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  1. To me its a little early for this article as the offseason is early in its total process, still have the draft, post draft free agency to patch some roster holes here and there. But I understand the frustrations, that being said, you have to give Ballard some credit, he is sticking to his team building Philosophy, and is continuing to under immense pressure, one thing I will say about ballard, the guy has some Cajones.
  2. Ballard could easily be a financial personality team member for Ramsey Solutions, holds on to that check book tighter than my step mother on Christmas morning.
  3. If that is the case, looks like that might set the table in order for the colts to select one of the top CB's or FS.
  4. Paye is looking like a bust when it comes to his pass rush, Run stopping he is pretty good, but man, we need him to come a long way in a short amount of time.
  5. Correct, and what was Brady's record during that time head to head? 2-0 vs mahomes? Modern NFL has changed the game a whole lot for a QB, but I also see one could have that same argument throughout NFL history, as the game evolved, I do think its a fascinating question though, who would be the best QB in nfl history if they all played in one specific era of Scheme/Rules... but they didn't, and they won't, Mahomes is Good no doubt, but potentially the greatest Ever, Nah.
  6. You mean in an era when playing QB/WR means you hardly get tackled? He is good, but i don't see him as one of the best, simply because they are playing a different game now, i think a fair question is how good would payton/Brady/Marino/Montana be in the modern NFL.
  7. Agreed, something is up, Not sure what, but I am hoping for the best for him.
  8. I don't disagree, but legette has much higher upside, better build and is an animal after the catch, plus has great hands, i don't mind brian thomas or nabors, keon coleman, etc. but whe i see legette play, he reminds me very much of DK metcalf, in build and catching ability.
  9. Xavier Legette or brock Bowers for me, both are very physical and Insane playmakers on offense.
  10. Definitely not blaming the players, they are playing their hearts out, but they are handcuffed by the scheme.
  11. If they were that legit they wouldn't have barely beat the colts with miss-shew at QB.
  12. Amen, the guy is average at best as the stats indicate and have indicated for a long time, im sick of him being here, and im sick of his scheme, if irsay is serious about another championship, get him out of the building, good defense is about 3 things that bradley doesn't do, deception, disruption and disguise.
  13. In my honest opinion, the best thing for this colts team for both the offense and the defense would be for us to keep our defense sitting on the sidelines, while our offense completes long sustained drives, this becomes of paramount importance considering we are keeping gus bradley, i want that defense riding the pine, best player to accomplish those two things while also helping out the run game, TE Brock Bowers, the kid is elite in Run blocking, as well as catching those 3rd downs that have been tough for us of late.
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