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  1. I was talking about Shanahan. Reich still has a winning record. Maybe we’re on the same page but wasn’t sure by your comment.
  2. Out of their minds? Not so sure about that. He is below .500 as a head coach with one winning season, two 6-10 seasons, and a 4-12 season. Don’t get me wrong, I think he has solid schemes but the W/L numbers don’t look good. Also, if they miss on Lance, that’s a direct indictment on him.
  3. I don't remember them being transparent with PM the year he had the knee - he was in much worse shape to start the season than was communicated. Also, don't forget Bob being "week to week" pretty much every year of his career... I think more often than not there's a big difference in how organizations handle/manage/discuss QB and other star player injuries and injuries for players on the rest of the roster.
  4. You have brought this snowboarding thing up multiple times. Where did you hear/see that at?
  5. Top 10 are: 1. Colts 2. Pats 3. Eagles 4. Chiefs 5. Seahawks 6. Steelers 7. Saints 8. Rams 9. Browns 10. Chargers There is a scoring rubric that includes overall roster minus QB (Colts ranked #4), QB (#3), Coaching (#8), Draft (#1), Front Office (#2). Colts averaged 87.8; Pats 87.2; Chargers 80.9; and Dolphins last at 65.4. Pats got a major bump being #1 in Coaching and FO.
  6. Well, that is much different than Pierre's gonna do what Pierre does regardless of xyz. I'm not going to go down this silly rabbit hole with you. If you have an ax to grind then grind it I suppose but to me, as a casual observer, it reads like you are intentionally trying to make something an issue that really isn't...
  7. Obviously. Just like Pierre gonna do what Pierre does based on your take that it doesn't matter what folks think about it on the message board. The vast majority of members understand they have no direct impact on anything related to Colts operations/players. I'm failing to really understand your point - the purpose of a message board is to discuss team happenings from the fan perspective, including opinions on players, front office, ownership, etc. Are you suggesting that the board should have a different purpose? Perhaps we should all just post who cares about all Colts news since we have no impact on the field or organizational decision-making?
  8. There is plenty of opportunity to run packages with 3 safeties. Theoretically, Geathers could not start but still log a number of snaps, right?
  9. One thing to consider is that I actually think Ballard wants the D to play more aggressive coverage packages so I'm not sure the "cover 2 CBs are a dime a dozen" argument holds weight. Not saying PD is worth a big contract, but I don't think the cover 2 rational is why.
  10. I think it will be a good game - I've been thinking the Cowboys and Colts are very similar teams related to where they rank in the overall NFL - Dallas is stronger in some areas but we have a significant QB advantage. Both teams have also grown and developed over the course of the year. Promising the Colts are sitting at #7 in these rankings
  11. I know none of us were part of the team in 2014 except the QB, K, and LT, but....uh...we owe them big...and...
  12. I don't think it is probable they lose out. I agree with them losing at Philly. I think we both agree on the Jets - 60/40 W for Texans. I'd put Jags at 60/40 too...I have a weird feeling they are going to close out strong. Also, I don't think the Texans are actually better than a 10 W team, so always the chance water finds its level. I'm just happy the Colts are back in playoff scenarios again!
  13. It is much more likely that the Colts go 2-1 and either Pitt and Balt (my money is on Pitt) lose two than Miami wins three and Pats lose two... Here's why I think Pitt goes 1-2: give them a W in week 17 at Cincy, but I don't see how they win at NO in week 16. As for this week against the Pats, despite the Pats being an underwhelming road team this year, the odds aren't in Pitts favor - since 2001, Pats are 42-12 after a loss and have only lost back to back games more than once in a season in three seasons (they lost back to back already this year). I think the Ravens go 2-1 (lose to Chargers) but 1-2 isn't out of the question since the Browns will be playing hard week 17 and Balt will be coming off a long road trip; Miami goes 1-2 (lose to Vikes and coin flip on Jags or Bills)...they just aren't that good; and Pats go 3-0. I'm actually really interested in what the Texans do this weekend. Going to be rainy in cold @ NYJ. If they drop that, a three game slide isn't out of the question, which would put the division in play for the Colts if they win out...
  14. Yep - Tenn is a must win obviously. I think this week's Dallas game is a solid measuring stick. Dallas has been playing good ball and the Colts and Dallas are similar in talent/competition level - neither are elite but both are capable of winning/being competitive any given week against any team. It would be really fun to watch the Colts play @ KC and Dallas play @ NO/LAR in the divisional round but that is getting way too far ahead!
  15. If the Colts go 2-1, pretty good odds of the #6 seed. If Houston finishes 0-3 (this could happen, IMO) and the Colts go 3-0, Colts would win the AFC South and Houston wold be the #6 seed. Either way, if the Colts get in, there is a pretty good chance Houston will be the first round match up, which bodes pretty well for a W.
  16. Was just about to say something to the tune of @Superman. Also, my take away from today is that the deep ball isn’t the prob. Luck is fine in that sense. Sometimes he acts like he didn’t take a year off football. For me, we are getting our money’s worth outta Reich and Luck.
  17. I’ve been wondering if the rain played a major role related to how Luck’s arm looked on Sunday. He hasn’t thrown a wet, heavy ball in a long time. Plus a heavy ball could exacerbate arm strength issues. I’m hoping this week at home is a different story.
  18. Josh Gordon and Ryan Grigson were both elite in 2013. I’m just saying...
  19. So the Colts replaced nobodies with nobodies. There are 53 bodies.
  20. These guys are all pretty much NFL JAGs, perhaps Simon is a bit above that. I don't understand why everyone is fixated on letting all this perceived talent go? They are all okay in their own right but the Colts are trying to bring in young guys with higher ceilings and more athleticism. The only way they can grow (or tank out) is to play. Why is that difficult to understand? This year's roster is a product of multiple years of bad drafts and signing mediocre at best older FAs. The Colts are going to be just fine - and will get better as the year goes on (there was a ton of positive on Sunday). I imagine we will see some money spent next off season in FA
  21. You should probably be a bit more condescending and over the top. Then you’d really hit your target audience.
  22. You hit the nail on the head - preseason games are tailored towards the local time zone and fans, not national audience (unless it is one of the nationally televised games). A 7 PST start means more people in the local market watching and attending without leaving work early, etc. You can disagree but it is standard practice in the preseason. I'm in the minority, living in Oregon, but that start time means I'll actually be able to watch it live without messing with my usual schedule.
  23. Again, I’ll start by saying I agree the AFCS wasn’t strong from 2012-14. That said, aside from the Pats, only 1 team in the AFCE had a winning record during that time-the Bills went 9-7 in 14. The best finish aside from that was 8-8. Neither division was strong and the Pats were a better team than the Colts over that span. Point is, a weak division isn’t the main argument against a team being good or bad. Based on roster, Luck leading the Colts to multiple playoff wins in that period speaks to his potential. We’ll see how he looks this year. I’m cautiously optimistic.
  24. I generally agree with your point that the division is more competitive now than it was Luck's first three years. Although both the Titans and Texans were competitive in two of the three years - it was really just the Jags who were terrible. That said, the Titans have a new, very young and inexperienced HC and OC, and will be implementing a completely different offensive system. I'd say that is a pretty big question mark coming into this year.
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