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  1. wasn't Mcweasel trying to get that job too? I hope so! It's nice to see him not get a head coaching job.
  2. I'm surprised some folks want to resign Walker. Imo we definitely need an upgrade.... I'd let him walk.
  3. After listening to Ballard's interview and his comments on brissett I really don't think they will bring him back. He gave brissett compliments but you could tell by his tone and mannerisms that bringing him back is probably not in the cards. I wonder what the odds are of us actually trading up this year to grab a quarterback in the draft? I'd like to be a fly on the wall to hear What the Colts think of this year's quarterbacks draft class.
  4. I hope not. I hope we get a quarterback who isn't just a bandaid. Either draft our future or trade for somebody who has a few years left.
  5. I just don't see it. Ballard knows what he has/had in Jacoby and I think he'll want to upgrade. If we go with Jacoby it would be another wasted season.
  6. I appreciate that he did it now and didn't make us wait a month or pop it on us last minute like a certain other quarterback did. Now the search begins......
  7. Although I hope we move on I wouldn't be too upset with having Rivers for another season. I think an off season of training camps and preseason games could possibly mean an even better season from Rivers.
  8. I'd be okay with him taking the Texans job. I'd like to see us bring in a new DC.
  9. Doesn't seem the Colts were ever that high on Eason. Makes me wonder why they bothered drafting him.
  10. At this point I don't think he'll say too much. He'll be pretty vague. Too many things are up in the air right now......
  11. I disagree. He might be worth one first round and some additional latter round picks but no way would I give up three #1s. He hasn't done enough to warrant such a price.
  12. Imo we could use an upgrade over Walker. What do you think? Suggestions? Or are u happy with his play?
  13. Actually I'd be all right with trading blue. We need a better mascot.
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