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  1. NFL has been absolute terrible this season with refs and they just got a new CBA. They missed blatant holds and by that I mean outstretched arms and wouldn't call, like the Bucs would go a game without a hold on Offense is crap.
  2. Well brough has looked decent, but also bears d is not covering anyone.
  3. I have been keeping tabs on him all season and like his make up and kick motion/.
  4. I am so excited, I just bought season tickets for next season today

  5. At least spell his name right! It is Chester Rogers, not Rodgers. It is not that hard to spell the name right, especially since Roger is a common first name.
  6. So from what was said on the broadcast later on, it wasnt for the review but was based on the Nationals protesting the game and that is how you notify the league of it.
  7. Ya he really should've been just as no way would they have got him. MLB needs to take a good hard look at the rule this offseason. Funny thing one of the teacher's at my school is cousins with Trea.
  8. What are your guys thoughts from the interference call yesterday in Game 6. It is a judgement call and the ump shouldnt have called it as Trea was safe when the ball hit him. If the MLB wants that to happen, they should put an orange bag in Foul territory like kids leagues and softball has. Otherwise that one should not have been called.
  9. They didn't want him because of an injury that he said could not play through and dr's he went to said he could not. Then he filed a grievance against them for it.
  10. Thanks, I will normally be in and out with school and all the other stuff I am doing down here and I always have a worry about jinx. It should be interesting, I do know that one of the things with his trade being potential is due to him perhaps ending up a free agent next year. I still do not seem them doing this as the value he provides is to great compared to what a return could be
  11. There also this profile about Ross from 2015 right before the Postseason. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/13824211/their-backup-catcher-176-hitting-david-ross
  12. As Hozer said @NFLfan he has shown leadership qualities. Also, he was considered a future manager while playing for the 15 years including by Epstein while in Boston in 2008. He also had the likes of Cox and Maddon to play under. As Hozer also said, he may be friendly with the guys, but he also has no problem getting on them for messing up. Rizzo first ST with Ross he screwed up and Ross got in his face about it. He is one they want to play for, but also one who can hold them accountable. If you want to read a little bit more too, I'd look at this article https://www.bleachernation.com/cubs/2019/10/23/cubs-are-prepared-to-assume-the-risks-that-come-with-hiring-david-ross-and-i-dig-it/. While it is from a Cubs blogger he has always been fine calling out mistakes of org. On the same note, I kinda want a Ross jersey and he'd be the only manager I'd ever get due to his standing with the team as a player and the fact he'll go down in Cubs history as a member of 2016
  13. Lets be real, Frank is just so good, that he is like a ventriloquist except he can hide his actual words when moving his mouth
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