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  1. If they're going to do blue over blue, at least have the socks be white. That makes a huge difference.
  2. Yes, because it's the best realistic option we have (I would prefer the unrealistic options of trading for Watson or Wilson, or trading up and drafting Fields)
  3. The family connections makes sense, of course. What does not make sense is all the lack of Colts "stuff" in the area. The games aren't televised. There is almost no Colts merchandise to be found anywhere. So, what happens is that when people move to the area they follow the Bears instead of the Colts simply due to access. That's stupid. The Colts should be televised in Indiana. There should be at least as much Colts merchandise as Bears merchandise in Indiana. There are a lot of people that move to this region from elsewhere, and it's likely that many of them would follow the Colts if it wasn'
  4. Booooo. I think it's beyond stupid that I live in Indiana and yet have to pay for Sunday Ticket to see the Colts
  5. Sadly, there are far, far more Bears fans in NW Indiana than Colts fans. I get excited any time I see someone in Colts gear. It's dumb; NW Indiana is still Indiana. We often don't even get the Colts games televised.
  6. Of all the "not gonna happen" scenarios, Russell Wilson being traded to the Colts is the most "not gonna happen."
  7. My friend's wife has text messages from Ciara saying Russ is meeting with Jimmy from the Colts on Thursday.
  8. The two things that really stood out to me: 1) Pass rush can dominate an entire game 2) A great QB can't outplay a bad line. The Chiefs o-line reminded me of the Broncos o-line in Super Bowl XLVIII. I'm sure people are going to knock Mahomes just like they did Manning, but the reality is that if your o-line is a that bad, even the greatest QBs can't overcome that. So for the Colts, I hope we continue to understand how important the d-line is and spent a lot of time and effort this year trying to get depth for the o-line.
  9. I'm offended by the header in that video, Everyone knows that Jimmy from the Colts is the owner.
  10. I am now forever referring to Irsay as "Jimmy from the Colts"
  11. Hasnt the precedent in this game been stands if close?
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