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  1. we have a lot of youth on the line as well
  2. im sure his trainers and the staff are giving him inputs as well.
  3. I would not be opposed to making our O-Line a generational one.
  4. Parris Campbell could be had without having to trade anything. Still good size at 6'1 210lbs and runs a 4.31... it's good WRs out here this year.
  5. Looks like the Colts are trying to use up their cap on short deals so we have our money freed up for last years rookie class. Quenton & Leonard will break the bank.
  6. Ohmenihu & Tillery would be amazing. Massive size to add to the DL. Balls would be getting swatted left & right.
  7. uh oh the fan says No stop asking... good thing your opinion is just as irrelevant as the rest of ours
  8. good ol Indiana fan thinking. hes a hot mess because hes in Cleveland with trash at QB. bring him to a real organization and I bet he shines.
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