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  1. it’s just football lol calm down
  2. MFT5

    Guards drafted

    @HectorRoberts @crazycolt1 y’all hide behind passive aggressiveness. Playing the victim is tiresome. i see y’all throwing rocks & hiding your hands. dnt get mad when yu get exposed for it. yu express yourself “nicely” w these entitled overtones like your presence & opinion is gospel. i’m gonna type how i like (grammar police) & you’re just gonna have to be mad bc that’s the game i’ll equipped ppl play. im clearly knowledge of all things colts and mostly likely some things you’ll never comprehend. Yu can’t bully me w those tactics & i will take up for whoever yu try to combat w that mess. @Ne-Ca-Higher Show your hypocrisy again, it’s ignorant and misguided. Worrying about yourself is a beautiful sacrifice
  3. MFT5

    Guards drafted

    boy bye lol talking about grammar ... i dnt gotta explain anything to yu but what i will do ask yu to tend to the business that applies to yu. yu love me too much
  4. MFT5

    Guards drafted

    nah yu just lack common sense
  5. MFT5

    Guards drafted

    rhetoric ... yu just dnt like getting checked on your passive aggressive nonsense. lol
  6. MFT5

    Guards drafted

    delusional? you are loathsome
  7. MFT5

    Guards drafted

    so you can disguise misguided anger once again.
  8. MFT5

    Guards drafted

    maybe you could be informed ??
  9. MFT5

    Guards drafted

    he just used long snapper as an over exaggerated stance on positional value
  10. MFT5

    The dreaded screen pass

    that was a lie.
  11. MFT5

    Tomasi Laulile - DT (BYU) 2018 UDFA

    ... this is from a year ago name sounds like a star
  12. MFT5

    The big Nelson gamble

    this is outrageously dumb
  13. MFT5

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    kiss of death
  14. jewell is slow he was never coming here