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  1. No conspiracy here bub, just fact, sorry if it hurts your feelings.
  2. It's still entertaining, that's like asking why watch a movie? You watch it for the entertainment. It's something to watch and enjoy on a Sunday afternoon, relaxing with family.
  3. I agree! .. but hard to do when it's obvious the league wants the Texans in the playoffs over us. The penalties called against us in the broncos game and now the Pittsburg game were utterly rediculous, and the penalties not called on the opposing teams were also uninspired. But I get it, it's all a game within a game, boiled down to dollars. There is a reason the NFL is sports entertainment and not competitive sports. WWE my friends. Okay, maybe not that bad, but you get the picture.
  4. The only three teams I know that gave them trouble played the that tight press style of defense when they played the patriots, the jags, the broncos and the Seahawks. So I think if you stand a chance play that style of defense against them. How teams don't get that concept, I'll never figure out. Not man to man, but press, man to man.
  5. Just once I wish a coach playing against the Pat's would put in all his third stringers on defense for the patriots first drive. And told them to do everything they could to the offensive players of the patriots, just start a brawl, something that says, I'm not scared of you! ... What can I say? It's a fantasy of mine Because every team that plays them looks so intimidated, punch em in the mouth and get some of that fire back for crying out loud.
  6. might want to put it down for the night brother!
  7. I mean he is the coach, maybe he knows something we don't? Over pursuit is also a form of lack of effort. Do your job,and responsibility on the play, that's what this defense is about. Trusting your teammates, and what I see out there right now, is they don't trust there teammates so they over pursue trying to make a play. Most likely is due to having 3 or 4 rookies out there on D.
  8. I'm not sure it's any one particular issue, look at the rams, they have Aaron Donald on that line and their defense has been struggling. I think it's more of an effort problem, the D line just doesn't look explosive as it did, I'm not sure if it's because turay isn't playing as much snaps as he was or not. But he was pretty good when he was rushing the passer.
  9. I watched Kelly in college, if he can keep his head in the right spot, this Guy can ball, he was amazing, and not just against poor competition. Absolutely fantastic arm talent and one heck of an athlete.
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