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  1. It's funny how people don't know what RPO is.
  2. He's still available, three weeks after being released.
  3. I felt bad for Okereke yesterday, that cast robbed him of a pick. The DBs are inconsistent. To my eye, Kenny Moore made some mistakes yesterday, Rhodes is kind of hit and miss (but mostly a positive), Rock is still unknown. If they play with good technique, especially at the snap, and the pass rush is good, the DBs should be fine. But if the QB has time, our coverages tend to break down and leave receivers very open.
  4. I don't worry too much about Henry, but if their OL gives him space he'll be very productive. So still, it's about run fits. If you don't let him get going, our defense will be okay against him. We gang tackle, there's always five guys at the ball carrier by the time he goes down (which is why Rock's penalty was so bad, just wrap up and wait for the help), we'll fly to Henry. I'm more worried about the bootleg, which Baker hurt us with. I'm excited for the Ravens game. That will be a good test. Lamar is still a limited passer. Very talented, he can make some insane throws, but he's
  5. Not really. The exception doesn't disprove the rule. Some guys have good years coming off ACL injury. Most don't. A lot of them have various setbacks within the first 12-18 months after injury. And because the NFL season is so short, it's hard for most players to come back less than a year after injury and play at a high level for an entire season. And even without any setbacks, you're still prioritizing the rehab of the injured leg, and the rest of your conditioning and personal training is going to suffer. Many of them can't participate in the offseason program, or tr
  6. I assumed he wouldn't play this year. Or if he did, it would be the second half of the season. Without Hooker getting hurt, Blackmon might not have played this much, but he doesn't look like he's coming off a severe injury. He looks really good. He's made some mistakes in coverage, but his instincts appear to be serving him really well.
  7. For a team that blitzes so little (11.1%, last in the league), we have a respectable pressure rate (21.2%, 14th ranked, 4th among teams that blitz less than 20%). Also best in the league in adjusted net yards/attempt (4.3). We have the best pass DVOA in the league, and that's with giving up a few big plays here and there. So we're pretty good for not having a consistent pass rush. Imagine how good we could be if we were able to get more consistent pressure... Also, obligatory "we haven't played any good offenses yet" should be inserted here. I'm glad the defense is pl
  8. I'd like to see the pass rush be more consistent, and sometimes it seems like the run fits get a little screwy (first half yesterday and last week, first half against the Jags), but while watching over the last few weeks I'm feeling like the DL is maybe the best unit on the team. Especially accounting for depth. The OL probably has a better starting unit, but the DL reserves are pretty good.
  9. Lamar got a few snaps here and there, even threw four passes in the opener. But they had him in on option packages, and Eason is not an option QB. Lamar took over as the starter in November, when Flacco got hurt. I'm not that interested in rushing to see Eason. I'd like to have a better idea of what he can do before the season is over, especially if Rivers can't get it going pretty quickly here; we need to know what we have. But we don't need to rush it, especially when he's mostly a one dimensional player. Also, while Rivers has been underwhelming and frustrating with
  10. Just a couple things on this. First, I would like to see our offense dictate to the defense, impose our will on them, and have teams come in with the understanding that they're going to get beat one way or the other. That means we need to be good enough on offense to consistently beat defenses. Right now, we're not. Second thing, Ballard spent back to back second rounders on WRs (good ones, IMO). They're both on ice right now, due to injuries that were impossible to predict. I submit that if Campbell and Pittman were both healthy, the offense would be better right now
  11. I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about whether I would pursue Dak, mostly because I expect him to stay in Dallas (still do). But I would be far more open to Dak, at 27 years old, as a long term guy. He easily has another five years left, and is probably just hitting his prime as a passer. I'd rather have a stud prospect from the draft, but if a guy like Dak comes available, that's a lot different from a 36 year old Matt Ryan or a 37 year old Philip Rivers. As for Reich and Ballard, they are nowhere near in trouble with me at this point. Ballard still hasn't drafted a QB worth
  12. If they trade him before June 1, they have a $43.8m cap penalty in 2021. (After June 1, it gets spread out over two years, but that scenario doesn't really work for the Colts.) Any move they consider making doesn't make any cap sense for the Falcons until after 2021. If the Falcons did trade him in 2021, the new team would owe him $23m in 2021, and $5.5m of that is already guaranteed for injury. Not my favorite scenario. I think Matt Ryan is better than Philip Rivers, but at this point I want us to find the next long term guy. I don't know if that's Eason, but I bet it's not. By th
  13. Superman


    Punters are better now than they used to be, so are coverage teams. But still, don't take the pressure off of the kicking team by doing their job for them.
  14. Superman


    It was a terrible decision, bottom line. This is why you don't fair catch a punt inside the ten, much less the five. The basic rule for a punt returner is to stand on the 10, and if the ball goes over your head, oh well, the pressure is on the kicking team to field it and pin you up against the goal line. There's zero reason to fair catch a punt inside the five, as a matter of fact it's a dumb thing to do. Then you call a Coryell pass play from inside your own end zone. What about a screen? (Precious few of those since the opener, by the way.) I don't blame Rivers for t
  15. Yeah, Josh Allen is a good runner. Eason, not so much.
  16. 2020 cap hit: $5.3m 2021 cap hit: $24.8m 2022 cap hit: $31.4m He won't be top five either of the next two seasons. By then, the cap will be getting back to normal. His cap hit in 2023 goes to $42.5m, which is less than Kirk Cousins is scheduled to hit for in 2022 (Cousins money goes guaranteed in 2021, and it's unlikely they'll cut him because his dead cap hit in 2021 is $41m; it's already guaranteed for injury). After 2023, his cap hits stay relatively flat, except for one spike in 2027 where it goes up to $60m, but that doesn't matter right now. The Chiefs
  17. The way teams handle young QBs is almost criminal. They draft them based almost solely on potential, knowing they need to almost totally reconstruct the way they play to succeed in the NFL, then they rush them into action before they're ready, often behind bad offensive lines. Then the coach gets fired, then the next coach is like 'ehh, not my guy,' then the guy they just invested heavily in gets benched. A couple years later, the GM that drafted the QB gets fired, and the cycle starts over. Part of it is that talented QBs aren't as hard to find now as they were ten years ago. But
  18. Usually the technique is obvious from replay. That Rhodes play, it didn't look like he was playing the right technique, but I could be wrong.
  19. There have been some mistakes this year -- not sure, but Rhodes end zone pick looked like a busted coverage by someone -- but any defense that plays a lot of zone is going to need time to work out the kinks. At least the past two games, those mistakes haven't been costly. As for Okereke, we'll see how that goes. He still needs refinement, but because of his range he'll get a reasonably long leash from the coaching staff.
  20. There are situations where playing off makes sense. Especially in a single high look, otherwise you have no depth to your defense and one missed tackle goes for a long TD. So if the nickel plays off the slot in outside technique, you're funneling the receiver toward the LBers, where hopefully a quick tackle is made. But just playing with cushions as SOP, or a high percentage of snaps, yeah, you'll get cooked in coverage, and your pass rush won't have a chance to influence the QB. That's basically what happened in the opener, and us Colts fans have nightmares about games where we s
  21. If the defenders are engaged at the snap, pattern matching zone is functionally the same as man coverage, right? It looks the same pre-snap. As long as they aren't playing 5-7 yards off the line, I'm fine with it.
  22. I definitely liked Terry McLaurin, would have been nice to have him. I gravitate toward receivers who are more technically refined. But what was so exciting about Campbell was his ability to get YAC, he was fast and shifty and could make things happen. He was going to be a big part of the game plan this season.
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