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  1. He is nothing like Jake Fromm. His play style resembles Aaron Rodgers.
  2. trade up for Wilson.. yes please. Trask, Stafford.. no please.
  3. Whatever the coaches think is best. I just know we gotta find our guy ASAP so he’s ready to to compete by 2022. We gotta hurry before DL, Buck, Nelson, etc get old. If we don’t draft our guy until next year that means he won’t really be ready to win until 2023. Which we could still compete for super bowls in the future if we find a good QB. I just know we can win a super bowl now with this squad.
  4. Trey Lance or Zach Wilson. Trade up if we have to. Gotta find and start grooming our franchise QB of the future while our core players are still so young.
  5. im cool with Rivers if we take the Packers approach and draft one of the 1st Rd Qb Prospects to sit for a year and let him get his bumps & bruises out of the way in practice while still getting chemistry and having the game slow down for him. im not cool with Rivers for next year if we dont plan on drafting a Qb until 2022 then as a result.
  6. no, incorrect. Wentz was getting paid $30M to be a starter. he got stripped of it mid season and benched for a rookie. Wentz is big enough of a name to get another nice contract somewhere else. Brissett isnt.
  7. yasssss a nice & old immobile, limited QB that cant run for a 1st down to keep a drive alive if the game is on the line and no WRs open. needs a spotless pocket, has an amazing superbowl caliber defense and might not even make the playoffs with them. no biggie.. another year with Rivers is just another good, but not superbowl caliber season, and another year of age added on to Nelson, Leonard, Kelly, Kenny, Buckner, and any other core player we have in his mid 20s. need to be finding a young QB ASAP to grow and build insane chemistry with Pittman & Taylor, & Kelly. just like Peyto
  8. hes getting paid $15M to be a cheerleader on the sideline. of course hes gonna continue being a good teammate and not cause problems lollll who would be mad about getting a free $15M ?? hes not gonna make that kind of money in 1 season on any other team. we just set him up for life with $30M in 2 years. more money than he would probably make in his entire career on any other team. so him being a good sport about it isnt exactly ground breaking.
  9. i could get down with Dak. not sure why you wouldnt like him. i would rather draft our own 1st RD QB Prospect.. but if we have to get somebody thats already in the league Rodgers or Dak would be my top 2 realistic options.
  10. one thing you forgot to mention.. Jacoby played behind the best line in football when he was a starter. Darnold has played behind one of the worst lines in football every year as a starter. with almost no playmakers around him. no Jack Doyle, no Ty Hilton, no Marlon Mack... the thing with Jacoby is that hes such a boring QB. hes afraid to push the ball down the field with big shots. Tom Brady likes to play like that.. but its different when youre winning. if Brissett could win games like Brady his nickel and dime play style would be ok. 2942yds in 15 games is just pathetic with the type of lin
  11. people like Hooker, Turay, & Campbell cant be used against Ballard.. tho i wish he wouldve just drafted DK instead of PC, but you cant use player injuries against the GM. its football. you cant see into the future to know which players career is going to be blessed with no major injuries in a physical contact sport. Hooker was looking like a DROY candidate before he blew his knee out, was never the same again, plus the system change. Turay was 2nd in the league for pass rush grade last year before he got hurt, hes missed alot of time and will be rusty for a while now. Campbell when hes act
  12. Make whatever trade necessary to get Trey Lance. We're a QB away from being a great team. The QBs in this draft are too good to pass up just for the hope of Eason developing down the road.
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