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  1. I still think Fields will be the better QB in the long run & is actually better than Lawrence now. Stronger arm & more accurate. Justin was the number 1 QB coming out of high school over Trevor. I think he'll reclaim his spot by the end of next season. Both are top notch though.
  2. I'm not overly impressed with Herbert. Seems like the big prototypical QB who's numbers never quite live up to his measurables. I'll need to do some more research on him. But I sure as hell hope we aren't crazy enough to move up for him & I'm not taking him over a sure fire DT or WR & depending on what AC decides a LT.
  3. It's ridiculous for the OP to say he doesn't want to see JB play another down but then bring up a bust like Rosen & make a million excuses for him & why we should bring him in... Pull up his career stats. I wouldn't give up a 7th rounder for that bum. And please don't give me what prognosticators said he was supposed to be. Andre Ware threw it all over the field in college & couldn't last in the league. So if we can all agree JB sucks, why give this other loser excuses when reality shows he's not even as good as JB??? Then you said you're taking him over Jordan Love & insinuated Love is only an athletic, inaccurate QB while Rosen is something better??? Pull up his pro stats & show me the great accuracy & decision making? Love has no problem standing in the pocket and making all the throws. I'm taking him over a two time loser in Rosen. Hell I'd rather roll with JB & Swag Kelly over the over hyped bust out.
  4. I'm definitely thinking more hurry up. Could they give JB more freedom to make changes at the line? Audibles & hot route some receivers on 3rd down?
  5. Maybe that will push his stock down so Ballard can draft him without moving up?
  6. As a connoisseur, I appreciate the weed jokes. You guys can keep your X-Files & tinfoil though. I know what I saw on the sideline and heard what came out of 56th street the following week... But why don't you geniuses answer my questions? Would Frank have put Luck back into the Steelers game if he said he wanted to go back in? They never took JB's helmet until after halftime. Never took him to the back for a more thorough examination. Just let him stand there with his helmet & watch... Also would Frank have let Luck take all the reps the next week but then bench him at the last moment and roll with a backup with such minimal preparation? If your answer is yes to either then you're all smoking crack or crystal meth. And I don't want any of either. Though I hear tinfoil could be used with either. . So enjoy. I'll stick with the weed and I'll be waiting for those answers.
  7. If we lose to the Saints, you might as well let Kelly get some run. I think we move on from JB anyway. Frank doesn't truly want him as his QB. Time to cut bait and get him the QB that he wants. Might as well give Kelly a shot to see if he's the man.
  8. No. Reich sabotaged the season because he wanted another QB to play (like many on this board). But he couldn't pull him with a 5-2 record. The injury opened the door. Then Hoyer played well. So he gave him another shot. Let's say Hoyer throws for 350 & 4td's vs the Dolphins. I think Frank would have more of a case to say Hoyer provides us a better chance at winning because he executes the offense the way I like. At the worst, he'd be able to have a very short leash on JB. But Hoyer scuttled those plans. And IMO Frank cost us this season by even entertaining the thought. Would Frank have sat Luck the rest of that game & the next without even getting an x-ray or anything?
  9. See I disagree. The NFL is only 16 games. No time to gamble. If Luck was the QB he goes back in the Steelers game & plays the next week vs Miami especially if he took all the practice reps. Frank did gamble though. He gambled that Hoyer would put 2 great passing games together and he would be justified in moving on from JB mid season. It was so strange how little he seemed to care how JB was doing during the Steelers game. I'm not saying he didn't care about Jacoby. Just that he didn't care to hear anything that would lead to JB going back into the game... Even gave Hoyer another week to steal the job. You can't make a move like that with a QB that has you at 5-2. I think Jim Harbaugh did it with Smith & Kap. But you can't do that with a lifelong backup in Hoyer. We would have been better off turning to Kelly. At least with him we would have had some potential to hope for...
  10. I don't know if this topic should be merged with another but it's something I need to get off my chest. I've been contemplating where everything went off track for us. And I keep coming back to the Steelers game & JB's injury. But the more and more I think about it, I think Frank's actions in that game & the following week have cost us this season. I came to this conclusion when I saw Justin Fields take a very similar shot to his knee in the OSU vs UM game. OSU's coach put Fields back into the game. The Buckeyes stabilized & Fields led them to victory that day & since to the playoffs. I bring this up because it got me thinking about how our coach handled a similar situation. JB came out & Hoyer threw a TD to Doyle (who was so wide open that JB could have made that throw but Hoyer did make some other good throws so I'm not disparaging his play that day) and Frank never looked back. They showed him on the sideline and he could truly care less how his starting QB was doing... It was as if he had been waiting for the moment where he could yank JB & put in a QB that he preferred. How he handled the next week was more proof. JB apparently took all the reps because he was healthy enough to play and as the starter wanted to. But Frank didn't truly want him as the QB. So what does he do? He starts Hoyer, supposedly with minimal practice reps, because he felt that even with minimal reps, Hoyer was better than JB. Unfortunately, it blew up in his and all Colts fans' faces when Hoyer laid an egg. When Frank pulled JB for BH our season spiraled down the drain. I believe that JB beats Pittsburgh and Miami and our season is looking very different despite the kicking woes & injuries & JB's limitations. We were 5-2 at the time. You don't make a boneheaded change like that. You dance with the one that you brought... The guy that lead us to 5-2 & 2nd in the AFC... So I've reached the conclusion that Frank doesn't truly want JB as his QB. And in that case we must move on to another QB next season. I defended JB because the guy won and his teammates loved him. But his limitations have worn on me as things have spiraled down the drain. But he isn't alone in getting the blame. I'm putting a lot of it on Frank & his decision to not trust his QB that got him to 5-2. So we'll get a QB in here that he prefers next year but he won't be getting any more free passes from me. He better win with whomever it is because I just watched him sabotage this season when the AFC was open for the taking. If Luck said he wanted to come back in the Steelers game would Frank have ignored him & kept JB or whomever was the backup in the game? Not a chance. Would he have let Luck take all the reps the following week and then went with the backup? Not a chance. He wanted JB out and leapt at the opportunity when it was there. Unfortunately, all he did was sink our season...
  11. Not me. I like Fields better. I've liked him better since he beat Lawrence out at the Elite 11 competition for the best high school QB. They'll get the chance to rematch in the national semifinals. But I'm taking Fields over Lawrence every time. Lawrence is my number 2. I only like Burrow in this year's draft.
  12. I wish we could pull a Boston Celtics/Larry Bird move & draft Justin Fields this upcoming draft & then get him the next year. That kid is making grown man throws. While we're at it draft David Bell from Purdue for two years from now...
  13. You were correct. It was obvious and should have been called.
  14. I saw it. It may have been on Autry. It was on the back shoulder throw. Didn't know a jersey could stretch that far. It was that blatant.
  15. Trade for Foles? The guy who hasn't won a single game this year? I repeat not a single win this season. The guy that we ourselves & JB just destroyed & outplayed a week ago? The guy who just got benched for a late round rookie QB? As much money as Jax gave Foles, I'm shocked they don't even want to see if he can get into a groove. Guess they've seen enough in just 4 games... I'm not giving up anything but a 6th or 7th round pick for him. If they'll take that then fine bring him in and let him compete with JB. Or maybe even a straight up trade for Hoyer? Anything more than that and it's a hard pass on Foles, who has always under performed when much is expected of him. As the backup he'll come in and look great because not much is expected of the backup. Make him the starter and he craps the bed. I think I'd rather have Tannehill but Titans will probably resign him.
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