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    Living 700 miles away, this forum is the only real connection for me with other Colts fans. I'm appreciative to have it.   Self employed Welder/Fabricator. Colts fan from the days of QB Bert Jones. I try to get out on the water every chance I get to fish,crab and catch oysters, live on a peninsula so water is all around.

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  1. I voted Stewart. Outside of Indy he seems to be relatively unknown.
  2. I had this thought earlier, can a team and free agent player verbally commit pre draft and then sign after?
  3. Roche is more projected as a 3-4 OLB and doubt he'd last til the 4th round...he's greasy quick, am sure Eberflus could find a spot for him!
  4. Rats would be fitting but I'll go with Redwolves
  5. Your'e right, forgot about no 3rd round pick this year..
  6. Watched some highlights of Jaelen Philips...Quincy Roche kept jumping off the screen to me, man is he quick! Have read he's better suited for a 3-4 defense but wondering since he's projected as a 3rd round guy if he is on Ballards board? Thoughts?
  7. Going back to Calhoun..had 27 career sacks at Michigan State but didn't carry that production to the NFL. I wonder if Oweh can flip the script and not have the college career sack wise but go beast in the NFL..just food for thought?
  8. Was born in '69, had the whole Bert Jones uniform as a kid in mid/late 70's. Fast forward to to mid 80's, Colts had left Baltimore and I was crushed but still a fan. My younger sister's best friend used to come over all the time, knew I was a huge Colts fan. One day her father came over to pick her up and brought along a friend. Tom Matte. He introduced him and I knew the name but little did I know how special of a player he was until years afterwards. Gave me a signed picture of himself and I have no idea where it went. To this day I wish I was more informed on the Colts players from the 60'
  9. He definitely wont be wearing 19 no matter how much he's paid
  10. Was not a big fan of the rotational strategy and the thinking that all the RB's were the same in any situation. Saw Taylor numerous times getting it rolling then not see the ball again. Sometimes same for Hines.
  11. I was 14, it sucked for me. Grew up with Redskins fan all around and a bunch of Colts haters after the move. Don't forget, the MLB Orioles were pretty good at that time. The Colts had become perennial losers and didn't have the backing like the Orioles.
  12. About every kid has a boyhood hero, Bert Jones was mine.
  13. Wish you the best and stay healthy. If Colts can do the same the sky is the limit
  14. Remember Blue doing those hip thrusts last year after a late in game FG, timing was perfect lol
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