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  1. Let's face it, we are not playoff material. Colts are working on 2020 Draft. Save the current players that have injuries for next year. We will rebuilt starting next year but one thing we will have in place is OL and DL and LBs. Coach and GM and coaching staff. Vinny will retire. Looks very promising to a major contender. Next year will be our best shot. Like Ballard said, it will take 3 years. He was right.
  2. Andrew had a year to think through his decision and watch his teammates struggle without him. Like Gronk, he did the right thing for himself and no one can blame him. What is on the table is if he is convinced he can leave football, the locker room and playing the game, forever. This is not in anyway dishing that his decision at the time was a correct one. The question is going forward is that still what he wants for himself.
  3. Oba! I agree with the Brazilian Colt fan. Awesome. Craque in the making.
  4. The experiment of putting Rock on the other teams best WR almost cost us a game. They extended their plays because of Rock inexperience. The time of possession was lopsided. The Broncos were doing to us what we did to the Chiefs. I hope the coaches know what they are doing. This game was definitely a teaching moment for Rock. I like Rock but this was tough to watch.
  5. The talk was can JB pull a last minute heroics ala Luck. I think he just showed us he can be a comeback QB. When the going gets tough he gets tougher. It is not easy break away a Von Miller sack.
  6. I was rewatching our games and I noticed that the TV camera's are occasionally focused on Frank's face in between the plays. Most OC cover their lips in case there are lip readers stealing the play call. (i.e Josh McDaniel, Sean Payton) Someone should alert Frank about that possibility. Hopefully I am just paranoid. Sorry.
  7. I am absolutely certain that if Luck expressed an interest or was invited to put his input to the gameplans with Frank, Nick, JB, Hoyer and Kelly., he would be most welcomed.The guy is super smart and if Robert Mathis can consult why can't Luck do the same. It keeps him engaged and close to all his friends. That is a good thing.
  8. I think the WR to watch is Marcus Washington. He was Frank's pick over Dontrelle Inman last year before he got hurt. Both Frank and Ballard liked him, but he was cut in the 53 man roster over Pascal/Chester. With Funchess out, he becomes his successor to Funchess's role. He is a veteran and has size and good hands. He was dressed to play against the Chiefs.
  9. This is just wonderful news. He brings enthusiasm. Eberflus can now really strategize his rushing schemes. He has gotten Okereke up and running. and Walker cross trained. Banago needs to follow the tutelage of Justin Houston and Robert Mathis. I feel Marcus Washington ( a big size and veteran Philly WR) is going to play the Funchess role. Lastly, I think EJ Speed is going to be the December surprise defensive player. Exciting games ahead.
  10. The Raiders are decimated with injuries in the linebacking core. It will be a good day for the TE's and crossing patterns. TY be a decoy and lock down Conley. I believe we will see our other back, Williams. Pound them between the tackles and then let Mack do the rest. As for the defense secondary, this is the game to see what press coverage are they able to support. This maybe a good time to try EJ Speed with Okereke and Walker.
  11. My biggest concern is that Darius Leonard concussion is more serious than it is being reported. I read that post traumatic concussion can take 3 months or more. The symptoms range from dizziness, headaches, limited processing of information and sensitivity with light.
  12. Paris is slowly moving into the limelight. With TY having quad issues and Marlon not 100%, it will be sooner than later that Paris will be highlighted. Anther key factor is whether he is 100% healthy and ready to withstand the hits coming. I am targeting it will be against KC. PS: There has been no info on how Funchess is doing with his rehab.
  13. Hooker is getting hurt often. Hope he is available against Mahomes. If there is a stage for him to shine for a big contract that is the stage. The entire NFL will be watching.
  14. Keep him on the roster for the time being. He will be very helpful to run our scouting team. Right now there are too many teams looking for backup QB's.
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