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  1. Motley was taken in the 5th by the Jets. You can read my analysis for the 1st few picks but here's my general reasoning for the Day 3 picks: Pittman- I was eyeing Van Jefferson or Quartney Davis but both were taken, I personally like Pittman, very solid receiver who could b a nice X receiver. Albert O- We need a #2 TE and I thought he was he most athletic TE available, I'm surprised he fell tbh. Claypool- He had no right being there in the 6th, since I addressed the X position I wanted to address receiver again and add a slot receiver, the choice was between Claypool and Antonio Gibson and to me, Claypool gave me slightly more versatility. Wonnum- I wanted to add an edge rusher and I felt like Wonum would've been a nice developmental piece
  2. Below is a link to the first 3 rounds of the Draft Network Premium Slack Channel (if you’re not already a member I would highly recommend that you join) where I was representing our beloved Colts. https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/mock-draft-nfl-tdn-premium The link above will give analysis for the 1st 3 rounds but we carried on past these 3 rounds (currently in the 7th round now) and the Colts have taken the following: 13. Javon Kinlaw, DT, South Carolina 34. Jordan Love, QB, Utah State 44. Prince Tega Wanagho, OT, Auburn 75. Kyle Dugger, S, Lenoir Rhyne 112. Michael Pittman, WR, USC 143. Albert Okwuegbunhan, TE, Missouri 174. Chase Claypool, WR, Notre Dame 192. DJ Wonnum, EDGE, South Carolina 205. Still to be picked but leaning either Elijah Riley from Army or Kindle Vildor from Georgia Southern ( both CBs) So how did I do? Was it good enough in your opinion? Did I absolutely nail it or did I do so badly that my Colts fan membership should be rescinded, let me know
  3. I hope that we sign Jones too. From a 3-Technique, he looks like a game wrecker ( case in point: he helped create a turnover last night.) I sincerely hope Ballard signs Jones and in the draft either go: 13.Herbert 34. Gallimore/Blacklock (or even trade back up into the first if Kinlaw is still there) or 13. Kinlaw (if Herbert is gone) and then trade back into round 1 to get Jordan Love
  4. Best case: Herbert falls to 13 and Kinlaw falls to the latter part of round 1 for us to trade up and not give up too much (or he falls to 34 for the absolute best case scenario) and then somehow (due to the depth of the class) a WR like Laviska Shenault falls to 44
  5. Kyle Crabbs spoke about the Lions and maybe needing a QB, he said that it will likely just to try and drum up trade value instead of actually taking a QB (Stafford's cap hit is really high if they were to cut him etc)
  6. tbh, I feel like the Senior Bowl has helped me reinforce who I want at QB for the Colts. Coming into it I had: 1. Herbert 2.Love 3. Eason The week has sort of reinforced that order. Love was good but I still liked Herbert's fit with the Colts more
  7. Yeah that's fair enough, I'm trying to not get too excited either about any one prospect. I think one thing we need to bear in mind is that with the Combine and Pro Days coming up, other QBs could jump up boards (like Eason and maybe even Fromm) which could help in our favour. For me, because of his arm, it wouldn't shock me if Eason jumped up. I would personally only feel comfortable drafting in order: Herbert (only QB I'd honestly feel comfortable with drafting at 13 or earlier) Love ( Would be willing to jump back into the 1st round for him but 13 is a bit too rich for me at the minute) Eason (Wouldn't really draft in the 1st but maybe in the 2nd dependent of Combine/Pro Days
  8. My "praying for a miracle QB at 13 wishlist": Burrow at 1 (rendering Dalton tradeable to another QB needy team) Tua's medicals check out (Dolphins at 5) Chargers sign/trade for a vet QB (like Brady) Cam Newton's medicals check out and Rhule and Co like him to keep him Gruden likes a QB in round 2 (like Gordon or Hurts) so at 13 we have Love and Herbert available It's a lot of mental gymnastics but LET ME DREAM
  9. Justin Herbert and Van Jefferson is a combination I want to see in Indy, so good
  10. This is quite an interesting article, I think this may be the 2nd article from TDN saying that Herbert would be a great fit for the Colts https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/finding-the-perfect-team-fit-for-each-of-the-2020-senior-bowl-qbs OREGON'S JUSTIN HERBERT Ideal fit: Indianapolis Colts "Justin Herbert isn't often projected to the Colts, namely because he doesn't have the stock that consistently puts him in the conversation. Herbert is often considered out of the Colts' striking range. But if he's on the board, he's a terrific fit. Consider Herbert's profile as a passer: highly intelligent, possesses excellent arm strength and wins predominantly within the pocket. The Colts' former quarterback, Andrew Luck? Highly intelligent with good arm strength while winning predominantly within the pocket. Passes the sniff test, right? But the biggest variable that makes Herbert such an attractive fit is the support staff he'd be greeted with in Indianapolis. A viable running game boosted by a stout offensive line gives Herbert the stability he needs on offense to continue to find his groove as a top-shelf passer. Even from a leadership perspective, Luck was a goofy "aw, shucks" type of leader. With Herbert's lingering uncertainties about how vocal he can be as the face of a franchise, there's a foundation and track record that would marry these two parties together well."
  11. I personally would be a bit worried with giving up too much to move up. I'd be more comfortable trading back into the 1st round (where the cost won't be as bad.) e.g. Scenario A- if Herbert is there at 13, take him there and then hope someone like Kinlaw drops to the latter half of round 1 (trade up for him) or Scenario B- Take Kinlaw at 13 (if Herbert's gone) and hope that Love is there in the latter half of the round ( to trade up and get him)
  12. I saw on WalterFootball that the belief is that the Dolphins really want Tua and are only looking at QBs like Herbert as a plan B
  13. That is quite interesting actually. I've seen a couple of sites (Benjamin Albright and Walter Football) rumouring that the Chargers really like Herbert. I would hate if they took either, but if they had to take one, I'd prefer they took Love, so that we could take Herbert
  14. He doesn't even need to fall out of the 1st round, I'd be happy with the lower end of round 1 so we can trade up and get him (obviously assuming we get a QB at 13)
  15. Oh no! I hope that it's not serious enough to cause him to fall out of the 1st round, maybe to pick 34 ;)
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