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  1. Just looks like the team is done playing, no intensity and no desire to play physical.... Just look pathetic on the field.
  2. Move q to tackle if that happens
  3. Im not sure if he has regressed or if the defensive coordinators have figured him out and he is to stubborn to "innovate and adapt" because of his old school mentallity
  4. Same for me in Goshen, and I agree it is rediculous
  5. Once again, not here my man, I watched the first quarter of the lions and Ravens game on cbs to start, then shut it off. Now it's on, so not sure when it switched,I'm guessing half time maybe. But anyhow,thank you for letting me know!
  6. Nevermind, I turned it on and it switched over to the colts from the lions game... Not sure when that happened.
  7. I try to get info from fans, not national media, or local radio. It's mostly inaccurate, but if we are as bad as they say we're in trouble, just trying to get fans perspective of what's going on? Not much of a radio person, and frustrated I can't watch a game on local channels. Not here man. For whatever reason.
  8. I figured I would ask to get some information on my states professional football team. As apparently living in Indiana doesn't seem to qualify you to be able to watch it on local channels. Haven't been able to see a game yet. But I am surprised at how disappointing they have been, as I've heard from other fans. So long story short, what is going wrong with this football team?
  9. So it wasn't going to be 4th and 8 lol
  10. I think this game was just a one off, just seemed like the coaches and the players were sleeping out their, definitely not playing up to their capability. So if your looking to blame somebody, blame the coaches for this one, players lacked prep, practice together and intensity... Much like the Packers, nobody thinks the Packers are only going to be capable to put 3 points up every Sunday, it was just a one off game for both teams opening Sunday... Nothing to worry about, I'm just glad football is back. And manit feels oh, so good.
  11. Blame for the Loss is squarely on the coaches shoulders, absolutely, horrible game plan.
  12. https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-s-top-nine-defenses-in-2021-rams-and-bucs-reign-supreme-but-broncos-have-imm Granted, it's an opinion, but I don't think it's to far off, we shall see.
  13. Yeah, I'm not getting upset, I'm just super stoked to be watching a football game on Sunday! Loving it. It's been a long off-season and looking forward to enjoying this season. Whatever happens. Eason will look much better with the entire offense you are correct. Dude can't even think before defense is in his lap.
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