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    Was born in Indiana, started watching football at age 8/9 (2006 season) moved to Illinois Feb. 5, 2007 so good timing <span><img alt=":)" data-emoticon="" height="15" src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/default_20smile.gif" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="15">. Graduated college in Missouri (2020) now moving to St. Louis and still becoming a Colts Season Ticket Holder.</span>

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  1. With the 123rd pick, the Chicago Bears Stay local and go with Paddy Fisher Northwestern ILB
  2. Oh as far as i know there is no way to do it, since you can do keep formatting. I just redid it based off yours, and did the strikethroughs again. I just highlighted as many at the same time as I could and did the strike. I was waiting for something to open at work that took like 5min anyway, so I did it during that free time. Also helps having multiple monitors I thought I had seen him drafted, but didnt go look
  3. 1. Trevor Lawrence Clemson QB 6'6" 220 2. Penei Sewell Oregon OT 6'5" 330 3. Ja'Marr Chase LSU WR 6'1" 200 4. Zach Wilson BYU QB 6'3'' 210 5. Justin Fields Ohio State QB 6'3'' 228 6. Patrick Surtain II Alabama CB 6'1" 203 7. Jaylen Waddle Alabama WRS 5'10" 182 8. Caleb Farley
  4. Some of what I have heard is that they would do AFC one year, NFC the next, that way they would stay consistent and it is easier to predict. So most likely the Colts would get the NFC South in 2021 and NFC North in 2022.
  5. I would rather get Watt or keep Houston, or even both, over paying Barrett and Yannick. The first two, you know that no matter what they will go all out and want the Championship, Yannick and Barrett, I am concerned that once they get paid, they will not have the drive to go hard. The other 2 you know they will always
  6. Cameron Maybin has signed with Cubs on a minor league deal with invite to ST. } Thor and Bauer got into a twitter fight yesterday in other news And Ian Happ won his Arbitration Hearing the first time Since Shawn Dunston to win one against the CUbs
  7. With the 52nd Pick, the Chicago Bears select Kyle Trask, University of Florida. last time a qb from Florida led them to the Super Bowl soo @stitches and the Denver Broncos are up. Sorry had left to go shop and get food after work
  8. Anyone looking to trade for Allen Robinson, on the Franchise Tag?
  9. See @WarGhost21 I knew anything in the first round was too much for Wentz
  10. Fernando Tatis Jr is signing a 14yr 300mil (could be 340mil) extension with the Padres
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