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  1. This is just absolutely disgusting, has anyone noticed that The Colts seem to draft injury prone guys?
  2. Sorry your point wasn’t extremely clear. Sounds like you were speaking as if you thought they were good enough to be a number 1. But I get what you mean now.
  3. Really good is a stretch, serviceable backups is what they are imo. Tampa Bays secondary is not the greatest if we are being honest here.
  4. I don’t think it’s a coaches thing to be honest. You have to remember that these are professional athletes who want to be in the game at all costs. Most of the times the coaches will ask a player how bad the injury is and if they feel they can go or not. More often than not those players will downplay the injury and try to fight through the pain for the team, It’s not always on the coaches.
  5. It’s not strange, they have been saying that he’s been dealing with an injury for some time now. It could be a cop out it could be legitimate but we will never know.
  6. Cain May not be as good as we all hoped but he still knows the playbook and the system and that’s better than picking up a guy off the street that has to learn this system.
  7. I don’t think that NO will let Bridgewater go unless he really wants to. I think Brees is on the Tail end of his career and he is their future.
  8. When would we acquire him? It’s past the trade deadline and I believe he is still under contract for Jax after this season.
  9. It certainly is a blow. We are literally out of WR, and Pittsburgh stil has Cain.
  10. That still leads us to question , Why isn't he dressing? There is something more here with Wilson that we don’t know thats going on behind the scenes.
  11. They have literally said anyone in the linebacker core is capable of playing all LB positions. There are also DE we could let go like Muhammad. Once again the move wouldn’t make since if he was caught to bring someone up.
  12. Mathew Adams, Ej Speed. There are plenty of other players you could put on the PS instead of cutting. Especially if you’re bringing someone up. The move doesn’t make since if they are just cutting him. There is definitely something else going on.
  13. In my opinion he is well deserving, he had been playing really well when he is called upon.
  14. from Ebrons post he said he’s been dealing with the injury before the season started. There is some discrepancy with the information that is currently being shared, it’s sorta all over the place.
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