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  1. No Chatwood tonight for Cubs with back tightness. Mills starting. DeGrom scratched for mets with Neck. Both Indians pitchers that went out in Chicago have now been optioned to the alternate site. This includes their big guy Clevinger. Cards scheduled many doubleheaders including 2 next week on Mon, Wed against the Cubs. The Cards will be home team for 1 game each of those days. Both teams get a 29th man
  2. It is incredibly unlikely, I am still hoping that I will be able to get one of the packages but I wont know that until the 24th.
  3. I mean umps seem to just have quick fuses it seems. I mean he was walking away from him too and seemed more annoyed at himself. You see what Ross said during the game about it
  4. He always seems to get ejected on crap ejections. He also has gotten ejected cuz his masked plopped up and hit ump when he wasnt aiming at him
  5. Have you gotten an email when you will be able to pick a plan yet? What year are you? I am stuck out of my account and ticketmaster is behind so I cant see yet
  6. Thanks! I am happy to have finished up, I kinda had to get my Masters so that I would have enough credit hours to take my license exam for Accounting (CPA) otherwise I wouldnt have bothered. It is crazy to think that this group has been going on for so many years now, I know I did go absent for a a few months a couple years ago though
  7. You'd be correct, I think first Pro game I went to was in 2005 season I believe at like 7 years old. I then moved in 2007 and went to a lot of Peoria Chiefs games who were the Cubs Affiliate with my first MLB game being Cubs/Pirates at Wrigley in 2013 Yep, the first season I started watching MLB was 2007 then more in 2008, and catching games for the next few years until like 2012/13 when I started watching as often as I could. I started posting in the forum probably my Jr. year of HS which is 14/15 then attended CC in 2016/17, then a 4-year from 17-20 in which I got both my Bachelors and this last May my Masters. Yep, I was born in IN, moved to IL at 9 (2007), then went to College in Missouri from 17-20. Now I will be moving to STL on Oct. 16 to start my Audit Career. I will always be a Cubs fan, unless something substantial happens that changes the view (not losing, but something morally wrong) I will end up going to as many Cubs/Cards game in STL as I can. Thank you
  8. I think if I had stayed in IN when I was beginning to watch baseball it would have been between Reds, Cubs, and Pirates since triple A. But by the time I was 10 I had moved. When I am in STL next year I will probably try to attend as many of the Cubs/Cards series as possible since there are 10 games and I'm 15 minutes from Busch at that point
  9. @2006Coltsbestever I became one just due to proximity and the fact the Peoria Chiefs, where I am still living, were the Cubs affiliate at the time I started watching baseball like 12 years ago. If not for that IDK who I would be. I am going to be living in STL though in a couple months time though
  10. I dont think he will, I dont think he had medical condition to warrant it and that is how they get paid, otherwise you just can opt out and no pay.
  11. Very true, but if i only get 4 games to go to, I am so not wanting to miss out on any of them
  12. I see, I am hoping that I can do A. I am moving in to an apartment on Oct 16 so I would end up not being able to attend the Bengals game. Otherwise I wouldve been more fine with either. I do like that they kinda split up the games well though
  13. That I know, and I know that I do not have seniority, but was trying to gather an idea on people who are planning to, to see what is the likelihood there will still be plans when I could have a chance Are you planning to do plan A?
  14. Hopefully by then they will be full capacity once again. And I agree. I had to wait until this season to finally be close enough to Indy to have it be worth the full season I was curious, I know at worst I will just role the credit over as I just dont have the care to refund the money. I also agree A seems as the better one and that would be my pick too. It will be curious how they change seats and who goes where
  15. Well Cubs vs Reds game is PPD tonight due to rain. Tor-Phi this weekend is also PPD due to a couple staff for Philly testing positive for COVID including home clubhouse attendant
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