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  1. If the owners want 17 games, and injuries to key players are impacting the product on the field then the NFL needs to readjust the base plan. I don't care how they do it but on cut off day each team must have more players per team. Yes, the salary cap needs to be adjusted and yes the owners need to cough up more money but at the end of the day it is the product on the field that counts. The sport is not going to be less violent or taxing on muscles and ligaments. Medicine is not going to be the silver bullet. I am in favor an extended the 53 player roster to improve the sport.
  2. I agree 100% with Jeff Saturday. Keep Q at guard and allow Fisher to work out his improvement and coordination with the coaches and Wentz. Give the guy a break. We don't have anybody better. Period
  3. We have a load of backup WR to fill Parris slot. It all depends on the strategy for that game. - DeMichael Harris ( slants and end arounds) - Keke Coutee (proven veteran player, slants, good hands and quick cuts) - Michael Strachan ( Stretch and Red Zone) We need TY.... it will open up the rest of the WR's. Watch our TE come out.
  4. If you watched OSU they rarely used Parris due to his fragility. Terry McLauren wanted to play for the Colts and is doing great for the Redskins. Another OSU that is of the same mold was Malik Hooker. You know what happened to him. The truth is that our scouts in that region really does not factor in these health issues and so we get burned in the draft. It is not the players fault and football is a violent sport. The truth is that availability is the most important factor in making the team. What's wrong with Braden Smith????
  5. Next time we have a choice at training camp, and Blankenship is tied with the other guy... go with the other guy. First year, Blakenship missed the critical kick in Buffalo. First MNF at a critical game to ice it for us, he gets hurt. (Not his fault for getting hurt but the guy is just snake bitten). We really miss GOAT, Adam badly.
  6. It is a long season and injuries will play the KEY difference as to who lands out making it to the playoffs. Who wins the playoffs also depends on which team can put together a healthy squad. I am hoping that the Colts had a headstart in getting all their players hurt, so come later half they can make it to the playoff and have a healthy squad.
  7. That is good news. MNF with Peyton on ESPN against the Ravens. Good time to show up as the whole nation will be watching.
  8. Wentz should be sidelined until the OL is back to standard. The benefit is regaining your 1st round pick and Eason and Ehrlinger gets real game experience. They lost the division so kiss it good bye to the playoffs.
  9. Honestly, the issue is seriously wrong and this locker room is over stated. The players think that they have the capabilities to win 11 in a row like last year. They are dead wrong. One, it was Covid and they had Phillip Rivers. Two, they have a harder schedule. So I say play Eason and shelf Wentz to protect your 1st pick. Winter is coming and Hedge against the Covid NFL rules. Unfortunately it will all be captured on Hard Knocks.
  10. Frank like Tony Dungy is NO BELLICHEK and now we know he is no creative offensive mind. As a coach he just MISSED TOTALLY that there is NO synchronization with the Offensive line. If he did he would call more run plays. Period because the cost was Wentz injury. He failed Wentz. He hired numerous additional offensive coaches for the QB and Line support and they have not DELIVERED. Irsay needs to call Frank and the coaches and CHEW them up.
  11. Using Ballard own words " We earn our money when things go bad" Well, its time to earn your new contract. 1- Maybe Reich is spending more time doing podcasts and satisfying the Indy media than in coaching. 2- Where are the fruits of getting all those new coaches? 3- What is wrong with the OL? 4- Why are our players all having foot injuries? 5- Malik Hooker was always injured and a product of Ohio State. Paris Campbell is always injured and also a product of OSU. When did we ever get a healthy player out of OSU? Maybe goes back to Polian days with Anthony Gonzalez? 6- Who is making the decisions on cut down players? Whoever decided to cut Cachere should be held accountable.
  12. It is very unfortunate but I am dumbfounded how the best OL is now the worst? Did all that big money just go to their heads or did those extra coaches just screw things up. (Kevin Mawae is hot dog has been. It must have been a Reich choice from the days of old) I can't think of anyone else who knows Reich' system like Foles. He is the 3rd string QB for the Bears. Shouldn't be expensive. Foles is better than Eason.
