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  1. Okereke & Rock -defense Braden Smith & Hines -offense
  2. Runs like Elliot with the speed of Barkley.
  3. Of course he'll be motivated. Otherwise hes not gonna get a big contract from us, or anyone else for that matter.
  4. Taylor fumbled 5x his last season. Mack fumbled 4x his last college season, and 11x in 3yrs. Taylor fumbled 18x in 3yrs but also had about 300 or so more carries than Mack in college.
  5. Our team is made up of young talent lol we're not that desperate.
  6. They're gonna add talent to make a superbowl run.
  7. Yes, true. But it doesnt help that majority of fans are so caught up on "tradition". If more of us asked for this type of change up he might change his tune. Irsay tends to listen for the fans opinion alot.
  8. I've been saying this for years. It looks like more a defensive team jersey too. These look sick and should be our primary jerseys. It's time for a change up. There is nothing wrong with change folks!
  9. Pretty sure hes a starter already, isn't he? If hes a starter as a rookie I'd guess hes going to become a high impact player.
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