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  1. Everyone knows I’ve been Team Fields from the jump. So I’m taking the Fields deal every time over Wentz. I even advocated for us to let the Bears take Wentz so we could pursue Fields. How ironic that the opposite would play out... I personally think Frank was the big reason for us letting Rivers walk and thus us getting Wentz. That seems all the more certain by Frank & Carson sharing bible verses in the With the Next Pick video. Honestly, I’d have rather brought Rivers back & still moved up for Fields & let him sit for a year. He could have played the Jac
  2. Ballard has bad luck with edge rushers in the 2nd round. Gotta be Paye. Also he’s done pretty well with OT’s in the 2nd.
  3. So Paye or Darrisaw? Maybe Paye because it’s still lots of tackles left? Could be working on a trade down?
  4. I think Ballard would have wanted Fields & Frank may have fallen for Lance since he comes from the same school as Wentz.
  5. Listen to the ball come off Fields’ hand. And notice the consistent footwork and mechanics. Young man is just so fundamentally sound. Really reminds me of Luck in his ability to stay fundamentally sound in a chaotic pocket and just throw a 40-50 yard rope with seemingly minimal effort. We’ll just have to see if he has the hunger and drive to be the very best.
  6. I believe we could have moved up to the 3rd pick with a similar deal if we executed it very early in the offseason. The 49ers & Colts are very similar in the fact we have good defenses and strong running games. Fields would have thrived on either team. Here’s a tweet from QB Collective (which is Shanahan’s QB Camp). It mentions consistency. It’s funny that when you look at Fields’ 3 years of college ball (even his freshman year where his coach tried to pigeon hole him as a wildcat QB) his numbers never vary more than 3-5%. 66-70% completions. About 9-10 yards per attempt. About a 4-1
  7. After the 49ers pulled off the exact trade up to the 3rd pick (that I suggested the Colts should do), I would fall over in laughter if they passed on Fields for Jones or Lance. Fields is just as much the generational prospect as Lawrence. When you look at the film and compare the numbers it really is a no brainer. Here’s another Fields stat that puts him above the others. The average rank of defenses that Fields has faced in his career is around low to mid twenties. Not too many cupcakes or soft touches. Meanwhile Lawrence, Wilson, & Jones average defensive opponents is in t
  8. Dan Orlovsky said that Shanahan and Lynch are going to the Alabama pro day & sending their assistant GM to Ohio State pro day. He believes they moved up to 3rd pick to take Mac Jones. I think that would be a dumb move but many people are speculating that’s who they’ll take. Only way that makes sense is if they believe that Carolina was going to move up for Jones so they had to ensure they got in front of them... I still think they’ll take Fields. I’m sure they’re smart enough to evaluate potential QB’s on game tape and not just a pro day. We’ll just have to see how the pro days go to
  9. I feel you on that one. I’m all in on the tournament this weekend. I will admit though, that across his body throw for about 50 plus yards was filthy. Even Trevor gave him props on that one.
  10. Maybe the family portion is tin foil (lol) but what would you call several media outlets all reporting the same false information? His first miss was on a 10 yard out. He threw it a few feet over the receiver’s head. He had a couple more misses where the commentators themselves said maybe the passes got away from him. Also missed on a couple of the deep throws and at least one of the other back across his body throws. Like I said, still a good pro day. Just don’t understand the over hype. Lawrence had a great pro day as well. Only noticeable misses Trevor had besides a couple
  11. He definitely made some nice throws. His best being the deep ball back across his body. Amazing throw. But I’ve gotta question the validity of the Wilson narrative when a guy will post a flat out lie that he completed 67 of 68 passes like Geoff Schwartz from Pac 12 today posted. The hype machine is in full overdrive for Wilson. Making me question if his family (uncle founded Jet Blue) is paying people to boost his stock??? His pro day was good but nowhere near the “best pro day ever” that some are making it out to be...
  12. Where are people getting these numbers from? I watched Wilson’s entire pro day and he had 4-5 missed throws at least. Not saying it wasn’t a good pro day but this only 1 miss is a complete falsehood.
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