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  1. What if.... ? The blue sweater vest I want to take a fun spin on our favorite team and look at some decisions that would have changed the course of not only this year but the whole identity of the Colts. Jim Tressel takes over for Jim Caldwell after he was fired to start 2012. After serving a 6 game suspension the year before being a team consultant in 2011. The trade Looking at what San Diego got for Eli Manning to come up with this trade formula. Tressel makes a deal with Washington to get a more Mobile QB. Andrew Luck and Jerry Hughes for Rg3, Brian Orakpo, 2013 2nd and 2013 4th This trade has a ripple effect on both franchises and implications for the whole NFL. The rest of the draft 2012 No Colby Fleener instead Cody Glen RT (Tressel offense didn't utilize TE) 3rd round Bernard Pierce RB (bigger bruising back for Tressel heavy run offense) Rest of draft same Trade Washington 2013 2nd round for Vontae Davis (we still trade for Vontae Davis) Draft Josh Gordon with our 2nd round supplemental pick to appease RG3 (complain to Irsay and Grigson about Tressel heavy run offense) 2012 lineup offensive QB Robert Griffin iii RB Donald Brown/ Bernard Pierce/ Vick Ballard WR Reggie Wayne/ Josh Gordon/ Donnie Avery/ TY Hilton/ LaVon Brazil O-Line AC (LT), Jeff Linkenbach (LG), Shipley (Center),Joe Reitz (RG), Cody Glen (RT) The Colts loss to the Ravens in the playoffs. Andrew Luck wins offensive Rookie of the year. Washington beats Seattle and Atlanta in playoffs advancing to conference championship game where Luck faces his old Stanford Coach Jim Harbaugh. In a upset Luck and Washington moves on to play the Ravens in the Superbowl. Luck gets injured 4th quarter against Chuck Pagano defense but Washington still wins the Superbowl against the Ravens with Kirk Cousins setting up a Wentz/Foles debate in Washington. Off-season Bruce Arians stays with the team and does not take the Arizona Cardinals Job Ray Horton takes over as HC in Arizona making Frank Reich his OC (Reich never becomes Phillip Rivers QB coach) 2013 draft is the exact same except for the 1st pick the Colts choose Alec Ogletree ILB instead of Bjorn Werner (since they have Brian Orakpo) A promising offense and a defense with Mathis, Orakpo, Davis, Butler, Bethea, Ogletree, Freeman, Toler and Walden The Colts and Jim Tressel looks to take over the AFC South in 2013
  2. I want to take a fun spin on our favorite team and look at some decisions that would have changed the course of not only this year but the whole identity of the Colts. JET SETTING..... Looking at what the Jets actually gotten, I tweaked the trade package to try to better accommodate both teams. Colts trade 1st, and both 2nd round picks in 2020 (With Luck retirement these picks were valuable for the Jets) For Jets trade Jamal Adams and Leonard Williams Week 7 before playing the Texans Ballard pulls this trade. The addition of these two guys nets us 3 more wins that year. We lost the picks that would turn into DeForest Buckner, MPJ(Bronco), and Jonathan Taylor(Jaguars). 3 more wins in 2019 netting us with a 10-6 record We end the rivalry by beating Tom Brady in his last game in the Patriots uniform. The next week we lose to Baltimore. Setting up a rematch of the 2013 Superbowl Ravens vs 49ers. Ultimately 49ers win. Off-season A head coaching gig for Matt Euberflues (Cowboys) Colts hire Ray Horton to replace Matt Euberflues. (Reich and Horton was on Arizona Cardinals together) Phillip Rivers goes to Denver with Gordon Tom Brady still goes to Tampa Bay How would our defense look with Manic, Adams, Williams, Houston, Rhodes, Autry and Walker in 2020? Do we stick with JB throughout 2020?
