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  1. To me the truth is the opposite. If Rodgers thought they were going for it on 4th anyway then you tuck that ball and run on 3rd down. Getting as close as you can. You don’t throw a risky throw late into double coverage. Was very close to not even getting a 4th down play because of that throw. That was just a poor choice on Rodgers part. Now I’m not saying the coach was right kicking the field goal. But maybe seeing Rodgers struggle to get in on the 3 previous downs had him hesitant to try again? It’s a tough call. I probably would have gone for it because their offense was ha
  2. When you’re at the level of A-Rod and Rivers, you can’t miss those easy ones on the biggest stages like that. I bet if you ask either they’ll say they regretted missing them. Both ultimately cost them points in 1 possession games. And I didn’t say both deserved ALL the blame just SOME.
  3. Rodgers may blame the coach but I distinctly remember Rodgers going Adams Happy and missing a wide open Lazard for an easy TD in the first half when the Packers were forced to settle for a field goal (similar to Rivers crucially missing Pittman twice in the Buffalo game). I also remember the Packers abandoning the running game way too early when they got back into the game in the 3rd quarter. A sure fire Hall of Fame QB like Rodgers (just like Rivers) isn’t free of blame in that loss.
  4. Who are the potential QB’s in the 2022 draft? Any candidates like Fields, Lawrence, or Wilson?
  5. General concerns but you can’t mention anything specific... Funny that’s the kind of criticism Fields has been receiving since outshining Lawrence (again). Seems agenda driven. From what I’ve seen from watching most of his throws and games is that he can make every NFL throw. Every. Elite level accuracy to all levels of the field. Add in his mobility and toughness and I don’t see what the kid is missing. People say he holds the ball too long (I’ve noticed the same from watching Lawrence & Wilson when no one is open). All the young QB’s can get better at that. I see Fields
  6. What about him isn’t pro level? Bigger arm and more accurate than Lawrence. I pray that he drops any and we go up and get him. We’ll be competing with the Chiefs for AFC Supremacy within 2 years (and I’m not ruling out next year).
  7. Rodgers and the Packers did what Rivers did in too many big games for us this season... Abandoned the running game. When they got back into the game in the 3rd, there was still plenty of time to put together a balanced attack.
  8. It’s a new “Day” at Ohio State. Fields is better than all of their previous prospects. Leaps and bounds better IMO. Fields & Ryan Day start a new era for OSU QB’s & players. I just see Fields being the star QB of this draft class. Wilson a sleeper for next best if his shoulder and body can hold up to NFL hits.
  9. Nothing at the moment. But why wouldn’t the Colts, a team with an NFL leading 6 All Pros, not be contenders with a young stud dual threat QB like Fields? Didn’t take Mahomes or Watson long to have impact. It won’t take Fields long either. I’ve been watching video of Lawrence. He has serious bust potential. He’s good but nowhere near the can’t miss prospect they make him out to be. Let the Jags take him. If we’re smart, we move up and get Fields and let them continue their rivalry. And just like in high school and college, Fields will outplay Lawrence when it matters most and the Colts wil
  10. Trade up for Fields & we’re contending with the Chiefs & Bills for AFC supremacy the next decade and a half.
  11. I actually wouldn’t because I think it was Rivers that would audible out of runs far too often this season. We went pass happy in games vs Jags, Ravens, & Steelers.
  12. I would rather offer them Frank & our 1st for their 1st & a 3rd & let the Frank & Wentz rebirth project happen in Philly. We take that pick and get our QB this year. CB picks his own coach (I’m sure he’s been hoping the Bears would have fired Nagy. Nagy has same overall record as Frank over these 3 years (28-20) except he had no Luck or Rivers. And he seemed like CB’s first choice back in the day. And unlike Frank, he’s willing to relinquish play calling duties). Or maybe we just promote Eberflus and bring in a young creative O.C. to grow with our new QB. Regardless what
  13. Number 17 played 17 seasons. Damn good career. Nothing to be ashamed about at all. I definitely think he gets in the Hall of Fame. We were supposed to be giving him the perfect walk off with a win over Rodgers and the Packers in the Super Bowl this season. Despite not accomplishing that ultimate goal in the NFL, I think he’s going to do big things in coaching.
  14. Not trying to pi$$ on him just pointing out what the facts showed. And that’s that against the better teams when he had to throw it more than we ran it we were a losing team. So that tells me that when he HAD to do it (or he felt he HAD to) because the defense stacked the box he couldn’t do it. So my point is that he & we (the Colts) need to recognize his limitations if he’s to be brought back. He has the mind to be the perfect game manager. He can’t be the superstar QB anymore against the better teams. If he takes the approach Peyton took in his final run with the Broncos (Riv
  15. Like I said we were 7-0 when we ran it more than passing. 10-1 with only Rivers going pass happy trying to match Big Ben accounting for the only loss when he was under 60% pass to run ratio. Our recipe for success was right there in the numbers. Why couldn't Rivers recognize it? He can't beat good teams throwing it more than running it anymore. If they run it back, I hope they paid attention because Rivers just can't carry a team against good teams anymore.
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