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  1. Smoke317

    Brian Baldinger on Q

    Baldie is quickly turning into my favorite football analyst. Definitely gotta keep posting these every week.
  2. Smoke317

    Blue Wall

    That’s because Frank & Luck are starting to figure it out. You run the hurry up early. Don’t let them sub. Come the 4th quarter the opponent’s defense is spent. Then you run them into submission. I was calling for that earlier in the season. Maybe it just took a little time for the line to gel & Luck to get a better grasp of the playbook... What a sight to behold today though. Just excellent execution.
  3. Smoke317

    Brian Baldinger on Q

    Big Q is a straight savage. ‘Sit on em. Gator Country.”
  4. Smoke317

    Notes On #12

    I’m not taking any QB over Luck right now. He is dealing. His fundamentals, poise in the pocket, and decision making are on another level. His pre snap recognition has improved by leaps and bounds under Frank. He’s making the game look easy in his first year back from a major shoulder surgery and in a completely new system... Unbelievable. He’s passed A-Rod as the best back shoulder thrower in the league. Someone in one of these threads said Luck should be in the top 50 NFL players. That’s selling him short. He’s certified top 20. Top 10 if we’re being honest but top 20 will be a great beginning to his comeback. Just for fun, can we name 20 better players than him right now? I’ll give Donald, Mack, Brees, Gurley, & Mahomes for the year he’s having but Luck is better overall. Who else?
  5. Smoke317

    Blue on Blue Uniforms

    The color rush jerseys are sick. Glad they’re bringing them back. I’d like to see em make more appearances.
  6. Smoke317

    Another awesome Brian Baldinger breakdown

    It’s gratuitous... Watch this mayhem... Watch this carnage... Baldie is the best.
  7. Smoke317

    Top 5 PFF Colts grades vs Jags

    We play them again in a few weeks. Might be trying to hold some things back. Just as they made adjustments in the 2nd half, they will surely make more for the rematch. Can't show em our full hand. I expect we'll try Mack on more of those outside runs next game.
  8. Smoke317

    BigQ Was Mic'ed Up - Night. Made.

    BIG Q with the caveman YELL. STRAIGHT SAVAGE!!!!!!
  9. Smoke317

    The Marcus Hunt Factor Has Disappeared

    But with another very mobile QB coming in, I think we’ll see more mush rushes. Maybe with Turay & Lewis we can set those edges & have him have to step up into Big Marg...??? That may be our best bet. We just didn’t have the consistent “pinch” from the edges to force the step ups.
  10. Smoke317

    The Marcus Hunt Factor Has Disappeared

    I think a lot of that was planned. We mush rushed, more often than not, trying to contain Bortles in the pocket. He’s a very good runner. We chose to play it very conservatively after he hit us with that bomb to Crief. Went strictly bend don’t break. Keep everything in front & rally to the ball. And rush cautiously. Stay in your lanes and don’t let him escape contain. Problem is when you do both, you’re giving up 6-7 yards (or more in most cases) per play on the dump offs & screens... I hope we make Mariota have to earn everything next week.
  11. Smoke317

    The Marcus Hunt Factor Has Disappeared

    I wonder if having Lewis, Turay, & Hunt all in at the same time might help Big Marg get back to shooting those gaps & getting some more late pressures up the middle?
  12. Smoke317

    Eric Ebron was an amazing signing by Ballard

    I think the key to Ebron’s success has been the fact that we’re not overusing him... He was getting nicked up a lot early in the season when it was him & Doyle getting the lion’s share of the snaps. I’m glad we’re using Swoope & Cox as well as Doyle & Ebron. Keep em all healthy & fresh & making big plays...
  13. Smoke317

    Taking our playmakers off the fields..

    Mo was in because he’s a better blocker than Ebron. We were running out of a heavy run formation. The fact that we had our best blocking tight ends in the game helped sell the play action fake & was the reason Mo was so wide open... Would Ebron have garnered more attention & maybe not have gotten as open? The Wilkins run was very similar. They probably never expected us to run wide with Wilkins... It’s all about scheme & Frank & Luck are dealing in Spades right now... Take away the Mo & Hines drops & we put up 40 & cruise to a victory... I like the fact that we’re rotating a lot of guys. Nothing builds your confidence like actually playing. We’re young & need the experience... And if a guy goes down, his replacement won’t be shell shocked because he’s been there & done that...
  14. Smoke317

    Give it up for Tyquan Lewis

    He showed good hands & power on the hurry he got. It was much needed. He should only get better with time.
  15. Smoke317

    I can't quite hear Jalen Ramsey...

    I most certainly let him know for all of us. Just shows the kind of punk he is... Couldn’t even shake hands or nothing. Scampered away with his tail between his legs. I assure you Luck & Frank were sending a message to him today. He’s lucky Mo Alie & Hines didn’t get the memo. We haven’t forgot the 50 burger & shutout they’ve put on us the last few years. Those 2 drops saved us from returning the favor.