  3. Chandler Jones 15 million dollars 1 year. What is his value? Jones is 31 years old and missed the majority of last year. Similar situation is Melvin Ingram who is 32 years old and also missed the majority of last year. He just signed a 1 year 4 million dollar deal (1.075 million base salary) with voidable years. I think Jones is worth a 4th or 5th round pick, we have to hope playing next to Buckner and Grover he catches on fire and signs a lucrative deal when the cap rises next year. https://youtu.be/HKD45FDefL4 Possible Fit Remember Justin Houston was a 3-4 OLB that was able to adapt to our system. Jones played in a multiple defense while playing for Patriots and has experience in various roles. Possible contract comps for next year Melvin Ingram (age 32) 1 year 4 million Jadeveon Clowney (age 28) 1 year 10 million Bud Dupree (age 28) 5 years 82 million All three players miss time last year due to injuries as well as being at least 28 years old. I personally believe that Jones will fall between Clowney and Dupree making 12 to 15 million a year next contract. The reason I'm bringing up next year is because of the possible comp pick. https://youtu.be/rCOwwcsUJrg Chandler Jones 2019 stats 15 games 19 sacks 11 TFL 26 QB hits 53 combined tackles 8 FF 5 pass deflections 49 pressures If healthy he truly can be a force against the AFC South Left Tackles. Taylor Lewan -recovering from torn ACL Cam Robinson - in his four years in the NFL, Robinson ranks dead last among qualifying left tackles in PFF grade (56.2). Laremy Tunsil- probably the best tackle in the division but he is still susceptible to penalties. 3 options Ripping the Band-Aid off Mark Glowinski (5,650,000) 1 year Trading Glowinski would rip the Band-Aid off the offense line. He is in contract year and unlikely to return leaving for greener pastures next Off-season. We have Pinter and Tevi, both similar size as Glowinski. I know trading a key piece of our offensive line sounds crazy but Glowinski is likely to leave so why not trade a year early and give the reps to someone else. Plus it's highly probably that Jones will give us a higher comp pick than Glowinski. Glowinski and 6th round For Chandler Jones Let's get crazy Trade Jack Doyle (4.35 million) to Cowboys for 6th and package both picks for Jones. This is far fetched and closer to a NBA deal but this benefit all three teams. Cowboys need a TE, Doyle can replace what they have been missing since Jason Witten left. We also put Doyle in a good spot to contend and make deep playoff run. The Cardinals save cap money picking up two draft picks and can sign a few free agents with that new found money (Justin Houston, Garon Conley, Mitchell Schwartz). We can get a great edge rusher and fill in the TE role with a free agent. Sign Delanie Walker or bring back Trey Burton. This is far fetched but works as well. Doyle Trade makes space for Jones. Dallas 6th(traded Doyle) and Colts 6th For Chandler Jones (pick up Delanie Walker or Trey Burton to fill TE role) Kicking can down the road Ryan Kelly is only making 3.5 million in 22. We could restructure his contract Giving him more money in 22. Let's turn 8 million of his 10 million owed to him into signing bonus for this year. This gives us flexibility to pick up free agents if anyone gets injured and enough money to sign Jones. Some may disapprove but let's be honest what else are we going to do with the salary cap money next year. Trade 5th round for Jones Any Thoughts? I think Jones would be a great addition to the team. He would make it hard to evaluate a few players but his experience could help the edge room out. Bringing him in especially after asking for a trade seems unlikely but we did end up with Wentz. I'm sure you all have better scenarios than above or it maybe cheaper to bring back Justin Houston or sign Olivier Vernon from free agency. Does trading for Jones move the needle? Does this increase our chances of winning a Superbowl and does 1 year 15 million dollars hurt anything in our future?
