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  1. I find the facility thing very interesting as it was only a few years ago when they redid everything and bought new equipment if I recall correctly.
  2. Here is a decent video about his return to throwing this week. I didn't take enough time to try and find just the agents video. https://youtu.be/HKzU7mHyD-8?si=L5r1oeJh0q-Q0mQE
  3. His ability to run will be the difference in many cases between settling for a field goal versus a touchdown. Especially in the red zone we have already seen this during his short stint.
  4. Sacks could be stated as the outcome produced from pressure versus a sub category under pressure.
  5. I say start by transition tagging him and let the market dictate his contract value. This gives him an opportunity to see what his $$ value is and we hold the cards.
  6. Both big plays were failure by Goodson and Minshew.
  7. If the game ends in a tie and Jacksonville losses would we get 4th seed since we beat Texans earlier this year?
  8. Trevor Lawrence now in concussion protocol suffered in 4th quarter even though he finished game https://www.nfl.com/news/jaguars-qb-trevor-lawrence-will-enter-concussion-protocol-following-loss-to-rave
  9. Raiders Maxx Crosby, he is a beast and a game wrecker.
  10. The NFL has suspended Veldheer for the first six games of the 2021 season. Veldheer said he was prescribed "low-dose Clomid due to abnormally low" testosterone.
  11. We have to buy it or trade for it as we don't know how to draft it. Been chasing Mathis and Freeney's replacements for years wasting draft picks.
  12. Add in fines for horrible calls like they do to players.
  13. This was going to be a learning year period. Maybe get lucky and win division and make playoffs. Is it frustrating when you see some potential, yes. This should not be a surprise and why people are going off the rails I don't get it. If you can't at least find some bright spots then you should probably find a new sport or team. Football is truly an any given Sunday. You beat the best and lose to the worst.
  14. We have an actual run game now Dion Jackson did nothing.
  15. 44 has become better, way more consistent and available. We cannot let him leave even if it means saying goodbye to Leonard
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