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  1. It is possible that this "tweak" is just (finally) a change from the "flywire" collar to the new template. The Colts and Ravens were the last two teams to have the flywire still (and the Ravens may have switched too). I would be fine with blue facemask or blue pants, and ditching the flywire template would be an upgrade. I really hope the jersey itself is totally unchanged.
  2. I do not want CHANGES to jerseys or logo. I have spent so much money on Colts gear and I do not want it all to be dated... I would be fine with something that wouldn't affect that, I guess. Blue facemask... blue pants... something like.
  3. Where is the "Andrew Luck" option? *ducks*
  4. I stopped counting after six which implied or even used "QB1" in reference to this
  5. I get being concerned about trading a first round pick, but I am astounded by how many people here apparently thought we would be able to secure a sure-fire QB1 with the 13th pick in this year's draft.
  6. There are two certainties with the Patriots: 1) They will continue to cheat 2) Their fans will continue to scream they never cheated
  7. Thanks for posting! That was a pretty good interview and I love Darius
  8. I am very intrigued by this... I don't love the trade up for Tua part but I would be very excited about getting Foles and a pick.
  9. Faulk - Blue Harrison - Blue James - Blue Manning - Blue Manning - White Manning - Grey Vanderjagt - Blue Sanders - Blue Wayne - Blue Luck - Blue Luck - White Hilton - Blue Leonard - White Brissett - Blue
  10. Bridgewater is not the answer. It doesn't really matter if he's "better" than Jacoby because he certainly is not good enough nor worth the absurd amount of money a team will have to spend to sign him.
  11. I do think it's not over - if for no other reason than who are we going to replace him with? I don't think Ballard and Reich would take any QB we would be in a position to draft over Jacoby, and the same is likely true of any free agents. I will be shocked if Jacoby isn't the starter week 1 of the 2020 season.
  12. So, the play being ruled dead on the previous fumble didn't matter but it does on that play. "Interesting"
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