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  1. The Chiefs have a QB that is due for his "sophomore slump", without his top receiving option. Mahomes should come back to earth (not saying he will be bad), but he will absolutely not do what he did last season. The Colts should be in contention for the top seed...well from blue colored lenses, and only looking at paper
  2. Mack will lead the team in overall TDs. Ebron will lead the team in receiving TDs, while tying Gronk's record of 17
  3. Yeah, I noticed it was old after posting. Either way after watching that video him and tyreek should be sharing a cell for a couple years.
  4. Jeffrey Simmons just had a video of him beating the crap out of a female. He may never play in the NFL
  5. Yeah, I exaggerated. Point being, I don't care if someone spoiled draft picks. I'd honestly rather have them early
  6. In a world where we are used to instant gratification, and demand information as soon as humanly possible I'm surprised people want to wait for the pick announcements on TV, knowing they can be up to 20 minutes behind. All because they want to watch analysts talk about unrelated crap?
  7. Maybe wait for the draft before talking about undrafted players?
  8. It's times like this that make me wonder, how bad was Moncrief in the locker room?
  9. Flowers, Collins, Humphries is who I want. Not that that's going to happen...
  10. As long as the first round pick isn't spent on a QB, I'm good with it.
  11. I am currently in Minot North Dakota. Came from the Richmond, Indiana area. Hopefully moving back to the state in about 3 years. I've been watching the games via Sunday Ticket the last few years, but plan on chord cutting once again so i will have to figure out another way or hope that the streaming options greatly improve. I don't re-watch games, unless you're talking about much older games. Became a fan in '95 (pretty much when most the state converted from being bears fans)
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