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  1. Safety First, be it on the field or off the field. Contrary to the Pro's the risk is very high for the college players. There is no insurance and permanent damage can result from catching the virus. Honestly, I think each player's decision will be highly influenced by their parents, family, friends and home physician. I am surprised that the conferences have not canvassed each player and their family regarding playing this year, and publish their findings. I think the student body, the fans and sportscasters should know.
  2. I always felt that Rivers never got the opportunity to play in the Big Dance. He is good enough to be there just like Eli Manning. I for one will be very happy to see Phillip Rivers win the SB and MVP. (if not this year than 2022). Reich is a perfect match with Phillip, and he's been there before. Reich suffered many years with the Bills and never getting the SB ring until he was with the Eagles. I have a very good feeling that this year will be story for the ages.
  3. Go on NFL Pass (free right now) and watch the 2013 Charger season and see Phillip Rivers play. Reich and Nick set the game plan, while Ken Wisenhunt called the play. (By the way the Chargers killed the Colts that year on MNF) Then I invite you to watch the Colts under Andrew Luck (same season). Compare.... IMHO, Rivers decided more quickly and released the ball alot faster than Peyton or even Luck. His ball placement on slants and finding the TE and the backs out of the backfield is masterful. If he still has the arm, sky is the limit!!
  4. There will be alot of hand holding during the upcoming weeks. For he rookies and UDFA this is critical to prove that they belong. For the veterans it will be all about timing and sync up with their teammates. The first hurdle is being safe and not lose anybody due to the virus or injuries. I think they are going to have alot of fun by keeping it loose. I wish they will film and share some of it.
  5. What's happening? Did he retire or is he still on IR? Does he plan to retire?
  6. How much does Hoyer get paid?? And he is going to be sitting behind Newton and Stidman?? This is a very lopsided agreement that borders on being ridiculous. Maybe Newton is offering a $1M deal contract to prove he is good enough to make the team. If he does than what???
  7. The Colts management responded and per ESPN has posted a support statement on systemic racism. Where is it on the Front Colts page? There is all sorts of Award info but this is not even mentioned. Do we have to get this information from ESPN or PFT?
  8. Due to COVID the overall time for Rivers to get his timing down would mean that the coaches have to prioritize the wideouts, TE and RBs to work with him. That's alot of players. I think the priority should be: TY, Doyle, Hines, Mack, Pittman, Burton (if he is healthy). I realize he is a veteran QB and has thrown to many receivers, but given the limited time he has, this is going to be a huge challenge or maybe not?
  9. I am appreciative of all the threads since I posted the first one. I am excited to see this year's Colts take the field. The only weakness is the defensive backfield. If the DL can compensate with their strong rush it will help.
  10. After watching 4-5 2018 games of Rivers and 4-5 games of Luck, I think Rivers has a quicker release and read. Part of this is due to the offensive line and his decision process. Luck holds on to the ball longer because he can. Luck had a better OL and he can take hits and run with the ball. When I look at Frank's overall game plan, I think Rivers is better match. Short quick passes and gashing runs with his RPO. Rivers can throw downfield and when he does his releases are quicker, however his accuracy is not as good as Luck's. Rivers definitely makes his receivers fight for the catch.
  11. Is he retiring? We have two candidates looking to take his place. Have they been working out with ST snapper, holder?
  12. If one players test positive, how do you address the fact that this player has been in contact with the other 53 players and coaches, and assistants?
  13. There are a number of teams reporting positive Covid test results for some of their players. Will the Colts share that information. Is it against HIPAA rules to share their names and day number in quarantine?
  14. If you want to see another comeback - watch 2018 vs the Steelers in Pittsburgh. What is impressive is his quick release and use of his backs. His reads are really so much superior to Brissett. His release is quicker than Luck. Rivers is a Future HOF. Like Marino he did not play in a SB but his leadership is unquestionable. I just hope he has enough time to develop the chemistry with the other players. The Chargers receivers were so much better than what we have. We need receivers that can catch the tight window passes and get rocked. I am not sure we have them. Kenaan Allen is a real stud.
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