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  1. I believe he goes to Florida every year and comes back right before training camp.
  2. Offense helps Defensive and last year's offense was greatly different than 2018. This has to be factored in as well to the defensive struggling.
  3. After watching this I can't help but wonder if he and Ashton Kutcher on The Ranch are brothers. Just saying.
  4. I had us taking kmet with 44 would you take Howard instead?
  5. If he heals properly Fountain is a big boy and stands out in practice from a size standpoint.
  6. I think he will be kept and he can find a new team next year if he chooses. The roster increased by 2 so an extra QB can be kept a little easier if we draft a rookie. Rivers could go down at any time and at least JB can jump right in and give you a chance.
  7. We double down on DT and grab WR
  8. I think that article is wrong didn't he play late 2018?
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