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  1. I really hope that the Cardinals don't take Murphy, we can trade down, accumulate picks and still take him
  2. Trade down from 34 and get a 2nd in 2019 and 2020 again: 1st 2nd round pick: Byron Murphy Redskins pick: Taylor Rapp 59: Mack Wilson 89: Chase Winovich or Charles Omnenihu (or any good Oline)
  3. I don't dispute that the podcast was before the updated info, plus given how tight lipped we've appeared to be under Ballard, I'm taking it with a pinch of salt. But I would assume that some teams would've cleared him even before the updated info. Maybe some teams are still hesitant in spite of the news (and mean they take other edge rushers over him.)
  4. FWIW with Sweat, I was listening to a podcast with Tony Pauline and he said (take this with a grain of salt) that we (he named the Colts specifically) believe that Sweat will still be on the board by pick 34. If this is true (and the Colts doctors have said he's okay) he would be steal at 34 IMO (I'd think he'd be a good pick even at 26 and then maybe have someone like Abrams or Savage or Rapp at 34.)
  5. From WalterFootball but still interesting: A year ago, the Colts were one of the teams that was in dire need of a great draft class, and they hit a home run in 2018 with a loaded class which took them from last place to easily beating the division champion Texans in the first round of the playoffs. After two strong draft classes under general manager Chris Ballard and director of college scouting Morocco Brown, Indianapolis is able to target the best player available regardless of position. The strength of the 2019 draft class is the defensive line, but it sounds like two potential defensive lineman who could go in the range of the Colts' pick aren't in play for them. In speaking with sources, it sounded unlikely Indianapolis would take Mississippi State defensive tackle Jeffery Simmons given that he may not play at all during his rookie season due to his ACL tear while training for the combine. Clemson nose tackle Dexter Lawrence also does not sound to be a candidate either. Lawrence has some limitations for a 4-3 defense and doesn't project well to contributing in the nickel. Adding to the defensive line is in play for Indianapolis, but it sounds like the organization is likely to pass on Simmons and Lawrence Read more: http://walterfootball.com/nflhotpress/article/2019-NFL-Draft-Week---Wednesday-Rumors#ixzz5m2mAokGL Read more at http://walterfootball.com/nflhotpress/article/2019-NFL-Draft-Week---Wednesday-Rumors#IZJmvCG8WXTXePvJ.99
  6. Oh yeah, I would certainly argue that Wilkins is more of a fit for our D than Lawrence. I just chose Lawrence due to the fact we've reportedly met with him a few times (we haven't necessarily heard that for Wilkins.) I feel like most of them except Burns and maybe Jacobs and Simmons will be there. Unfortunately the one I would want out of those 8 would be Burns. I like Abram but I feel like he could be around at 34 (and if he's not there still will be other good safeties on the board.)
  7. I'm interested who this "cluster of 6 to 8 players" we might be considering. My guess (based on interest we've shown): Johnathan Abram Brian Burns Jerry Tillery Dexter Lawrence Jeffrey Simmons Josh Jacobs (possible bold predictions): Chris Lindstrom or Darnell Savage
  8. The interest in Lindstrom could be very real. Good player and not a bad 2nd round choice but I'd probably prefer a tackle (to eventually replace AC.) If we're interested at corner (like Allbright says) I would love Byron Murphy
  9. Whilst I am fully aware that Ballard learnt under the likes of John Dorsey and Jerry D'Angelo, and that I'm not saying that Ballard is building this team the exact same way as Howie Roseman, I found that by watching this video there were some quite big similarities and if there were, then it may have some implications on our drafts (given that this is how Ballard wants to build this team): For those who haven't/ can't be bothered to watch all of it, Kollmann breaks this roster building for the Eagles into 5 five points, and there is evidence to suggest Ballard have some of these strategies himself and thus have an impact on our draft strategy: 1. Starting, backup and "currency" QBs are important Colts Evidence: Trading to ensure that Luck had a good back up/starter in a pinch with Brissett Possible Implications: Ballard may look to trade Brissett to accumulate draft capital, it may even mean he could draft a QB later in the draft to ensure he has a good backup for QB 2.Commit high value resources in O and D line Colts Evidence: This is the easiest to prove, drafting a lineman with 4 out of 5 first picks in last year's draft, as well as signing Houston and Autry Possible Implications: It may