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  1. Make whatever trade necessary to get Trey Lance. We're a QB away from being a great team. The QBs in this draft are too good to pass up just for the hope of Eason developing down the road.
  2. Be nice to have that Metcalf guy that this whole forum was against drafting.
  3. Throw Eason into the fire this season. See what he has before this strong QB draft gets here. If Eason doesnt seem to have it, then make whatever trade necessary to get Trey Lance.
  4. Stoney


    Trey Lance. He might even be better than Lawrence if I'm being honest.
  5. They’re always optimistic tho.
  6. Well they won on Thursday so their chances of getting the #1 are slightly worse than ours
  7. Yessir! Lawrence is an even bigger generational talent than Luck was And we would already have a great line ready for him with a young, growing defense. I wouldn’t even be upset with sucking this year
  8. Playoffs....? Don’t talk about playoffs.. You kidding me? I just hope we can win a game.
  9. We’ll have to see what Eason has at some point and if he’s nothing special, we’ll have to start scouting the top 3 premier QBs in this next coming draft.
  10. 7 ints righttt he will have that by week 4 Accurate.
  11. That was his last game as a Colt. Just could never get over the injury bug.
  12. Brady was the best option.
  13. This is what everyone wanted. Could’ve had Brady.. but no let’s get the INT machine because Brady has hurt our feelings in the past. What a joke. A really good roster that is going to be a picking in the top 10 because we have terrible QB play.
  14. i see him as a mix of Barkley/Elliot. he has Barkleys build & athleticism with Elliots run style, imo.
  15. I think this guy is gonna be a massive steal. Hes friends with alot of big time players. Just has that vibe about him that hes destined to be good.
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