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  1. Ok, got to read the question first.... I want to take back my two votes for Saints and Pats to jump into the top 12. Didn't read the question correctly
  2. Please use the sarcasm smiley... Or anything else that gives a hint you're not serious on that I'm sry
  3. I don't think that will do it. At least we have to give up on one of our 2nd rd picks and probably a 3rd rounder. Plus a second rounder next year. Remember our trade with the jets back then. It were only what, 3 spots and got 3 second round picks.
  4. I just read that he will only not retire.... But anyways, I don't think he's going to play somewhere else. Good news. Made my day!
  5. Don't take me too serious
  6. We have enough cap space left to sign him and never let him play. Keep him inactive the whole season
  7. So.... There is one strange thing nobody ever mentioned in that topic.... Chad Kelly and Colin Kaepernick have the same initials.... THAT is a similarity!!! Maybe the universe tries to tell us smthn here
  8. Nice you took so much time and effort for your Mock. I understand your 1st pick. Makes some sense. Even more if AC retieres this year. But I would prefer a DT/DE and WR with our picks in round 2 and 3 as those positions are a real weakness imo. I don't like the double down at SS cause I think this is not a special weakness of our team. I like the 4th round pick and the added depth at FS.
  9. Depending on IF panthers draft a qb or not they are a good candidate. But I can see the Giants or Jaguars picking first, too.
  10. 49ers screwed it. They had the game under control and failed 3 times in 2 drives so badly(on defense). Seems like almost everybody in germany is jumping on the Mahomes bandwagon for today and now they feel justified. But they already did it the last 2 or 3 years with Brady.... Was rooting for SF cause my future wife is a fan. So sad...
  11. If AC retires, we should draft the best OT left at 34. If not, WR or DT.... Depends on possible FA signings.
  12. Browns select OL Willis. I'm out (3rd selection).
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