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  1. I'd strongly disagree. We DO need another running back. If Mack goes down for any length of time, the guy taking his place is Wilkins. I like him, but I'm not yet convinced he can be our top RB. Love Hines, but he's not a lead back. He's a specialty back, a novelty back. He's not carrying the ball 15-20 times a game.
  2. NewColtsFan

    How to buy a draft pick

    We have modest budget for certain postions. We're not paying LeVeon Bell even though we can clearly afford it. I don't see us paying a super expensive corner even though we can afford it. We don't want a super expensive cornerback. We want a good one. Ballard is saving his money for certain positions. The ones he values more than others. And since you brought up Irsay.... he clearly has signed on to the Ballard formula. So, I'm afraid that's not a winning argument for you.
  3. A front page story for most of the day.... it's still toward the top of the NFL page right now. This year, 2019, is, unfortunately for the Colts, a RARE BUYERS MARKET for QB's. The article, which is FREE (NON-PREMIUM) explains all the factors that have made this year a rare buyers market. A large number of QB's drafted the last two years that it's too soon for teams to give up on. A weak class this year. A large number of young veteran QB's (arge 30 and under) that teams are still married to.... and on and on. This is not --- REPEAT, NOT --- the opinion of the writer. He polled NFL Execs and agents and this is THEIR VIEW. So, I'm afraid the Jacoby Brissett is going to get the Colts a #2 or a #3 ship has sailed. The Flacco trade (for a 4) hurts us, not helps us. The Foles trade (for a 3) hurts us, not helps us. And the flood of other veteran QB's available like Bridgewater and others hurts the Colts. I still think we might trade him for a Day 3 pick, it depends on what that is and how is available. Or we might package Brissett to trade up. Still possibilities. But, we might also decide to keep Brissett as our well paid back-up. I think Superman floated 3/20. Seems reasonable. Here's the story. If it doesn't break your heart too much, it's worth a read.
  4. NewColtsFan

    How to buy a draft pick

    Thank you! Thank! You!!!! Thank FLIPPING You!!! Best answer in this thread! This one you nailed! Where do we sign up to get more Top-100 picks for one year of cap money that we likely wouldn't be using anyway! And I don't even care what we do with the player. Keep him or cut him, whatever works best. I'd love all the Day 2 picks Ballard can trade for! Especially in this draft! Yes, please! More please! Beautiful answer, Doug! Just perfect!
  5. NewColtsFan

    How to buy a draft pick

    Who says no? I do ---- and LOUDLY! Look..... I'm not saying Howard isn't a good player, he clearly is. But he's a year away from free agency and he's a guy who's going to want to 8 figures. $10 Mill-plus a year. And I simply don't think Ballard wants to pay Howard --- or ANYONE playing corner for us --- that kind of money. Part of the CB position being devalued in this defense is that Ballard can pay his two corners together what it may cost to pay Howard alone. He's saving his money on the defensive side of the ball for the DL, for Leonard, and for Hooker, if he turns into the player we all hope he does. Put another way, you're buying a soon to be expensive player but we only have a modest budget. It's not that we can't afford Howard, it's that we don't want to afford him. I don't see the fit.
  6. YES! Thanks for the pick-up!! My bad! DOH!!!
  7. Jarrett Jack is another excellent comp, and he too went toward the top of the 2nd round. So glad your memory is sharper than mine! Boy, I'd love for this to work out in the Colts favor! Would be HUGE!!
  8. Simmons' medical reports will go out to all 32 teams. Assuming our Doctors sign off them, then I want him bad, Bad, BAD!! With pick 34! Jeffrey Simmons, Come On Down and Welcome to the COLTS!! Hot Damn!! p.s. --- and I don't care if he can't play a down for us in 2019. He's too good to pass on anymore. Think Jaylon Smith.
  9. NewColtsFan