  4. 3rd times the charm........ but yeah the rivalry is still on. Colts trade pick 26 and next year 5th Its been said many times that a difference maker at position of need may not fall to 26. We move back a couple of spots and pick up two more 3rd round picks. For New England pick 32, 97 and 101 Patriots have plenty of picks to play with this year. Also with a stranglehold over their division they can afford to take risk to keep Tom Brady Superbowl window open a little longer. As far as draft chart this trade is roughly 40 to 60 points in our favor. I came into the draft thinking about getting starters early. Keep in mind with Doyle back how many 3 wide receiver sets are we going to run. Same goes for our defense with Houston and Sheard... I do not see a defensive end coming in and starting over these guys. Quick 5 round Mock Draft 1. Jeffrey Simmons DT Mississippi State Getting arguable a top 15 talent at the bottom of the draft was to good to pass up. The 5th year option gives me a piece of mind about waiting on his injury. Simmons has experience in both 3-4 and 4-3. His ability to eat up double teams, collapse the pocket and stuff the run open up opportunities for his teammates (Sweat). Ceiling Comp: Fletcher Cox 2. Mack Wilson LB Alabama Looking at our defense the easiest position to upgrade is the LB spot. Walker is a good LB and there is nothing wrong with him coming off the bench like AJ Klein did for the Panthers. Mack provide coverage skills of a safety. On field speed (not 40 time) is above average. Fills the right gaps on running plays and the ability to play QB spy. Coming from a long line of Alabama LBs some have been super stars, while others have been average he has history on his side because recently few have been bust. Ceiling Comp: Telvin Smith 2. Riley Ridley WR Georgia Ridley is in a similar situation as Micheal Thomas (Saints) when entering the draft. Both are strong WR, run great routes, strong hands but was in a system in college that was run dominate. Ridley has two more things that stands out, his brother is already in the league and he has experience going against the top CBs in college football. Ceiling Comp Michael Crabtree 3.Jachai Polite DE Flordia This is a far drop for a player once considered to be a 1st rounder. Polite did terrible at combine and probably have been taken off draft boards due to poor numbers and interviews. Before you roll your eyes last year Orlando Brown dropped from 1st round tackle to 3rd rounder because of a terrible combine so thats the logic behind this pick. Polite posses a deadly spin move and the ability to dip under bigger offensive lineman. He comes in to play a role similar to Jonathan Newsome where he can pin his ears back and just focus on rushing the QB. Ceiling Comp: Noah Spence 3. Zach Allen Boston College Allen lack of athleticism and lack of position have a few looking at him like Bjorn Werner. Allen is a technician at the DE position his hand placement, balance and power punches makes up for lack of bend. He can really make his money with his timing. Allen had 7 passes tipped/batted down (Deandre Baker and Greedy Williams had 9) Ceiling Comp: Derek Wolfe 3. Micheal Jordan OG/C/OT Ohio State Jordan has played every position on the interior of the line. He comes in and can be back up center to Ryan Kelly who only complete season was his rookie year. At 6'6 and his ability to get to the 2nd level makes me want to give him some reps at tackle during practice and preseason. A player who can contribute anywhere on the line could be invaluable when trying to figure out the final 53 man roster. Ceiling Comp: Gordy Glenn 4. Rodney Anderson RB Oklahoma Anderson if healthy would be in the running for RB 1 in this class. His long history of injuries makes him a very high risk player whom more than likely won't get to his second contract. Anderson has vision, balance and burst. He is a natural hand catcher and will be dangerous in the screen and short passing game. Behind our offensive line he has a chance to gain 400 to 600 all purpose yards. Ceiling Comp: Theo Riddick to Matt Forte (if healthy) 4. Jazz Ferguson WR North Western Hmmmm 2 WR in the draft you say. This draft has 2 players on the Pup list Simmons and Anderson which buys us at least 6 weeks to evaluate and give all our WR some burn. On top of that in a contact sport like the NFL there's bound to be a injury its just the nature of the sport. Lastly if you look at our potential free agents next year we could lose a lot of height and big time redzone targets (Ebron, Funchess and Doyle) to ridiculous contracts. Ferguson even though he's a developmental player could step up to fill this role. Ferguson had a scholarship for LSU so the talent has been there. He dominated the lower competition and had several "Moss em" catches. He comes in with appreciation for the 2nd chance and probably a chip on his shoulders. Height, speed and the ability to get the jump ball makes Ferguson a weapon for Luck. Ceiling Comp Vincent Jackson 5. Jamal Peters CB/ S Mississippi State Peters is a enforcer in the secondary. He plays better in zone than man but can run with TEs. He played both safety and CB at Mississippi State. Ceiling Comp: Cam Chancellor Should/Would we trade with New England? What you do if we pull this trade?
