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  1. NewColtsFan

    Next Man Up

    No worries... a couple of other posters came along and explained it to me.... it’s all good... sorry for the confusion.
  2. I don’t know the temps of these games.. The playoff game vs Baltimore Lucks rookie year. The regular season game in Kansas City around Christmas time I think in 2013 or 14. The 2014 playoff game in Denver that the Colts won in 2014. The temps may not have been around zero, but they were certainly in the 30’s... and maybe even in the 20’s... the game in KC had snow on the sidelines. So Luck has played in cold weather games.
  3. NewColtsFan

    Next Man Up

    Look at your first sentence again.... it looks incomplete... like you stopped writing before you finished your thought... What were you trying to say about Thomas?
  4. I believe it was Nate Davis who infamously predicted the Colts would go 2-14 this year! 2-14. Let that one sink in...
  5. NewColtsFan

    2019 Drafting a QB

    For what it’s worth.... Superman notes we’d likely get a comp pick for JB. But since he hasn’t played much it might be only a 5 or a 6.
  6. NewColtsFan

    2019 Drafting a QB

    You want to use an early draft pick to develop and trade? You mentioned some QBs might fall... so did you mean use a LATE pick to draft a QB? Itherwise all the eRly and mid pucks will go to players who will play in 2019. Same as what he did in 2018.
  7. NewColtsFan

    1,000 Yards Passing KC vs. LAC Tonight ??

    For the record... Rivers and Mahomes combined for..... 556 yards passing. Rivers: 313 Mahomes: 243 So close......
  8. NewColtsFan

    Extending some love to Jim Irsay

    Personally, I don’t think Irsay or Ballard were lying. Never ever thought that. My response was only a reaction to the OP’s comments. To be clear, I’ve always been a big supporter of Irsay. I’ve defended him repeatedly despite all his personal flaws. I just wince every now and then over his self inflicted wounds made by his comments and deeds.
  9. NewColtsFan

    Unsung heros on the defense

    And I’d add one more name... I think Hint has been a force both as a DE and a DT.... Plus Autry is healthy now and was just named AFC def player of the week. The talent is showing up more and more.... this was Ballard’s vision...
  10. NewColtsFan

    Extending some love to Jim Irsay

    Polian has said the evaluation process was close for months. He has said that history has made it seem that picking Peyton was an easy slam-dunk decision. He has stressed that the decision was harder than it might appear. That a number of teams preferred Leaf because of his much stronger arm. But ultimately, Polian has made it clear that Peyton made the decision easier down the stretch... the last few weeks it so.... maybe a month before the draft. One story Polian loves to tell is that he asked both players separately what they would do with their sizable bonus check... (10’s of millions of dollars). Leaf said he and all his best friends were going to some resort in Mexico for a week or so to party and Leaf was picking up the entire tab... hotel, air, food, drink, everything. Peyton’s response was that the money was going in the bank and that he wanted the playbook THAT DAY so he could start getting prepared. Then, at the end of the meeting, Peyton told Polian to his face that he’d be ok if the Colts passed on him, but that he’d make sure that Polian would regret it for the rest of his life. That Peyton would personally make sure he’d beat the Colts every time he played them. Polian said he LOVED that answer and he and his staff knew that night Peyton was their guy. I’ve heard Polian tell that story several times over the years. He loves to tell it....
  11. NewColtsFan

    Extending some love to Jim Irsay

    Intetesting tbat you write that you e read stories saying Polian was 50-50 on Manning and Leaf. I’ve neither heard that or read that and I’ve heard a Polian talk about the decision many times. And within the last week, BBZ says Polian I referred RG3 to Luck. And I’ve never heard or read that claim either. I really wish we were all on the same image here. Feels like history gets re-written often around here. Just my two cents....
  12. NewColtsFan

    Why the Colts will put Dallas

    I don’t see the Colts winning easily. At all. Think you have to be wearing Colts Blue sun glasses to have that viewpoint. But either way, it doesn’t matter to me. I just want a win. 10 points or 1 point it makes no difference. I think it’s much more likely the Colts win on an AV field goal in the final minute than winning easily. The Cowboys are hot. Don’t see an easy win. Think we have our work cut out for us Sunday.
  13. NewColtsFan

    Extending some love to Jim Irsay

    Didn’t Irsay pretty much guarantee Luck would return in 2017? How was he right there? He pretty much was off by an entire year....
  14. NewColtsFan

    Stephen A Smith Proves He Doesn't Watch Football

    I think the Chargers response is simply..... PERFECT!! One if the funniest posts you’ll ever see a professional sports franchise make! Bravo, Chargers! Well done!!
  15. NewColtsFan

    Swoope picked up by Saints?

    My guess would be he failed a physical... can’t imagine why else they’d bring him in and then quickly cut him.... Maybe there’s still a chance for the Colts to reclaim him before the season ends... hope so.