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  1. Oh here we go, people just need to let this go, enjoy the season with who we got and forget about the rest.
  2. I've only seen a few people that think brissett should start, most people who want a qb change want to see what eason's got, and I'll be honest, the QB play from rivers is not much, if different at all from what brissett was doing last year.
  3. It's not about this one loss, i was one of the few that were against getting rivers in the off-season. Even in our victories rivers was just bad, he is looking old and tired. He is playing worse than I thought he would, and I didn't even want him in Indy, nice guy, but right now,just not the QB we need leading the colts.
  4. correct me if I'm wrong but if we did run some kind of spread offense like Kansas City or some college style offense, then wouldn't that prevent them from loading the box because technically passing would be a threat most downs?
  5. Aside from 4th down play calling, riechs overall game plan has been, let's just say less than inspiring.
  6. Our run game was working fine yesterday, but when it's working we stop running it and put it into rivers hands.... I had a few browns fans ask me, that taylor is a beast, why doesn't he get more carries? .... I said plainly "I don't know".
  7. What do all you rivers defenders have for me this week? No more excuses, he needs to be benched...
  8. It's nice that voicing an opposing opinion is considered trolling, why can't we all be friends?
  9. If efficient you mean barely able to throw a football accurately than he's your man.
  10. Don't bother brother, too many blind rivers followers here. Not worth the effort to type.
  11. Big difference being beat by New Orleans than the toothless minshew lead jags.. besides, Brady is bringing them back, only 7 down now.
  12. The running game didn't evaporate, we just stopped running, the screens were eating them up, we stopped, we were running well, and we stopped. Why do we stop doing whats working?
  13. Rivers looks like a rookie out there. Lots of yards, but critical mistakes in critical situations.... Our DC, needs to switch the scheme, our defense does not know how to play zone, never has, never will.
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