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  1. Not surprising. He had a pretty good year for us, and I wouldn't have minded having him around another year.
  2. Frank Reich deserves to be and will be the head coach of the Colts. If the dumb decisions continue to not work out, he may be in hot water next year. Overall his performance as coach is positive, he just makes some dumb decisions at bad times.
  3. Reich has made 3 absolutely *ic decisions in this game. While he shouldn't be fired for one game, he has really hurt the team today.
  4. You don't hire/fire people or make salary decisions based off of one day at work...you look at the overall picture.
  5. I expect playcalling and decision making to improve. The early attempt at 4th down, while I like the call it was most definitely the wrong RB for the situation, and it was a massive momentum shift for the Jags. Bottom line is that the colts lost to a team that by all accounts appears to be tanking...it is not a good look
  6. I have Melvin Gordon sitting on my bench...not a great decision on my part
  7. Not sure why that was Hines, considering the other RB on the roster
  8. The Jags are obviously tanking...I dont see them winning week 1
  9. I'm surprised by the pick. Don't love it, dont hate it, definitely was not expecting it
  10. He got #1 right, then it just all went to heck.
  11. Ring of honor does not equal number retired
  12. Draft strategies, so planning beyond this upcoming season? Before these moves DT and QB were the top needs. For future planning we've addressed DT, so QB is the biggest need. For this upcoming season the biggest needs are WR, CB, and OL depth...and a back up QB
  13. I went with 8. He did a masterful job of easing Luck back in last year, and didn't let the team quit while Luck worked off the rust. This past season he made some amazing play calls, but having a QB that can't find wide open receivers made the calls look questionable. He's not without fault, and he isn't Bill Belicheck but I have lots of faith in the dude
  14. If those numbers are right, I really hope Ballard gets it done by Monday. The only issue I see with doing it so early is that we could be telegraphing our draft plans to the rest of the league.
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