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  1. Hopefully in the second half of this season Frank will open up the passing game, which will then open the run.
  2. Harris should stay and Dulin and Fountain should head to PS. If we let Harris head to PS we will lose him. He is the real thing. Given Parris gets hurt often it would be best we lock Harris down. I will keep Pittman in IR and let him heal up. In the meantime keep Patmon in the active roster. Frank and Nick has a boatload of skill pass catching players at their disposal. WR/TE and RB
  3. I see him taking the place of Parris Campbell. He has the speed and gets great seperation and hands. He shows confidence and in his own words, " he belongs ". Doesn't hurt that Phil Rivers mentioned him during the Post Game interview. Having been a RB means he has the strength to get some good YAC.
  4. Watching Post Game interviews... NO ONE ASKS FRANK ... WHY are you calling plays to the weakness of your offense? I know he is the guru of the RPO but Rivers is not an RPO QB, so what is happening? Either you have a non RPO playbook that fits Rivers (which limits Frank's genius) OR you have an RPO playbook that Rivers can execute. What Colts offense are we going to get in 2020?
  5. It all rest on our DL. If they can shutdown David Montgomery RB... then the LB can really focus on the rest, including rushing Foles. Foles is unflappable but he is also vulnerable physically. The key is to confuse the WR's making Foles guess how his WR will read and react. In the Falcon's game he threw to open spaces for the receivers to run under. The Falcons were really really bad. I am worried about Xavier and Rock. Xavier because they have seen alot of him with the Vikings, and Rock because he just got back. On Offense, our running and TE and short passes should do just fine
  6. I googled compartment leg syndrome which is what Pittman had surgery. If it is not chronic and addressed with surgery right away he could be back ready for high impact activities in a few weeks. However, full recovery is 3-4 months. We are so unlucky with Mack, Hooker and now Pittman. Ballard was really smart to stock up the shelves with WR and TE's. On the bright side, Phillip Rivers never got accustomed to lock in any one receiver. He has been spreading the ball around which makes other defenses clueless.
  7. We are building up a nice stable of TE's. With MO, Noah and Hentges... its going to be really nice. I think we should let Burton and Doyle sit out for awhile. These players maybe our future.
  8. PLEASE don't let this be a TRAP game. Don't read the headlines.
  9. Vikings scored 34 points on the Packers in Wk 1, in Minneapolis. So their WR set is not that bad.
  10. This is a good game for Phil to work with TY on timing and catch. TY's confidence must be somewhat shaken due to his consecutive underperformance. If he snaps out of it this Sunday, the score should be 35-14. If Quincey gets on the field, TY will eat him alive.
  11. Julian Blackmon is a serious dude. For a rookie to step in with that much self confidence and key plays is a huge find for the Colts secondary. Having Blackmon and Willis in the secondary is going to be a huge upgrade from the past. He tackles really well and his closing speed is faster than most because of his instinct. Willis's interception was due to Blackmon closing speed and stepping in front of the WR to intercept the ball but resulted in a tip for Willis to intercept. There was a few 3rd down plays which Blackmon dislodged the ball due his timely hit. For a first start is quite impress
  12. Glad to see Hentges back in the fold. He was to be Doyle's replacement before they resigned Jack. Kid can really block and had surprisingly good hands. Proved that at the Redskins With Paris lost for the season, DeMichael Harris should be considered to play the slot. DeMichael Harris has sprinter speed and his college highlights is filled with elusiveness. His field speed is amazing.
  13. I overestimated the Vikings and underestimated Rivers and the Defense. Oooops!
  14. Doyle is an availability issue. Hip, then other issues and now the ankle. I think Jack is closing down and I don't think Mo is the answer. When they went to Trey in the offseason, I think the coaches made their decision to give Jack a back up role. I think Jack felt it and is now just trying to coast to the end of the season.
  15. Vikings will make Rivers beat them with the long pass. They don't think he has the arm and that is how they played him when he was with the Chargers. If we don't play with a lead, it is going to be a very long day.
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