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  1. That happened to me too. Where have you been? When the game is at 4.25 p.m. it's ok. But not more. Games at 1 p.m. Are the best for me. I watched the game vs the pats last season complete in the middle of the night and was sooo tired the next day. But I have to admit I don't do it very often when we play that late. Only for special games
  2. That's great for me! So i don't have to stay awake till 1 a. m.
  3. I think we should mix in some corner blitzes like we did last season against Houston. It worked pretty good. Their oline is bad and will have all hands full with our dline(even though our dline isn't that good) and a blitzing cb could have a nice chance of getting to DW. He's not pretty good at sensing where the pressure is coming from.
  4. What a way to wake up and go to work on a Monday morning.... Gonna have a big smile on my face the whole day
  5. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001060739/article/raiders-vontaze-burfict-suspended-for-rest-of-season Think this was about time. He's really a "dirty" player. I like that decision.
  6. Yeah, watch out for the hyper talented german guys Seriously, i never searched for stats. It was more of my own impression. But now that you mentioned it, i just did a quick investigation and you're right. None of the wr's of the latest drafts were putting up big numbers in their first 2 years. I think i underestimated the gap between college and NFL and the finess of the position. (Or maybe I was just hoping for PC to be a rocket right from the start)
  7. Sry, but i think you're wrong here.... Would say wr is pretty easy. I started playing football in December last year. I'm playing Wr. And even i was only little bit more than a half year into it, i already managed to get some snaps on offense. Most of our other recievers play already for several years. Sure, the nuances at the position are deep, but not too hard to learn. I would go with O-Line or CB as the next difficult positions. (off topic i know )
  8. Somebody noticed that Q looked down to the ground when he got to Mack? I think he was searching for the CB somewhere on the ground.... Or maybe he thought Oliver might stick at his sole and he didn't notice
  9. Why can't we just get a 17 point lead easy and without drama home?
  10. Remember when Eberflus was talked as one of the hottest HC Candidates of the league? That's not gonna happen again this year....
  11. Our secondary is complete crap.... How is the draft class next year at db's?
  12. "The lack of an established track record as the regular starter is probably the main thing holding Brissett down at this point." This comment is just dump when you look 2 spots above, see a rookie who just made one start AND compare the stats of JB and K. Murray.... As the op said.... It's a popularity contest. Otherwise Jimmy G wouldn't be above JB, too....
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