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  1. Good point on length relative to CBA. Adds another layer. Length and true guarantee, more than per year amount, are probably the main negotiating points.
  2. Indeed. I was just saying I'd be happy with a $200 m, 8 yr deal. That's not happening. I've been thinking it will be more like 5 yrs, $120m-$130m. I'm really interested in the structure of the guarantee. I assume Luck's camp is going to push the issue on that more than overall number.
  3. Good post. I'm not saying we should bring back DFree but his lack of production in 2012 had a lot to do with his ankle injury.
  4. Not that it will happen, but a $200m deal at 8 years is fine by me, obviously depending on real guaranteed money.
  5. Having the largest contract in the NFL doesn't mean you're the best player in the league or at your position. It means you were at the right place at the right time. Luck deserves to set the market (yes, he has his faults) and the Colts should pay him. You should be happy about that. The cap is going to continue to increase and if the Colts build the team the correct way (successfully through the draft), his contract isn't going to be an issue.
  6. You realize the average total points per game for a NFL winner is at or above 27? Not saying D isn't a need but if the Colts can sustain offensive drives, that helps the D too.
  7. Pagano pick. Not in a bad way but they discussed pro days after Kelly pick and this makes sense based on that. Not judging way or other right now.
  8. The situations are similar, except Spence is going to have to be a first round pick, making it much riskier. That said, if Newsome would have produced last year, he would still be on the team.
  9. I'd bet my next paycheck the Browns would trade Thomas for the Colts 1st or 2nd. They can draft his younger, cheaper replacement 2nd overall. Grigs should be fired on the spot for that trade (not that he's considering it).
  10. Not for nothing, marijuana side effects and the positives and negatives of legalization are still very much up for study and debate. There's no consensus. In fact, it has proven medicinal qualities and is legit prescribed as such. Don't be do on one side of the fence.
  11. So now there are 4 RBs on the roster: Gore, Varga, Trey Williams, and Turbin. They will have to draft or sign a couple more. There are a few decent options still available in FA. I'm curious they chose Turbin over, say Starks, Hillman, Hightower, Ridley, Bryce Brown, Morris (looking at not too old who have a history of producing) unless it was strictly bargain shopping and they are planning to see how the draft plays out before making a move for one of the other options.
  12. This. If Fleener was a leader and driving force of the team, he would have brought this up during the season and tried to light a fire under whoever didn't have one. The combination of his unwillingness to do that and general inability to be a consistent game changer (read play with a level of toughness his physical ability suggests he can), make me totally fine with him walking out the door. The question isn't about whether or not Fleener is telling the truth (I'm sure some players did quit and frankly this happens on almost every team, every year to some degree), it is about how he only addr
  13. Let's be honest. It is money (salary, State taxes, cost of living, endorsement opportunities, etc.), and then everything else ranked in subjective order depending on the player. And there's nothing wrong with that.
  14. If Fleener and Allen were one player, we'd have a top flight TE. Instead, we have just Fleener and Allen. I'd sign one of them (don't really care which one...both have pluses and minuses), sign Doyle, and let Swoop battle it out with a rookie for #3 on the depth chart.
  15. Aside from the Colts winning the SB, nothing will please me more than PM getting a W and retiring. He deserves a second ring and to end his career on top. I think his legacy will only diminish if he keeps playing, and the story book ending always raises a players legacy. This is the time...let's go PM, and more importantly, Broncos D! On another note, it makes me puke in my mouth to think of Gary Kubiak as a SB champ...but at least it isn't with the Texans.
  16. He does come off as a a wet blanket. That said, he brings years of OL coaching experience, as well as OC and HC experience. He needs to dial in a unit, not the whole offence or team, and also can support Chud in schemes and game planning. I feel good about him having that role. It's an upgrade.
  17. Not sure how anyone could think this is a bad hire, but I'm sure some will find a way...
  18. It is fine you think the Colts should have went after, and I wouldn't have been opposed to using a 7th round pick on him, regardless of if he sat out, was convicted, or played. That said, it would not have been the most prudent decision to use a 7th round pick on him and I'm also not opposed to the Colts choosing not to draft him. I'm basically neutral on the matter. All I'm saying is that Grigson should not be criticized for not using a 7th on Collins--no GM in the league used a pick on him. I almost have a feeling there was a gentlemen's agreement to not draft him. Feel free to c
  19. The issue is much deeper than Collins. Stop fixating on one decision that every other GM in the league made.
  20. Look, every team in the NFL, even the Cowboys passed on Good in every round of the draft. You cannot hold this over Grigson's head. There are many legitimate things to complain about, but this isn't one. Leave it alone already.
  21. Like moving from Pep to Chud, it seems like the move from Manusky to Monachino will bring less complicated game plans/play books. I think both Pep and Manusky tended to overcomplicate on a regular basis, making players think instead of play, which was a contributing factor to playing inconsistent from quarter to quarter and game to game.
  22. No doubt the black eyes of the Pags era are blow outs and slow starts. I can't help but think it is a combination of both coaching and players. Luck has been a better second half player every year except his rookie year, which could be an anomaly or speak to coaching (i.e., BA instead of Pags/Pep): http://www.nfl.com/player/andrewluck/2533031/situationalstats?season=2012
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