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  1. Man I don't believe anything Reich says about Kelly. Kelly will never sniff the starting line up.
  2. .... Since I've been this excited and optimistic about an upcoming season! The off-season acquisitions.... Rivers and Buckner especially......also what looks to be a fantastic draft.....I can't wait to see Pittman and Taylor out there! I might just be putting on my Ros..er... blue colored glasses on but then again......
  3. I don't put a lot of stock in what Steve Smith says.
  4. Ballard really downplayed Eason as the heir apparent to Rivers. Makes me question how much faith they have in the kid.
  5. Chiefs. Maybe the Ravens but I still don't buy into Lamar Jackson.
  6. It will be higher than you think because as you know Mack will probably be hurt sometime during the year.
  7. Kind of pisses me off to hear that. Oh well it is what it is.
  8. I'm going to trust in Ballard and his scouts. If they see something in Eason I'll trust their judgement over fans/media.
  9. I hope Rivers takes him under his wing!
  10. I kept expecting the pats to take Fromm.
  11. kind of a lackluster pic. I was hoping for more of an impact player. I wonder if there's any chance that we might trade back up into the third round?
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