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  1. Yes…. I’m glad we drafted him and I hope we don’t rush him back. I’m a patient fan and don’t mind waiting for the payoff even if it comes next year. I was pleased on draft day and said so. And I’ve been pleased with the pick ever since. As for the rest of your nonsense…. Par for the course. Let’s be clear, you oppose this philosophy for this team. But if it works, you’ll try to find a way to claim you supported it all along. You being you. Clutch that!
  2. Regarding the “delayed gratification crowd, lol” you commented on….. Say what you will about the crowd, but the three people who are the originators of this view are named Ballard, Irsay, and Reich. This is their view. When I linked the Ballard story from late May a few weeks ago I had a pretty good idea who would understand and accept the concept…, And who would reject it, and mock it. The fact you’re in this group is not the least bit surprising. Attack me all you want. I’ll simply say if you don’t like it, take it up with Ballard, Irsay, and Reich. I’m good with that. Lol!
  3. Yeah…. I saw those too later on, after my post. I confess they caught me a bit off guard. Over on ESPN, Louis Riddick, who I really like, blasted both teams for even considering doing this now. Basically said one, or both sides could be making a huge mistakes because neither side knows enough to know what they are getting or giving up. He urged patience and doing it later. Later in the day, I heard an interview with John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. He thinks this deal is getting done. He thinks it’ll be done by the trade deadline, the only question is what Miami has to give up? He thinks it’s at least three first round picks, but what else he doesn’t know…. Wowza!
  4. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll make a note of it!!
  5. Well…. It’s 10 days later and it doesn’t look like my prediction has aged well… Yes, we won our game vs Houston, but that wasn’t hard to see coming. Here’s what else I didn’t see coming….. That Hilton and Campbell would both have good games, yet both also got hurt. Campbell is lost for the season, Hilton may or may not be lost for this game or more. Plus Rock re-injured his ankle some so it’s not clear how much/little he’ll play? And it’s not clear how much Rhodes can play. And to top it all off, Blackmon tears his Achilles and is lost for the season. Wow, I can’t remember a season with so many injuries in a secondary?!? So it doesn’t look good for the good guys Monday night. But I’d add this…. Wentz looks more comfortable each week, and so does Taylor. And that’s because the OL is also getting better and they make our engine go. Now factor in a very rainy night and who knows who might win. This might be a very strange game and the underdogs might just surprise?! Or not. But it should be interesting to watch.
  6. So far, all the stories I read say this move is to give the Colts a little breathing room to pay for bottom-of-the-roster moves for the rest of the season. The Indy Star reports it contacted the NFLPA which stated the Colts had less than a million left to spend, and that we were dead last in available money. Dead last. 32 out of 32. Counting the bye, we still have 12 weeks left with just roughly $3 mill to cover all our roster moves.
  7. I think if you could combine the best of Jacob Eason (body, arm) with the best of Sam Ehlinger (mind, moxie, leadership) you’d have a top-10 draft pick quarterback, maybe even top-5. The Football Gods give very few humans all the top qualities you need. Everyone else does the best they can with what the have.
  8. The 53 man roster was extended when the 10-man PS became 16. But, the NFL needs to do away with trimming the 53 to 46/47 on game day. This has never been a good idea. Ive read in the past that the weaker franchises are in favor of this rule as they think it helps them be more competitive with the better run franchises. It’s time to man-up and play all your players.
  9. Well…. They needed to move him off the 53…. They gambled he wouldn’t be claimed so the team would be able to get him on the PS. Didn’t work out as they hoped.
  10. I’d guess thst Fisher’s injury may not have been as bad as Dayo’s….
  11. Oh, Dear God…. I don’t know why you insist on stating this as fact when you have zero proof. If this is your opinion, then say so. The thought that Ballard never liked Eason is a thought that never, ever occurred to me. Not once. And I don’t think I’ve seen any other poster make this claim. I think you’re alone, or nearly alone. That’s how “clear” it’s been.
  12. Fishers Achilles injury was late January of 2021. Ironically the same day as Dayo’s. That makes his return in 7.5 months.
  13. Well…, I see Granson as more the move tight end, the split out wide tight end. I think the next tight end is the one to replace Jack Doyle. I’m not sure he comes back for another year? Obviously we’ll all have a better read on everything in January. If Doyle retires, then it’s obvious. But if he comes back then that makes things less clear….
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