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  1. Aaron Hernandez Clone like it or not
  2. yu knw okereke took over for walker right
  3. ppl wanna be sooo smart but are competing with common sense lol
  4. im not telling anyone to listen to me i'm stating my opinion and he/she chimed in, see the difference
  5. Experts, ok well just so yu knw the roster the experts told yu was good also gave up 30+ points 8 times and 48 & 43 points last season. i just gave yu one metric as to why they suck. there's many more, but i wouldn't expect someone that doesn't use their own opinion to have a brain. yu value ppl en suits too much. information is free i guess losing 11/16 games wasn't enough for yu to comprehend lol
  6. Exactly what yu read, watch a game. They had 8 games where they didn't score atleast 17 points. Look at the roster, stop listening to what ppl tell you. Outside of a middle of the pack Wr core& Justin Simmons the broncos are a college team
  7. i just stated idc who's coaching over there doesn't matter, THE BROCOS AS A WHOLE SUCK, stop me even i lied. i no vic is over hints the acknowledgement of coaching. did yu confuse me w someone who cared about your approval?? you have been better than this
  8. idk how he thinks fuller to broncos makes sense. idc who's coaching over there. THEY SUCK AND HAVE THE WORST ROSTER EN THE LEAGUE
  9. i like this but i think i'd take Jonnu Smith over Trey H
  10. if yu were the gm you wouldn't understand the difference between signing & trading. yu wouldn't make us any better
  11. get off the internet it's clearly a unhealthy balance for you
  12. none of this was necessary. didn't read any of this novel. most won't, sorry
  13. expert lol ... it's all educated guesses, they just have hands on resources to pull from. They get paid bc they put en work to build the resume to be en the position to stand en the fire. That's it, an accomplishment en itself but still the results are all strategy based guesses. A lot of your "experts" get fired every year.
  14. thinking for yourself is ok. it's entertainment at the end of the day. it's also a skill you should develop.
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