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  1. PuntersArePeopleToo

    Haeg to return

    Well don't forget we do use a tackle eligible a good amount so could get the start
  2. PuntersArePeopleToo

    What Ballard has done that both Grigs and Polian couldn't

    I do want to point out Chris Polian was our GM starting in 2008 I believe. I get that Bill still had say, but it seems that the major difference happened during that time
  3. PuntersArePeopleToo

    Indianapolis Colts need Le'Veon Bell

    People on this forum overreact to quickly, We had a 3 straight good one not good. That is not uncommon
  4. PuntersArePeopleToo

    Interesting Stat- Point differential

    My belief this year so far is we havent had it break our way. There's been most of our games where easily could have won. Outside of Pats where we just never looked fully there (IE most of our team was on the sideline with injuries) the rest of the games we couldve won with one or two plays that we didnt do.
  5. PuntersArePeopleToo

    Interesting career earnings...

    Ya he did, '05 '08 '11. '08 is season following SB and '11 was SB year. Hopefully that doesnt come off snippy just answering
  6. PuntersArePeopleToo

    Dear Darius Leonard:

    I thought the same thing before the Texans Game. It fitting that a guy who plays hard is still that number
  7. PuntersArePeopleToo

    29 points, 4TD's, and a two point conversation off of 4 drives

    Hey I was 7 months old when we drafted him
  8. PuntersArePeopleToo

    Bad Colts D, Good Raiders O, or a little of both?

    Woah who would ever guess that to win a game we would have to outscore the other team. Such a crazy concept
  9. PuntersArePeopleToo

    2018 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Week 8

    4 or 5 game out of 8 how does that even happen
  10. PuntersArePeopleToo

    NY Giants Game

    Technically we had a saturday game but that was because sunday was Christmas Eve and NFL only does a couple games that day. Otherwise we wouldve been on sunday. I mean NFL should know fans want to see Luck and Barkley that could be only reason they could get it Basically for this thing they set all the times as 1 and then move them later. They havent decided and do this as the default basically
  11. PuntersArePeopleToo

    NY Giants Game

    I believe for this specific type of game it will be after Week 8 they will decide what day and time. I was looking at that game too to go to. At this point I dont believe we will be moved to Saturday as Giants are pathetic and we are still 2-5 and not a big market big NFL promotion team
  12. PuntersArePeopleToo

    Could The Colts Actually Make the Playoffs?

    That was my belief the first weeks this season, avoiding injury bug. We have enough guys with talent, if they can stay healthy we can beat almost anyone. Excluding the Rams, and maybe Chiefs
  13. PuntersArePeopleToo


    When their voodoo magic goes away. It seems every week they face a team missing one of their best defensive players or is greatly hobbled.
  14. PuntersArePeopleToo

    Colts vs Bills Prediction

    I feel like that is an error free game or as close as you can really get
  15. PuntersArePeopleToo

    Are we seeing the end of Vinatieri?

    I hope they give him the week off and test it on saturday to see if he is feeling better