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  1. this play right here is likely the game
  2. And we're still running the ball on 2nd and long. I cannot understand why we keep conceding to put Jacoby in 3rd and long situations
  3. Likely out for the year, per Bleacher Report This season, yay
  4. That does make sense; I do still wonder if we could have then challenged that it was P.I.
  5. What on earth. IT WAS BLOWN DEAD
  6. the play was blown dead, how can this possibly be ruled a fumble?
  7. So on the failed 3rd down conversion which sparked the disastrous kick that totally changed the game, I have a question. Doyle did drop the ball but he was clearly interfered with. When Tenn challenged that it was incomplete, could the refs have ruled that it was P.I.? If not, could we have countered-challenged for P.I. when it was ruled incomplete? That blown call really shows how a ref screw-up can totally change the game. Instead of us driving for a TD, we're demoralized by a blocked kick return for a TD.
  8. So, we're just gonna get screwed by the refs at the end of every game now or what?
  9. I missed the start of the game, did Williams do something horrible? Why is he not playing?
  10. Can we please stopping running the ball on EVERY 2nd and 10???
  11. These announcers are driving me crazy. Who is the play by play guy? He is horrendous.
  12. Now I know you are baiting. Have a nice day!
  13. And... Mack is out again. This is definitely not looking to be a short-term injury. Ruled out on Monday is not a good sign.
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