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  1. Guilty..i chose the "lose by 20+" on the poll post..never saw this coming
  2. Colts are injured across the board on both offense and defense. IF were healthy it'd be interesting to see where this team stacks up. Current state..doesn't look promising
  3. I looked Faulks #'s up and surprising to me his last year '98 was his best year in Indy and aside from his 13 game season in '96 the other 3 years were pretty stellar too. In my mind I never thought he reached the hype he had coming out of college until he went to the Rams..his #'s show otherwise tho
  4. Marshall Faulk. Did pretty good with the Colts but really became the complete back and integral part of the greatest show on turf with the Rams. More disappointed,never hated, to watch him flourish in a different uniform than with Colts
  5. Young Colts D will be forged by fire, they'll get better
  6. I was 7 years old and had the Jones #7 jersey as a kid. Was my hero. Like many, lived through that... watching him retire early and then the bad teams. The Elway fiasco. Then the "move". Still stuck with the Colts. As adults, can understand some of Lucks reasons. Hate it most for the young Colts fans, prolly have Luck jerseys, was their hero. Some might have been at the game. And they won't get the chance to at least see him retire and ride off in the sunset under better circumstances.
  7. In hindsight, Irsay did Peyton a favor. The O line stunk as did the defense.
  8. Shocked but not shocked. Thought could happen, but didn't think it would. The timing is awful but just have to keep moving on. Sucks
  9. At this moment in time, and hopefully soon changes, biggest "hole" is no Andrew Luck
  10. Wrap that thing up... and send it
  11. Not many positive "possibles" with that performance for sure
  12. Agree. That's why I said haven't seen enough of Brissett behind a much improved O Line and not many QB's would've looked good with the line Brissett had to work with. Reich believes in Brissett and stated he believes Brissett is a top 20 starting QB in the league.
  13. True. I just feel that O Line can now protect a QB AND open holes in run game. Haven't seen enough of Brissett with those attributes. Seemed opposing defenses were on him as soon as ball was snapped the games he started, not many QB's if any could flourish in that scenario. Also would depend on EVERBODY staying healthy
  14. If Brissett manages the game, the defense is as good as we think it might be and can also muster a potent run game anything is possible
  15. `05 I was sitting in the funeral home for my Grandmas prayers services. Knew they were losing but my cousin was getting updates somehow and told me they were lining up for a field goal. Never forget him disgustingly whispering "he shanked it" with vein popping out his forehead..was a double bad day
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