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  1. If memory serves me right, I believe the Browns went 7-8-1 last year. Mayfield should be even better, and he was very good as a rookie. They added talent in FA and the draft. Does OBJ ring a bell? I think this team has a double-digit win roster. What I don't know if it has, is a double-digit win head coach. So far this off-season, I haven't been all that impressed..... Hope for Browns' fans sake that Dorsey didn't blow the HC search..... Just sayin.....
  2. Sorry to be the one to share this.... But you were crazy a year ago and you're crazy now! But above all, we still love you!
  3. This story is from ESPN, about a week ago. Been meaning to post it. And it's a NON-Premium story, so everyone can read it. Apparently, if owners can find a way to monitze the shorter pre-season in such a way so the financial loss of two less games isn't too bad, then a possible agreement might just happen. Good story.... worth a read: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27347878/you-absolutely-need-four-preseason-games-why-shortening-makes-sense
  4. Will you be the one to fire Irsay first? Or Chris Ballard? Everything starts at the top, and those are the top two guys. So, which will it be? They're both going, just wondering who goes first?
  5. Uh.... the back leg is his plant leg. His back leg is his right leg, not his left leg. Want to make sure we're talking apples to apples here...
  6. The PR department is barely involved in this. They are told what to say by the General Manager, by the Owner, or by the medical team. One of them, some of them, or all of them. They take their marching orders. And the PR department certainly doesn't tell the owner or the GM or anyone else what to say. The PR department are foot soldiers.... they take their orders and march. A typical PR department for many NFL teams, might consist of 3-4 paid people. The top person, who might be 45-60 years old and might make $50 to $100k depending on how long he's been there. The 2nd person might be 35-45 and it's his 2nd PR job and he might make $40-$60k. The third person on the team might be someone a few years out of college. Maybe he worked a small paying job for a college for a few years. Now he's doing NFL PR. Maybe he's 25-30. And he/she is making $35-$45. And their is also a secretary and their pay depends on how long they've been with the team. So, maybe $35-45? These are rough guesstimates. They might be somewhat higher in some places, and somewhat lower in others. Be they're pretty good ballpark figures. These people are not giving orders, they are taking them. Way too low on the food chain. This is how the NFL world spins.....
  7. The poster didn't say he could compete for a lot of snaps someday. The poster called Hentges our future starting tight end. There's a big difference in those two statements.
  8. I like Jacoby.... but I'm here because of the OTHER quarterback.... you know, #12. Look at my avatar. I'm more a fan of logic and common sense and facts. You don't read too much into a brief appearnce of the 1st pre-season game. You don't. That's always been the way. And then to compare it to the other guy who played in against the 2's and 3's.... silly. Fan boy stuff. The team has been raving about Jacoby since they acquired in in September of 17. So, nearly two full years. Things don't change after the first pre-season game. They just don't.
  9. Timing is everything. Yesterday, ESPN ran a top story showing that the inevitable decline for Brees may have alreaady started. That he was light out for the first 11 weeks of the 18 season. But the last 6 weeks of the regular season, and the two playoff games, Brees was............ Less than great. He was human. Not bad. Not terrible. But not very Brees like at all. Remember, MAY have already started. It's all explained in this article.... https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27343569/barnwell-inevitable-drew-brees-decline-already-begun
  10. Most every team is one loss of a starting OL away from being a big problem. Lots of teams are dangerously thin there.... it's that way pretty much most every year....
  11. You just called Hentges our future starting tight end. Was that deliberate? Based on being a free agent, having a good camp, and.................. what else? We have Ebron. We have Allie Cox. And you're thinking Hentges is our future starter? Wow....................
  12. You might indeed be right about not getting any picks for our lesser players.... Entirely possible. But I wouldn't rule out getting 7's for some of them.... and given Ballard showed what he could do last year with 7's for Adams and Franklin, I think he'd take that....
  13. Given that we signed Houston, who played OLB for his entire career, and is now playing DE, I'm just not that worried about Turay making the shift.
  14. I just love how you compare about a quarter and a half of the 1st pre-season game vs. 2nd and 3rd stringers for Kelly against Brissett who played almost the entire 17 season with a very poor team around him and played well by most all accounts. He also played well in 4 games in the 16 regular season for New England in 4 games, where he won 3 of them. But no worries.... your genius insights I'm sure are being noticed in the front office.... if for nothing else, the pure comic relief.... Goodness gracious, what nonsense....
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