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  1. that’s already dwns number dawg
  2. why do ppl like bowers so much … i dnt understand the hype, avg height not that big. is he this generations dallas clark or something
  3. this isn’t necessarily true cb & wr are needs and better be addressed lol alec pierce is not it and i like MPJ but he not scaring nobody i’m a fan of downs en the slot
  4. i love AR BUT what exactly is the graph annotating ??
  5. i think something lost en this is that sneed himself was a 4th round pick … building thru the draft is drafting the nxt overachiever jarrian jones cb fsu, seems to be a comparable profile to sneed
  6. yea they might pick 1/5 potential wrs the colts would want … there’s more WR options to pick bruh lol
  7. yu knw minshew a career backup was leading the colts all season lol get real colts played w house money all season.
  8. yu realize minshew was a 2 yard completion away from ending the texans season lol
  9. yea i understand that but i’m speaking on ballard passing on premium talent just to trade bck for 2 avg players
  10. ballard needs to pick a difference maker @ 15 im tired of this trade back nonsense … montez sweat @ Dk metcalf are supposed to colts … pick a premium player CB/WR/EDGE
  11. ppl saying colts giving up a 1st was nonsense i think a pick swap wouldn’t have been worth it either tbh … pick 15 is a game changer on a young team (that’s too valuable to give up 2 a DC that’s gonna make him play off coverage 50% of the time lol)
  12. lol why do yu think that 😂 it’s gonna be BTJr & AMitchell will be there
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