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  1. Ring of honor does not equal number retired
  2. Draft strategies, so planning beyond this upcoming season? Before these moves DT and QB were the top needs. For future planning we've addressed DT, so QB is the biggest need. For this upcoming season the biggest needs are WR, CB, and OL depth...and a back up QB
  3. I went with 8. He did a masterful job of easing Luck back in last year, and didn't let the team quit while Luck worked off the rust. This past season he made some amazing play calls, but having a QB that can't find wide open receivers made the calls look questionable. He's not without fault, and he isn't Bill Belicheck but I have lots of faith in the dude
  4. If those numbers are right, I really hope Ballard gets it done by Monday. The only issue I see with doing it so early is that we could be telegraphing our draft plans to the rest of the league.
  5. It means JB is not going to be the starting QB for the team moving forward. You're welcome
  6. I would guess 70% was a conservative estimate...even with risking suspension. Now that they won't be suspended for it, I would estimate close to 100% will be partaking in the marijuanas
  7. There is no way in Hades Jacoby Brissett will net a third round pick...
  8. Like most are saying, Dalton is better than JB but I would still pass. They occupy the same level at the mediocre tier. Dalton does not offer enough of an upgrade to warrant trading draft picks.
  9. If Brissett rolls in to the season as the unquestioned starter, without a realistic replacement plan in place(i.e. a 1st or 2nd round QB) it will be the first time in 17 years that I don't pay for Sunday Ticket, will also be the first time in about a decade that I will make no effort to see at least one game in person.
  10. Rivers is absolutely done...I'd rather have him than JB though.
  11. I had such high hopes after his first two seasons that I figured buying his jersey was warranted. Shame what injuries did to his career.
  12. Hmm. I'm a bit confused by your comment.
  13. Harrison, Manning, Wayne, James, Saturday, Gonzalez, Luck, Hilton, Nelson
  14. Absolutely hate Tom Brady. However a obviously diminished Brady is still a vastly superior option to Brisket
  15. Depends on what AC decides to do. If he sticks around QB remains #1. If he retires OT becomes #1B
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