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  1. He was doing sorta of a mix, between reporting what is being reported and give his opinion as to why it may be happening. It was cause the land for Citi Field is public and due to the company having the guilty plea the NYC Mayor can look into and potential deny. And while it was his company, he was in charge still at the time. Either way, de Blasio gave approval after MLB approved so the sell is official. Also did you see this
  2. This is where I get the news https://www.bleachernation.com/cubs/2020/10/29/report-the-mayor-of-new-york-city-will-do-everything-he-can-to-stop-the-sale-of-the-mets/ Cubs Blog, guy also use to be lawyer so sometimes can add that take. And it is correct he has, but he has also been minority owner of Mets already. He has a little take on it
  3. Marketing, he is to graduate in December. He would end up doing a masters program id assume for the rest of his time
  4. @NFLfan You see MLB is set to approve the sell tomorrow I think? And de Blasio is trying to work a way to deny it
  5. And a final covid positive test. Turner then acted reckless after being confirmed positive. MLB investigating including him staying on the field after security told him he needed to quarantine
  6. The MLB Season could end tonight, and then we can go back to Players and Owners fighting. It is highly likely that will happen based off reports
  7. I assumed they would be bad that division has consistently been a bad division for years. They have had multiple division winners at 8-8. If they were 17-5 that would be surprising. GIants and WFT have been bad for the last 3 years. and the Cowboys arent as good as everyone always likes to act
  8. Green who is normally active on game days is out. You can dress an extra player as long as 8 of them are OL. We got the starting 5 plus Clark and Pinter. With Green out, bringing up an OL man allows us to dress another player. Also, this should mean good knews with Castonzo playing, that we didnt bring up a T instead I originally thought the same thing. It took me some time to realize it was Johnson
  9. The fact both series went to a game 7 is surprising. I truly did not think both leagues would end up doing that after the way the series started
  10. I did not think we would get a Game 7 in the AL and Game 6 in NL should be interesting. Did anybody catch the games? I missed today since I was moving
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