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  1. The refs are ridiculous, he was run into, Stevie wonder could have seen that!!!!! WTH is up with these refs????? Have the Bengals been flagged for ANYTHING????
  2. A sign of life!!! Now, someone find our D so we can get back in this game!!!!
  3. We are not highly touted when Costanzo does not play, huge difference. La’Raven Clark is no Costanzo.
  4. Indianapolis Colts: After retesting, COVID-19 test are confirmed negative https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbc12.com/2020/10/16/colts-close-practice-facility-after-positive-tests-virus/%3foutputType=amp
  5. Why did Hines get the next two after Rogers took one to the house? He seems more electric returning then Hines? I don’t get it.
  6. Exactly what I was about to post. This officiating has been terrible. Not the sole reason for this loss, but c’mon man!!!
  7. What’s with the late or non existent whistles this game??? Screwed us out of a turnover earlier and it keeps happening?!
  8. After all the low scoring games they had this shortened season, I wasn’t surprised, pretty much picked up where the left of the previous season. Somethings broke.....hope they get it fixed next season. Already seeing talks of Epstein finishing his contract next season then moving on, hope he hasn’t already checked out!!!
  9. Yeah IDK wth that was all about, what a bunch of crap! The ball hit him, he didn’t purposely lean in! He HATES being hit! Then he gets plunked after the exchange? Ugh...my blood of pressures going up again, lol!
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