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  1. they say he should be ready to go around mid August
  2. NFL.com has reported that Eric Fisher is visiting the Colts. We may have found our Missing piece. It makes sense that they waited until after the draft, to see how the cards fell before bringing him in for a visit. Also FYI Malik Hooker is on a visit to the Dolphins.
  3. There was a run on tackles before our selection, but not did I not see this pick coming, wth????
  4. There are literally potential starters still available at LT as a day 2 pick. I think people forget how deep this draft is at Tackle we will get our LT round 2 you can count on it.
  5. That conditional 1st remains a second lol
  6. Glad he’s coming back, Muhammad was very Solid in his rotation in the lineup also very good against the run. I truly hope they are working towards bringing Hooker back, I know he’s had a history with Injury but the talent to be a difference maker is there.
  7. I believe he will be coming back, I had tweeted him on Twitter saying “I hope we plan on re-signing you” . After he posted some happy face emojis. He liked the tweet. I do know that the cowboys planned on signing another safety but Malik did say his meeting with them went well. I personally like the idea of Malik at FS and Julian at SS instead of Khari. Don’t get me wrong I like Khari but those two have much more range and I think Kharis strengths are better suited as a nickel linebacker on passing downs.
  8. Yes they are the top needs pre draft. We don’t know who will be resigned and or picked up in free agency. A lot can change between now and then.
  9. Yea Free Agency hasn’t ended so how do you figure that?
  10. You can almost bet that he will pick up a CB early in the draft.
  11. That list is very limited Imo. Outside of Arnold who I don’t believe will end up leaving Arizona, Name me a play making or move TE who plays half as well as Johnu or Hunter? There aren’t many!
  12. In the Market, the draft is not the “market” both Johnu and Hunter have big play capability. Outside of them I’m not sure what other impact TE’s are available.
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