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  1. no, colts have to make * to lose 1st rounder
  2. why can't yu, yu dnt watch colts defense, that's literally one of the goals of the defense
  3. yu did put your finger on it. frank doesn't see the bigger picture. good teams win en the long run & dnt sweat the in the moment decisions. frank calls games like we're the underdogs. and even if that is the case on occasion, subconsciously the team starts to believe they are the underdog instead of playing like the better team.
  4. mans it has for about %60 of franks tenure, it's very frustrating
  5. he was nowhere close to a Pick 6 ... a sure int yes, but dnt over do it
  6. it was a dumb decision to make anyway, both interceptions were dumb tbh. the wrs were blanketed. but ehlinger probably couldn't see since he was drowning en the pocket. both his fault due to his limitations
  7. lol yu mean tshirt jerseys ?!?
  8. i'm calling him Big Mike or MegaMan
  9. i would change bills to Stefon Diggs & Get Denzel Ward from Browns
  10. Aaron Hernandez Clone like it or not
  11. yu knw okereke took over for walker right
  12. ppl wanna be sooo smart but are competing with common sense lol
  13. im not telling anyone to listen to me i'm stating my opinion and he/she chimed in, see the difference
  14. Experts, ok well just so yu knw the roster the experts told yu was good also gave up 30+ points 8 times and 48 & 43 points last season. i just gave yu one metric as to why they suck. there's many more, but i wouldn't expect someone that doesn't use their own opinion to have a brain. yu value ppl en suits too much. information is free i guess losing 11/16 games wasn't enough for yu to comprehend lol
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