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  1. Who is making that list? I mean if Nelson and Leonard don't make it but Vander Esch and Lockett(i know he's a wr, but anyway...) then you can't take that serious.... What's with all that hype about LVE? Damn Cowboys.... But like sbdy above already said.... If Leonard isn't on the List, oh my good will he be angry.... (why do i have to think of the Hulk? )
  2. To be real honest, i don't like Foxboro at all
  3. Now I want some pudding.....
  4. Sounds like a nice mantra for the colts franchise. But i would consider TY a face of the franchise, too.
  5. I know everybody has some other opinions, or players he's excited to see. I didn't mean it for personal You're right with all that you said. I'm the type of person who's excited to see if our 2nd and plus year pros (especially Leonard, Nelson and Smith) can repeat their strong seasons. I want to see that they can play at this level (and maybe above) year in and year out. That's how my list built up. Sure I'm excited about our rookies, too. Especially Campbell and Ya-Sin.
  6. No Darius Leonard? - Quenton Nelson - Darius Leonard - Braden Smith - Malik Hooker - Marlon Mack In that order. I did not eveluate the 2019 draft class, cause they have to play a game first. But I have a feeling that CB can't fail with his picks (if they stay healthy). I mean, he completely turned around the level of talent on the roster with his first 2 drafts.
  7. What a story.... Happy for both of the guys.
  8. T. Y. just doesn't get the attention and credit he deserves. He's not only a great reciever but what i like almost a little bit more is that he is no drama queen or bonehead like a lot of other good WR's.
  9. Just a thought..... Ballard didn't like what he could get with pick 26, so he traded out of the first round. He can get good talent in the 2nd round. Let's say OT, WR and CB( or S) . So...maybe he's viewing the extra 2nd rounder next year more as trade bait to move up and get a difference maker for the DLine in next years draft. Always keep in mind... He's planning for the long haul and wants to build a strong core out of the draft. (what should be done after this years draft) So our first round pick next year (if he is a true difference maker) could be the final piece for the Colts to get a SB (or 2, or 3....)
  10. Glad CB didn't pull the trigger on a trade. That's quite too much. And the salary will force them into some tough decisions the next years.
  11. He really should have told me. Prague is not that far.... Very disappointing. Congrats!!!
  12. Channel 13 on facebook seems to be "not that serious"
  13. I made that quiz, too. Had the saints and broncos.
  14. Next season? I'm planning to fly to indy the coming season, too. Want to see the best team in the world live. Getting more and more excited every day. Can't wait till the final schedule is out to finalize my travel plans.
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