  5. Late round Jazz Ferguson WR North Western??? I think his combine # is kinda close to Mike Evans...
  6. Appreciate the reply and your opinion. Definitely can see your prospective. I think option 1 gives us depth at a position that of recent years have been riddled with injuries. It also can help us evaluate Wilson (rather we keep him or not). The second option is far less appealing to me personally bc I want the Chiefs to regress. I agree that you could probably grab alot more but I just went with the online draft chart point system. I know we all assume that Ballard love his draft pick and if he stays on the hot streak four 2nd round picks could do wonders for our team if he gets the right guy
  7. Two highly unlikely scenarios in which I included a 4 round mock draft with each trade. Trade the 26th pick For Eagles Rasual Douglass CB, 53rd and 57th The Eagles get 2 first rounder and plenty of ammunition to reload for a Superbowl run. With Darby coming back into the fold they can use Douglas as trade bait. The Eagles still have Mills, Darby, Sidney Jones at the CB position. The Colts flip the no. 26 pick into 3 players. Rasual Douglas has 2 more years on his rookie contract. He is 6'2 and has great zone awareness unfortunately on the Eagles he doesn't get any playtime unless its a injury. The Eagles can grab Greg Little OT to solidify their offensive line and prep for the future without Jason Peters. Mack Wilson LB to make up for the loss of their LB Hicks in free agency. Mack has range and the ability to cover TEs Leaving them with two 4th rounders, a 5th and a 6th to fill out the rest of their roster. Mock 1 2. Jeffrey Simmons DT Mississippi State A powerful defender that has been compared to Fletcher Cox 2. Charles Omenihu DE Texas Multi postion defensive lineman who can stay on the field for 3 downs. 2. Juan Thornhill Safety Virginia Covers like a CB, range to take away half the field 2. Joe Jackson DE Miami Long arms, high motor, poor man Brian Burns 3. Isaiah Prince OT Ohio State Has improved at every year, physical tools are there must get doen mechanics 4. Anthony Ratliff-Williams WR North Carolina Strong hands, great special team returner, good blocker 4. Michael Jackson SR CB Miami Tall CB that excels in zone, good tackler Trade Down Scenario 2 Trade 34 We once again capitalize on moving back turning one pick into 3 players. Depending on who we sign in free agency this maybe a great option to get young players that maybe consider a reach but could still contribute to the team. For Kansas City Chiefs 61 (2nd), 64 (2nd) and next year 5th At 34 the Chiefs can grab Paris Campbell to help lessen the blow of a possible Tyreek Hill suspension. This may seem like a reach but Paris wont make it to pick 61. After a potential suspension the idea of Hill, Kelce and Campbell will make defensive coordinators lose sleep. Mock Draft 2 1. Josh Jacobs RB Alabama Vision catching and pass protection makes him a welcome addition to the RBBC 2. Joejuaun Williams CB Vanderbilt A terrific CB in many coverages with fluid hips and height/long arms to press 2. Gerald Willis DT Miami A monster in the middle that can stuff the run and eat up double teams to free DEs for one on ones 2. Riley Ridley WR Georgia Great release of the line and advanced route running compared to fellow WR 3. Austin Bryant DE Clemson Doesn't have the best bend but find ways to collapse the line and pressure QBs 4. Renell Wren DT Arizona State University Raw unfiltered strength 4. Dru Samia OT/G Oklahoma Has the height, frame and feet to be a tackle. Just need mechanics and experience of holding a block against non big 12 opponents.
  8. Going into a off season where Andrew Luck isn't a question mark may have free agents looking at us like the prom queen. We should be a hot commodity (yep I have my fandom glasses on). Still by some chance we miss out on some high profile free agents should Ballard take a gamble/risk by looking to aquire one or all of these players. Turning a OLB into a DE Anthony Barr 6'5 250lbs 26 years old https://youtu.be/BW11ukvUEWY We seen names like Preston Smith, Za'Darius Smith, Dee Ford, and even Shane Ray as a possibility for the Colts for defensive end. All of these players are OLB for 3-4 defense. Height, weight, speed, athleticism and age Barr is on par with the names above. Last training camp he started taking reps at DE. His size and speed compares to his former teammate Danielle Hunter (6'6 240lbs) who got paid. Barr also provides the ability to disguise blitzes because of his ability to drop into a zone. Even if you can't get to the QB we seen how tip passes can disrupt drives and his height and arm length (33 1/2). A look at next year schedule provides Barr a good chance to transition to having a hand in the ground. We face Texans (2x), Denver, Chargers, Buccaneers, Radiers, and Miami that all have either bad lines and or a stationary QB. Looking at Margus Hunt growth in this system and maybe the possibility that the Vikings played him in the wrong position. Would this be a wise move to gamble on Barr. A 4th round pick for a Reserve/PUP List Rodney Anderson 6'1 220lbs https://youtu.be/utferOWkERo Trying to follow in the footsteps of all the great OU rbs Anderson injury history could be a big red flag for some but not us. The