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  1. Scheme ... we dont ask any of out defenders to do much of anything but be there to make a tackle smh
  2. i remember i said go for it from here on out after week 4 ...
  3. MFT5

    Next Ed Reed

    we don’t play an aggressive enough defense to emphasize the safety position. More often than not he’s required to be en a deep half. that is his responsibility. by nature his targets will be dwn and plsymaking limited. If anything is impacting Malik the most it’s our scheme
  4. thats why i’m taking him he’s perfect for our situation. Personally i’ll take him w our mid 1st but that’s me if we can get him w the Redskins 2nd even better. He might be the most talented QB en the draft and w Brissett under contract for a year i dnt see the downside en letting our nxt QB learn behind the scenes. Jordan Love almost makes too much sense.
  5. less stress on the team get straight to the nxt series.
  6. i dnt think you understand nothing might be an upgrade
  7. We’ve played like shxt offense & defense
  8. the term offense indicates that yu dictate so i would hope that is the goal for anyone running the offense. there’s nothing genius about what happened sunday. Andy Reid, Mcdaniels and to a lesser extent Kyle Shanahan are the models for offense
  9. have y’all watched the patriots offense ?? lol . Like him or not Josh Mcdaniels is a top 5 offensive mind of all time.
  10. if he makes ONE fg or XP against the chargers we’re 3-0 lol. his job is to kick fgs. He gets paid well enough to understand this backlash
  11. im tellin you lol ... low standards around here
  12. i didn’t have my doubts i just knw we have games where nothing works like @ KC but i always felt andrew had more to do w that than ppl would give him credit for
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