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  1. Rivers played as well as we could have expected this year. Interestingly, it wasn’t the huge INTs that he’s known for that cost us, it was the 4-5 just flat out misses he has per game. Today, he overthrew Pittman in the end zone on 4th down and then, down 17-10, he missed Pittman on that crosser that was a sure first down and maybe a TD. You can’t win a ring with Rivers. You could prob win 10-11 games again.
  2. Bad red zone play and penalties—problems all year hurting us today.
  3. By yardage, the Colts are the sixth most penalized team in the league. Reich needs to insist on more discipline.
  4. Does Eberflus have a history of liking the blitz?
  5. This is not a disciplined Colts team—too many penalties and that falls on Reich. Eberflus gets a lot of positive publicity out of making second half adjustments; why can’t he game plan for the first half? Colts get boatraced in the first half too often.
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