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  1. The run on tackles makes it easier for us to sign fisher in free agency
  2. Good to have those relationships
  3. To be fair, Mike Hart always moved the pile he just could not stay healthy.
  4. I still think Fisher is an option at LT if we don't get one in draft.
  5. Depending on how we are doing we may call Alex Smith out of retirement just like we did at LT last year.
  6. I am curious to see if they move Smith to LT and draft and place them at RT
  7. You are missing Holden
  8. Agree I think Ballard waits to see hoe Draft turns out and then maybe signs Fisher if they don't get a starting caliber OT.
  9. Use him as our #2 corner would be fantastic but offer 2 years with only one year of guaranteed money.
  10. I thought Green Bay picked him up during playoffs and he went back to free agency good to know we resigned him as I missed that. My mistake all along I meant Jared Veldheer I got confused.
  11. I hope it is Holden and they get a deal done with Fisher as Holden could hold down the fort until he is ready.
  12. Perhaps "agreed to terms pending physical" should have been used in the title.
  13. Can the MODs go ahead and create a Fire Ballard/Ballard Sucks sticky now so we don't get a bunch of useless threads?
  14. Unfortunately we are going to be losing some good to great players over time as the wallet just won't be big enough. On a positive note we should start getting draft compensation for their big signings.
  15. I would suggest step one being Wentz head straight to Tom House to work on throwing technique.
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