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  1. An addition is most definitely coming you can bet on that. That would be the only logical reason to restructure the contract as we had no cap to make a significant Acquisition.
  2. Kazee was just arrested on suspicion of DUI so Hooker will likely be thrusted into the starting lineup.
  3. Eason was claimed by the Seahawks, therefore he will not be stashed on the PS. I wish him the best, waste of a pick in hindsight.
  4. Rod was place on IR so unless Sanchez is kicking I would assume that we have signed a kicker.
  5. I think Dallas is still on the Covid list they’ll need Ertz.
  6. The game is over they lost, there is nothing to come back from. On to the next one …
  7. What happened to the kid we had during the preseason? He was pretty good if I remember correctly he didn’t miss not one kick all preseason.
  8. You don’t let a Guard like Nelson walk , he’s one of the best Guards in the NFL. We seen what a poor line did to Andrew Luck let’s not repeat that. Pay the man whatever he wants to end his career here in Indy.
  9. Why would he be cut? I just don’t see the likelihood of him being traded or cut. He hasn’t done anything noteworthy to become a trade candidate. He hasn’t done anything terrible to warrant being cut. Still also has two years left on his rookie deal.
  10. Trade him to whom and for what? He hasn’t really done anything to even warrant a trade. I don’t think this is even a thought for the front office.
  11. you don’t pay Hines the money you gave him and try to keep Mack. Marlon wants to play. His contribution has been very minimal and as much as he is a team player I’m sure that is bothering him.
  12. The issue isn’t QB play it’s literally the offensive line. Rivers behind this current Oline would be a terrible idea. Atleast with Wentz we have some form of mobility so he can extend plays / avoid pressure. Rivers is literally a statue, he’d get destroyed.
  13. Looks like they want to get some bigger bodies up front to limit Henry from Running all over the defense.
  14. He’s a vet presence, that’s all I can really say.
  15. Cant worry over something we have zero control over. Just gotta hope that the coaching staff and players execute. We have a pretty tough schedule that won’t help their efforts.
  16. I say Lewis , with his ability to play inside and outside he’s more versatile and he’s a better edge setter IMO. Dayo makes Turay expendable.
  17. always liked Keke Coutee he’s killed us In a few games , his bigges knock has always been his ability to stay healthy.
  18. Kenny Moore is one of the best slot CBs in the NFL. His grade is a bit disrespectful!
  19. Interesting, he had a decent camp.
  20. He has a cannon, he needs to learn when to take some zip off the balls. You don’t have to throw everything 100 mph. If he really focuses on his decision making and ability to read defenses pre snap he has a chance to be a quality starter in the NFL.
  21. Likely will only happen if either gets traded which could possibly happen. Ravens just lost Dobbins for the year.
  22. You’re trolling right? Lol I surely hope you are.
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