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  1. I’ll take his teammate Brown instead. IMO he is more of a polished WR all around than Metcalf is and the injury on DK is scary.
  2. Matthias Farley, Marcus Johnson, Chester Rogers all sign their respective tenders to return for the 2019 season.
  3. He was bought in to compete. He’ll be a decent backup.
  4. I think this forum would erupt in flames if we drafted a TE with our first round pick
  5. Agreed injuries always hindered him. The argument against him by broncos fans were if you couldn’t win opposite of Von Miller than you’re no good. But he rarely was ever 100% healthy.
  6. I don’t think Sheard will be cut , his ability to play the run and set the edge makes him an absolute commodity here.
  7. I like the move if he can stay healthy (injuries were always his Achilles heel). I think he has the ability to come in and be added to the rotation as a pass rusher he has the tools.
  8. Shane Ray is a former First round pick that never really planned out in Denver. And when they added Chubb that pretty much killed his chances of remaining with the team.
  9. I like the route we went, we get to keep the pick and utilize it to sure up other positions.
  10. I want to say that will be situational moving forward. Eberflus had to get creative to generate QB pressure. I’d like to see Kenny in coverage his instincts are outrageous. I will agree with you his ability to blitz was a pleasant surprise.
  11. I am really getting on board with taking an Interior Defensive lineman with one of our first two picks.
  12. With the Signing of Justin Houston we bring in a guy who is known for getting after the QB. In 12 games he amassed 9 sacks while dealing with a nagging Injury. If healthy he should be good for a double digit sack season here in Indy, but the biggest benefit that our defensive line receives with the addition of Houston is attention. Houston is a guy you HAVE to gameplan for and double team otherwise he will wreak havoc and harass the QB. With that being said this opens up our other pass rushers opposite of Houston to win 1 on 1 matchups. Let’s take a look at our sack production from our front 4. Jabaal Sheard - 5.5 sacks Denico Autry - 9 sacks Margus Hunt - 5 sacks Kemoko Turay - 4 sacks Tyquan Lewis - 2 sacks Jihad Ward - 3 sacks With the additional attention Justin Houston commands I strongly believe this will increase our other Pass Rushers sack count by 2-3 sacks if not more. Our pass rush will be significantly better next season and I can’t wait to see us destroy QB’s.
  13. With CB wanting to go younger , I don’t suspect that he wont be back. I think there is a strong chance that an interior guy falls to us in the First round. Which is why the Justin Houston signing makes more sense, all of the top edge pass rushers are more than likely off of the board by the time we pick.
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