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  1. we have our star safety and he’s gonna be due for a contract. Collins isn’t special
  2. it was a stupid stance en the beginning to be upset about a 1yr deal
  3. MFT5

    07/25 TC Day one

    i pretty much built my offense around him being a decoy
  4. its different for olineman bc yu can’t quantitatively justify if they’re good or bad. yu can justify w numbers a rapid increase in ratings bc tds and yards and completion % is easy to see OL dnt have that luxury. so the rate the improvement is expressed takes more time. This is simple to comprehend Nelson went from a 82 to 87 if he has another season like last he will improve maybe 5-6 ovr points. so en m21 he’s a 92ovr rinse/repeat ... ... and thru 3 years hes a 95-97 ovr which truly is rare for OL anyway. im done if y’all dnt get it dnt worry about it
  5. “jumping” lol y’all are slow i compared Leonard to another rookie who leonard had a better season than. i’m smart and there aren’t too many flaws if any en my logic. im not saying it’s gospel im telling yu why a player is rated what they’re rated. my reasoning is based on the facts the games has given me to wrk with. and of course yu have to take en a players past year for context of a new season en regards to madden bc that’s the foundation of where that player will begin the new season. ratings increase and decline throughout the season. just because yu have NELSON as the best G wn the league, he has to show a marginal improvement on a consistent trajectory to get a higher rating. its literally the same for every player mahomes started the year at a 80 and threw for 4tds a week and climbed to a 95 ovr. yu have to wrk for it
  6. they do its a game bruh put saquon at lineman and see what happens its easy to see a skill gap between good qbs and bad ones because attributes pop on screen and they have theses things called stats that aid the process of separating good/avg/bad players yu knw quenton is good bc yu care about the colts, everybody doesn’t. i showed yu Zack Martin didn’t start at a 96 ovr. He & the cowboys earned that rating. the foundation is being built for nelson to get better ratings en madden”lol” but until yu can quantitatively prove he is the best lineman this is the nature of the game. im done giving yu common sense if yu dnt get it dnt worry about it
  7. the real crime is parris campbell having 94 speed and mecole hardman, hollywood, DK, isabella all being faster when parris ran the fastest at the combine
  8. ok yu win dnt quote me again
  9. all of the numbers are ‘thresholds’ for the players overall ... i am using it correctly since that’s what they are
  10. awareness is actually the threshold that increases every players overall but yu knw it all.
  11. Darius being rated under LVE is my only issue. LVE should only have strength over Darius that’s it. but don’t get me wrong LVE is 6’4” 255lbs he’s good
  12. Madden 20 at launch ratings Quenton Nelson 82 awr 97 strength 65 speed 86 pb 88 rb 85 rbf 82 rbf 88 lbk Zack Martin ‘20 93 awr 93 strength 70 speed pb 95 rb 97 pbf 92 rbf 95 lbk 94 All the numbers are thresholds. Martin is an established lineman that has proven his ability to earn and maintain these numbers. As Nelson progresses and establishes his name the ratings will reflect that. OLineman isn’t a glamour position. i’m already speaking too much about what is really common sense. Martin was rated a 78ovr (83rb/84pb/89str) as a rookie and through his play combined w league wide recognition earned a a current 96 ovr. it comes w time due to the position.
  13. qbs and rbs have tangible abilities yu can see throughout a game (speed, throw power, accuracy, elusiveness) Mahomes had one of the best seasons All Time and Barkely literally does everything yu can do as a rb as good or better than his piers. yu can see it, it flashes Nelson is a guard, madden is skill position driven. it’s common sense. ppl don’t look en the trenches and say this lineman’s technique is AMAZING. yu want him rated highly bc he is a colt and yu want what yu see reflected i get it. As a guard he has to consistently show he is improving and maintain his elite level. everything isn’t created equal why yu can’t grasp this fact idk
  14. i can see your flaws. yu want to be right so yu keep expressing the fact that a system is flawed instead of seeing changes are being made to remedy a solution. ‘welcome to the world’
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