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  1. Even better stat Bucs make the 4th team to win out of 422 games when giving up 35 points and 4 turnovers.
  2. With 3 interceptions Winston's QBR was 11 points higher (better) than Brissett. This shouldn't even be possible when you score 35 points but we did it. Our completion % is horrible
  3. We learned JB can duplicate Eli and Flacco style by throwing ball up in the air and praying. He has absolutely no touch but has better than average escapability. We also learned he really hasn't grown since college in several areas.
  4. I think it's time to shut it down this season is over. Too many injuries and adversity this year. I will keep cheering each week but we would be better off with higher draft picks next year.
  5. So what about Cam Newton with our run game and oline? We have the money and draft capital if needed to trade.
  6. Wiiliams ball security scares me. There were several times he was running with the ball loosely in one arm through mobs. I hope he doesn't cost us big with fumbles running this way. Mack and Wilkins both double up their arms. I think Wilkins starts and Williams comes in like he did with Mack.
  7. When I searched I found the same but I heard broadcasters say different. Didn't know who's stats were right.
  8. I believe I heard broadcasters say at 17 drops the Colts were highest in the league. Did anyone else hear this and can confirm?
  9. In what scenario would our Division Rival trade a player to us and/or vice versa? We had no chance to get Clowney. Even Conference trades are pretty much taboo come on.
  10. Up until the last miss that kid from 49s looked good. He should be released soon perhaps brimg him in for a tryout at that point.
  11. That is too big of risk as one injury wipes you out. Plus that is a lot of wear and tear because they also have to kickoff.
  12. Does beg the question if there are any decent punters out there to get through the year.
  13. He has had some luck on his side as well as he should have had an interception every game this year but they have dropped them. I wonder if the reason is the velocity he puts on his passes.
  14. Better be trading for a big DT/NT to fix the run.
  15. I said to my son-in-law that shouldn't apply to injuries. However, then it happens for a different reason and a player fakes an injury to get out of it. Gotta be black and white I think to maintain the integrity and spirit of the rule.
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