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  1. Since it is an official site of the NFL and proper I do not believe it is considered as it is information. I know we are able to talk about Sunday Ticket on here too
  2. Not sure which one you think may be fake, but both have been reported by big insider guys
  3. Wonder what else Hou is getting in the deal then
  4. Transition tag for Drake, and the one they did it is just first refusal to an offer sheet
  5. Yes, it would be 3 week preseason
  6. Walter Payton Man of Year Last Year
  7. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001106246/article/nfl-player-vote-ratifies-new-cba-to-run-through-2030-season Here is the article NFL.com just published.
  8. I am too, especially since I was to go to Texas teams in April and looks unlikely now and even my CA trip for games is now hard to do.
  9. MLB officially suspended the season by 2 weeks at this point with spring training suspended too
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