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  1. It's like everybody on the other team gets dump as sh** when playing against Brady.
  2. I'm sick and tired of seeing Tom Brady in the SB. I would fire the dc if I were GB's gm.
  3. Nice Job PR 17! Thank you! So.... CB gotta make a move somehow....
  4. Think Packers gonna win that game. For SB, I hope Rodgers gets his 2nd ring.
  5. That would be a stunner. But I think Texans might want Tua plus two 1sts. If BOB would still be there you would might get Watson and a 1st for Tua
  6. Little bit expected. Wish him all the best. With all these holes to fill during the offseason(QB, LT, CB, Edge) I think we shouldn't expect a better season than this year. I would be fine if we take next season as a "development year", be cautious and not go all in to win a SB.
  7. Sure, the question of the alternative is challenging. But I would prefer a younger and more mobile qb. I don't think you should stick with a 38 year old qb whos play is clearly declining and you know tjat he won't be good enough to win it all. I would rather take a shot at a younger qb. If hes not good enough, ok.... Move on.... nothing lost
  8. I don't think, that PR was the factor that brought us to the playoffs. He played well, but was not an deciding x-factor. Our playoff appearance was a result of our balanced, well rounded team. I think we would have been in the playoffs with 25 other starting qbs of the nfl. He should retire, or at least we shouldn't bring him back, because with him we are not able to win it all. Not that he is a bad qb. But simply not good enough any more.
  9. Everybody needs to calm down. There were several things that cost us the game. Sure, play calling was the biggest factor. But the flag on turay, the drops by our rb's were killers, too. But anyways... FR needs to overthink his play calling. And PR should retire.... His throwing motion looks horrible. As an NFL QB you should be able to throw the ball at least 50 yards...
  10. This coach..... Sometimes seems like a genius.... Next moment like my grandma calling plays.... This 2 pt call makes no sense!
  11. Wow... Nobody picked us to win... And we're shooting ourselves in the foot again and again and again and again.....
  12. Some Frank Reich doubters (not me) would say the drop off in pass blocking wins comes from more predictable play calling and defenses stacking the box vs us But I think it's measured only in 1 on 1s? But I didn't understand the firing of Guge anyway.... Our Oline play was incredible back then. Never change a winning team I would say.
  13. Kelly not top 10 is surprising.... #15 in team pass rush win rate with so little blitzing isn't bad. But curious where we could be if we blitz a little more. Especially with Leonard or some CB blitzes. Buckner not in and Houston could be a result of double teaming Buckner most of the time. I would like to see numbers of how many times he has to face two OLiners.
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