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  1. Sure. You're right. But the showing on defense in the 1st half is hardly worth professional football.
  2. I will start to drink some whiskey now. Can't stand that one without alcohol.
  3. You can have 2 Injuries or covid19 positive players on your d. For sure. But our D looks like there are only 3rd stringers out there.... Hard to watch.
  4. The only good thing at not stopping Henry is, that this game will be over pretty quick
  5. I had my thoughts about the offseason a few days ago. Was thinking the same with the LT spot. If Castonzo keeps on playing, maybe draft a OT and let him learn for a year. If AC retieres, I would prefer Bakhtiari to sign in FA. He's 4 years younger than Williams, so you wouldn't have to think about that position in 2022 again. For WR it would be great to get a younger speedy guy like TY to stretch the field. Another position to consider in FA (as depth or upgrade) should be CB I think. And than, there is still the question about the QB positio
  6. Looking at the D's they are playing against, I would go with Wilson. Rams D is just slightly better (statistically) than the Dolphins. I think Wilson gives you more upside than Herbert in that one.
  7. Would you start R. Wilson or A. Rodgers this week? Looking at the matchup, I would say Rodgers...
  8. Well, we're not as good as our record says. It would've been better if we had a real difficult schedule so we would have a high pick inside the 5. Plus, not convinced by the playcalling. Wether it's O or D. Time to evaluate those positions after the season.
  9. I can't stand those ups and downs by PR the whole season.
  10. With AC: Colts 27 Browns 24 Without AC : Colts 20 Browns 24
  11. Cantona was a fantastic player and a person with a true character. He always remained true to himself. I like that.
  12. For NFL it's Keenan Allen. (for non-NFL it's Eric Cantona)
  13. They have to... I'm already writing a letter to Dan Snyder... Hope it gets there in time. (typing an email would be faster, but I don't have his mail adress)
  14. Nooooooo! Pls not! The football team I play for is called the Sentinels.
  15. I need those cleats. They're awesome and the colors of my football are blue and white, too
  16. Think there are a lot of teams on paper by now. Giants, Jets, Panthers, Jaguars. Think it will come down to which team of these is hit the most by injuries.
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