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    Was born in Indiana, started watching football at age 8/9 (2006 season) moved to Illinois Feb. 5, 2007 so good timing <span><img alt=":)" data-emoticon="" height="15" src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/default_20smile.gif" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="15">. Graduated college in Missouri (2020) now moving to St. Louis and still becoming a Colts Season Ticket Holder.</span>

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  1. To me live it had looked more of the way he got hit by the player.
  2. As Wentzszn said, it would be the power outage issues and then if lightning. Either that or the game will go late into the night on the EST
  3. Well you really cant do that, unlike the NCAA these are professionals being paid and made around the fans. Now their WS trophy and Rings should have been stripped
  4. Xavier Rhodes trying to get out of practice yesterday with an ankle injury
  5. Lucas Oil, Soldier Field, Edward Jones Dome
  6. That is what I had thought yesterday that it was just 6 games missed now, afterwards they had 3 weeks to start them back up
  7. In the past yes. Theres a gofundme currently to pay his salary to get him released
  8. When you said that, I just assume the Colts were using a blue jersey for non-contact now
  9. I get that, but I am still not believing the weather until the game is about to start, has seen it happened to often where the weather is way different. And for me the playing TY even if minimal is a different effect on the team for some reason. Him being out there just somehow bring the rest of the team, even if he cant play much
  10. as has mentioned in Baseball thread, I am one of the youngest posters around here from what I can tell. And most of mine were in Indy too except 2 of the Rams games in STL and the Bears games. And not since 2013? You need to make it to a game next year and reverse our season opening loss curse!
  11. So what I hear is, TY will play as long as his quad doesnt regress. Reich has said TY is one of the only players who can play in a game after not practicing.
  12. I've seen, Lions (x2), Vikings, Rams (x3), Chiefs, Raiders, Texans, Giants, Ravens, and by the end of the season I will have seen the Jags, Bucs, Patriots. I have also seen Bears v Packers at Soldier and the 49ers too
  13. Every one keeps bringing up the Ravens, the biggest difference is this, the big season ending injuries were mostly to RBs, (Excluding Peters and now Stanley who has missed most of the last 2 years anyway). And even if these RBs were playing at the end of the day their top runner is Jackson. If the Jackson had been the only player injured theyd be 1-5 themselves (and even now 2-3 of the games they won, should have been losses but just enough luck at the end). Compared to us where our QB, our LT, LG, our C, our WR2 all were injured before season. Our SS and FS now, Our CBS1 and 2 our CB 4, injured. our WLB injured, our DE1 injured. Our PK injured
  14. Okay wasnt sure, I thought there may have been talks earlier. Either way, it may just not been as feasible depending on his current contract amount or set up. @Superman would have better insights
  15. Ya, it would go against next years as a voided year. And didnt they already restructure Doyle?
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