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  1. We’ve played like shxt offense & defense
  2. the term offense indicates that yu dictate so i would hope that is the goal for anyone running the offense. there’s nothing genius about what happened sunday. Andy Reid, Mcdaniels and to a lesser extent Kyle Shanahan are the models for offense
  3. have y’all watched the patriots offense ?? lol . Like him or not Josh Mcdaniels is a top 5 offensive mind of all time.
  4. if he makes ONE fg or XP against the chargers we’re 3-0 lol. his job is to kick fgs. He gets paid well enough to understand this backlash
  5. im tellin you lol ... low standards around here
  6. i didn’t have my doubts i just knw we have games where nothing works like @ KC but i always felt andrew had more to do w that than ppl would give him credit for
  7. well stop. y’all acting like doing your job is to be praised. I expect my kicker to make kicks. irrational would be letting a guy kick fgs that couldn’t lol
  8. lol soft how is facts condescending He’s a kicker lol if he’s not making kicks he’s not doing his job
  9. mid he was doing his job we wouldn’t be talking about him he’s been playing like crap he had better made everything
  10. credit for doing what you’re supposed to do ???
  11. what makes y’all think we’re this juggernaut offense we scored 19 points last week.
  12. MFT5

    Campbell TD

    it was a slant lol ‘show everything’
  13. w/e yu the type that just likes to be difficult yu could read it
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