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  1. He’ll play both Inside and outside at end. He’s a very versatile guy.
  2. We have Cain, I don’t think Inman is a need.
  3. Yea it’s rookie mistakes , they had pretty tight coverage overall.
  4. Rock never turned his head to locate the ball. Which is why he got called. But truthfully there were a ton of calls that shouldn’t have been called.
  5. It’s hard to say, we haven’t seen the entire offensive line in action.
  6. He is injured, they’ve mentioned it several times.
  7. I think luck may possibly miss a game or two, with him gone I think JB lights it up. When Luck returns I think JB gets traded. That’s what I personally think is going to happen. He’s in a contract year and wants to start I don’t think he returns in the off-season he’d likely want to test out FA, might as well get some value for him.
  8. If you don’t mind me asking, why do you think Fountain has more pure athletic ability? From my research the only thing he beat Cain in was Vert which grades out to being more explosive I guess. I’m just not sold he’s more athletic I could be wrong though.
  9. It's not likely given his track record and familiarity with the defense. If Geathers or Hooker went down I’m sure the FO would feel much more comfortable with Farley in the lineup.
  10. I don’t Believe Fountain is the better Athlete imo, he’s only really started to have a great camp as of the last week and a half. Cain is on a pitch count so you won’t hear his name as much but when he gets his reps he makes noise. They are higher on Cain than Fountain if you ask me.
  11. Odin will not be cut , Kindred is gone before him . Hooker, Farley, Geathers, Odum and Willis will all be on the roster.
  12. As I mention on my last post those are your word not mines, I never said that He was the Future starting TE, Jack isn’t even the starter. He shares that role with Ebron and truthfully Ebron was FAR more effective than Doyle was so I’d go as far as stating he’s the starter over him even though they both clearly “start”. I said that I could see Hentges replacing Doyle. Hentges has been touted as a Doyle clone. He could have the same career trajectory. I’m not understanding why you’re putting words in my mouth that I did not say.
  13. I said he’s a Jack Doyle clone and I can see him eventually replacing Jack. Jack is not listed as the “starter” he shares snaps with Ebron situationally since we run a two TE well really a multiple TE system. He’s also dealt with a TON of injuries these past few seasons. I never said Hentges would be the “future starter” those are your words not mine. Do I think Hentges can develop? Absolutely. Jack Doyle didn’t really light up the NFL immediately he had developed over about 4-5 years and then he broke out. I don’t see why Hentges can’t have that same career development.
  14. Is this Walkers contract year?
  15. I wouldn’t mind HH being stashed on the PS he seems to be a Jack Doyle clone I can see him replacing Jack eventually.
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