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  1. Minshew is pretty bad. He has some pizzazz that JB doesn't, but he's not a better QB at this point.
  2. The most important thing to me is that the QB of the future is on the roster in 2020. My preferred approach is to draft him and let him compete with JB for the starting job next year, and whatever happens is whatever happens, but he should be ready no later than Week 1 2021. This is the Patrick Mahomes program. Whether the QB room is rounded out with a third guy, and who that third guy is, those aren't relevant to me. Hoyer can stay until cut day, or until we find a trade partner for him. I'm fine with Kelly being in the picture, to me he's a flyer who might get a chance at some point and become a trade asset. If they bring in a good vet who can help the team compete for playoff contention and serve as a bridge to the future, or if they bring in a vet who is young enough and promising enough to actually be the future, then that's an acceptable Plan B. But I would still want to identify a guy in a middle round who has some promise for the future, and maybe we find ourselves in a Matt Flynn / Russell Wilson kind of situation in September.
  3. I'll try to watch more of him. I will say that I think pressure rate is kind of overblown anymore. Especially in this comparison, when Donald played 200 more pass rush snaps and 300 more total snaps. I also think it leads to overemphasizing plays on which the QB is still able to produce. If I move the QB but he still completes a pass downfield, the "pressure" isn't really helping my defense. And a player with a high pressure rate that doesn't convert with sacks typically doesn't have the finishing ability that playmakers have. I will say that a high pressure rate from the interior is a huge positive, and typically affects the offense more than an edge rusher.
  4. He'd be a three year deal candidate for me. He's a nice player against the run and pass, but not a huge difference maker.
  5. Yeah, to me this argument is about "anyone but JB in 2020," which is understandable, but I think an overreaction. I don't think it's the right way to proceed. And you both know that I'm not high on JB. There are other veteran QBs I would consider this offseason. Not interested in Rivers, though (or Dalton, Mariota, Keenum, Eli, etc.) Carr would cost too much to trade for.
  6. I obviously don't know anything, but to me, he should be their highest priority this offseason. Watkins and Hitchens can go, but you have to keep Chris Jones. If they don't tag him, Ballard should be all over it.
  7. I personally don't share that optimism about his floor or ceiling. I think his floor was represented well this year on a five win Chargers team. His ceiling is ultimately dependent on the quality of the roster around him, just like any other QB. While he's a better passer than JB, my question is whether he represents a significant upgrade, and I don't think he does. That's mostly because I'm thinking he's a shot fighter and will never be good again. You painted a picture of him inspiring some confidence, opposed to how things went as the year progressed in 2019. An alternate view might be Rivers throwing a handful of game-ending picks, or having a few three pick games that cost the team a chance to win, and the impact that would have on the team's morale.
  8. What's more likely with a 39 year old QB? That he goes back to his good play from two years ago and throws fewer interceptions while maintaining efficiency, or that he continues to struggle? Especially with a new team. You're right the Colts OL is better. The Chargers have a better receiving corps, the RB room is close to a wash, they have better TEs. They had a lot of injuries on defense, so maybe that side of the ball wasn't dramatically better this year, but still better IMO.
  9. Not definitive, but doesn't sound like a guy itching to move up for a QB...
  10. To me, Chris Jones is the kind of guy that doesn't hit the market, and I expect the Chiefs to do what they need to do to make room for him. But if they let him walk, absolutely, open the vault for him. That's a difference maker, but we're also probably talking about the Aaron Donald contract to get him.
  11. I don't think Rivers makes the team better. Statistically, yeah some of the offensive production would be better. Some of it would be worse (turnovers, especially). I don't see him helping the team win more games, though. This would be the ultimate "change for the sake of change" move. I think any change at QB should either make the team significantly better, or be specifically with an eye toward the future. Not just shuffling pieces because we're fed up with JB. The receiver position needs to be better, but there were open receivers all season long. JB just isn't good at throwing to them.
  12. Agreed. I don't think Armstead fits the profile. If Buckner were available, absolutely. Armstead is very meh, and before this season had no noteworthy production. He's like the "straight to video" version of Buckner.
