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  1. RIZZO WALKS IT OFF IN THE 11th!!!!! Cubs sweep the Dodgers!!!! Let’s keep the wins coming boys!!!!
  2. I did, he does same like a great guy, so cool that he made sure to thank his Mom for everything she’s done for him! Reminds me of my mom, I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am if it wasn’t for all her hard work after my dad passed away. Im nor familiar with that dish, it may be a Spanish recipe? I love that he mentions Quentin Nelson as his favorite player, that’s my guy too!!!Man I wish the Colts would have picked him up instead, he looks like a fierce competitor, I see a lot of Big Q’s style in him, he loves the pancake! lol!
  3. I swear Amir Garret on the Reds has no class, chirping at Rizzo for NO reason and causing the benches to clear. There’s a history there, but tonights little fracas was completely on Garret. Castellanos was fined and suspended for a very similar incident earlier in the season, they better get Garret too. Baez was ready to rumble too, love seeing them have each other’s back.
  4. I agree, although this vibe has been reoccurring in the last 2 seasons, it worries me.
  5. Lester with 5 shut out innings for the Nationals in his debut and Schwarber hits a walk off HR to end the game in extra innings. In other news, the Cubs lost, again. Better effort this time at least, had a chance to win at the end but blew it. AND Contreras experiencing leg tightness and pulled from game.
  6. Wow. Thanks for sharing that, what an amazing story of perseverance, and what an amazing sweetheart of a Mother! So glad his prayers are being answered l, I bet his Grandpa had a little bit to do with that as well, Great kid!
  7. Nice! I had Cubs game on TV and draft tracker on phone then switched to the draft when game ended. I debated watching the game due to the mood they have put me in the last couple of games, but I caved, what can I say, I love my Cubbies!
  8. Had to look for this thing, good win tonight, better display, hope it wasn’t due to Braves just taking the night off, lol. I’ll take it I guess!!!!
  9. I remember reading that, and remember reading that he had some shoulder issues plague him after the dodgers that caused him to not ever be the same. Still had a very accomplished career, I bet that was pretty cool.
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