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  1. MFT5

    Hooker OUT

    this ain’t that big a deal this coaching staff knw what they doing
  2. MFT5


    Energy is neither created nor destroyed
  3. MFT5

    We’re not suppose to

    the regular season is over. Every team is guaranteed 16 games. the cream is rising now
  4. MFT5

    We’re not suppose to

    false the regular season is over. We’re 1-0 they’re 0-0. perspectives
  5. MFT5

    We’re not suppose to

    i knw the english language is limited but that doesn’t mean it still has to be abandoned. “literally” there’s no way a train can run into the locker room “figuratively” yes literally “no”
  6. MFT5

    We’re not suppose to

    how could a train “literally” be in the colts locker room
  7. MFT5

    My keys to beating the Chiefs

    im saying it’s alarming from the chiefs perspective. the raiders really had whatever they wanted against the chiefs.
  8. MFT5

    My keys to beating the Chiefs

    we play a zone based scheme meaning we concede certain parts of the field also as a bi product ... “I knw what i’m giving you, it’s just a matter of when i decide to deviate. What are you gonna do about it” Truthfully believe we’ll control the tempo en this game due to the chiefs defensive woes. That Wk17 raiders game is alarming
  9. MFT5

    I would take the ball first and not defer

    ALWAYS DEFER ... 1st half is feeling out each other and en the process any lead can be doubled or TOP won at this change. Having the lead at this spot only magnifies these occurrences. Imagine having a known gameplan that worked or doesn’t work against that opponent. (welcome to the 2nd half)
  10. MFT5

    Would you trade for Antonio Brown?

    mack is 16th why lie
  11. MFT5

    Nelson vs Leonard

    why the need. we have both.
  12. MFT5

    MMQB NFL Awards

    hope leonard doesn’t win it. He’s the type to carry that for awhile. Scary 12+ years ahead
  13. MFT5

    Colts @ Titans Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    that was a good thing for him and the team
  14. MFT5

    Props to that Colts Defense

    im smart enough to see you’re veiled allegiances. I can see the coaching has improved immensely lol
  15. MFT5

    Props to that Colts Defense

    lol he’s not coming back get over it