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  1. I'm having the same problem and I'm in Indiana
  2. No home primetime games for us? That's seriously messed up
  3. My favorite part of the Manning HGH allegation is that Charlie Sly (the intern who accused Manning and then later admitted he made the whole thing up) DID NOT EVEN WORK AT THE MEDICAL FACILITY in the time-frame he originally said he witnessed the facility supplying HGH to Manning. Yeah, real credible stuff here.
  4. I cannot believe there are still people who think Peyton used HGH. I am sorry, but you are incredibly ignorant if you do. The "journalist" who reported it worked for a debunked joke of a "news source" and he is on public record saying he made the story up. The locker room situation at Tennessee is admittedly not as clear. Peyton said he was mooning a teammate as a joke and the female trainer in question walked around the corner at that moment. The trainer said he mooned her. The trainer was also involved in a number of failed other lawsuits. You be the judge of who is more trustworthy, but in the end Peyton was not found guilty of anything. How in the crap do those even remotely compare to Kraft being caught on video?!
  5. By all accounts, he is in a terrible position. Even if there isn't much legal repercussions (if he takes this deal), there will certainly be repercussions from the NFL. Not to mention his reputation is now ruined and there will be lots of personal and probably financial fallout for him.
  6. He IS involved in it. The people he solicited are victims of trafficking and so he absolutely is involved in a human trafficking situation. Perhaps you mean that he didn't KNOW it was a human trafficking situation. However, the reality is two-fold. 1. It does not matter. His ignorance is no excuse for violating these victims. Victims were taken advantage of by him and others. This is one (of many) good reasons to not solicit prostitutes. 2. How on earth could anyone not know? Foreign women, many of whom did not speak English, working in a dirty spa performing sex acts - that SCREAMS "human trafficking."
  7. Perhaps you should read back through this thread. Your comment is factually wrong.
  8. Patriots fans have sunk to a new low: shrugging this off with the "who cares what two consenting adults do?" line. THESE ARE VICTIMS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING NOT WOMEN GIVING THEIR CONSENT. Kraft can add another mark to his legacy: taking advantage of human trafficking victims.
  9. I like your profile pic!

    1. ColtsSouljah


      thanks! :)

      I'm far from being creative with graphics and such, but I am kinda proud of this pic.

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