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  1. Maybe wait for the draft before talking about undrafted players?
  2. It's times like this that make me wonder, how bad was Moncrief in the locker room?
  3. Flowers, Collins, Humphries is who I want. Not that that's going to happen...
  4. As long as the first round pick isn't spent on a QB, I'm good with it.
  5. I am currently in Minot North Dakota. Came from the Richmond, Indiana area. Hopefully moving back to the state in about 3 years. I've been watching the games via Sunday Ticket the last few years, but plan on chord cutting once again so i will have to figure out another way or hope that the streaming options greatly improve. I don't re-watch games, unless you're talking about much older games. Became a fan in '95 (pretty much when most the state converted from being bears fans)
  6. If Ballard can continue to get two rookie all-pros per draft we will be sitting pretty, for sure...
  7. I don't think a single person would have an issue with 3 years $18M. That fact that it's actually cheaper is awesome. He most likely could have got more had he tested free agency.
  8. I think one of the main reasons is because they only call screens when it's extremely obvious that we're going to be running a screen
  9. That's not exactly what he said. He said he's going to continue to build the lines, finding a ridiculous pass rusher was Paramount. But he also referenced KC, where they have two great WR and a great TE as something he would love to have.
  10. I wouldn't be disappointed. I would be a bit surprised...but really it all depends on how the picks before us go.
  11. Good route runner, gets early separation, great hands, age. He's pretty much the prototypical move the chains slot receiver, among the best in the league in RAC. Put up pretty good numbers despite being buried on the depth chart.
  12. Shh don't point that out, people don't want to think about stats that stare them in the face. While I will agree it does seem to take WRs 2-3 seasons to hit their stride, that doesn't mean they can't contribute immediately, and there are tons of recent WRs that have done so immediately.
  13. TheMiz

    Luck Era

    You act like the Patriots two decades of dominance is something that can be easily replicated. It's not. Winning a super bowl is hard. Ask the Bill, Browns, Bengals, etc if they would take two Super bowls in 20 years.
  14. TheMiz

    Luck Era

    One. Anymore is icing on the cake.
  15. I haven't read through all the comments, but to answer the question; I'd have as much confidence in Vinny hitting that as any other kicker. Realistically beyond 50 yards is pretty much a crapshoot. But you definitely feel more confident in long field goals when you have a Tucker or Zurlein.
  16. I'm a fan of the international games...I'm not a fan of the colts playing in them
  17. The pats have had the window open for almost 20 years...
  18. You don't carry two kickers on the roster. If you draft a kicker most likely won't go on the practice squad as some other team will grab him
  19. I'm very much on the Humphries bandwagon. The problem with him is that with his age (youth) and production he will likely be the most sought after wr on the market, driving his price tag up.
  20. Cain caught one pass in a pre season game. How did he show himself to be a sure handed wr?
  21. Inman, Hunt, Glow, Mitchell, Desir I feel the same about Vinny, he might be done, but I hope the goat doesn't go out with that crap being his last game.
  22. I'm in favor of signing Humphries from the Bucs and re-signing Inman. I think it would make wr not such a pressing need.
  23. Grant was the #2 until Inman got up to speed.
  24. That's regular season. Reid is a master at coming off the regular season bye week.
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