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  1. He’s freaking hilarious, can’t wait to see the submissions!!!
  2. Life to return to normal so that there is football. Of course, more importantly, so people stop dying.
  3. Well Kraft was already flying to China for......ummmm......yeah. JK, good for them, hope the equipment gets thoroughly quarantined and disinfected if necessary, along with the plane.
  4. Sign him for 1 more successful kick when we have a comfortable lead already, then let him retire with 600? Is that possible? Just a thought. If not, sorry but the time has come.
  5. Just messin with you fellow Boilermaker fan, you’ve been going to games longer then I’ve been alive.
  6. Hmm don’t know much about him, but it’s nice to see that Ballard is still churning away To the google machine I go.....
  7. Excellent assessment. Does seem like he wasn’t as productive, game ready until his senior year really. Really is a shame him and Rondale Moore couldn’t get a good thing going last year. Once Sindelar and Moore went down early in the season, during the same freaking play, the season was doomed. I think Hopkins did his best with the position the team was put in, and both Plummer(Until he was hurt) and O’Connell did a pretty good job backing up. Really hope Moore is healthy and gets back to himself this season(if we have one), I’m guessing he’ll declare if he does.
  8. To add to this I would take a former player/analysts opinion any day over a non former player, unless he’s a completely biased meathead(Heath Evans). That’s just me.
  9. It literally says his job is analyst for ESPN. Is he a good one, probably not, probably a good backup analyst, but it’s his job. I’d say 8 years is good enough to have an informed opinion, even if I don’t agree with it sometimes.
  10. They decreased quite a bit but his junior/senior year. Maybe with the right coaching he could get even better, who knows? Definitely not sold on him but he is getting a lot of interest, a lot of people have him towards the top of their list. Might be a bargain later in the draft? Plus your probably a closet IU fan............
  11. Holy cow that is a B A looking goat!!! Looks like a polar bear with horns!!! Way tougher then mine, lol!
  12. Daniel John Orlovsky (born August 18, 1983) is a former American football quarterback who played thirteen seasons in the National Football League(NFL) and a football analyst for ESPN. Marcus Spears, you’re right, not an analyst.
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