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  1. There is no possible way you think the WR group is fine , TY is the only proven receiver on this team. After that there are a bunch of question marks. TY is In his 30s and next year is his final year of his contract. It’s time to start thinking of life without TY. I fully expect one of the first two picks to be a WR no way they are drafting a RB that high when there is no need for one.
  2. IMO in order 1. WR 2. CB 3. OT 4. Edge Rusher 5. QB
  3. There are incentives that aren’t being accounted for
  4. He is not the answer , strong pass.
  5. I don’t think those are official or legitimate I think those are things they think are going to happen.
  6. What Depth do we have at WR? Am I missing something here .
  7. He made great improvements as a rookie who was thrown in the fire very early, Yes I will agree with you on that one. But he still had his moments where he looked like a rookie. My personal opinion I don’t think he’s yet ready to start day 1 and cover the Julio Jones, Kennan Allen & Mike Evans of the NFL every week. So imo Xavier Rhodes will have that duty , but as you said we won’t find out until after training camp.
  8. I think Xavier gets the nod at starting CB 1 he has more experience covering and shutting down the opposing teams number 1 WR. Rock on the other hand he’s going into year 2 , I don’t think he has the technique yet to match up against and shutdown the number 1 receiver.
  9. I would take Carrie outside rather than Wilson. Carrie is capable of playing both inside and out , Wilson on the other hand he hasn’t really shown he can successfully and consistently play inside or outside. He’s in his final contract year and he’s looking to be the odd man out.
  10. That’s a trait that CB looks for he likes DBs that stick there nose in and get dirty. Part of the reason he didn’t go after Greedy, he she’s away from contact. Rock is a physical corner and willing tackler.
  11. Solid depth addition , Quincy Wilson should be put on notice.
  12. Is this a joke? Lol Gates is as washed as they come. He can barely run anymore, strong pass. I’d take Walker over him.
  13. Quite possibly, but that would be considered more of a project don’t you think?
  14. I don’t think TE has much more priority than CB. If you look who we have depth wise at that position after Rock , Rhodes , and Moore it’s a significant drop off. Tell and Wilson are the remaining depth we have. And with this being Wilson’s contract year I unless he breaks out I don’t see him returning. There will be some quality CBs available round two I don’t think they’ll pass up on that quality of talent for a TE. Especially when some of the Top 5 graded TEs are expected to possibly slide to the 3rd round.
  15. I don’t think it’s safe to assume that Houston will be giving up 99. He is a Vet and unless he wants to willingly give up that number then he’ll keep it or Buckner can opt to pay Houston for the number at an agreed upon price.
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