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  1. The preseason and training will be challenged due to the Carona Virus. There will still be death and positive cases throughout the country because we have no testing to absolutely confirm the lack of the presence of the virus. Europe and Asia has pushed to professional soccer played in empty stadium with players tested before that there is no Covid virus. Trump will push sports commission to return ASAP to its normal format, until the virus blows up again, as it will resurge in the fall/winter months. My bet is that the NFL will be better served by playing the games in empty stadiums and using virtual fans to provide the stadium and fan feedback to the excitement out on the field. It may recreate the TV experience where fans are coming to you live expressing their excitement (good or bad) in real time. It would be a win-win for the NFL owners, players and advertisers, and the fan. Everybody gets what they want. I know the owners lose out on the stadium revenue but something is better than nothing. Maybe they can sell stadium seat viewership like F-1 racing does with placing the camera above the driver's seat. That might be a cool experience for the seat holder. They can save on the food, beverage.
  2. I don't know much about him but given what I read and his stats, and aside his age - he brings more to the table than a late round draft pick. If we are shooting to win all the way this year, we need defensive backs that can easily understand different strategies and adjustments during a game. Given our new DB coaches I am anticipating they have carved out the kind of players they want to fit their scheme.
  3. I watched alot of clips on Phillip Rivers over the years, both on the field and off. Personally, I resonate with his leadership style and personality. In my opinion he will represent the "horseshoe" super well. He is REAL, meaning that he shows his emotion and is an expressive, entertaining character. He is honest and no nonsense. Bottomline, he is very comfortable in his skin. He knows his football and will be a fantastic coach when he decides to leave football. I am rooting for him 1000%.
  4. The draft is WR heavy, so definitely we will draft one. No doubt about it.... however... A good FA with some solid experience and coaching maybe the favorable way to go with an experienced QB like Rivers. I believe TY, Inman, Hines, Campbell, Paschal and Doyle will sync up with Rivers quickly. All it takes is repetition. I think that is why Reich expanded his WR coaching staff to get the younger ones to see the plays in the same way Rivers does. Rivers is a rhythm passer just like Peyton, so he releases and places the ball way before the WR makes his final cut. (Rewatch Peyton Bronco's tapes) They have to be on the same mindset. Last year for Brissett to establish that he can be an elite QB. He can learn from Rivers. He lacks the confidence to release the ball and trust what he sees. Unless Brissett acquires this confidence he will be a back up QB. That is my take.
  5. Ebron is a showboat but doesn't have the goods. He dropped alot of balls in 2018 but Luck kept spoon feeding that loud mouth. When Luck retired and he saw Brissett struggling he just quit on the team.
  6. Rock will hold one spot. The other spot is open for competition, including Xavier Rhodes. Kenny has the slot. With a good pass rush the LB and DBs have a good opportunity to scoop up turnovers. My question is Eberflus creative enough in his defensive scheme and adjustments during a game.
  7. Ballard's decision to sign Rivers and Buckner was a risky but calculated. There is NO WAY he would roll the dice with Brissett after his poor showing in the second half of the season. Brissett's problem is developmental and not physical. It is in his head and not his arm or legs. This is hard to predict if he will develop regardless if you believe in him. He need to give Reich a go-to guy just in case, and Rivers is the answer. Ballard will keep Brissett, it only cost out of pocket $8million more. Get rid of Hoyer. The guy is a loser. Now focus on WR, TE and RB,OL Depth. Sign some veteran WR and TE to work with Phil. Let them go to Florida and throw and catch with Phil this spring. Let Reggie work with Phil some.
  8. The earlier rounds will be reserved for best player available per their board. 3rd and after will include a QB. It makes sense because it will not look like a stretch and we will get a good QB for them to groom as a backup to JB. My current guess is Jalen Hurt from OU. Football has changed and the NFL will mirror the college game however faster and QB scrambling, running the ball. I don't think it is an aberration that the old QBs are retiring.
  9. Jimmy G couldn't close deal ...missing Sanders with less than 2 mins left. Brissett is at best another Jimmy G. Whether that is good enough I don't know. If Reich was able to lead Roles to SB, maybe Brissett might be just good enough.
  10. Venturi said on 1075 that JB was dodging all the time on blitz pickup. The OL did a very poor job in picking it up. He did say two things which JB does not have which Andrew did: 1- A quick delivery and wind up motion 2- After TY and Ebron left, he had no one to throw too. There was no seperation, nobody to stretch the field. If that is true than as Ballard said, "it is his fault". There were alot of FA WR available and he just walked away from them. Instead we kept focus on guys like Deion Cain, etc... Reich should be kicking himself in the rear for skipping McLaurin who wanted to be a Colt and focused on Paris Campbell. Paris maybe a bust because he is a injury prone Ohio State player. Ballard is underestimating the value of experience, veteran talent. This draft will be known at the THE MOST IMPORTANT draft of his tenureship! For Reich, fine tuning his coaching staff on both sides of the ball is immediately needed. Including himself, they underperformed. They all drank the cool aid.
  11. I am not convinced JB is the man! but the JB experiment should continue. Here are my reasons: 1- Luck's retirement did not give the coaching staff time to tailor the offense to JB. 2- Ballard admitted he failed miserably in not providing enough explosive (short for "get open") offensive players. He underplayed the FA market. 3- JB's injury, his conservative decisions and lack of explosive WR, TE or RB led to an anemic offense, not to mention the injury bug. JB had the opportunity to crawl under a rock afer his injury but he didn't. Would you have preferred Hoyer??? In 2004, the Patriots killed us in Foxborough because Manning could not find anyone open. That is what happened to JB. It is not all his fault, just like it was not Manning's fault. Bellichek outsmarted Tom Moore/Dungy and nobody was getting open. Let us give JB the time and let the experiment continue.
  12. I don't see this happening but if it did... If Rivers is willing to come to the Colts, the negotiation will be for only a few years. JB will stay on because he is insurance and he is a team player. (If Andrew did not retire JB would have been given that money as backup anyway. ) Win-win for Rivers and the Colts is that both Reich and Siriani coached him. Rivers is a competitor and a very likable guy, and a natural leader. He might help JB develop his leadership as well. Colts offense is a good fit for Rivers and Rivers reads defenses really well.
  13. Ballard talked over an hour - Q&A session. That is impressive. His comfort level with the press and players, communicates confidence, clear expectations and clarity of vision. I can see why the coaches appreciate working in this organization. Loved his acknowledgement about beginning to address the injury issue. I hope that includes evaluating the medical process and solutions to minimize these injuries.
  14. JB was the best option after Andrew left. I look at the cup half full and that we have made progress on both side of the ball. Injuries had an impact but we had enough moxie to carve out 7 wins. Drafting 13th is also a good thing given our current roster. We have a solid foundation. Our OL, LB and our coaching staff and Ballard. Stay positive and BELIEVE. Count your blessings. It was only a few years ago we stared a future of Grigson and Pagano's coaching staff.
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