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  1. If healthy, no problem IMO with a 3 year 39 mill contract with 26 mill guaranteed. Could even add in some incentives and guarantees if not injured on top. Not like what I think is appropriate matters!
  2. The $13 mill average tracks for a three year deal, but the guarantees are where it gets sticky. Any three year deal needs to take into account what the franchise tag numbers would look like over that same span. If we use this year's tag (~$10 million) and the franchise tag numbers if the Colts tagged him two more times (~$12 million and ~$17 million), then we are at the $13 mill yearly average. If tagged, all of this salary would be guaranteed. Now, JT is getting more stability with an actual contract, but there's no way the guarantee can drop below $22 mill (first two tag years), and I think it would need to push beyond that to account for some of the guarantees for a hypothetical third tag year.
  3. AR5 did enough to be starting week 1. Going to be ups and downs but to say it was bad is just trolling. Kid has a real chance. We’ll all see how it pans out.
  4. Stroud and Richardson. I’m not sure sure which one I want or think they will draft. I’m good with Levis too.
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