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  1. Wr free agency Just like most graduates coming out of college these recievers are lacking experience. Often times the job goes to the person whom has already worked in a similar or same role. This Free Agency look at the WRs is just that. It doesn't necessarily mean we shouldn't draft a WR early but acknowledges that these guys have already proven to be some type of commodity at the NFL level. The Classic no. 2 WR These guys can play on the outside or inside. They exhibit the ability to take over for a stretch of time and take pressure off of the no. 1 WR. Adam Thielien , Robert Woods and JuJu Smith Schuster has proven a that the classic no. 2 can take the offense to new heights. Devin Funchess 6'4 235lbs 24 years old Funchess has a great frame to box out and run the fade. He has strong hands, a wide catching radius and good body control when the ball is in the air. This pass year he proved he couldn't continue his success as the no. 1 wr in Carolina. Best Trait: Box out ability/getting open on broken plays Worst Trait: Not a no. 1 WR John Brown 5'11 180lbs 28 years old Brown has the speed to take the top off the defense while also displaying the heart to run the intermediate routes. He could take some of the strain off of TY going vertical during the season. Best trait: Speed/Yards after catch Worst Trait: Height Devante Parker 6'3 210lbs 25 years old Jay Cutler said "Parker is the faster version of Alshon Jefferies". That statement somes up his career, he has so much potential. Can Reich unlock Parker upside similar to Ebron. I almost put him in the rebound group but the least amount of games he played in a season is 11 games. Best Trait: Potential Worst Trait: Potential/Health Robby Anderson 6'3 190lbs 25 years old Robby was a undrafted free agent out of Temple. He has fought his way into the starting lineup for the Jets. Providing excellent speed and ball tracking. Even though he is widely known for his vertical threat he has a good route tree. Best Trait: Ball tracking Worst Trait: Off field issues and Restricted Free Agent The Chain Movers These guys mostly play in the slot. Providing a safety net and picking up those 3/4 yard 3rd down plays that keeps the drive going. Jarvis Landry, Julian Eldeman and more has proven the value of the slot WR. Justin Hardy 5'10 190lbs 27 years old A sure handed possession reciever. Hardy is a decent blocker for his size. He also returns kick and punts. He hasn't found away to catch 25 balls in a season. Best Trait: Multiple usage Worst trait: Speed and Lack of Volume Slot WR only Cole Beasley 5'8 175lbs 29 years old Beasley has proven to be a hustle player. He outworks LB and Safetys out of the slot. Volume reciever who averaging close to 60 catches a year through the pass 3 seasons. Best Trait: Volume catcher, chain mover Worst Trait: Age, size Jordan Matthews 6'3 215lbs 26 years old Jordan has two 8 tds season. Throughout his career he has avg at least 11 yards per catch. His usage has dropped tremendously but has experience in the offense that Reich runs. Best Trait: Age Worst Trait: His arrow has been pointing down sense his sophomore season The Rebound guy These guys are seen as a bust because of where they were drafted. They have shown enough ability to stick on a team but has failed to even secure a spot as the no. 3 WR. Guys like Cris Cater, Keenan McCardell and Eric Moulds had their best careers away from the team drafted them. Justin Hunter 6'4 200lbs 27 years old Justin is a long speedy reciever. He's been labeled a bust for where he was drafted (2nd round). Justin has shown glimpse but really has only been a wr 3 at most so far. Best Trait: Athletic ability Worst Trait: Isn't a great route runner, not a volume catcher Brashaud Perriman 6'2 210lbs 25 years old Perriman is a speedster. His height, speed and jump ball ability gives him elite qualities. His health on the othet hand has been underwhelming. Best Trait: Speed Worst Trait: Health, inconsistent hands Kevin White 6'3 215lbs 26 years old Kevin White has been missing in action since he was drafted. Best Trait: Potential Worst Trait: Injuries Laqoun Treadwell 6'2 215lbs 23 years old Laqoun is a good route runner and a natural cather. He is a willing blocker and can work from the outside or inside. Unfortunately he is slow and doesn't create much seperation. Best Trait: Blocking ability, Natural catcher, Age Worst Trait: Lack of actual playtime even though he was healthy Likes, Dislikes, contract estimates, Do any of these guys fit our scheme, needs and team personality, and whats the likelihood we sign any of these guys (do your best Chris Ballard impression)?
  2. Anthony Barr LB Shane Ray DE David Irving DT Two out of the three won't break the bank Barr will be the most expensive. And if the safety market is low we could grab HaHa on a 1 or 2 year deal. These 4 guys would make a hell of a impact
  3. Preston Williams 6'4 WR from Colorado State. I wrote a little bit about him would like to get a different set of eyes on this cat. I think he is a solid 4th rounder
  4. Mr. Too Proud

