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  1. I'm calling it now..... Kelly will beat out Brissett for the #2 spot.
  2. We still have the second wave of free agency.
  3. Harmon. Do yourself a favor and Google his highlight reel.
  4. After the job Ballard and his scouts have done so far I'm surprised at all the belly aching. We will tear up the second day.... Just watch.
  5. We are going to tear up the second day! I love it!
  6. I wish Irsay would just keep quiet. Embarrassing really.
  7. Kiper has the Colts taking Mclaurin with their first pick? What say you?
  8. I'd like to see Inman back. He's better than anyone we have behind Hilton and Funchess. IMO Rogers and Pascal are wastes of roster space.
  9. I actually give more credit to Rob Morris....
  10. Kc got weaker. They lost a big part of their pass rush with Ford and Houston gone. Berry is gone. Their starting center is gone. Chris Conley gone. Hill might be gone. I bet mahomes doesn't look like the world better he did last season.
  11. Wasn't there some smoke/reports last month about the dolphins being interested in Brissett?
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