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  1. Good teams create their own luck. Since they’ve paired Tannehill (not that great of a QB imo) with Henry, they’ve had a knack for making key plays. Be it turnovers to give their Offense a short field or defensive scores or Henry breaking off long TD runs. Regardless, they usually cash in those opportunities. Right now they’ve been getting all the good fortune the last couple seasons while we’ve been finding ways to lose close games to the better teams in our conference. I don’t know what it’s gonna take but I’d love to have that good fortune swing back our way.
  2. That’s the difference between Vrabel & his Titans vs Frank & his Colts. The Titans beat other AFC playoff teams on Vrabel’s watch. We haven’t had the same success under Frank. It’s time for us to start beating the better AFC teams if we ever plan on making real playoff runs.
  3. A what if scenario where instead of trading back and accruing a lion’s share of draft capital and taking Wilson later in the draft, you have us taking RG3 for what looks like a lot less than what Washington gave up to move up to 2nd to get him? If you’re really gonna go Marvel’s What If, you should do the 1998 & 1999 drafts. What if we kept Harbaugh & traded back and took Charles Woodson. Then the next year took Tom Brady with a late round pick? Would Brady still have become the Goat? Would we have gotten 3 Hall of Famers out of those 2 drafts in Woodson, Edge, & Brady?
  4. I want to see Patmon get reps. I think he can do what Pascal has done if given the opportunity.
  5. Edge’s vision and balance in that video is all time great stuff. And he was only a rookie…. Talk about being a natural. My goodness. No offense to JT, but Edge was just different…. To be fair though, JT is a different breed too because of his speed and power. But those are the only things he’s got over Edge. Balance, Vision, Elusiveness, Receiving, Pass Pro all go to Edge. Too bad Luck didn’t have an Edge or JT to take some pressure off like Peyton & Carson had/have as Colts. Because it’s looking like Carson & JT are gonna be a problem for the league or the next few years.
  6. JT doesn’t get the usage to truly compare to Edge as of now. I noticed upthread that some said Edge had the advantage of “playing with the MVP” and playing in a system where we “passed to set up the run”. Maybe later in his career but it was the exact opposite early in his career. The first 2 years, Edge was our offensive MVP not Peyton. Edge took the pressure off of a super talented but turnover prone young Peyton and allowed the game to slow down for him by giving him a running game that he could lean on most weeks. Not to mention pass protection and receiving. Edge was the complete package and undeniably a top 3 back in the NFL from day one until his knee injury. Taylor has the “potential” to be that and more because of his size and home run speed but as of now it’s mostly still potential. If he’d have been given the workload that Edge was given in his first 2 years, I think this debate/race would be much closer. Taylor has the advantage of playing with a supposed top 5 O Line and in an era where the running game is mostly set up by the passing game. The passing to set up the run may have been a disadvantage for Taylor with Rivers at QB last year because Rivers seemed much more willing to replace pounding the rock with the quick passing game and I think Taylor left potentially hundreds of yards out on the field because of it. Sure using Taylor in a timeshare may help him have a longer career but it’s also limiting the level of early success he could potentially be achieving like Edge was able to attain. Time will tell if JT can catch Edge when it’s all said and done but as of now Edge was the better back their first 2 respective seasons in the league. JT can make up some ground though if he can deliver a Dickerson like performance vs the Titans on Halloween. Let Henry, the biggest baddest back in the league, know that he’s got serious competition for the top spot right here in the AFC South. Snatch the King’s Crown.
  7. The Lamar isn’t a good passer trope doesn’t hold water anymore. He’s well over 200 yards a game. Top 12ish in yards and maybe higher in completion percentage. But 80% and over 400 yards is unacceptable for anyone to put on us. Our defensive scheme is straight trash.
  8. Our defense in the last few years have given up 2 of the top 10 completion percentages in NFL history. And tonight they gave up the highest completion percentage in a 400 yard game in NFL history. Clearly our pass defense is not working. 3 NFL records given up….
  9. Wentz wasn’t the problem tonight. He may have missed a few throws but still. He was balling for the most part. But Hot Rod killed us. Defense was an embarrassment in the 4th. I missed our last few plays of blocked kick drive. So I don’t know what was called or how it went down.
  10. Jackson had time because if you lose contain and over commit he’d gash us for long runs and big pass plays. He’s a different breed. But we had to do something different because he was shredding us regardless of pressure.
  11. I’m sinking back into a depression (wishing we had drafted Justin Fields). I could live with these results and being 1-4 with a rookie QB. At least we’d have a future to look forward too. We’re just not playing a complimentary and winning brand of football. The offense, defense, & special teams all have to cover for each other. We’re just not very complimentary this year.
  12. Our defense gave up 4 straight TD’s in like 10 minutes of game time. And another QB set a record on us….
  13. When has he been perfect? He should be happy we saved him from the dumpster fire that was Philly.
  14. My power went out. What happened on 2nd & 3rd down after they called their first timeout? Before the blocked field goal?
  15. Our LB’s in zone are stupid. Not mirroring any receivers.
  16. Wow. Hot Rod pulling an Ancient Vinny on us.
  17. Hot Rod can still be the hero. You Got The Touch…. You Got The Power….
  18. Wentz gotta get back on track. We have 2 timeouts.
  19. How do you let 1 man beat you the entire 2nd half. Same as last year.
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