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  1. Shepman

    Ballard will find us that RB

    We would have scored 50+ yesterday with Bell catching out the backfield. Hines has worn thin again whether ST or catching out of Backfield his hands are below average.
  2. Shepman

    George Odum

    I have seen enough of Odum on ST to know he is our hardest hitter.
  3. Shepman

    Titan's Game Injuries

    I was at game and he walked off on his own. Doesn't mean anything but at least he wasn't carted off.
  4. Shepman

    Colts work out Jalen Collins

    My only question is why are we willing to take a chance on this kid but weren't willing to with Gordon?
  5. Shepman

    Colts work out Jalen Collins

    And we have right for first refusal
  6. Shepman

    Is Castonzo now the weak link?

    We still need to invest in the Oline and LT is probably the next big investment. If Castonzo gets hurt again or any of the others we start falling back to Earth quickly.
  7. Shepman

    Big game at home next week, Tennesee!

    I wish we had Edelman trash on our team just imagine him underneath!
  8. Shepman

    Quincy Wilson

    Excellent job by Wilson not retaliating on the personal foul by Benjamin.
  9. Shepman

    K J Brent

    Well not first time I have been wrong this week just ask my wife.
  10. Shepman

    K J Brent

    They signed him to Practice Squad so he can come in and prep without making moves. It would Most likely be game day decision which I think is highly possible.
  11. Shepman

    K J Brent

    I anticipate he will be brought up to Active Roster by Sunday. He has good hands and decent route running. He had the biggest play in Camp and thought he might squeeze in the 53. I like hearing both QBs are confident in him. Stay tuned.
  12. Shepman

    A Lot of Good Players Got Away

    Also before the new Contract, salary cap situation was much harder to manage. You had to pay unproven players crazy money before they did anything in the NFL. Add into that paying a large % to a franchise QB and it was very difficult to manage.
  13. Shepman

    Ballard talks Colts at the Quarter Pole....

    What I found most interesting but it is probably nothing is his response this time about free agents. Last time he was asked he basically stated we like our guys. This time it was we are always looking to improve our roster.
  14. Shepman

    Bell to the Colts? (Article/Rumour)

    Actually I believe Bell has a lot of control because in order to be traded he has to have a contract. He hasn't signed the tag so he isnt under contract. He would nees to be part of the negotiations and agree to sign the tag in order to be traded unless there is some technicalities of trading the rights.
  15. Shepman

    Bell to the Colts? (Article/Rumour)

    This is the perfect opportunity to test a hypothesis on whether an elite RB makes us substantially better. You take a low risk 1 year rental and learn from it over this year. If it is true then you pay him the money and if it turns out false you move on. Much better than signing to a long term high dollar contract that doesn't make you a substantially better team. This is a no brainer to me depending on the Draft stock needed.