  13. Rams 28 - 14 OL and Defense improve but disappointing. Carson and offense out of sync. Terrible timing and no running lanes. Offensively the Ram will do the same as the Seahawks but no chunk plays. Just out coached by mismatch. With or without Fisher or Braden or Xavier it doesn't matter. Our OL coaches are ZERO. They hired Mawae and Milonovich to just appease Frank and they just don't do anything. Marcus Brady is worst than Nick Sirriani and can't set up the playcalls for Reich. Eberflus is soooo comfortable with his job security that he does not focus on the details. The secondary is and will be terrible this year. Until the coaching staff wakes up the team will underperform and lose to the Titans for sure.
  14. Fisher is a veteran and he is not going to play unless HE thinks he is ready. He is 31 years old and he is planning to play a few more years. He wants an extension after this year. We need Fisher for the next few seasons.
  15. Frank is ultimately responsible for the entire team (players and coaches) came out FLAT for the season opener. Luckily the Titans did the same. It was a non conference game and basically we came out without much injuries. I will say that if we play as poorly against the Titans, Frank will be in HOT waters.
  16. We will need Mack down the stretch. It is a long season and need to save JT and Hines.
  17. I am sure Frank streamlined the plays to limit possibly getting Wentz from getting hurt. However, it did not matter. The OL played so poorly that Wentz got hit 15 times and some where heavy body blows. The first string OL never played together this preseason, less with Carson. This for all practical purpose was their Preseason game. Luckily for us we did not lose anybody, seriously. If you take away the Seahawks big chunk plays, this game would be more competitive. That is why we play the Cover 2 !!! Also using a Safety to cover Lockett was just stupid.
  18. Ballard gave Braden Smith and Darius Leonard million dollar extensions. They performed better on their rookie contract, plus no vaccine. Hopefully they will turn this ship around. It will not be hard to get 1% better from their last game.
  19. This was a preseason game for the veterans and coaches. Reich is responsible and better light a fire under his coaches. As for Ballard and his scouting team they need to scour through the wire for DB and S and LB. The defensive play calling exposed our weakness. (Either the players ran the wrong secondary plan or the coaches were out of their mind in having a safety cover Lockett.) Offensive Line was completely UNPREPARED from Left to Right. Marcus Brady never gave support to the LT. Why didn't he???
  20. Right now, I am not a happy camper. We had all preseason and Xavier NEVER played and now he goes limp. Somebody should be blamed for this and I hope Ballard figures this one out. Coach Gannon who is now with the Eagles has a close relationship with Xavier. I hope he is not putting the same play on the Colts like he did with the Vikings. I mention this because Xavier signed a one year contract after a good year.
  21. The Seahawks waited to the nth hour to sign the extension of their key players, forcing their hand to sit out camp. The Colts take a more proactive negotiation posture promoting mutual respect and integration. This Sunday will be a good experience to see if the Seahawk approach has an adverse affect on their play. I predict that the Colts will win 24 - 17. My hope rest on DeForest Buckner and the DL coralling Russell Wilson.
  22. I believe home field advantage will help us. We have the Surprize Factor. There is alot of tape on Russell Wilson and Seatle, where as there is no tape on Carson Wentz and the Colts. Without TY it is a mystery for Seattle to game plan. The key will be half time adjustments. I hope Reich has two sets of game plans for Sunday.
  23. Good Bulletin material. I rather be the underdog and create the upset. It keeps the players focused on One Game at Time, 1% better.
  24. I think it is wise to build up your treasure chest at this time to provide insurance for unexpected needs. All future signing will need money and the less you have, the lesser choices you have. Extension is an available option throughout the year. Nobody is going to turn away from being offered a good deal.
  25. NFL stands for Not For Long, so I question as to why his wife would jump into the early part of the waiving roster period. Why create waves especially if Cachere really wants to play for the Colts. Now if he really has no preference, than being an Eagle is fine.
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