    The Colts War Room (Mock Draft)

    Not a ohio state fan.... sorry you assumed that and came into this negatively....
  5. Mr. Too Proud

    The Colts War Room (Mock Draft)

    Need a Snickers, your not yourself when your hungry Thanks for participating First
  6. Mr. Too Proud

    The Colts War Room (Mock Draft)

    I left it blank so that you guys could fill in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th pick. I know everyone love doing fanspeak. So I guess this is a tougher version like a RPG lol
  7. The Colts War Room: Mock Draft I wanted to do a different simulation. Most of us love the draft season. Some of us do Mocks. 100 percent of us are wrong when do these drafts but its fun. One thing I wanted to do is point out its a team effort when drafting. There are scouts, offensive and defensive coaches, GM etc. So I wanted to try to simulate that. Below is a Mock draft a few picks are already penciled in by a few of the staff members I mentioned above. Your task is to draft around those choices to complete our draft. 1. *Trade* Raiders select Dwayne Haskins QB Arizona recieves the no. 4 pick and the Bears 1st round pick, 3rd round pick and both raiders 5th round picks Raiders recieves no. 1 pick, cardinals 4th round pick and Hassan Reddick 2. 49ers: Nick Bosa 3. Jets: Jonah Williams 4. * Arizona: Clelin Ferrell 5. Tampa Bay: Josh Allen 6. New York Giants: Quinnen Williams 7. Glitter Kitties: Ed Oliver 8. Lions: Rashan Gary 9. Buffalo: Greg Little 10. Denver: Greedy Williams 11. Bengals: Devin White 12. Green Bay: Monteaz Sweat 13. Miami: Drew Lock 14. Atlanta: Deandre Baker 15. *Trade* Raiders: D.K Metcalf Washington recieves David Carr and the Cowboys 1st round pick, and Karl Joesph Raiders recieves the 14th pick, this year and next year 2nd round pick, Ruben Foster and Josh Norman The Gruden brothers help each other out 16. Panthers: Brian Burns 17. Browns: N'Keal Harry 18. Vikings: Jeffery Simmions 19. Titans: Jachai Polite 20. Pittsburgh Steelers: Bryan Murphy 21. Eagles: Dexter Lawrence 22. Colts: ??? 2nd round Jets Charles Omenihu DE Texas 6'6ft 275lbs (Coach Eberflus pounded the table for a long defensive lineman) A behemoth of a man who can play inside and out on the defensive line. Margus Hunt may have played himself outside of a contract that Ballard is willing to pay. Charles does a excellent job setting the edge and stopping the run. This past year his sack total jumped from 4 to 9.5 sacks. In a division with Fournette, Hyde, Lewis and Henry his ability to stop the running game will be much welcome. This guy athletic ability should be on display during combine causing him to shoot up draft boards. 2nd Colts 3rd Colts 4th Colts 4th Colts compensation pick: Preston Williams WR 6'4 200lbs (Coach Sirianni said this kid reminded him of Tyrell Williams) This guy could have the ability of a Martavis Bryant. He is a long WR with history in track (ran for the Colorado). He is dynamic when he has the ball in his hands and at times make the circus catch that we will see on espn. He needs to work on routes (I believe Reich can scheme him open) and he does body catch (doesn't necessarily drop the ball so a catch is a catch) I see him coming in pushing Fountain for that last wr spot. A acl injury, transfering from Tennessee as well as some trouble with the Law is why he drops here. 5th Jake Bentley QB 6'2 220lbs (Coach Reich would like a QB to groom and possibly flip and this gives Chris freedom to flip JB either in the draft or if there is a training camp injury) Bentley has the arm, surprisingly mobile and the balls to try to squeeze it into tight windows. The latter part (decision making) and his throwing mechanics drop him. He thinks he's Brett Favre and doesn't trust his line often rolling out or making bone headed mistakes instead of stepping up in the pocket. 6th Zach Gentry TE 6'8 255lbs (Tom Manning see's potential in this guy and think he can teach him how to block. Doyle isn't getting any younger this could be a stash player on the pratice squad) This guy will be the get off the bus specimen all star. Zach has decent hands and deceptive speed. Right now his go to is verticles but he provides a huge redzone target (waiting for vertical). If Tom can get this guy to block he would be like a extra lineman with his height and NFL weight. 7th So who will you choose with your 5 remaining picks? I threw in the Raiders trades to spice this up, and personally pick players that I felt was a fit or to good to pass up for my mock draft. Willing to explain/ discuss why I pick who for what team.
  8. Mr. Too Proud

