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  1. Trade a 1st for Wentz ? Are you mad? The Eagles at this point will take whatever they can for Wentz to unload his cap. Why would we deal a first?
  2. He’s just not that great in pass coverage, and I think Okereke has more range. He’s a great run stopper but that’s only for two down.
  3. I think Rivers chose his own fate. He accepted that high school coaching job if I remember correctly. I think he’s done in the NFL.
  4. he made some VERY questionable play calls . The 4th down attempt when we had guaranteed 3 points. The challenge that caused us to lose a timeout. I get that the analytics say one thing but sometimes you have to use your commen sense. Had Reich had chose to kick the FG we would’ve went up 13-7. Ultimately we lost by three so that decision cost us in hindsight.
  5. I think there Is a possibility he’ll be back on a 1 year deal but his future here is very dim.
  6. He had an impeccable career given being drafted in the 6th round.
  7. Will be sad to see him go , but good luck to him.
  8. Thats interesting , because watching him 1 v 1 Defensive lineman seem to get the better of him. I’ve seen him get pummeled on many occasions this season.
  9. Uhm are you forgetting we have Big Mo on the squad? I would argue that our biggest offensive need would be RG right now.
  10. well read this article published on stampede blue back in November. Apparently his practice performance has been poor. https://www.stampedeblue.com/platform/amp/2020/11/17/21571968/colts-de-ben-banogu-has-been-inactive-for-consecutive-gamedays-because-of-practice-performance
  11. You also have to take into consideration that they are also using analytics to make these calls as well. I think he should have went for 3 to make it a two score game but the data may have said they could have had a high percentage of converting on that 4th down.
  12. You don’t purposely lose, especially with how well we are playing right now.
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