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  1. Where’s the line between quitting on a team and taking care of your own health? I’m as disappointed as anyone that Luck retired. But I never once thought if him as a guy who quit on his team. I think of him as a man who was suffering and couldn’t put up with the NFL-life anymore. The timing couldn’t be helped. Sucks for us. But I don’t see Luck as a quitter.
  2. Pinkney? Sleeper? If he’s not a Day One pick, then he’s a Day Two pick. Nothing sleeper about him.
  3. So? It happens every so often. Most years the NFC East is one of the top divisions. The NFL is really, really hard. A bad year every once in a while isn’t a big deal. Most people haven’t been very complimentary over the AFC South or the AFC East over the years. Life goes on...
  4. Nice job. But I suspect your three receivers at picks 113, 144, and 176 will all go roughly one round sooner than you have forecast.
  5. Eeek? What’s the problem? The team is happy with it. The player is happy with it. So why aren’t you happy with it? What’s the problem?
  6. The two decisions will be made independent of each other. While they are both called tight end, they do not play the same position. Signing Doyle has nothing to do with keeping or not keeping Ebron. If we want to keep Ebron, we will. If we don’t, then we won’t. And I don’t know what the final decision will be? I’m more curious about guys like AC and TYH. Those decisions are far more important.
  7. Your tight end just announced he’s going Pro. I’ve seen him mocked as high as the first, but odds are he’s more likely a Day 2 kid. I think the odds of lasting to R5 are extremely small. Otherwise, good job for December. Everything will likely be different with each passing month.
  8. I believe Pittman projects as Day 2 kid right now. That could change between now and the draft. But I don’t see him lasting to the later rounds. (5, 6, 7)
  9. You want to invest in a 5’11” 195 pound quarterback? Really? Maybe i’m just too Old School?
  10. I think people here should acknowledge that Ballard may ultimately decide Love is not the guy. Or... That Love is the guy, but maybe some other team values him more and picks him before Ballard does, no matter the round. Or.... Love decides to stay in school. There are all sorts of reasons or scenarios that may indeed happen between now and next April.
  11. I understand... the question becomes on whether people agree on whether s coach, any coach, is indeed a bad coach. Or, are there others issues/problems going on. Was Pagano a bad coach when he won 11 games in each of his first three seasons? Even after we went further in in the playoffs each season ? Well, we had fans saying fire him each year. Was it Pagano’s fault when we went 8-8 two straight years with Luck being hurt and the roster in rapid decline? Plenty of fans thought so. Pagano wasn’t a great coach, but he wasn’t as bad as many here thought. For my money, the bigger problem proved to be the GM. Finding a really good head coach is one of the hardest things to do in all of sports, not just football. Firing a bad coach is one thing. But firing a good coach in search of an even better coach is done with high risk.
  12. Each case is unique. The car analogy doesn’t hold up because lemons are the exception to the rule. But in the NFL, hiring a new coach who turns out to disappoint is far more common. A fan base, any fan base, is not a good way to judge what to do and when to do it.
  13. That concept is proven over decades. Teams will fire a good coach thinking they’ll hire a better coach, only they wind up hiring a worse coach. That isn’t some pie in the sky theory that people pulled out of no where... it actually happens quite often in all sports.
  14. Can you try this again? Only thus time in complete sentences? Thanks.
  15. Okereke has roughly half the stats... but in roughly half the snaps. That’s the comparison. Double his snaps; double his stats, and they’re pretty close.
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