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  1. So, I spoke with the one of the Colts' tickets "Account Executives" today. This what he said. 1. They DO NOT expect there to be any single game tickets made available from the Colts as they anticipate season ticket holders using up all tickets with their 4 game package options. 2. They DO expect season ticket holders to resell single game tickets and so they encourage those wanting single game tickets to watch the secondary markets. So, season ticket holders WILL be allowed to sell tickets to individual games and if the rest of us want to get to a game that's how we'
  2. There has been no league memo stating that, and teams are preparing to allow fans based on their own situations. I guess anything could change with all this, but as of now that is not the case.
  3. I assumed that after the season ticket holders had their chance that single game buyers would be given the chance. Has someone said that's not the case? Or are you assuming season ticket holders will buy up the total 25%?
  4. Another neat factor here is that Reich is actually a Seminary graduate (including actual church experience). It's not just some "I paid $25 online and got 'ordained' so I could marry my friends" deal.
  5. I'm confused by what this means... if they aren't selling tickets, how will any fans get tickets?
  6. I had individual game tickets through Tickemaster and got an email today from Ticketmaster saying my tickets were cancelled and a refund was being processed.
  7. What's really unbelievable here is that this team can repeatedly do these things. Yes, it's "not an insignificant fine" but at what point do you really, really punish them? That point should have been long, long ago...
  8. Oh man. That is by far my most painful memory as a Colts fan. That was the first year I really watched football (I was 10) and I got really really passionate really really fast. For YEARS I was absolutely convinced Aaron caught it and the ref screwed us. Finally, just a couple years ago, I saw a shot I had never seen before that showed the ball on the ground. That took away the feeling of being cheated but also showed how Aaron really could have come up with that catch (so now I feel just as bad but in a different way haha).
  9. LOL I was in Indy. I was DEVASTATED to find that the Pro Shop in Circle Center Mall isn't there anymore! It's now a "Discount Locker Room by Lids" which has NO Colts merch. WHAT?! I can only hope this is totally temporary for some reason (the employees couldn't tell me). Maybe just while things get swapped out for the "new identity" merch? I can hope...
  10. Can anyone tell me if the Colts pro shop at LOS or at Circle Center Mall is open? Thanks
  11. That was interesting but I am certain the University of Wisconsin does not have an ASTROLOGY major LOL (he must have meant astronomy).
  12. Thanks for sharing this! That was a lot of fun to watch. I love their enthusiasm
  13. If we take a QB, I want it to be him. I have ZERO interest in any of the other remaining QBs.
  14. Fanatics has the original shirts back in stock in all sizes right now!
  15. I know.... it's one reason why I rarely sat and watched the draft in the past.
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