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  1. Yeah he just has has that natural bend, strength and burst of the edge. Wonder what round he will go in. Hmm, never heard of him, I'll check him out.
  2. I see hurts going to the pats, he would be great in their system.
  3. That's my guess, but we'll see how it shakes out. I wouldn't mind us kicking the tires on a Cam Newton trade.
  4. Is this upcoming draft the deepest you guys have seen a draft be with wide recievers, I mean the amount of talent at that position coming out this year is insane. Granted I was born in 93 so I haven't seen many drafts before that haha, but this draft looks like it could very well shake out to be one of the best. Thoughts?
  5. Ok walker finally is running an offense that suits him, we didn't, we just played vanilla offense because is was the preseason. I think he would be a decent pro player in the right system, But scheme would be key!
  6. How I feel if Phillip rivers or Tom Brady play for the shoe!
  7. Sign teddy Bridgewater, I believe he is the best QB option for the colts as it stands right now, still on the younger side, plays Good ball and fits in our system. Get a blue chip WR, O-lineman or D-lineman early in the draft, players to watch juedy, lamb and kinlaw. Address the CB in the second round along with getting an explosive TE, Doyle is good, but getting older and not a huge threat that a defense has to account for. Bridgewater would have a young fiesty defense, an explosive TE, WR combo with either Jefferson, Lamb or Juedy plus TY Hilton...get Pascal working the slot, release Hoyer and keep brissett as your backup, I think that would be a good off-season for the colts in my eyes, what are your thoughts.
  8. Don't disagree at all, I would love to have kinlaw, the guy is a beast in the center of the line.
  9. Any list of the top receivers in this draft that doesn't mention Brian Edwards from SC is a joke.
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