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  1. PuntersArePeopleToo

    Colts away schedule is brutal

    I think op is saying it is crazy how the away schedule is so much harder than who we get at home. MIA, CAR, ATL, DEN, Raiders. for non division. The likely hood of us getting none of the toughest teams at home is the what the brutal part. If it was split more it be not as crazy tough for just the road. That is my reading of op take
  2. PuntersArePeopleToo

    Just found out I can't watch the game live

    If you have verizon and NFL Mobile you can watch it live on the app. No sign in or anything. It what I may do Sunday while driving back to school at least putting it through my car radio
  3. PuntersArePeopleToo

    Anyone Going to Kansas City?

    Never been big on going to games/movies/shows byself.
  4. PuntersArePeopleToo

    Anyone Going to Kansas City?

    I want to go as i go to Missouri State, but don't know who I'd even go with
  5. PuntersArePeopleToo

    Predict OROY and DROY

    You'd get to keep Lucky in your username
  6. PuntersArePeopleToo

    Wild Card Final Injury Report

    Good news with Kelly not listed as questionable. 3 out including Lewis and Grant. Geathers, Pascal, TY, Inman, Sheard all Questionable. Hopefully all of them are able to play. Geathers was out 2 of 3 days though.
  7. PuntersArePeopleToo

    Colts vs Texans wild card playoff game score predictions

    Richardson didnt die, he got forced to sell
  8. From what I've seen over the CBA there is offsetting language that is put in. Unless a team doesnt they are able to use it as a base. Specifically I think they are trying to see if there is a way this type of suspension for on field things doesnt count would be my guess
  9. Rookie contract have void for suspensions handed by league. Was reason Roquan Smith contract took so long.
  10. PuntersArePeopleToo

    2006 Playoffs 2018 Playoffs

    Once the final teams were announced last night I started thinking about 12 years ago and who made playoffs then thought who made it this year 2006 2018 AFC NFC AFC NFC Chargers Bears Chiefs Saints Ravens Saints Patriots Rams Colts Eagles Texans Bears Patriots Seahawks Ravens Cowboys Jets Cowboys Chargers Seahawks Chiefs Giants Colts Eagles Only Jets and Giants missed while Rams and Texans made it this year compared to 2006. And realize 2006 and 2018 had the same Schedule set up (i.e. AFC South vs AFC East and NFC East). The fact that the playoff teams are pretty much the same and the schedule set up is the same is interesting. For Playoffs, Colts played in Saturday 435 game. If they win, they would play Saturday 435 at KC. If they win that, they'd play 640 game on that next Sunday. Then if they win that, they'd play 630 game in two weeks in ATL. In 2006 the Colts played the 430 Saturday game. They then played the 430 Saturday game at BAL. They then played the 630 game vs Patriots. Then the game in MIA at 630 two weeks later. Also the Seahawks vs. Cowboys game was the Saturday night game and AFC game on Sunday was the 1 game and NFC was the 4 game. Only the Sunday Divisional Round game was switched with it going AFC then NFC in 2006 it was NFC then AFC. And one more thing, the Super Bowl that year was an AFC away NFC home game and was broadcasted on CBS. Found it interesting how close the set up has resembled 2006 and thought be interesting to point out. Now if only the SB would end in the same result as that year.
  11. PuntersArePeopleToo

    Ryan Kelly OUT

    To me the difference is Geathers has played without practicing while Kelly hasnt this season. If Kelly misses every practice it pretty much means he wont be able to play as he would rather practice than not able to. Geathers has rested a lot more often and is fine without practicing and still playing
  12. PuntersArePeopleToo

    Malik Hooker

    That was my thoughts from where I was sitting in stadium, without Leonard making as tight coverage as he did, Eli wouldn't have had to overthrow it. Without that overthrow less likely Hooker has a play on ball. In either way he wouldve been in good position to deflect too and was there and made a cath still
  13. PuntersArePeopleToo

    Will leonard break franchise tackle record

    I think they get more annoyed with timing. They want to be able to go see family not be forced to wait an hour
  14. PuntersArePeopleToo

    In all likelihood it's gonna come down to week 17 @ Titans

    No. Titans and Colts both need to win next week to make it sure. If Ravens, Colts, Titans all lose next week and then Bal wins week 17 then they get it still