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  1. I need those cleats. They're awesome and the colors of my football are blue and white, too
  2. Think there are a lot of teams on paper by now. Giants, Jets, Panthers, Jaguars. Think it will come down to which team of these is hit the most by injuries.
  3. Sry to all that I missed my pick. Fell asleep. Good selection though.
  4. With the 152nd pick, the Carolina Panthers select..... Quartney Davis, WR, Texas A&M Don't know who's next and I'm short on time. Sry.
  5. With the 148th pick, the Carolina Panthers select.... Darryl Williams, IOL, Mississippi State Detroit Lions on the clock now. I think @csmopar makes the pick?!
  6. With the 113th Pick, the Carolina Panthers select.... Alton Robinson, Syracuse, EDGE @WarGhost21 and the Baltimore Ravens are on the clock now.
  7. With the 69th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers select Malik Harrison, LB, Ohio State The Panthers hope that Harrison can become Kuchly's successor with a little bit of development. Idk who's up next.
  8. At this point, I want to say thanks to @csmoparand @chad72for putting all that work in this stuff and taking all that time to make this simulated draft possible as it is. It's a common distraction, especially with all that corona stuff around us.
  9. Ok. So, the Panthers need help on the interior OL. With the 46th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers select..... Tyler Biadasz, OG, Wisconsin. Sry, just missed about 5 min. Hope it's ok that one time. @chad72 on the clock.
  10. Panthers lost some players in the secondary. Think they get a steal here.... With the 38th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers select.... Xavier McKinney, Safety, Alabama. @twfish next up.
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