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  1. Can an NFL team such as the Colts grant a player permission to go play in the XFL? Let them gain experience and still hold the rights on the player to return. In Kelly's case it might be a good thing for both he and the Colts
  2. Prolly wrote first one, with hope, after he reached out to Luck. Luck responds "no thanks" and then Irsay writes second one to save face..
  3. If Love is there at 13 and Colts pick him, next question..does he start from day 1? Hate to use 1st round draft capital on a player sitting the bench for a year with other holes (DT) to fill
  4. Yep, have the lamp! Disappeared for many years up in parents attic, then was given back to me as a Christmas gift a few years back
  5. Blue- Unitas #19, Bert Jones #7, Manning #18, Harrison #88, Luck #12 White- Freeney #93, Clark #44
  6. Hind sight is 20/20 but sometimes it seems GM's will pass up on players we fans think they should have drafted. The Xavier Rhodes, Landon Collins types. The Colts traded that #26 pick to Washington who then took Montez Sweat, 7 sacks - 2 forced fumbles in 2019, and came on strong to end the year. The Colts got Rock Ya Sin and a high 2nd round pick. Sweat had a great rookie combine running the 40 yd in 4.41. Still too early to see who won that deal, Ya Sin showed flashes and the 2nd rd pick isnt on the team yet.
  7. Any chance Ballard goes more defense minded again like 2018 draft? Luck decision moved the rebuild process back. Don't see them moving on from Brissett, have 4 decent RB's, a pile of WR's coming back from IR, O line is good with exception at RG. TE situation unknown. Leads me back to defense. I wouldn't be surprised to see another defense minded draft
  8. I'm sure its happened to the best QB's but I cant get the picture of Jack Doyle running down the seam wide open vs the Saints and Brissett looking/throwing to the right. Its almost frightening to think of more of the same in store for 2020? And this goes back to his college career. Great guy but I fear Reich and Ballard are going to ride him right to the unemployment line
  9. There's only one QB fit to wear #7. Bert Jones
  10. Speaking of Hooker, how are 2 safeties 4 yards deep in the end zone and a single WR runs to goal line, turns around and catches an easy TD like the Saints game? Looked lost out there
  11. I raised the question early into the 2018 season, "win now or"? Had one year of a top 5 pick (moved to 6 and an all pro selection) then went 11-5 and back to late 20's picking. Mediocre is almost worst than being just plain bad.. No Andrew Luck has exposed A LOT of holes on this team.
  12. Lets hope he isn't retired and in HOF before the Colts get offense straightened out. Kinda joking, kinda not
  13. Stories behind players like this is why I wouldn't make a good GM lol I'd have to keep him around and pay the man. Be in salary cap hell before I'd know what hit me
  14. Another "play down to opponent" performance. Gotta keep em close
  15. No idea how this game will go. Arrows point to Colts ground and pound with Texans poor run defense. No Mack, Hilton may/may not play and def not at 100%. I believe the defense can keep Colts in the game, offense has to roll and show up
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