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  1. If he heals properly Fountain is a big boy and stands out in practice from a size standpoint.
  2. I think he will be kept and he can find a new team next year if he chooses. The roster increased by 2 so an extra QB can be kept a little easier if we draft a rookie. Rivers could go down at any time and at least JB can jump right in and give you a chance.
  3. We double down on DT and grab WR
  4. I think that article is wrong didn't he play late 2018?
  5. To me the Vinny thing is on Ballard as Frank can only play who is on the roster. Ballard makes the personel decisions so thats on him.
  6. We won the Broncos game btw with a long field goal by Vinny
  7. Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Here is to a better 2020 season.
  8. We have no evidence so far that Ballard is an * to players and coaches and disrespectful. Grigson on the other hand was that which is really why he was booted. No one wanted to work with him, morale and Culture suffered. That alone is a huge upgrade.
  9. A change like this doesn't happen in a silo. This decision would be made by both FR and CB. You finish the season with Brissett and only make CK active if one of the QBs are injured.
  10. Ok here is what I don't get. They drug test them and charge them but thousands overdose and I never hear them get charged.
  11. Guys they aren't going to play Chad Kelly unless Brissett goes on IR.
  12. Totally agree, I told co-worker yesterday we should consider a package with TY to trade up. Whether that be up for a QB or up for one on Raiders picks you know Gruden stills wants his WR.
  13. One attribute I appreciate that was called out was touch at all levels. Luck struggled with this really until last year and Brissett is horrendous when it comes to touch. He is like a pitcher that only has a 102 mph fast ball and can't throw a change up. We really need touch in Reich's scheme imo.
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