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  1. The San Antonio Spurs and Wembanyama have entered the chat………🤞🫤🤞
  2. That was horrible in so many ways. Edey couldn’t do it all by himself, guard play just flat out sucked. UConn was relentless, Purdue couldn’t hang. Hats off to UConn….Proud of my Boilers to make it this far, complete turnaround from last year, just ran out of gas. My God this UConn coach is an obnoxious tool.
  3. I really hope the Boilers come out firing on all cylinders, Huskies are relentless. If Edey/Kauffman aren’t can play thier game, and Smith/Loyer/Jones do their thing, with a little bit of Gillis sprinkled in, they can win. LETS F’N GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  4. It’s all good Bro, may the best team win, they both earned the final and it is going to be a battle!!!! That being said, them Huskies getting put on a leash!!!!!!! lol
  5. BOILER UP!!!!!! Bring on either team, win/lose it’s gonna be a fight!
  7. Rest In Peace Vontae. I wish this was just a stupid joke, so young.
  8. Woah Dakich let them have it!!! He’s not wrong though. It’s all about culture. When Bobby Knight was there(RIP) they had a certain culture and everyone knew they were in for a battle against the Hoosiers. Purdue has the upmost respect for all the former greats and has several of them as assistant coaches. Hummel has become a premier announcer and holds no punches against his alma matter when they are messing up. Watching him get emotional yesterday with Coach Painter really tugged at the heartstrings. Oh and Edey giving Coach Keady a piece of the net, PRICELESS!!!! I will admit that I was ready to put some distance between myself and the team if they had a first round exit again this year and focus on a Texas team since that’s where I live now. I know it wouldn’t have lasted, I’m a Boiler fan for life, been through many heartbreaks yet I’m still here for them. An NCAA championship would be the cherry on top, then I could say I saw my Colts, Cubs, and Boilers win it all at least once in my lifetime!!! I also have a-lot of connections to Purdue having a daughter and future son in law currently enrolled there, as well as several family members and friends who went there. I also worked in West Lafayette as a Firefighter and got to know several of the players and cared/responded to many runs that involved PU students, athletes, and facilities. BOILER UP!!!!
  9. BOILER UP!!!!! On to Arizona against NC State!!!!! FINAL FOUR BABY!!!!! Win/Lose this has already been a great year for the Boilermakers!!! Super proud of this group!
  10. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Some people only watch 1-2 games and form an opinion. And if they called all of the fouls committed against Edey it would be double the FTs. The dude literally has scars on his arms from being clawed and scratched. Opposing coaches literally state that their plan is to foul Edey…pick your poison. And if Smith/Loyer/Gillis have the hot hand, be careful focusing on just Edey.
  11. I’m actually a good ways south of Arlington in San Antonio. Being an Astros fan would be more convenient but I’ve always liked the Rangers and the Astros are cheaters anyways those Bums, lol!!! Definitely different down here culturally and the weather is great, the winter coat never got unpacked! We’ve had a few cooler days down here where I’m still outside in a t shirt while all the Texans in their coats think I’ve lost my marbles, lol. Traffic’s crazy here I. The big city, have to get used to that. And I thought Indiana construction was bad, I think the Texas state flower is the orange traffic cone, haha!
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