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  1. he was playing hurt this season so idk. I think Brady still has another run left in him.
  2. Players are starting to get worried about CTE. that's it...
  3. yes. everybody knows. defense in 2020. Trevor in 2021. or maybe Tua in 2020. either way, id be trading TY and talents like him at that age away for draft capital while theyre still worth something. its better that way for both sides. by the time we get a new QB and the game slows down for the new QB, TY will be washed. everything lol
  4. we tanked for Luck. and guess what? it made us consistent contenders, and we would be winning a SB in the near future if he didn't retire. nobody cares about that 2011 season. and if we overachieved in 2011 the only thing that would happen is we would've missed out on Luck. nobody would care about the 2011 season any more than they do now if they won 6 games instead of 2.
  5. yeah bud, refusing to tank so you can get a generational talent, as opposed to overachieving when you know your roster is lacking the most important position in the sport, that's called letting pride control you. tends to be a male problem more than anything. it doesn't make you weak, it doesn't make you a loser. it makes you smart if anything. take a loss for one season, and reap the benefits of landing a top QB for the next 10 - 20 years. as opposed to your plan of trying to overachieve and putting us in the middle of the pack for years, just like the Pacers.
  6. lol however you choose to look at it. pride has been known to be detrimental. sometimes it takes more of a man to swallow their pride. its like if some dude is getting cooked out on the court, but he has too much pride to switch and ultimately makes his team lose. hundreds more examples of ways that pride hurts the team.
  7. who cares. if they want to get 7 wins and miss out on both the playoffs, and all the best QB prospects than so be it. pride is both important and a detriment at times. we should tank for a better future. if current players want to compete, they can ask for a trade to a team that has a realistic shot at winning something. we're not it.
  8. because they refuse to tank. theyre too prideful. even when they know their team is only average at best, they still try to overachieve.
  9. and the browns couldn't suck their way to relevance because they had horrible coaching and management. with our HC, Ballards drafting skills, and a generational talent @ QB... the 2020s could be ours. I get a team like the Chiefs got Mahomes at 10. but do you realize how rare that is?
  10. yeah well he also traded him away for Phillip Dorsett.
  11. believe all you want. JB isn't the guy. hes just another one of them guys thatll put you in the middle of the pack. and that is the worst place to be in sports. youre not a contender, and you also miss out on the elite draft prospects. some people are just too prideful for their own good.
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