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  1. Its rarely been called in past, and I think they are doing it more to try to even out some of the new help the offense is getting give defense a better chance to not jump on a cheap move
  2. It has always been the rule, not unnatural movement, if they clap in a flow it is fine. If they specifically change to clap its a false start. They can use their voice to draw offside but still cant jerk their head. It is same way a WR cant move on the line in a jerky fashion
  3. The one time I did BBQ Bash it was incredibly busy. I would say find your seat early and make sure at least some stays there.
  4. I would love that position! No fear of getting injured, get publicity of being a player, its even better than Punter and Kicker, and you know thats hard for me to say
  5. I would say this Unitas is only 67 and later so it was the end of his career which kinda knocks him down by not his best years
  6. Ya when his dad died in '97 he became the youngest owner in the NFL (History maybe) at age 37. He's the only colts owner I have known in my life
  7. I was just thinking about this recently too, and came to the same 5. TY is always a good bet to make it. Luck is now back to being a top QB. Ebron had a big year and they normally will pick those guys. Nelson is one of the best Oline guys in the league it is believed and Maniac is DROY and thus will be included.
  8. I almost never where that hat as I dont want that to happen, I wear it on the Anniversary if I wear it. I am someone that has a lot of hats though. 3 colts that I wear, numerous ones that I dont due to signed. A bunch of Cubs, some other Baseball Teams, and some other teams. I like to wear hats most days and thus have a lot of different ones. I just try to avoid wearing SB one as I dont want to ruin it
  9. Correct I have not had the chance to, I plan on going when the Cubs face them and Indians are also home so I can go to both stadiums. Earliest will be 2020 season as I would have this year but my internship takes all my days. I have been to Wrigley, Guaranteed Rate, Busch, Miller Park, GABP, Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, Citizens Bank, Fenway, Kauffman, Rogers Centre. I plan on going to Arlington in Aug/Sept for labor day weekend.
  10. I would like to point out the reason they moved KB to outfield is to get Bote, Russell in who both started to heat up. Also we only have 3 OF on 25man right now and thus to give them a break/make best lineup we have to move Bryant who is the only infielder currently who also can play outfielder well.
  11. So finally back after having layovers and delayed flights to misconnections. Rogers Centre is interesting. When you walk in you end up on the 3rd level and we sat in 130 for one game and 123 for the other game.The stadium did not have a real baseball stadium feeling though. Idk if cuz the roof was closed or what but it did not feel the same as a normal game. I did like the stadium though. It was nice that it was inside as weather was bad all week. I did like the fact the turf was so bouncy that they would just start to bounce the balls between innings. I also like there was no dirt flying to get into my eyes. The best thing was the unlimited souvenir cups for drinks and a bargain type stand of general baseball food. I will rank this one once I reach 20.
  12. Haha thanks, I actually did undergrad in 3 years now started my Master's program for this next year
  13. Finally finished with my Undergrad Degree so may be around a bit more. Except the next few days as I head to Toronto in the morning, will give review of the stadium, will be there Monday Blue Jays vs Red Sox on LF line
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