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  1. That would be great, or maybe even one with current players/coaches just for fun? I don’t follow other teams enough to partake , but would be a fun read for sure.
  2. This was a fun read. You guys should take it a step further and pick coaching staff, GM, and owner(I see 2006BE already picked a couple possibilities for head coach ).
  3. Both solid teams, I can see that happening. Wish it was my Cubbies, but not seeing it right now. Can’t wait for the season to start, glad the Swift Bowl has came/gone.
  4. The addition of Lance Jones has made a HUGE difference with this team! So glad they whooped those Hoosiers again! Hoping for a deeper run this season, just seems like they hit a wall ever post season, something has to give!!!! Painter needs to get over that hump!
  5. Looks like the Cubs are making some moves, signed a pretty good righty reliever today, played pretty good with the Astros….. https://www.bleedcubbieblue.com/2024/1/27/24052688/cubs-sign-hector-neris Will be a good 1/2 punch with Alzolay I hope. Also made a trade with the Dodgers for one of their top prospects, sounds like they’re hoping he’ll be the starting first baseman. Don’t know much about him other then what I see online… https://chicagocrusader.com/cubs-land-dodgers-top-three-prospect-michael-busch-via-trade/ @2006Coltsbestever what do you think brother, is Bellinger coming back? I truly hope so, game changer and he has unfinished business. Still trying to wrap my head around Counsel as Cubs new Skipper, so odd. Gives me Colts/McDaniels vibes….but it was definitely time for Ross to go. Counsel is supposed to be leagues better then Ross, guess we’ll see. Going to miss my multiple trips to Wrigley now that I’ll live further away, hoping for at least one game a season. Rangers are about 3.5 hours away, and Astros…….yeah I’m not going there unless Cubs or Rangers are playing them. @NFLfan With Spring training around the corner, is it time for a new thread? If you want to move this to new thread I am cool with it.😎
  6. Honestly had not heard about him until now, seems like a promising young coach if he was able to help Mayfield turn it around. He doesn’t look old enough to have been in the league as long as he has, crazy! Wonder what Riverboat Ron thinks of him?
  7. Actually I was laughing at you first. And then you put me on “BLAST,” lol.
  8. Great, we get to continue to read your drivel…excellent. Glad you’re a fan of him, the jury’s still out for me, great guy, his play and longevity is yet to be determined. So in your perfect world everyone on a forum would be happy with every decision the coach and GM make and everyone would just say awe shucks, we’ll get them next time? What a boring place this would be….. Again, I laughed because I already knew what he was going to say, and I also know what I saw in front of me today, it was pretty self explanatory to me and the thousands of fans I was with at the game….you know, the thousands of fans who spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars supporting this team regardless of their performance, shoot our taxes even helped fund the beautiful stadium they play in, but no, how dare we be critical about any aspect of their performance, they deserve a better fan base, you’re right.
  9. Here you go again with your nonsense, give it a break. I watched enough of his presser to see him say exactly what I thought he would say….oh ho hum, the game of football is just that way sometimes, blah blah blah, so proud of our guys, blah blah….sounded like Reich all over again. Nothing he said other than admitting that he made some terrible(and cute) calls that cost us the game would have made a difference to me. I was there, I saw it first hand, it was ridiculous. Yes we overachieved and I’m happy we did, but only for it to end like this, gross. Better luck next year. I GUARANTEE you I have been and forever will be a loyal fan of this team regardless of who is at the helm, you’ll probably eventually leave when you fall in love with another player(like you did with Luck). Then go judge that players fan base with your holier than though mindset. Good grief.
  10. And thanks for letting me do so, a lot of emotion walking out of that stadium and I was definitely chippy. I’m off the ledge now……although I still think Steichen cute plays and terrible calls along with poor play from Minshew doomed us. Keep telling myself it’s his first year and he needs more weapons, give him a break…….guess we’ll see On the bright side I can now 100% focus on moving!!!!!
  11. I have no voice, probably a good thing lol. It got pretty rowdy tonight, all for not. 😪
  12. Did you really have to respond to me with such class? C’mon put up your dukes I’m just saying that when you start to bash our fan base, some of us, take it personal I’ve been a fan of the Colts for a lot longer than you and has invested quite a bit of money and going to several games a year and time and watching them on TV so it sucks to see them lose in such a manner. It is super frustrating and the Coach is to blame for a majority of it as is Minshew he sucked tonight
  13. I am literally walking out of the stadium and a majority of the fans are in shock at how bad of a game the coach called, some would call it being a sore loser, others call it being angry/concerned fans. Fans short for fanatics.
  14. COLTS FAN, you came with Luck, and I’ll give you respect for sticking around, but you are over the top quite a bit and like to pick fights with people and constantly bash our fan base. We are allowed to be frustrated after a loss and voice our frustrations, it’s a freaking discussion forum for Gods sake!!! Since you e been a fan for so long, can you tell me who has a perfect fan base oh holier then thow? I used to get along with you and stick up for you, but sometimes it’s too much man
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