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  1. yea i agree it's a big difference. ppl see big and assume all are made equal
  2. i never said weight equals better. were speaking en the realm of comparison so in order to mirror the reflection he would need to gain weight. idc if he's 240 or 210, just do your job not quite but i see what yu mean
  3. so the only comparison is that they're big WRs but Evans is still just a overall BIGGER human. if Pittman can gain those 10lbs w out sacrificing speed, we'll talk
  4. 1 inch and 10lbs. what's arm length ??
  5. CFB - Most Rushing Attempts (Career) Notable names to have successful NFL careers w more carries than Jonathan Taylor (926) 1. Tony Dorsett (1163) 2. Hershel Walker (994) 3. Deangelo Willams (969) 4. Thurman Thomas (956) 5. Ladainian Tomlinson (943) 6. Michael Turner (940) 7. Marcus Allen (932) * This isn't declaring Taylor will reach the level of success any of these RBs achieved, only meant to highlight that wear & tear is to be viewed on a case by case basis. To simply have cast off Taylor as a broken commodity is a lazy & short sided perspective.
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