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  1. Waking up and see our Colts win. Good way to start the day
  2. And I started Carson today on one of my fantasy teams Nice TD. Important to take advantage of that turnover
  3. Sure.... What else for Campbell... One big play and then hurt again
  4. Man, I would love to see him here in the forum. He would completely own the "make one bold prediction for the season" thread.
  5. Way to start Tuesday morning. Hope my boss will leave me in silence today..
  6. Wth is goin on with the Texans???
  7. We get one starter back (Rhodes) and loose two in the same game...
  8. Btw... In the pats - jets game:Looks like every Jets QB to play vs the Pats forgets everything about playing football
  9. Why do we never pass on 2nd&goal....that would be soooo surprising for the D...
  10. Right before that play I was thinking about how many int's we would get this year and I said to myself "none"....
  11. Sry but, a choach who is showing with his play calling that he gives up the game is not a good leader for a team. I don't say fire him.... But that drives me crazy.
  12. I appreciate that you at least translated one part to units I can work with
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