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  1. I tried to come up with a down to earth off season that we could get excited about. These are some minor moves with major results for next year. Estimated cap is 60m Release Jackson saves 5.5m Jones saves 5.2m Trade Gore for a 6th round pick (Packers, Steelers or Cardinals) gives him a chance to go to a championship type team. Cap is 74m Resign Walden Turbin Doyle Butler Extension Moncrief Mewhort Free Agency Melvin Ingram OLB With San Diego cap he is the most likely to bec
  2. I agree and disagree after he was part of a munity against the coach defensive scheme and strategy last week vs Jordy Nelson. The pats got rid of Collins for less. Rhodes will be on his contract year also so its a question of do they want to encourage that behavior with a big contract and does that undermine the Coach?
  3. The big trade back I come before you with two options that may or may not present itself for the Colts. I tried to find believable options that seems fair and beneficial to both teams. Griggs seems to be secure in his job so role playing as Griggs or whatever ever GM you replace him with would you want to pull any of these trades off? Scenerio 1 Trade with Rams We have alot of cap space for big time players. So why not supplement that with more draft picks in a deep draft. We get their 2nd and 4th round And they get our 1s
  4. I definitely agree with Kyle Shanahan. I think we can surround him with coaches with experience like Bill Callahan or McCoy from the chargers. For defense Mike Pettine or Gregg Williams I would want to grab 2 offensive players Wayne Gallman and Bucky Hodges if possible. We can go all Defense for the rest but we must surround Luck with good cheap talent.
  5. Just not a fan on McDaniels. Brady won with Charlie Weis and Bill O’Brian. To my untrained eyes their offensive system never changed between the 3 coordinators. I understand he throws in a wrinkle here and there but at the end of the day do you believe that the student (Mcdaniels) can beat the teacher (The Hoodie)? If not why hire someone to hang AFC championship banners until the hoodie retires?
  6. Nice read on Kyle Shanahan http://mmqb.si.com/mmqb/2016/10/06/kyle-shanahan-nfl-coaching-carousel-list-notebook
  7. Yeah just seen the video. i think under the right circumstances he can be drafted. the pats did just pick up Flyod and I haven't heard anyone question it
  8. Also i think most ppl called Chip Kelly crazy, racist etc. for getting rid of Shady, DJax and letting Maclin leave but I'm reading that McDaniels doing the same thing with Marshall and Cutler was the right thing to do????
  9. Do ppl forget that josh McDaniels failed not only at Denver but in St. Louis also? And IMO Brady has a different skill set Than Luck and if he only really been successful with Brady why do so many ppl want him? I’m not trying to be rude just trying to understand. He had a chance with the Rams with no avail and I’m willing to overlook Tim Tebow but at the same time his arm strength and passing game (short) is closer to Brady than Luck. So why do we want a offensive minded coach who hasn’t been able to win without Brady a top 3 QB of all time (ugh feels nasty to sa
  10. I admit that these are risk but lately the Colts haven't been choir boys with all these suspension (PEDs) and I felt like i combat/ offset that with guys from winning organizations. everyone makes mistakes we just not under the microscope. plus having one crazy/wild dude isn't bad when looking at championship teams they all have them. Even our good ol Marvin Harrison had a run in with the Law
  11. HC: Kyle Shanahan Keepers Jack Mewhort *extension Darius Butler Jack Doyle Donte Moncrief *extension Free Agents Aj Klein ILB He been backing up one of the best lb in the nfl and has extensive experience due to injuries. He is a young player with super bowl experience that should help change our culture. Juinor Gallette OLB A risky move but when healthy he is a top tier pass rusher. His market should be rather small so we should be able to grab him for a reasonable price. Nick Perry OLB He is a young pass rusher w
  12. No problem brother, like I said we all want the team to be better. I always want us to win prime example I wanted Khald Holmes to protect Luck but at the same time I definitely wanted us to replace him and upgrade at that position. I look at this the same way.
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