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  1. The defense will be ok without Leonard but the O Line without Castanzo is kinda scary, I’m worried for Rivers.
  2. He started in Arizona for a year and also started 2 out of the 3 years he was with Baltimore. So what’s the excuse now?
  3. You can’t argue numbers he’s consistently put up sold numbers over a tenured career. Emphasis on Consistent!
  4. I urge you to compare both their careers , Jefferson has been in this league 7 years to HaHa’s 6 and HaHa has more career tackles and interceptions than Jefferson. 4 interceptions for Tony 16 for HaHa. He is most definitely the better Safety.
  5. The Tony Jefferson signing is a bit odd, especially seeing that HaHa Clinton-Dix is still available.
  6. Daurice looked good as well I expect him to step up.
  7. He might be brought back on a one year prove it deal unless he decides to test FA.
  8. Dulin has no where near the speed of Campbell. Pittman and Pascal will step up in his place. With a sprinkle of fountain in the mix.
  9. Im sure Taylor and Hines will lead the way with a sprinkle of Wilkins.
  10. I think they carry 6 given the injury history these past few seasons. -Hilton -Campbell -Pittman -Pascal -Fountain -Patmon
  11. To be fair he wasn’t drafted as a RT his natural position coming out of college was at Guard, he happened to transition well into the Tackle position primarily based on need. He’s a young player he’s going to have his bumps and bruises especially against a savvy vet, but please believe that Smith is a very good Lineman and we are lucky to have him.
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