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    Was born in Indiana, started watching football at age 8/9 (2006 season) moved to Illinois Feb. 5, 2007 so good timing <span><img alt=":)" data-emoticon="" height="15" src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/default_20smile.gif" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="15">. Graduated college in Missouri (2020) now moving to St. Louis and still becoming a Colts Season Ticket Holder.</span>

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  1. @RollerColt and you thought it was going to be a tough series Wade Miley with the second no hitter in two days, second time Cleveland has been no hit this season. First vs White Sox and Rondon.
  2. Very tense in the 9th, wind blowing in though or we'd probably have a few homeruns
  3. Can we change the name on the new thread, make it more similar? And a moment of silence for this thread
  4. Ya normally if I am watching one of the other games and Mets are playing I will it from them. They actually are knowledgeable about the other team, which sooo many are not. Some crews are just terrible as they try to act funny or say really dumb stuff He pitched really well, just was mowing them down without an issue. I started watching in the 2nd on Mariners broadcast, and they just kept saying how well he was pitching without issue
  5. And another No-Hitter, as John Means pitches Baltimore's first one in 30 years vs Seattle. He missed a perfect game by one, as he faced only 27 batters but one reached on a drop third strike and then thrown out trying to steal second
  6. Joey Votto is out with a fractured thumb after getting hit in the hand today. John Means has a No-Hitter through 7 vs Seattle (Baltimore Pitcher) Also @NFLfan I watch different games with the teams broadcast, and I gotta say NYM is probably one of my favorites as they dont sound dumb or say stupid things. Colorado Twitter is great, their announcers are crap.
  7. The real question is can they become consistent at all? I mean Dodgers are now 4-12 in last 16 after starting really hot. They have had a hard time vs NL Central teams the last 3 series. I am hoping we can get consistent and Hendricks has found his touch with the new ball. Davies really needs to. And Arrieta is missing a start or 2 on IL same with Hoerner after collision and Winkler with right bicep tendinitis. Vargas called up, Thompson and Ryan were called up yesterday for it
  8. Both Fisher and Leno were released. They are not part of the Comp formula
  9. They are testing strike zone at lower levels, basically someone buzzes down strike or ball. And the replay system isn't working as its been terrible this year with so many missed calls
  10. Now Nico makes a great catch going away but runs into Happ, and Happ is out of game. Nico goes from 2nd to LF, Bryant to CF, Wolters to 2B, Willson to Catch. No more bench players for cubs now
  11. I was worried before he pitched just because it was in CIncy last year his bad performances
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