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  1. I don't think the Colts think that much of Kelly. I bet he never gets a shot at starting. I'm not sure why they keep him on the roster.
  2. Good signing. If healthy Rhodes will be great! Love the one year prove it deals...
  3. Pretty obvious. There's a reason the Colts don't want him back.
  4. I'm anxious to see what a healthy Campbell and fountain can do. That being said there's a lot of free agency left and I bet we bring in a veteran wide receiver.
  5. CB has had a lot of bumps in the road since he's got here...the whole Mcweasel deal....all the Injuries....Luck retiring right before the start of the season. With all that imo he's done pretty well.
  6. Guess it depends on if the Colts have their eyes on a QB in this year's draft.....
  7. I might desir was one of our better corners. I'm kinda surprised.
  8. Anyone have any evidence that he had surgery on his ankles? I'll wager the answer is no.
  9. I'd rather concentrate on how many TDs he's going to throw!
  10. Your are just looking at last years stats. Look at Rivers body of work. I'd rather roll with Rivers than watch Brissett miss wide open receivers on the way to another losing season.
  11. System QB. The pats will be fine without Brady.......but I don't think Brady will have as much success.
  12. We'll see how he does with the bucs. I'll wager outside the pats system he won't be as successful.
  13. Rivers is head and shoulders better than Brissett. Love the signing! Now they need to get him some better WRs to go along with Hilton.
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