good. I'll take another guy in the draft. I'll take a second or third tier FA (which is where Funchess fits in, IMO). I just don't see it as a major need. A big part of that is I haven't gone sour on Campbell, like everyone else has.
  7. Agreed. I think Funchess and Rivers would go well together, and Funchess can be had at a reasonable price. He already knows the system. And I'm okay with our young guys. I don't see WR as a great need right now. I'd like to give the guys on the roster a chance with some better QBing. Do need CB and OL depth, though. Edit: Also, Keenan Allen is a FA after this season. Interesting...
  8. ?? Maybe it's a moderator function? If so, my bad.
  9. Next to each option, there's the number of people who voted. Click on that number.
  10. It's an open poll. And thanks for the permission to use this message board for group discussion. Not sure what we would have done without you.
  11. It's confusing, because you would think a roster bonus is only paid if the player is still on the roster. But if it's guaranteed in advance, then it doesn't matter whether he's on the roster. For salary cap purposes and yearly cap hits, the CBA treats roster bonuses the same as salary. So consider a roster bonus a salary advance. JB will get about half of his 2020 salary as a bonus in March. And just like you can guarantee salary in advance (which is also counter-intuitive; for us, we only get salary if we're still employed, right?) you can guarantee a roster bonus in advance. So JB's $7m roster bonus, due on the third day of the 2020 league year, was guaranteed on September 6, 2019. It gets paid by whatever team he's on at that time, or whichever team most recently was on. In this case, it will be the Colts, in all likelihood. If they trade him after tomorrow, his roster bonus will already be paid by the Colts, and the new team will have to pay his remaining salary, assuming he stays on their roster through Tuesday of Week 1 of the regular season (whenever that comes).
  12. I think we all know what I picked...
  13. Somewhat related, the two guys we've added so far are two of the most durable players in the league. Rivers hasn't missed a game in 14 years, Buckner has only missed one game in his career, as a rookie. I'm thinking a history of durability will be a continued focus moving forward.
  14. Chris Ballard: We're never one player away. I don't think he believes in being in "win now" mode. I think he might think we're close, especially with the Patriots likely taking a step back, Houston trading away their best player, and Tennessee probably being a flash in the pan. Also, I don't think that anyone we draft this year should be counted on to contribute right away. We've had some good pulls lately, but also some guys who weren't ready until Year 2 (Turay), and some other guys the jury is still out on (Campbell). I've always felt like we have to get the next guy this year. If we made a move for Carr or Stafford, fine, but Rivers isn't the guy, and we signed only him for one year. JB is on his way out. Unless we think we're going to draft a Day 1 starter in 2021, it still makes sense that we get the next guy in this year's draft.
  15. I think it is confirmation. A one year deal gives Rivers major incentive, if he wants to play beyond this season (and he's said he does), and since he's hitting FA again next year, the Colts would stand to get a comp pick in return in 2022. So now, taking that as evidence that they're preparing for a new QB in 2021, why wouldn't they draft a guy now, sit him behind Rivers, and groom him to start after this season? Seems completely logical, and somewhat telegraphed at this point. The other option, a little more far-fetched, is getting ready to draft a guy in 2021. Seems less likely to me because the Colts aren't looking like a team that will be drafting in the top half of the first round again. But, CC1, as you say, none of us knows what Ballard will do. But it seems like he's setting this up specifically to have the ability to move on after this year. Which is reasonable.
  16. Who is this guy and how does he know anything?
  17. Define success. All I'm saying is his efficiency went down, he wasn't good late in games, he threw a lot of picks, he can't escape pressure, and he's 38/39 years old this season. The Chargers have a pretty good roster, and they went 1-6 at the end of the season last year. So let's not assume that a simple change of scenery is automatically going to make all of that go away. Usually, QBs who struggle at 38 don't experience a dramatic renaissance at 39. He's a good fit. I can see this working well. But I have some concern about his ability to play at a high level, given his age and recent history.
  18. But we know you don't have to have a good running game to have an efficient passing attack. That's established. He didn't throw 20 picks because they couldn't run the ball. I agree that it's the best situation for Rivers. If he's going to bounce back anywhere, outside of with the Chargers, it will be in Indy.
  19. Not downplaying the effect of bad OL play, I've been watching the Colts long enough to know how critical protection is. But I think some are downplaying the reality of his age. Even if there were contributing factors along the way, how likely is it that a 39 year old suddenly bounces back to form?
  20. How much are they giving him? You're already upset that it's too much for the most important position in sports? We're kind of premature on some of this, right?
  21. These are really big assumptions that I don't think are as rock solid as you make them seem. I think he's a better passer than JB, but what if his increased production/yardage also comes with another 15 turnovers? Also, I don't necessarily see the Rivers acquisition as the reason they chose not to stay at #13. I guess having a good QB market this offseason might have influenced their decision there, but they could have signed Rivers and drafted a QB at #13. It's not like one made the other impossible.
  22. Ehh... He was pressured on 223 dropbacks in 2019, with 34 sacks. In 2018, he was pressured on 227 dropbacks, with 35 sacks. The dropoff in production/efficiency in one year isn't just because the OL struggled in 2019.
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