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  1. In Ballard I trust. He is intuitive and a consensus builder. This is a great opportunity to use this decision to refine your offensive strategy. Remember, Reich loves the RPO and what he could do with a mobile QB.
  2. I just think Ballard has an inside track with the Jets organization.
  3. Fantastic in keeping Dodd and Eberflus for one more year. It is going to get tough to keep them although they are smart and know that they are in the best setup. They are under a system that is coach friendly with GM/scouting team that keeps churning talent for them to work with.
  4. Solve the REDZONE 2020 problem!!! The Colts will do Mack right. If there is a good deal for him they will let him go. Ballard is true to his word. Intuitively, I think people will be worried in giving Mack a big contract so he will stay a Colt. The Colts will go after a Veteran FA LT and RT for depth. He will draft more OL/DL for depth. He will resign Xavier and TY (?). Justin Houston and Denico Autry. High draft pick will be on defense: CB or Pass Rusher He will go after a veteran WR that will stretch the field. QB:
  5. In Ballard I trust. That is all that is necessary. I honestly believe that the scouts, coaches and Reich will provide the best insights on who we should retain. They were the teachers and weekly evaluators. They did a great job this year and that earned my respect and confidence. If we want to just speculate who we should keep, I vote for Mack if hehas fully recovered. AC, Houston, Autry and Xavier Rhodes for another year. Whether they agree that is another story.
  6. It was a good season and my congrats to the entire team from management to the trainers. When you consider that this was the most chaotic year with Covid, No preseason, Zoom meetings, New QB and coaches and Social Summer unrest. The adversity brought the entire team together singing from the same hymnal. Irsay and Ballard had a wonderful draft and created depth. They improved every game and we did not have all the noise that was going on within the other teams., like Philadelphia, Dallas, Texans. I remain positive, optimistic and enthusiastic that our Colts will be in and win the Super Bowl
  7. I did not realize that Peyton chose to live in Denver. He is a New Orleans native that led me to think, if he enters the HOF is he going in as a COLT or BRONCO? I know he shows up for Colt events but that maybe just PR work. How does he see himself? Brett Favre played at GB, Vikings, Jets but he is remembered and enters the HOF as a Packer. Joe Montana is a 49ers even though he ended his career in KC. So what is the end picture for Peyton?
  8. Xavier has Davante Adams. Rock will be on Valdez. If things get tough on Rock than EJ Carrie will take his place. The key will be the pass rush and the LB's keeping Aaron contained. Sad that Denico will not play. Time to see what Turay, Mohammed and Tyjuan. We also have Curtis Marsh... good to see what he brings to the table.
  9. Doyle out gives Noah or Hentges an opening. We need Julian Blackmon. TJ Carrie to cover Kenny if he can't go. The defensive key is rushing the QB. The offensive key will be taking what they give you.
  10. Next game at Indy is going to be difficult for the Titans to protect Tannehill.... Kemoko speed rush and Forrest collapsing the middle. Tannehill always had trouble in staying focus when under pressure. The fast dome turf will work to Colts favor.
  11. Davonte Adams has ankle issues and maybe an issue. If he does not play or he is limited that will help us tremendously. He is ARodgers go to guy. Colts win this Sunday
  12. Rewatching previous games where Xavier Rhodes covered Davonte Adams he did OK as long as you have Julian Blackmon cover over the top. Xavier has played him many times and so its going to be a battle out there. I see the Colts winning this game. The Packers are not playing well as of late with an easy remaining schedule with a two game divisional lead.
  13. Rock Ya Sin works his butt off to improve but right now he is really struggling. Maybe he is showing some tendencies that the coaches need to help him with. We need him as we will be facing better WRs. I have seen the coaches switch him out at times with TJ Carrie.
  14. Colts win 33 - 24. Key is Xavier Rhodes on Davonte Adams with Blackmon over the top. LB's cover their TE. Offensively, I think Rivers will get us into the right plays.
  15. Aside from losing a very emotional loss to the Steelers. They lost their top CB Marlon Humphries injury. Judon (WLB) for ejection. Now with Covid Judon's backup Tyrus Bower is in quarantine until Sunday. Queen starting (RILB) until Sunday. Given that they also lost their LT Stanley and his backup Tyre Phillips who also happens to be Orlando Brown's backup. With Orlando Brown moving to LT, Orlando's old position is left to Fluker. There is no more depth so they better stay healthy all game long. Mark Ingram their starting RB is on IR so they will use DK Dobbins. Colts at home i
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