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  1. Just looking at his career so far . ..dude seems like a scrub to me.
  2. Paye- 51 Dayo- 54 Granson-83 Davis-31 Ehlinger- 4 Strachan- 17 Fries-75
  3. Man I just want to see Wentz tossing the ball to some of our wideouts!
  4. Gut feeling says Fisher will be ready by the opener or soon afterwards.
  5. Anyone know the dates for training camps?
  6. I wonder how Leno's stats compare to Tevis? I'm too lazy to Google!
  7. With Granson I see shades of Eric Ebron. Hopefully he'll be even better than him with a better attitude to boot!
  8. Hell with today's medical advances who's to say he isn't ready sooner than we think? I didn't think Blackmon would play last year.
  9. I heard that Braden Smith might be moved to left tackle and then tevi to right.
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