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  1. I could easily be wrong about this, but I think you're high on Nelson, Leonard and Smith. Maybe not by a lot, but by enough that the Colts will have more money left than you think. ***I think Q can pick the length of his deal. I'm guessing he'll have the following options. 4/60 (15) or 5/80 (16) or 6/102. (17) ***I think Leonard is looking at roughly 4/56 (14) 5/75. (15) ***I think Smith is looking at 4/50 (12.5) 5/65 (13) The keys to all three deals are.... the signing bonus and the amount guaranteed at signing --- these two a
  2. OK...... I'm not speaking to Basham at all. Have seen zero film on him. I was only trying to say that DL's using speed and/or power in the NFL have worked since the league began. PLayers who don't with at least one of them typically don't last long in the NFL. The ones who can win with both have long, successful careers. More to the point, our whole defense is built on speed. Especially on the defensive front. Look at our DE's. Houston uses both speed and power. Autry uses both as he plays DE and DT. Turay is a speed guy. Banogu is a speed guy
  3. Speed and power don’t work in the NFL for defensive lineman?!? Huh? I never got that memo. Is that what you meant to say, or am I misunderstanding your meaning?
  4. I assume you either have not viewed the Ballard press conference, or, if you have, you simply don’t believe him? Is that about it?
  5. Winston doesn’t strike me as a Colt. He doesn’t strike me as a Ballard guy, as a Reich guy. Doesn’t strike me as a Decker guy or an Irsay guy. There’s nothing from his history that says good fit with the Colts.
  6. Ironic to me that people here focus on what they can see... height, weight, speed, arm strength... And pay little attention to the most important things they can’t see... pre-snap reads, post snap reads, audibles, leadership in the huddle, on the sidelines and in the locker room. Those are things that Manning and Luck and Harbaugh and Unitas excelled at. And yet......
  7. Never been a Goff fan. And if he hadn’t succeeded with Sean McVey, it’s hard to see him succeeding anywhere else. The fact that McVey might be willing to move on from Goff is, in my opinion, a GIANT Red Flag! Buyer Beware! Hard pass!
  8. I think the biggest part of what Ballard is doing right now is (1) calling teams to ask what they would want from us for their quarterback. Stafford, Ryan, Darnold... And then, (2) further evaluations on the QB class. Will there be someone they like at 21? And I know what CB said at his year end briefing. I don't expect him to be fully candid about such a thing in that setting. Or might there be someone they'd take in the 2nd or 3rd round? In other words, what are the other options if (A) Rivers retires, or (B) could someone else be a better o
  9. The problem spreading it out longer us that Indy is the home of the March Madness. The whole month right after the combine. So I don’t think it’s possible.
  10. Just to be clear..... The only franchise Dodds had agreed to talk to was Carolina? No other franchise to consider? Just asking.....
  11. For what it’s worth, I actually liked your idea of Joe Brady. I thought that was a sharp call. He’d be on my short list. And... this may surprise you, I plan to start a discussion about Frank tomorrow where I address my concerns about him. And I do have them. I don’t want him fired, but I’d like fewer brain cramp moments in big games. Appreciate you reaching out here. I’m sorry if I went too far with my criticism. Hopefully we have a good off-season to look forward to.
  12. You’re not likely to get our original investment back?!? Huh? You don’t think we’d get a first for Q? Or more? You don’t think we’d get at least a 2 for Darius and Smith? I think we’d get that and likely more.
  13. As of now... 21 or 22. Will know more soon enough.
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