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  1. I mentioned four players and you talk about one of them. It’s almost as if the other three don’t even exist.... (poof!). Ok... whatever...
  2. Butler would have to be better at LB than one of... Speed, Adams or Franklin. That’s who he’s competing against. And now you can add the newly signed FA, Jackson. The odds of Butler being better than Glasgow at ST’s are very, very small.
  3. Glasgow isn’t on the team for his ability as a linebacker. He’s on the team because he’s a Special Teams ace. Ballard got a tip about Glasgow when the kid was a freshman. Kept his eye on him for four years. We used a 6 on him. Our last pick of the 2020 season but it was a 6. In other words, we really, really like him. And he had a very good rookie year. So if Butler is beating out Glasgow, he’s going to have to do it on ST’s, not as a LB.
  4. So there are OTS’s the last week if May, the first week of June and the second week of June. Will be interesting to see if these even happen? The NFLOA and the owners are currently fighting. The players don’t want to attend any OTA’s. Ownership obviously wants the players there. Currently, roughly 10 teams have voted not to participate. More teams could still vote that way. The owners position that it is legal not to pay players who get hurt while training away from the team facility is not helping matters. It’s pouring gasoline on a fire. This is worth keepi
  5. Yup... a few of us were saying it as far back as late January, roughly 3 months before the draft. A very good and deep class for tackles, but most of the tackles were right tackles, not left. And almost nobody wanted to hear it.
  6. It looks like you’re basing this on the basis of what round Jefferson was drafted in vs what round Adams and Franklin were drafted in. But the thing is, Jefferson hasn’t had much success, he’s been in multiple teams, so for whatever reason, he hasn’t been able to stick. He may stick with the Colts for the reasons you give, but at this point, I wouldn’t be all that confident. Nobody cares anymore what round you were originally picked in.
  7. Sorry, but you’re going to hear about the cap. That’s the way we handle our business.
  8. We have money, but not that kind of money. Literally don’t have that kind of money. We still have enough needs to deal with. Okus, players like Fisher and Leno don’t want to go to the same place. They want opportunity as much as money. Whoever we sign between the two, if that player can’t go, then it’s time for Tevi or Davenport. At some point, one of them is the next man up.
  9. No need to respond. I remain as confused as I was when I read your first post. I’m sure it’s a “me” thing. We can let this go. It doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Thanks anyway.
  10. I was simply responding to your question — which I clearly didn’t understand — “how does that alter things?” It was your question. It was the first thing you wrote. And I didn’t understand why unless you’re implying there’s been nothing new in the treatment of a torn Achilles for nearly two decades.
  11. Crushingly sad. I don’t know how families deal with loss like this? Everyone grieves in their own way... Thoughts and prayers for Sam and his family.
  12. I think this is a complete mischaracterization of BB. No plan? You don’t think trying someone at a different position constitutes a plan? You think the front office woke up one day and said, let’s move BB? You think after that didn’t work out, Ballard THEN decided he needed to have a plan? Never occurred to him before that moment? How many conclusions can you leap to? You can have a plan, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out. That's life... Goodness gracious.....
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