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  1. You don’t win a bad weather game against a high powered offense by throwing it all over the field... You grind it out by running it. Go back and check those 2 times we lost to the Pats in the snow. Ebron threw us off schedule when he dropped that first first down. We could never establish our ground game afterwards. That’s where we needed a sure handed Doyle. Oh well. We’ll be back stronger for it. The team & Frank.
  2. He got a piece of that.
  3. Doesn’t it feel like we’ve got a couple “Colts fans” happy we’re losing? Like they’ve been waiting for this day...
  4. Time for the Maniac to save us again.
  5. Should be a 1 possession game. The goat is even tripping.
  6. This is what they should hav e done after that Leonard turnover.
  7. Got behind too early & abandoned the running game. Played right into their hands.
  8. Moore Leonard & Inman...
  9. Moore & Leonard & Inman the only ones balling today.
  10. It’s looking like the team that got shut out by the jags is just as much who we are as the one who went on this run... Would have been nice to run the ball after that turnover. We’re playing into their hands dropping back every time.
  11. Smoke317

    Is Luck vs Mahomes the new Manning vs Brady

    Hopefully, only if Luck gets to play Brady & Mahomes plays Manning...
  12. Next time take a shot at the end zone or just throw it out of bounds and let Vinny try a 60 yarder.