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  1. it's not Bills system it's Erhardt Perkins
  2. franks positives aren't sustainable
  3. you knw we were playing the Bengals ?
  4. agree to disagree. if yu cant see franks play calling & offensive philosophy doesn't put his team en advantageous positions to even look successful, i can t help you i'm understand. franks play calling and personnel packages actually help the defense stop the offense. but yea frank's awesome lol top of his class
  5. this is not personal just listen. What we who have a problem, is with the scheme and general nonsensical mistakes this team makes. tactical decisions and just amateur fails this team constantly puts stress on the final product. Reicht challenged a 10-12 yard play that was obscure that truthfully wasn't that big of a deal. on 2nd down just try another play to get half the yards back and move on. that cost is a TO for no reason. Boyd for the bengals 80% only runs slants from the slot. sit inside and make him beat you, not the route. and truthfully the constant
  6. thank yu. He was showing effort and not giving up on the play
  7. i cant stand frank. he caps this teams offensive ceiling
  8. the suplex was from the angle the bengals player had ... he simply didn't want the player to gain more yardage. he was pulling him back and the bengals player finally gave up. result is a rock bottom. be thankful he's trying his best bc i cant say the same for the rest of the defense
  9. no, unfortunately ... Eason should be starting bc him showing his ceiling & floor is better than the quality rivers is putting out there
  10. bc our other receivers are so great
  11. sum of parts ... they play well as a TEAM. These stats don't account for communication
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