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  1. We were a playoff team too. Yeah what a surprise Wentz isn't healthy. It's almost like that wasn't the whole theme with Wentz before we traded for him. Why the need to panic trade for a QB? If there was nothing good available for us just go into the season with what you got and at least u can look forward to a top draft pick if we're not good. Instead now we won't have a 1st rounder that could very well be a top 3 pick and we still suck regardless with our new QB. Reichs playcalling is a joke. Ballard can't seem to draft a franchise caliber QB, edge rusher, WR, or CB. Some of the most important positions in football, so we go and give them 4yr extensions lol it could be a long road ahead for the Colts if a miracle doesn't fall into our laps.
  2. nobody worth drafting in 2022. not really excited with 2023 either besides Stroud & Uiagalelei. hopefully somebody else emerges by then.
  3. we're gonna get our * whooped. the simple fact is we're just not a very good football team. we have a gimp at QB. we have no clear cut #1 WR. our line just needs time to gel i hope. our secondary is terrible, even when Rhodes comes back i dont see them improving much. no great generational type QB in the next draft, and likely wont matter as we might not have our 1st rounder anyways. could be a rough road ahead. the reality is Luck retiring is setting us back years.
  4. Bout to give up on this guy. It's just one thing after another with him. all the potential in the world but just can't stay on the field.
  5. Unlikely.. but i could definitely see it happening. Our first 5 games are a gauntlet. Seahawks, Rams, Titans, Dolphins, Ravens.. I could see us starting 3-2 just as much as I could see us starting 1-4. We finally get an easy game in week 6 with HOU and then got 2 more tough games right after that with SF & TEN. It's a very tough schedule this year, when I look at it I only see 7-8 games that I'm confident we can win. A lot of players are gonna need to take a step forward if we're gonna win 10 or 11 this year.
  6. You get easily confused on here often I've noticed. I was talking to someone about Robinson being rated higher on Madden. Jeez buddy keep up.. You desperately need to get a life. I clearly triggered you and you're upset. We've been on this forum for the same amount of years yet you have 10k more posts then me, 10k posts of you constantly trying to correct people and act superior. It gets old with you little man. Crazy thing is you're just giving me your opinion and acting like it's fact lol I don't like feeling like my player is getting slighted to a division rival. End of story. No I said my peace and you had to come back and get the last word, per usual with you. Kick rocks guy. I don't want to hear from you.
  7. If their player is better athletically and statistically then they're right to feel that way. My combine numbers had to do with Taylor's Madden ratings. You know attributes on the game? You might be too old for that tho. I gave my opinion on disagreeing with Robinson being over Taylor on multiple platforms. You're the one getting worked up and trying to prove to me that you're right lol I really don't care, I'm just replying. My opinion remains the same.
  8. Your comment was about doubting the superbowl champs even have 7. That was proven wrong because you spoke up before knowing the facts. If you wanna move the goal that's cool. The Chiefs, Bills, Packers, Ravens all have stellar QB play. That's what makes them great. The Titans don't have that many great players, they just have a generational RB. The context of all that might go over your head but idk.
  9. That's incorrect. The Bucs have 7 currently and the top 10 isn't even revealed yet.
  10. Oh and the Bucs have 7 players in already and the top 10 hasn't even been revealed yet. So there goes that.
  11. I'm sorry what you're saying is terrible logic. Are you saying we should be fair to other teams and let them have a player get in over another teams player that earned it by being statistically better because that team already has too many players in? We have 7 great players. We aren't a superbowl team because we don't have a great QB. That doesn't change the fact that Taylor is better than Robinson. If a player earned it they earned it. It doesn't matter how many players are in from the same team.
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