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  1. At this moment in time, and hopefully soon changes, biggest "hole" is no Andrew Luck
  2. Wrap that thing up... and send it
  3. Not many positive "possibles" with that performance for sure
  4. Agree. That's why I said haven't seen enough of Brissett behind a much improved O Line and not many QB's would've looked good with the line Brissett had to work with. Reich believes in Brissett and stated he believes Brissett is a top 20 starting QB in the league.
  5. True. I just feel that O Line can now protect a QB AND open holes in run game. Haven't seen enough of Brissett with those attributes. Seemed opposing defenses were on him as soon as ball was snapped the games he started, not many QB's if any could flourish in that scenario. Also would depend on EVERBODY staying healthy
  6. If Brissett manages the game, the defense is as good as we think it might be and can also muster a potent run game anything is possible
  7. `05 I was sitting in the funeral home for my Grandmas prayers services. Knew they were losing but my cousin was getting updates somehow and told me they were lining up for a field goal. Never forget him disgustingly whispering "he shanked it" with vein popping out his forehead..was a double bad day
  8. Sorry, don't have that kind of spare time on my hands. Thanks for the encouragement tho
  9. Wonder how many players had "career" days against the Colts defense? Brandon Marshall, Maurice Jones Drew and that Chargers punter come to mind for starters
  10. At first I was like "what kind of question is that, who would you rather have?" More I thought on tougher question to answer than meets the eye. But I agree, and that's why I used Brady as an example of 1 way to success and the 80's Redskins as total opposite. 2 different ways, both worked. How many SB's would Brady have "without" Belichick? Nobody knows..Its a tough choice on who would you rather have, the league has changed and a franchise QB is more important than ever. I like what Ballard is building and tho..
  11. As much as I love and believe in Andrew Luck, my vote goes to Ballard in the long run. It takes great combinations of GM, Coaches and players to be great and remain great. The Patriots have Brady and make it work adapting to the other personnel. The 80's Redskins had Head Coach Joe Gibbs, GM Bobby Beathard and multiple QB's and RB's through their great years. Takes a balanced team to be great, remain great. Takes a great GM to make that happen.
  12. A lot of us , including me, feared Dorsett and D Allen would go to NE and light it up, resurrect their careers and it hasn't been the case. They're still sticking around but nothing spectacular. Bottom line, Ballard wont overpay replaceable players
  13. Hype. But I believe Ballard and Reich will keep this team grounded to 1 game at a time
  14. With not much "fluff", this forum will reach epic proportions on who should/shouldnt be cut. Good thing to have
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