Colts have a crowded backfield with Mack, Hines, Wilkins and Jonathan Williams for now. Drafting Anderson could essentially be for mid season or next season but he could be worth it. His blend of size, soft hands, power and elusiveness is similar to Joe Mixon. The one two punch of Mack and Anderson could be similar what Atlanta had with Freeman and Coleman. The draw back is Marcus Latimore taken by the 49ers in the 4th round in 2013. Rodney hasn't proven the ability to stay healthy but a off season plus 6 weeks of nfl facilities, nutrition and trainers could turn his luck around. A incentive base year CB contract Jason Verrett 5'11 190lbs 27 years old https://youtu.be/clH-6HnHc6s 25 games played since being drafted in 2014 it sounds crazy to invest in a guy like this. Verrett when on the field has proven to be a top CB. Ronald Darby is in a similar situation coming off of a injury. Verrett gives us the ability to examine Quincy, keep Desir and strengthen the depth of our CBs at a much cheaper cost. Quincy started 5 games and Desir started 12 this past year leaving room for Verrett to get some starts and playing time to reach a few incentives in a contract (also factoring the amount of time teams are in the nickle defense). Playing against Flacco, Mariota, Winston and Watson he could see alot of lame duck or errant passes in his vicinity. The Chargers have a history of top players being injured (Keenan Allen, Hunter Henry, Joey Bosa, Melvin Gordon and more). We don't necessarily have a better history but maybe a change can provide Verrett a season to show what he can do. Without the pressure/expectations of being a starter Verrett could be apart of a good to great secondary. Terminator 2/David Irving 2.0 Shawn Oakman 6'8 287lbs 26 years old https://youtu.be/3hiTIDOgn2Y Sadly for this man 3 years of his career was taken away by an accusation that took 45 minutes of a jury to find him not guilty. Shawn Oakman was a physical marvel, but pretty raw as far as skills and rush moves (bull rush and push pull move). Similar to David Irving his size and ability makes him intriguing, off the field he has issues (dismissed for conduct at Penn State and assault which was never filed). A 2 or 3 year deal where the Colts would have to be patience with his growth and development maybe in line. Getting him in football shape and condition would be a must. Oakman would be similar to a draft pick and probably could be stashed on our pratice squad. If he is able to bounce back and add a spin move (Mathis I'm looking at you) he could become a redemption story. Is he worth the risk PR wise? If you were in Ballard shoes would you roll the dice on any of these guys.
  9. Mock Draft 1st * Cincinnati Bengals Dwanye Haskins QB Cincinnati trades 2019 1st, 2nd and 4th 2020 2nd Cordy Glenn OT For Arizona Cardinals 1st round pick Cincinnati hit the refresh button and gains a ton of cap. Andy Dalton can be traded or cut without any penalties. Haskins step into a division with a new QB at 2 out of the 3 other teams. As well as weapons in Green and Mixon. Arizona has alot of needs. They recieve big help on the line. Hot take I think Bosa will refuse to interview with the cardinals. 2. 49ers Joey Bosa DE 3. Jets Cody Ford OT 4. * Washington Redskins Kyler Murray QB Washington trades 2019 1st and 3rd, 2020 1st Josh Norman Raiders trade 2019 1st round Washington is in a tough position cap wise. They have a great line for Kyler to play behind. As well as Guice and other weapons that can help him in Gruden creative offense. Raiders gets 2 first rounds and Norman fits the veteran mold similar to Nelson being brought in last year. 5. Tampa Bay Quinnen Williams DT 6. * Dolphins Drew Lock QB Dolphins trade this year 1st and 3rd, 2020 2nd round and Xavien Howard CB Giants trade 2019 1st round pick 7. Jaguars Rashan Gary DE/DT 8. Lions Josh Allen DE 9. Buffalo DK Metcalf WR 10. Denver Greedy Williams CB 11. * Arizona Brian Burns OLB 12. Green Bay Monteaz Sweat DE 13. Giants Jonah Williams OT/G 14. Atlanta Ed Oliver DT 15. Raiders Devin White LB 16. Carolina TJ Hockenson TE 17. Browns Christian Wilkins DT 18. Vikings Jawaan Taylor OT 19. Titans Jachai Polite OLB 20. Pittsburgh Steelers Deandre Baker CB 21. Seahawks Marquise Brown WR 22. Ravens Jaylen Furgeson OLB 23. Houston Andre Dillard OT 24. Raiders N'Keal Harry WR 25. Eagles Parris Campbell WR 26. COLTS on the clock Pick 32 the Patriots trade to Giants Patriots recieves Janoris Jenkins, Giants 2nd and both 4th rounds this year Giants picks Jarrett Stidum QB Cardinals trade draft pick 33 and swap 5th round picks For Antonio Brown So with the draft laid out in front of you who are you going with at 26? Lets see your best mock draft.
  10. Oh i read it wrong and went to a draft chart which numerically our 26th and those 2 second rounders were close in value..... my bad brodie
  11. Yup I think the 9ers with Solomon and Armstead have alot of options rather thats drafting Bosa or Allen with the 1st pick and later in the 3rd a player like Zach Allen from Boston College really make the blow of lossing DeForest a lot more manageable. Especially if our pick lands them a AB. If the Steelers use the transition tag on Bell our 3rd round pick should be able to grab him as well.
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