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  1. as a gm u didnt hire a coach and u would never have money to sign all those guy and hit the freeagent market ....it time we hit that market hard and have a great draft this year i would trade brackett..and try and pic up tulloch from the lions...i would trade clark..i wouldnt pick up wayne are garcon gonzo ...wayne gettin older garcon cant catch gonzo hurt all the time ....i would sign mathis but hes going to want alot money and he wont get it from me..enless he wants a reasonible contract... manning u sign no matter what u dont want this guy getting into the wrong hand and have some pride thi
  2. colts gm blog.... if i were the gm i would take a long look at this team offense defense an go off that....i would start with the defense ooh man this is a big problem ...We cant stop the run for the years thats always been are problem ...so i guess i would look to fix that first , the offense will put up points we all know this , its preventing points that is the colts problem...then i would look at are freeagents wayne mathis... clark is owed money this year manning....mathis still has something in the tank i know he does but he not worth freeney money..wayne i just dont wanna get tied up to
  3. packers superbowl champs???????

  4. manning era???????????

  5. happy new years colts fans

  6. number 1 pick baby

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