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  1. Starlin Castro, although he was traded to the Marlins after a couple years.
  2. Really liking the Bote kid!
  3. Hmmm.....After reading that article, if the Mets would take Happ/Russell I’d be all in. We have replacements already on the roster, and “FUTURE” prospects. Not to mention who knows if Darvish will ever return to form, and Chatwoods been nothing to write home about.
  4. Goodnight Bro, I’ll try and stay up to watch the game!
  5. His statement was that they are our “future,” I don’t agree, I believe we have good enough guys on now to offset the loss of those 3. From what I’ve read, there are some guys in the farm that could be pretty good in the “future.” David Bote did will filling in for Bryant, he could replace La Stella, we have Contreras and Gimenez(for now), and of course Almora instead of Happ.
  6. I like all three, but none of those guys are our future, IMO, and we have some pretty good prospects in the farm as well.
  7. How about La Stella, Happ, and Caratini from the Cubs for deGrom? All somewhat solid hitters......Make it happen!!!! Although I just read the Cubs are looking for pitching help, but not necessarily an Ace
  8. I was going to say I like to watch to see who gets home field advantage for World Series, but looks like now that’s been changed back to team with better record, guess I missed that. Will love to watch Baez and Schwarber give the derby a shot, should be fun barring no injuries!!! Pretty sure ex Cub Clayton Richard will pitch against Cubs this coming series, really wish he would have stuck, but I’m partial due to knowing him and his family. Maybe he’ll take it easy on us since we gave him a World Series ring even though he was no longer on the team , right ?????
  9. Bottom of 10th, tied 4-4. *edit
  10. Game over, Cubs lose, gotta be at work in 5 hours, goodnight all!
  11. My bad they left Chisek in, good! Edit: ok not good, bases now loaded with 1 out....here comes Strop.