    2019 Rb draft class

    Miles Sanders from Penn State
  9. I present to you 3 different topics, questions or statements intended to generate good convo... 1st down: TY Hilton is our no.1 WR...... why so mad? 2016 lead the NFL in yards 2nd best WR in the Division Top 20 WR in the league 36 career TDs Outside of Alshon Jefferies whom TY is tied with no other WR from his draft has more TDs then him. Is it TY height? Like I stated above he has the same amount as a 6'3 WR. Leadership style? WR seems to be a eccentric position on the field. He has a subtile and in my opinion loveable celebration. He has never had a outburst on the sidelines. TY hasn't held out and only had one me 1st moment when he threw the offensive line under the bus and even so he apologize for it. He comes in gets the job done and for the most part he is a team first guy. So why are we so angry? 2nd down: Collateral damage We are a quarter into the season and some of these coach's seats are getting warm. Most times when a coach or/and GM gets fired there is alot of collateral damage, whether that's a player (old gm drafted, or they don't fit new system) or coaching staff some people are left out to dry. Who would you like to pouch from some of these teams. Cleveland Browns Dallas Cowboys Houston Texans Atlanta Falcons New York Jets Seattle Seahawks 3rd down: Million dollar man This isn't the sexiest FA class but Ballard may have to break the bank open. Here are a few names I would like for us to target. Tyrrell Williams WR 6'4 Connection is our offensive coordinator whom was San Diego WR coach for 2 years. Eli Rodgers WR 5'10 A younger and cheaper Ryan Grant Anthony Barr LB 6'5 The most expensive piece of the free agency David Irving DT 6'7 This is a cheap gamble that could work with our defensive coordinator being familiar with him from his time in Dallas. Darqueze Dennard CB 5'11 Under valued CB that could be a steal Sam Young RT 6'6 A swing tackle who could pave the way for whomever we draft Dion Jordan DE 6'6 I really wanted Frank Clark but he was out of our price range since we got Anthony Barr. Jordan has a load of potential and could strive in our defense as a rotational piece. Punt
  10. Mr. Too Proud

    Khalil Mack to the Bears

    I don't know how to feel about this gamble... Didn't the Saints give up 2 first rounders for their pick this year? If so and depending on who else they threw in I'm calling this a win for the Bears and the AFC QBs lol
  11. Mr. Too Proud

    My final bid for Khalil Mack

    Farley would start for them….. Grant would be a no.3 behind Cooper and Nelson so basically a check down guy. A QB friend on 3rd down a decent to good check down guy. Who is on a one year contract same as Farley because they will pay Cooper next year. 3 2nd round picks is nothing to sneeze at the Jets might be close to a 1st round pick. Its a record setting deal with the picks and number of players we are sending for 1 and a possible impact player. Depending on trades this could give them 3 starters this year and 3 to 5 starters in the future. But this is just my perspective. Martavis Bryant is a high risk I do agree and taking that head ache/ possible suspension is not Ballard m.o with this team but at 1 year I wouldn't mind him pulling trigger. Best no.2 TY and Luck ever had and this gives Bryant the opportunity to be something he hasn't been.... a no. 2 wr
  12. Mr. Too Proud

    My final bid for Khalil Mack

    How do u feel about this trade is it to little, just enough or a win win for us?
  13. How about 3 2nd round picks (2 this year and 1 next) Matthias Fairley, Jon Simon and ryan Grant For Khalil Mack Martavis Bryant And a 5th round pick Raiders get a great no. 3 WR, a starter at Safety and a cheap gap player in Simon until Adren Key is ready to take over. Also they get 3 2nd round draft picks which can be gold for a team against the cap. We get Mack but take a huge risk on Bryant staying clean. If he does then we risk him leaving for big money. I think the 3 2nd rounders may set us back but its definitely worth the risk. Not a win win trade but imo this should get it done addressing multiple draft picks and positions for raiders and giving us one and a possible impact player and a sneaky 5th round pick where Ballard has been hitting home runs. And maybe flipping both our 5th round picks for Jamie Collins but thats another day and topic
  14. Mr. Too Proud

    Breshad Perriman

    I'd rather try to sign Javon Wims from the bears or trade for Devante Parker from the Dolphins
  15. Mr. Too Proud

    From 6th to 11th Colts Mock draft

    Interesting perspective. One thing to consider is the 5th year option for Parker. Even if James walk we should recieve a comp pick and he gives Luck some security. On the other hand if he flashes and gets hurt wr can try to bring him back on a cheap deal like Mewhort.