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  1. See if Vinny has a few games left and is healthy
  2. Well guys we have to give credit to Baltimore they are a really good team. I will get back to you after I view the tape Just finished the tape there was a lot of good stuff and some things that need cleaned up which we will do this week. That is a really good team give them all the credit.
  3. Chuck must have called that play for special teams.
  4. Where is all this cap room and available players that we could bring in for Tackle? We had to restructure just to get under the cap. Some of you people are crazy we don't have unlimited resources. Is there room for improvement heck yeah, but you can't always buy a fix
  5. I was asking maybe yelling where are the corner fade routes. Haven't really had those consistently since Peyton.
  6. Has a conference call been scheduled for today yet and is it only Frank or Frank and Ballard?
  7. Philip Rivers knock knock
  8. What the heck is wrong with these people. How about you let me tackle you and at same time twist your ankle and leg behind you. I bet you would just jump right up and brush it off
  9. Refs should get fined like players that was horrible
  10. I am pretty sure he was listed there with previous depth chart.
  11. To everyone who thinks you can just go out and buy the talent you need while retaining your current talent in these low cap years you are crazy. Did you even pay attention to the cap problems we were in before restructuring Kelly? This will continue to be a work in progress. We aren't making instant coffee here. Now we must continue to get better at play, coaching and conditioning for sure.
  12. According to Sporrtstrac we are at 7 mil under but not sure if that includes the restructure. It does include Hilton to IR so maybe.
  13. Could be they want to extra $ in case they have to pull in a vet QB during the season due to Covid or injury.
  14. If the worst were to happen you dial up ole Rivers and let him have another run. He already stated he was open to coming back after HS football was done
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