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  1. Wth.... This forun is gonna implode now.... I don't get that pick either.... But the Colts Staff has lot more insight than we have.
  2. This is gonna be a nail biter if theres a good OT left at our pick
  3. Broncos are open to trade pick No. 40. I won't be awake come draft time, so if anybody is interested, we have to get the deal done till 6 pm eastern time.
  4. I think about it and will send you a pm in a few hours when I'm at home from work.
  5. Broncos 1st round pick available for trading down or up. Open for offers!
  6. As I have probably nothing else to do at weekend, due to "sleepy" covid management over here, I'm in! To be honest, I would've been in anyway.
  7. I think the only one who doesn't fit is Mac Jones. He seems to be a pure pocket passer. 49ers would do better with a more mobile rpo qb. Plus,they like to call bootlegs, so i don't think MJ would be a good fit and a move somwhere between pick 5 to 10 would have done it for Jones. I think it's Lance there for the 49ers.
  8. We should change thread title to Taylor feat. Mack feat. Hines
  9. That's a damn good highlight reel for a rookie who went at full steam only for about half of the season. He's fast and runs with power. His cuts are good, too. But what I like most is how he punishes tacklers in the secondary and taking even Linebackers regularly for a little stadium tour. Hope he stays healthy and can put together a whole season like he did in the 2nd half of the past season.
  10. They only picked defense players up to now. So they might use this pick on a WR?
  11. With the 103rd pick of the Gavin Annual Mock Draft, the Detroit Lions select : Talanoa Hufanga, S, USC A versatile Defender who plays violent and is able to make plays at the LOS and rushing the passer. Good instincts conceal his lack of speed so he's able to make plays in short to medium pass coverage. If he can stay healthy, the Lions DC will have a lot of fun with moving him around on the field. @SaturdayAllDay and the New Orleans Saints are on the clock.
  12. Thanks for picking an Oliner. That was exactly where I wanted to go with the pick because RG is a bit of question mark among the Lions OL. Was a bit too late. Sorry for that.
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