be likely that a lineman (more likely D line) will be drafted with our first pick, as we have met with numerous top Dlinemen (e.g. Jeffrey Simmons, Brian Burns, Dexter Lawrence etc), it may also indicate we draft Oline within the 1st 2 days ( we are reportedly high on BC's Chris Lindstrom) 3. Spend money/resources at safety and not Corner Colts evidence: Drafting Malik Hooker with his first pick (arguably BPA but there were still other good defensive players on the board) reportedly in the market for the top FA at safety with Landon Collins and Adrian Amos, also hasn't spent a huge amount of resources on Corner (except a 2nd round pick on Quincy Wilson), found Moore and Desir off Waivers, also didn't address Corner position in last year's draft despite arguable need Possible Implications: It is likely that we take a safety relatively early in the draft (most likely day 2) as we have met with a few safety prospects (e.g. Abrams, Savage, CGJ), if we were to address corner-it'll be likely a later day 3/ possibly UDFA route 4.Right tackle is just as important as left tackle Colts Evidence: Although he was projected as a guard for the NFL, Braden Smith was initially tried out at RT (maybe due to importance of position) Possible Implications: To go along with point 2, it may indicate that we may target O line even if it isn't considered a huge need, perhaps demonstrated by us looking at tackle prospects like Greg Little and Kaleb McGary 5. Be ready to adapt and change Colts Evidence: With the dominance of people like Aaron Donald, JJ Watt, Fletcher Cox etc Ballard drafted Nelson (despite perceived value of Guards) and looked to fortify interior, emphasis on speed on defense with a more passing league Possible implications: ??? So what do you think? Is Ballard and Reich's teambuilding philosophy similar to that in Philly and if so, what implications do you think this will have on our draft (be it this one or future ones?)
  10. Jachai Polite goes undrafted The Giants go O and D linemen with their 1st round picks No RB will be drafted in the 1st round The Colts will take a DB in the 1st round (assuming none of Burns, Ferrell or Sweat fall to 26) The National Media will dislike our draft- saying we reached for players Half of this forum will dislike our 1st round pick (not exactly a bold prediction- just want to have 1 guaranteed prediction correct)
  11. Based off everything you have heard from Ballard and what he values (both on and off the field) who sticks out to you as a "Ballard type" guy? I'll start with a few names I think may be Ballard type guys: Christian Wilkins from Clemson (plays with such a high motor, was a team captain and said to be a great locker room presence) Chase Winovich from Michigan (almost like Wilkins- just without the team captain honor) Darnell Savage from Maryland (Team captain, 4 year contributor, great ball production- 8ints in 3 years, showed athleticism at combine) Taylor Rapp from Washington (Team captain, 3 year contributor, great ball production too- 7ints in 3 years, whilst poor 40, 3.99 20 yard shuttle show he can change direction well) Justin Layne from Michigan State (Good length and Great ball skills- being a former receiver, whilst raw a good athlete- something Ballard values)
  12. Oh yeah I have no doubt that Hooker was high on their board. But what I'm saying is in the interview of Ballard explaining the pick of Hooker, he did mention that they brought him in "just in case" he fell (which around draft season not many people can honestly say they expected for him to fall.) It may be the same with Gary or Burns, Ballard may be bringing in players he has very high on his board but who he feels may have a chance in falling (like Hooker did) so that if by any chance they're there at 26, he has no doubt in his mind whether to pick them or pass
  13. I remember Ballard saying when they drafted Malik Hooker that they brought him in just in case he fell (and Hooker for a good amount of time was seen as a guaranteed top 10/possible top 5 pick.) Whilst I don't think he'll fall all the way to 26, there may be some concerns with Gary that cause him to fall (like injury concerns or lack of production) so Ballard could just very well be doing his homework
  14. If I was to guess, it'd be someone like Darnell Savage from Maryland. My reasoning being: He was a 4 year starter (well technically he only started 1 game in his freshman year but still played a lot then apparently) He was a team captain this past year "Makes tackles in space, has good ball skills, best when he's close to the LOS"- describe a safety, all sound like it could fit the description for a lot of safeties in this draft including Savage. I could be very wrong though but that's my guess
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