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  1. If I had to guess... scouts like multiple seasons of success.. a longer track record to examine. I think Claypool has only one great year. The rest were not nearly as good.
  2. I suspect the rest of the money will be based on making achievable incentives.... So Rhodes still has a good chance of making $5 mill (or whatever the final number is).
  3. The rest of the draft is fine... but I hate, Hate, HATE the idea of Jalen Hurts at pick 34. Just terrible. If you love him, then I’d guess you trade down from pick 44 to the 50’s and take him him much later.
  4. Carry both?!? WTH?!? Ballard doesn’t even like carrying three QBs, so he’s not carrying three kickers (two kickers plus one punter). That’s one less player for special teams. I don’t think that’s a viable situation for Ballard.
  5. Where have you read that thus is “a historically bad TE class.” ??? Not saying you’re wrong, only that I haven’t seen that anywhere. Can you share a link? Thanks...
  6. Yes.... I’m completely wrong on this. 100 percent. I didn’t fully appreciate the nature of the discussion. Sorry for the confusion.
  7. It wasn’t. I was simply wrong. Sorry for the confusion that I caused. Not intentional. I thought I was clearing up confusion. Turns out the opposite. Whoops! Carry on!
  8. So you’re saying they all had the same idea at roughly the same idea? Oh-Kay..... Ive been wrong times before and I know I’ll be wrong again. Perhaps thus is one of those times. I guess we will find out tomorrow.... Perhaps you’re right. There have been no tweets from players or media to confirm. You’d think that would’ve happened. OK, I’m wrong!
  9. He is more mobile than you think he is. You're remembering the JB who played with a huge knee brace after the Pittsburgh game which seriously limited his mobility. A healthy JB has some mobility. He’s not Lamar Jackson, but the kid can move around.
  10. Where are these posts? Huh? They're in this thread! Just scroll up. Superfly says cut and signed by another team. John Hammond says cut and signed by the Pats. Scott Pennock says traded to NE for a 21 pick with some details. Scroll up and see for yourself.
  11. It appears Wilson is no longer on the team. Two posters said cut and already signed by New England. But another poster says Quincey has been traded to the Pats for a 2021 draft pick, rounds 5 thru 7 to be determined. So no matter how you feel about QW, it would appears his Colts days are over. I would expect an official announcement tomorrow — Wednesday. Good luck, Quincy, we hardly knew you.....
  12. Ballard has used a 2, 3, and 5 for his starters. And a 5 and 7, 7 for his backups. That doesn’t mean he believes he can get LB talent in the later round. He’s drafting backups in the later rounds. Nit sure there’s a team in the NFL right now that would take Smith over Nelson if given the choice. And I love Smith. But Nelson is the easy. House here. Not even close.
  13. Yes... and most NFL people do too. How would you judge him?
  14. V.... I think you make an extremely good argument that honestly, late last night, when I posted, I had not considered. Really great observation! So, if this holds, then we might be looking at roughly $15 mill per for Leonard’s deal... Thanks for pointing this out....
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