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  1. I don't remember them being transparent with PM the year he had the knee - he was in much worse shape to start the season than was communicated. Also, don't forget Bob being "week to week" pretty much every year of his career... I think more often than not there's a big difference in how organizations handle/manage/discuss QB and other star player injuries and injuries for players on the rest of the roster.
  2. You have brought this snowboarding thing up multiple times. Where did you hear/see that at?
  3. Top 10 are: 1. Colts 2. Pats 3. Eagles 4. Chiefs 5. Seahawks 6. Steelers 7. Saints 8. Rams 9. Browns 10. Chargers There is a scoring rubric that includes overall roster minus QB (Colts ranked #4), QB (#3), Coaching (#8), Draft (#1), Front Office (#2). Colts averaged 87.8; Pats 87.2; Chargers 80.9; and Dolphins last at 65.4. Pats got a major bump being #1 in Coaching and FO.
  4. Well, that is much different than Pierre's gonna do what Pierre does regardless of xyz. I'm not going to go down this silly rabbit hole with you. If you have an ax to grind then grind it I suppose but to me, as a casual observer, it reads like you are intentionally trying to make something an issue that really isn't...
  5. Obviously. Just like Pierre gonna do what Pierre does based on your take that it doesn't matter what folks think about it on the message board. The vast majority of members understand they have no direct impact on anything related to Colts operations/players. I'm failing to really understand your point - the purpose of a message board is to discuss team happenings from the fan perspective, including opinions on players, front office, ownership, etc. Are you suggesting that the board should have a different purpose? Perhaps we should all just post who cares about all Colts news since we have no impact on the field or organizational decision-making?
  6. There is plenty of opportunity to run packages with 3 safeties. Theoretically, Geathers could not start but still log a number of snaps, right?
  7. One thing to consider is that I actually think Ballard wants the D to play more aggressive coverage packages so I'm not sure the "cover 2 CBs are a dime a dozen" argument holds weight. Not saying PD is worth a big contract, but I don't think the cover 2 rational is why.
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