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  1. Smoke317

    Steelers (+1.5) @ Buccaneers Thread

    The true Fitz Magic has shown up... More like Fitz Tragic...
  2. Smoke317

    Colts Favorite for Bell

    Or give them a 4th but they have to give us a 5th or 6th in return since technically he'd only be a 1 year rental who would be free to sign anywhere next year.
  3. Smoke317

    Colts Favorite for Bell

    Probably not. Then we should just pass and wait until next offseason if we pursue him at all.
  4. Smoke317

    Edwin Jackson to be honored Sunday vs Texans

    I bet Poundcake is looking down smiling at the young stud Darius Leonard rocking the 53 and balling out.
  5. Smoke317

    Colts Favorite for Bell

    I'd give them a 5th or a 6th. Some kind of trade similar to what the Pats gave the Browns for Gordon. Not going any higher for a guy that we can sign as a free agent next year anyway... But we sure could use him in this offense.
  6. Smoke317

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    Seeing Brady throw for under 150 yards really helped me step back from the ledge. Guess Luck wasn't the only one... Luck was late and short on the seam route to Ebron in the red zone... That play alone puts us in a position where a field goal would have been all we needed at the end. I also noticed on that play that Grant was also wide open for a touchdown. So maybe the redzone play calling wasn't completely terrible but our execution was? Also Rogers has to catch that deep cross for a touchdown as well. Getting only 3 points on those drives is ultimately what cost us this game. We won the turnover battle but didn't take advantage. All in all, we fought hard. For such a young team, we are fighting and giving ourselves chances every week. Just need to improve our red zone execution. I really would have liked to have seen Swoope get more red zone targets yesterday. Maybe even some back shoulder throws to him. And that video of Luck's throws shows that he is consciously making the effort to throw the ball on time. When he reaches the top of his drop back, the ball is coming out immediately. Eagles D may have just been a bad matchup for us. Their tackling was sound and that front is not one to start experimenting with. We get the Houston front next. Another stout test, but I expect us to execute better and get the win.
  7. Smoke317

    Leonard - Silver Linings

    Leonard is special. The numbers don’t lie. Serious question... Is this team moving from Luck to Leonard’s team??? If Luck is gonna have to scrape to get 200 yards passing then maybe we need too seriously ask that question?
  8. Smoke317

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    If we’re gonna keep running the dink & dunk offense, then our slot receiver(s) gotta get more catches on slants & digs. Luck has to have another go to guy besides TY. It’s time to build that chemistry in practice with forced repetition. Because we’re leaving a lot of points out on the field. Could very easily be 3-0.
  9. Smoke317

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    No hurry. Slow down.
  10. Smoke317

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    That was a clear leading with the crown.
  11. Smoke317

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    The 4th Quarter Comeback was a Luck specialty. Time to get that trend back started. Let’s Go Colts!!!!
  12. Smoke317

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    Referees gave em that touchdown. Ridiculous.
  13. Smoke317

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    Frank gotta scheme is into the end zone. Crosses? Fade to Pascal & not against Mills? Swoope leaking out late?
  14. Smoke317

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    And I’m starting to think Luck doesn’t like playing in the rain.
  15. Smoke317

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    What a “TEAM” we’ve got. Not just an offense. Great fight today. Time to capitalize though.