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  1. https://x.com/Colts/status/1788950822715322741
  2. The run blocking yesterday was an absolute abomination for a line that makes so much money. I am really, really tired of Nelson and Kelly underperforming so terribly. To be fair, the line's pass blocking was so much better than last year, and I will certainly acknowledge that.
  3. Nike constantly changes the "template" for their football jerseys, making them look a little different. The Colts previously held out against going with Nike's designs and maintained Reebok's template, but I think they gave in last year. Paul Lucas of "Uni Watch" tracks this stuff pretty well.
  4. Matt Ryan is the worst QB I have ever seen at taking sacks. What in the heck is wrong with this man.
  5. I'd say unbelievable but it's pretty believable at this point. Maybe "unacceptable" is the better word.
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