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  1. Would've been cool to see, it's a shame to see yet another colts player who's seasons got derailed by injury, hooker just can't hold up to the physicality of the game it seems... Such a shame to, because as you mentioned, hooker and blackman, could've batman and robin.
  2. Yeah I'm not sure what all the hate on ya sin was about? Maybe all that Ref targeting nonsense PI he had, sure he was a little grabby, but what CB isn't?
  3. TY was special with Andrew Luck, they knew what the other was thinking. But without Andrew luck he is average imo and It hurts to say that. as much as I loved watching him play with Luck, and light the league on fire, he is done in indianapolis.
  4. I'm hopeful they can get wentz back to the fundamentals, and I hope he can be the next great colts quarterback, but when I watched him last year, he reminded me of the fall from grace that RG3 had after his litany of injuries... I hope he can get better, and I'm confident that Reich knows what he's doing.
  5. This guy forgot about the year of curtis painter.
  6. Did you see me flinch haha, let's pull that trigger!! Start eason behind that online and draft a stud WR, Superbowl bound baby! Haha
  7. Man, it would be so sweet! I wonder what kind of package they would want, I would atleast be inquiring!
  8. Mahomes is an excellent quarterback, but what makes him so great is that offense, my goodness. Andy rieds scheme, hardman, Hill, kelce, their offensive line, helaire, Bell.... That team is stacked. And the aggressive nature of their defense, it's no wonder that they have success... It will be interesting to me to see how many of those playmakers they can afford to keep down the line.
  9. I agree! Smoke screens and manipulation are the name of the game in the off-season!
  10. I honestly feel like eason is the leagues best kept secret, and ballard is keeping it close to his chest... He is prepared, he has had this entire season to prepare because he had to know phillip was not the answer, I think he loves what he has in eason, and I think He, Frank and Jim seem extremely calm, relaxed and confident for a few guys who's roster is supposedly in complete peril without a star at QB.. I think rivers was just a stop gap to get eason up to speed. And I think eason is making the strides necessary to give them faith and confidence in not only his natural arm talent but his
  11. Agreed, but man would I try, I would give them the house in draft capital, put the best trade I could muster on the table and see what they thought of it, most likely they would say go kick rocks, but hey, at least we tried.
  12. Now that our inside man is with the eagles, he will low key trade hurts to us for a 4th round pick..... Ballard is way ahead of the game, planting sleeper coaches all around the league, my man ballard knows how to build a roster.
  13. It's a game my friend, just enjoy it for what it is, no need for it to put you out of peace... Mistakes happen in life, hindsight is always 20/20, so it's easy for us to say. Not so easy in the moment when everyone's in your ear giving you their opinion.
  14. What a fall from grace for the houston texans, I almost can't believe the amount of careless mismanagement... It really is, insane.
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