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  1. I don't remember them being transparent with PM the year he had the knee - he was in much worse shape to start the season than was communicated. Also, don't forget Bob being "week to week" pretty much every year of his career... I think more often than not there's a big difference in how organizations handle/manage/discuss QB and other star player injuries and injuries for players on the rest of the roster.
  2. You have brought this snowboarding thing up multiple times. Where did you hear/see that at?
  3. Top 10 are: 1. Colts 2. Pats 3. Eagles 4. Chiefs 5. Seahawks 6. Steelers 7. Saints 8. Rams 9. Browns 10. Chargers There is a scoring rubric that includes overall roster minus QB (Colts ranked #4), QB (#3), Coaching (#8), Draft (#1), Front Office (#2). Colts averaged 87.8; Pats 87.2; Chargers 80.9; and Dolphins last at 65.4. Pats got a major bump being #1 in Coaching and FO.
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