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  1. Uncommitted Andrew Luck is better than all but a few NFL quarterbacks... I don't think the ad would do anything, but it'd be an awesome gesture, especially after how he last left Lucas Oil Stadium
  2. I feel like this is a job for Captain Hindsight. Has anyone seen him recently?
  3. The colts CAN make the playoffs, and I CAN win the lottery. However, I expect neither to happen.
  4. I just don't see it. RB, CB, FS aren't needs for this team, at all. WR and TE while I'd say are areas to be addressed they aren't in dire need. QB is by far the most impactful position on the team, and our starter is a backup level player.
  5. The argument of Wilson being better could have already been made...in fact outside of coltdom I'd think most would favor Wilson. Now it will be interesting to see how Cousins career actually turns out. Luck may not even go down in history as one of the top 2 QBs from that draft...
  6. Kurt Warner was a statue when Eli was drafted...and Warner was there to fill the same role Edit: for those not tracking, after Warner bridged the gap to Eli he statued his way to a Super Bowl appearance with the Arizona Cardinals
  7. I mean if Brees is an option, that's a good one. But why would the Saints let Brees go?
  8. I don't think either of those 2 are realistic as they will be retained by their teams. But Rivers, Manning, and Roethlisberger may be available and good options to bridge the gap for a young QB.
  9. Boomer retired before Young. Stabler was way before Young. So, like I said, Steve Young is probably the most recent example of a great left handed QB
  10. As for Lefties...Steve Young is probably the most recent great one.
  11. Once the colts are actually eliminated then I don't really care, unless it's the Pats...So I will be rooting for whoever plays them.
  12. I can't wait for the team to acquire a starting caliber QB...
  13. Prototypical does not have to mean the first of a kind. The second definition you used is indeed a definition of the word "prototypical."
  14. I don't remember the specifics of his contract, but I'm pretty sure it is easy to get out of and he could be cut after this season with minimal financial impact
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