  13. I haven't listened yet, so not a reflection of Ballard's comments... but I don't see him spending big money on someone like Armstead. I happen to think very little of Armstead as a player, and I don't see him as a game changer that Ballard would be bringing in to make the team better.
  14. If he were to sit out, I think it would mitigate the risk significantly, but I agree that he should declare. That's based on what I think is best for his pro prospects, but obviously there are other factors he'll consider that will influence his decision.
  15. JB has broken you all. Rivers was a disaster this year. He was productive, and he's a better QB than JB, but he's not the kind of guy you bring in to help your team contend in the AFC. The Chargers have a better roster than the Colts, on both sides of the ball, and they won five games this year. They couldn't finish a close game all season (besides beating us in the opener), and many of those losses came as a result of a big turnover by Rivers. In the first Raiders game, the Chargers got the ball with 1:02 left, with three timeouts, down by two points. Need about 40 yards for a FG try. Rivers went 0/7 on that drive. He was 0/3, then on the first fourth down the Raiders got called for defensive holding on another incomplete pass. Then Rivers threw four more incompletions. There was another game against the Chiefs, Rivers threw four picks. They lost by a TD. He might have been the Chargers biggest issue this season. Honorable mention to a tough kicking situation, but that got settled by midseason. I don't see Rivers as a solution to any of our problems.
  16. The chatter over the last few days has been that he's unlikely to be ready to throw before April. I hope he declares, but if I had to bet right now, I'd say he stays. We'll find out Monday.
  17. He could sit the year out, then go through the pre-draft process in 2021 fully healthy, and get back to a consensus top five pick. Obviously risky for several reasons, including monetarily because there will be a new CBA. But it sounds like his concern is that he won't be able to workout for teams prior to the draft, and that might cause him to drop significantly. It might also be that no team has given a strong enough indication that they'd take him in the top ten, so he's questioning the risk of declaring. I think it would be better for his career to go to the NFL now, even if he misses all of 2020. Get started as a pro. But it could cost him $20m on his first contract, which is a tough sell.
  18. I'm not discrediting him. And it doesn't really matter why he got hurt, the relevant questions are about his ability to be effective moving forward and the likelihood that he'll suffer from lingering effects of the injuries he's already had. You said people are just parroting talking points about his injury history, and that's not true. He's had several injuries that have caused him to miss time in the last two years, and that's a concern for any player going to the NFL. Especially a QB. I'm not discrediting him, nor am I writing him off. Just accepting that his injury history is a concern, especially after the hip.
  19. Why is that relevant? Yes, football players get hurt. Tua has had several leg injuries in two years. Do we ignore that? My point is that there were going to be medical concerns about Tua before the hip injury. Add in the hip injury, those concerns are greatly magnified.
  20. There were a handful of games he didn't finish last year due to injury, including the SEC Championship. Some of those the team was up big, so maybe he was held out as a precaution, but others were close games. They were actually behind in the SEC Championship against Georgia, and Jalen Hurts led the 4th quarter comeback. Then this year, he had multiple injuries.
  21. Tua's been hurt a lot. This latest injury is by far the most serious one, but he's missed time with other injuries in the last couple of years. His ability to stay healthy would have been a question mark even without the hip injury. By the way, if I had to bet, as of right now I'd say Tua stays. He's making his announcement on Monday.
  22. His intangibles have been called into question publicly. That's why I was glad to see him display some emotion. More than that, I was glad to see how happy his teammates were for him. He didn't have the biggest game, but he played with heart and the team responded to his energy. That factors into his ability to lead, especially if he's not going to be the most vocal leader.
  23. Okay. My initial post was snarky, so let me walk it back and make a more productive statement. If you really want to see more from Herbert, there's plenty of video of him on Youtube. Just type "Justin Herbert vs" and a cut up of a couple dozen of his games will show up. That's going to be more representative of his ability as a QB than yesterday's bowl game was. You might still not like him. Just don't base your thinking of him off of any one game, good or bad. And I say that assuming that you haven't already written him off because he didn't have an outstanding performance as a passer yesterday.
  24. Then watch the rest of his college career and stop pretending that reading the stat line from one game is better than actually scouting the player.
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