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  1. Gotta go Paye here. Can get a better OT in round 2 than we could a DE.
  2. Yeahhh.. except all those teams you named that had success also had a premier QBs. I dont think you're understanding what either of us are saying, but it's ok. I'm also not sure why you're going on about players draft positions, if you find a CB on day 3 that becomes elite that's great, happily pay up..that's a premium position. we're talking about throwing the kitchen sink at players that dont play at premium positions. Like us forking over huge cash for a LG, RT, etc. Its not ideal, but if thats where you've been able to find talent at then you obviously gotta pay. But you hope it's for QB,
  3. When I said DE, I meant pass rusher. I shouldve been more clear.. and I already stressed the importance of Big Q lol. There are players that are so impactful, their positions dont matter. Just saying, if you're breaking the bank you hope it's for the premier positions.
  4. No, he’s not wrong. He’s saying if you’re breaking the bank for players, you hope it’s for positions like QB, DE, LT, CB. Unfortunately we haven’t found any superstars at those positions in the draft yet so paying big for a LG & RT will have to do for now. I would break the bank for Big Q any day of the week tho.. even tho he’s a G he still completely transforms the line.
  5. wish Kyle Pitts would be in our range. Waller 2.0
  6. Who doesn’t want a Calvin Johnson or Randy Moss? Crisp route runners like Davante Adams & Justin Jefferson are sweet too tho.
  7. big fan of Carlos Basham. He’s gonna be a stud in the league.
  8. Be sweet if he helped trade us the 6th pick so we could draft Wilson or Lance.
  9. That's because Adams was mad from the play before and probably chirped at Rodgers. It was still a good pass for Adams, he just didnt get his feet down..and he couldve. Lazard was wide open tho.
  10. I would get bent too. They made it to the NFC championship game, hes still playing at an MVP level, and they draft a replacement for him that might not start for a few years? Then they make it to the NFC championship again, and instead of having a 1st round rookie playmaker out there contributing, they have their 1st round investment sitting on the bench. When you're that close to winning a superbowl you gotta add more weapons in the draft, not build for the future. Also Stafford 5yrs younger is nowhere close to the level Rodgers is now. How many MVPs has Stafford won? How many pla
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