    Top 3 FA wants

    I appreciate not wanting to argue with people... I'm often in the middle of such arguments. But Ballard is pretty straight forward. He's a pretty straight shooter. He has openly talked about the strength of his defense being the front 7, especially the front 4, where he wants 10 men on his 53 man roster and 8 of them on the 46 man game day roster. He has said in his mostly zone defense that corner is NOT a premium position. He'll tell you a lot if you listen and/or read his interviews. So, we're mostly in a 4-2-5 or a 4-1-6 defense. That's one reason why I, and a number of other posters, don't see us spending big money or using a high pick on another OLB, this one for the strong side. We rarely use that guy. The question becomes does Ballard want to upgrade the MLB spot? And the answer there is.... don't know? Most here think Ballard likes Walker. He loved Hooker because of his ability to make turnovers which Ballard called THE most important aspect of his defense. OK, so he seems willing to pay Hooker IF Hooker becomes the guy he drafted 15th overall. Now, we have to see it on the field. Hooker graded highly (according to pff) but not a lot of turnovers this year. OK. More than a year removed from his injury, is Hooker ready to take the next step? Hopefully. To be clear, not arguing here.... just trying to explain my views..... hope you're enjoying the website. You seem to be. And that's a good thing. For draft crazed guys like us, this is an incredibly fun time of year! We're about 70 days out from the draft! Good times ahead!
  10. NewColtsFan

    Top 3 FA wants

    Let me see if I can't put this in more stark terms.... Ballard just found Denico Autry who recorded 9 sacks in just 12 games for less than a $6 Mill per year contract. Grady Jarrett, with the big name and a projected 5 year deal of between $15 and 16 Mill per....? These are his sack totals in his 4 years. This year: 6, last year: 4, 2016: 3, and 2015, his rookie year: 1. Jarrett and Autry play the same position. You seriously think Ballard is bringing in Jarrett for those kinds of dollars? I'd put the odds right around zero. Seriously. Honestly.
  11. NewColtsFan

    Why do Colts screen plays not work so well?

    I don't want to point fingers which is why I didn't name any names. Just my view of things, and my views are often quite unpopular. But speaking generally and broadly, I don't think analysis is what most fans here do very well. Especially when opinions run up against facts. I appreciate that I'm in the minority here... and I'm ok with that....
  12. NewColtsFan

    Top 3 FA wants

    I know that's what you want.... I'll simply say I think you're going to be very, very disappointed.
  13. NewColtsFan

    Top 3 FA wants

    I don't know that that's true at all. We played Geathers down in the Box and a lot of single high safety... we played two high safeties when we were in three safety sets, but I wouldn't even hazzard a guess as to the percentage of that formation. Less than 50 percent? Are we paying another safety $10 Mill per to be a third safety? I think you know the answer to that. Unless we think Hooker is never going to be the player we hoped for when we drafted him and we plan to move on from him soon, then guys like Thomas, Collins and Clinton-Dix are never going to be on Ballard's wish list. By the way, most everything I'm reading about CD is mostly on the disappointing side. We're not signing two expensive free safety types. If you view the position groups in three segments, the defensive backfield is where Ballard wants to spend the LEAST. Spending on two expensive safeties is not in his plan. He's saving it for the defensive line and the linebackers.
  14. NewColtsFan

    Top 3 FA wants

    Here is the problem with each.... Spotrac projects Jarrett to sign a 5 year, $76 Mill deal. Do you see Chris Ballard paying $15.2 Mill for Jarrett? I don't. Not when he's got a lot of mouths to feed at the DL position group. Kwon Alexander.... I could be wrong, but I don't think he plays the Middle. I think he plays the weakside OLB and that's where the Colts have Leonard. If that's true, then this is not happening. Oh, and Spotrac projects Alexander to get a 5/50 deal. Don't see Ballard doing that even if Alexander can play the middle. Collins... this might be possible? I guess it depends on whether Ballard sees a FS or a SS? If he's a FS, then it's not happening. Ballard will save his money for Hooker. Collins has not shown he's a ballhawk. And if he's a SS, is that the spot that Collins really wants? The projection is for nearly 10 Mill. Don't see Ballard doing that. I see Ballard mostly shopping in the Isle where players are asking for roughly $6-9 Mill per. Could he make an exception for one or two players? Sure. He did last year for Norwell and Jensen. We'll see if he tries to do that again this year...........
  15. NewColtsFan

    My latest mock

    BRAVO! Well done, well played, sir!! BUT...... As you know Ballard and I talk everyday.... and I can share that on good authority, what the Colts will do when they draft Isabella is immediately have him put on 75-100 pounds to become the dominate pass rushing defensive end that Ballard says is the key to his defense. So, it's not just all about the wide receiver spot. Oh, I see you didn't use the 6th and 7th round picks. How about a developmental offensive and definisive lineman? Unless, of course, you think that we need more receivers! Then, by all means, go for it!!