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  1. As I haven't seen one anywhere yet, I thought I'd compile all the reports of interest that we have in prospects (Mods I'd be grateful if you could please pin this until the end of Draft season),Here is who we have so far (13/03/2020): Ross Blacklock, DT/3-4DE, TCU (COM) Ezra Cleveland^, OT, Boise State (WOR, COM) Kendall Coleman, DE, Syracuse (COM) Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama (COM) Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, LSU (COM) Darrynton Evans, RB, Appalachian State (COM) Mason Kinsey, WR, Berry (EW) Jordan Love, QB, Utah State (COM) Zack Moss, RB, Utah (COM) Parnell Motley, CB, Oklahoma (EW) Larrell Murchison, DT, N.C. State (SR) Possibly John Simpson from Clemson (https://twitter.com/BEASTwriter_/status/1238353231656275968) Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR, Michigan (https://twitter.com/mikerothstein/status/1238070091260067843) McTelvin Agim, DT, Arkansas (https://twitter.com/NikkiChavanelle/status/1237782674045050888) Jacob Knapp, QB, Northern Colorado (https://twitter.com/TheColtsWire/status/1237739129624027136)
  2. I hope that we sign Jones too. From a 3-Technique, he looks like a game wrecker ( case in point: he helped create a turnover last night.) I sincerely hope Ballard signs Jones and in the draft either go: 13.Herbert 34. Gallimore/Blacklock (or even trade back up into the first if Kinlaw is still there) or 13. Kinlaw (if Herbert is gone) and then trade back into round 1 to get Jordan Love
  3. Round 1 - #29 A Landon Collins, B Eddie Goldman, C Jordan Phillips Round 2 - #61 A, Jay Ajayi B Denzel Perryman Round 3 - #93 A Stephone Anthony , B Donovan Smith Round 4 - #128 A Jeremiah Poutasi, B Buck Allen Round 5 - #165 A, Ladarius Gunter B Senquez Golson Round 6a - #204 A Gerod Holliman, B James Sample Round 6b - #206 A Derrick Lott, B Jarvis Harrison Round 7a - #244 A Justin Coleman, B Kenny Bell Round 7b - #255 A Bobby McCain, B Donald Celiscar
  4. Hello family, hope you are all well. As we edge closer to the postseason, some of us ( me included) may start thinking about next year like FA/ draft. So I thought that I'd post a thread where if we can look to sign how many big names in the draft.Below are 2 lists: one for the top 10 average salaries ( per year.) Some colts in these list include: Cherilus, McAfee, Mathis and Bethea. This will be useful for FA. the second list is the approximate salaries for our draft picks ( assuming at 25th in the draft- of course can be less if we draft later) QB: $14,035,714-$20,100,000 HB: $6,475,000-$13,714,286 WR: $9,400,000-$18,812,500 TE: $5,883,333-$7,218,857 LT: $8,028,571-$10,500,000 RT: $4,187,500-$6,900,000 G: $5,875,000-$9,500,000 C: $4,075,000-$8,186,000 DE: $10,627,200-$16,000,000 DT: $2,000,000-$13,078,941 OLB: $8,097,000-$11,628,333 ILB: $6,750,000-$9,000,000 CB: $8,000,000-$16,000,000 S: $6,750,000-$9,125,000 K: $2,583,333-$3,780,000 P: $2,550,000-$3,750,000 2nd:4 yr/$3,464,328 3rd: 4 yr/$2,735,900 5th: 4 yr/$2,338,532 6th:4 yr/$2,257,432 7th:4 yr/$2,211,392 Just some food for thought later on
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