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  1. Colts are a better team today. People can envision this team making and winning the SB, provided they stay healthy. Key health players DeForest Buckner Darius Leonard Xavier Carson Wentz JT Nyheim TY Paris Doyle
  2. Smart Smart move on part of Ballard. Blakenship has not convinced me that he is RELIABLE under pressure situations and bad weather. Good competition and if they come out even I think Ballard is going with Eddie Pinheiros. He can kick in icy and windy conditions whereas Blakenship cannot.
  3. Eric Fisher solves our LT going forward. Yes, he needs to rehab his Achilles but considering what we are getting is a NO BRAINER. He seems to be a perfect fit for our OL, next to Q. He is a Pro Bowler having the tools to make this OL the best in the NFL. I have no angst if we lose early games this year because there are alot of adjustments and familiarization and timing that will be needed. Given we are a young team with a mobile QB. We have a deep bench on this young Defense/Offense/ST, which weathers better regarding injuries. It is a VERY LONG season. The stars are lining up....
  4. Is Doyel saying that to grab headlines???.... so he thinks Carson Wentz is worse than Phil Rivers and Jacoby Brissett? Kwitty Paye wouldn't make a difference?
  5. what happend with Hale Hentges. As a rookie he was supposedly Jack D replacement. He went on to play for Washington and we reclaimed him last year
  6. Ballard just put notice on Kemoko and Banagu to perform this year. I see Kwitty Paye taking snaps from them. I would resign Justin Houston to help Kwitty Paye and in case Kemoko does not recover. For LT, Ballard noted that the draft was deep but not left tackles. Ballard stayed true to his draft philosopy in NOT REACHING, even if you lack a starting LT. (What's the difference in drafting an average LT versus signing an average starting veteran LT?... I will take the later.. Why waste a draft picks.
  7. Great pick. I see a future Robert Mathis. Eberflus is going to have field day scheming Stunts and blitzes with Kwitty Paye. I could not believe he dropped to 21. He was suppose to be the first edge rusher.
  8. I don't understand why Ballard / Reich are bringing in these TE when he has Hedges sitting on the bench. In his rookie year he was noted as Doyle's replacement which Doyle agreed. He went onto Washington because we could not protect him. He became a starter and now we have him back. I understand us getting Zach Ertz but after that I can see Burton.
  9. Mack, Xavier.... both important resigning. Ballard is waiting for the FA signing to level off to access fair value. Meantime keeping close tap on offers to his resigning targets. If you know what your needs and fair value than the rest is being smart. He did that with his QB search and did very well with Carson Wentz. He targeted Matt Stafford but Carson will turn out to be a much better pick. My GUESS: Hilton, TJ Carrie, Justin Houston.
  10. I kinda knew this was going to happen because Ballard told us in his year end talk. My guess is that he came to that decision after sitting down with the coaches and his key evaluators. Ballard does not do things without a succession plan for that position.
  11. I realy am glad we resigned Marlon. It is a win win situation. Marlon can regain his confidence and we have a dynamite weapon. Marlon can help JT and JT can also help by extending Marlon's recovery and play. The NFL 17 games is a tear on anyone's body and so having these four RB, we are pretty much set.
  12. I am feeling positive ALREADY because we resolved the biggest FA question: Carson Wentz is going to be our QB, have a healthy salary cap and Ballard pulling the trigger.
  13. - I am glad that M.Pittman took a stand in wanting the 11 number - I am glad that Wentz was cool about it BUT IMO, the ultimate decision belongs with the Colts management, namely Ballard/Irsay BECAUSE: 1- The Team assigns the number. They can also change the assigned numbers like they recently did last year. 2- There maybe contractual obligations in the original Philadelphia contract with Carson that this number be permanently assigned to Carson Wentz. Contracts can be altered so it is not a show stopper. 3- Number 11 with Wentz is a marketing brand
  14. Pittman's decision illustrates the openess and comfort level within their locker room. You got be who you are, and for Wentz it is a reminder that no player is more important than the team. That is what Ballard and Reich preaches and the players are walking the talk.
  15. 8 it is a Lucky number .... previous HOF QB: Troy Aikman, Steve Young
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