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  1. I only wish I could get a cut of the popcorn concessions!!
  2. All you're doing now Jared is projecting. You're taking your views and putting them on Ballard and Irsay. Ballard always keeps Irsay in the loop. Nothing Ballard has done has caught Irsay off guard. As long as Ballard is competitive and spending wisely, Irsay will likely be fine with him. Irsay knows Ballard inherited a mess. Irsay knows Ballard was going to need time, especially after he asked CB to keep Pagano and his staff around for another year. Unless something shocking comes up unexpectedly, Ballard should have Irsays complete faith and patience. As I la
  3. OK.... I'll bite. What were "his share of belt-high Fast Balls" that apparently you think Ballard didn't swing at, or he watched the go by for a called strike? What am I not following about your argument?
  4. You've made a series of spectacular misunderstandings. His comment about football being a team game is what almost all good GM's and Head Coaches say. You don't want players thinking the franchise quarterback will always bail them out. Ballard wants every player to play their best at all times. He thinks his 53 man roster is better than the roster of most other teams. Jared, you're famous for over-reacting. You think no one holds people accountable because you're so wildly inpatient. Ballard has an incredibly good reputation in the NFL community for a reason. He's a r
  5. The way they handled Kelly? The same Chad Kelly who was cut about three weeks ago and has YET TO BE SIGNED BY ANY OTHER NFL TEAM? Ya think maybe you're the one who has misread that situation? If he's so good, wouldn't another team have signed him by now? If he was so abused, wouldn't his agent have asked for his release? Maybe Kelly asked for his release because he could see how Eason looks? As for Eason.... yes, there's no promise that Eason will turn out to be The Man. But we might get a season to find out. And Ballard is NOT stalling! But y
  6. This back and forth was over a series of quips we exchanged. There were no facts to add. Again, your never ending desire to change the discussion to your liking in your never ending quest to always be right. I've only been talking about that since you arrived. Sorry.
  7. Again, I'm talking about the arguments you make. Not whether you or I actually agree. You also made it clear recent when you said you like Reich as a GUY! The unspoken part in that post is that you don't like him as a play caller. And despite the fact Reich wasn't the play caller in Philadelphia, Nick Foles said it was Reich who brought out the best in him. He gave all the credit for his success toward the Super Bowl to Frank Reich. Somehow that little tidbit seemed to escape you. As for Reich the play caller.... see 2018. That's all I need to say. Remember, you're
  8. You're dishonest when you say yiou give a player a half season to show what he is before deciding what you think. I showed a number of examples. You're dishonest when you decide what Frank Reich is based on what happened in San Diego without talking about what also happened in Philadelphia. Without also talking about his very good year in 2018. You play up the bad, and play down or ignore the good. You're dishonest when you make a negative prediction, then talk down positive achievements, and now act like you've supported players like Blackmon or Oke or Wi
  9. What do you mean, it didn't age well? Maybe to you. But the team nature of football is just as important, just as relevent no matter who the quarterback is. I'm not reveling some secret football truism. The is Football 101. Look how expensive all the trades are in the first round to move up and get a quarterback. And not all the moves have panned out because only roughly 50 percent of 1st round quarterbacks turn into very good players. The rest of them become ok or worse. So, a team might give up a fortunate and end up back where they started. Without a franch
  10. Jared your original comment was wrong. The problem isn’t with Ballard.
  11. You know that Ballard is NOT saying that quarterback isn’t the most important position in football. He’s just emphasizing the team nature of football. Bill Belichick had Tom Brady, but he always emphasized the team nature of the game. Everyone in football knows quarterback is the most important position in football. The rules all favor passing. It’s not exactly a state secret. A misunderstanding by a fan isn’t the problem of the GM. It’s a fan’s issue.
  12. Huh?!? Who is lying? About what? Ballard is as candid as any general manager in football. Just because you misunderstood and came to a wrong conclusion that doesn’t mean Chris Ballard is lying. Look, August of ‘19, and Luck shockingly retires. Ballard basically says we can win with Jacoby Brissett. He adds something like it’s not all about JB. That the whole roster has to step up and play well. That we will succeed or fail as a team. That it won’t just be Jacoby’s fault or Jacoby’s success. That it’s about the team. All CB is trying to do is protect Ja
  13. You’re twisting his meaning. There's not an NFL executive anywhere on any team in the National Football League who doesn’t know that quarterback is the most important position. It’s a passing league. The rules all favor more passing. Everyone knows that. This is a you issue Jared, it’s not a Chris Ballard issue.
  14. I wouldn’t look for Campbell until closer to late November or December. That’s always been my understanding.
  15. We don’t have a HEALTHY workhorse receiver. Otherwise, I don’t think it’s possible to know that Pittman or Campbell aren’t the guys you want. Their profiles say they should both be very good if they can only stay healthy.
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