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  1. If you ask me Fountain is the WR no one is talking about. Guy lit it up during camp last season. If he can return to that same form our WR Corp will be very Deep.
  2. Well that solidify Rogers and Carrie spot on the 53 man roster.
  3. When did Luck have a better line? Lol him not having an O-Line is part of the reason he was often injured and ultimately retired.
  4. I don’t think we understand how special this kid can be. Everytime I put in his tape I get more and more excited.
  5. I would have to say Brisett, they doubled down on the QB position twice. Once in FA and then again in the draft.
  6. I still don’t see that trade happening, Willis has played well enough that they didn’t bring back Geathers. I mean Adams would be an immediate upgrade but I just don’t see the Front Office wanting to lock him in to such a expensive contract that he will want. Especially with our own current guys needing to get paid.
  7. If they hadn’t drafted Blackmon then maybe , but it would cost more than Hooker and a third to get Adams.
  8. I think we ALL know that Jack isn’t a stretch TE he’s a reliable get his hands dirty TE. They brought Burton in to fill the void of Ebron.
  9. Pittmans Combine results make him look a tad bit more explosive.
  10. I love the guy but his health has been a problem and I think he doesn’t really fit the cover 2 scheme. He’s more of a single high safety that’s where he plays his best. I think he’s a FA after this year unless he has an impeccable year.
  11. Colts decline Hookers fifth year option.
  12. Since the captains are voted by the players I think Leonard, Hilton, Rivers, Houston, Castonzo
  13. We have our answer as to what position he will play, if you watched the last episode of with the Next pick. Ballard clearly started that “Blackmon is a starting FS in the NFL”
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