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  1. It was a regular season game where Edge had over 200 and I don’t think our starters played the 4th. We used to get to see Sorgi in mop up time at least like once a year back i then.
  2. Who was the kid from the northeast we brought in a few years ago? He looked very impressive on the preseason but got a bad concussion and then allegedly, the Colts didn’t handle his treatment very well. I thought he looked like he had some serious potential.
  3. Imagine Peyton, Edge, & Marv with this offensive line??? .
  4. It was the opposite. Edge opened the passing game up & helped slow the game down for Manning. Nobody feared Manning in his first few years. They sure feared number 32 coming around the corner on that stretch or rolling downhill though. Once Peyton settled in & figured out 88 just couldn’t be covered, you were at his mercy. Edge wasn’t the same after the knee injury (still great though) but he didn’t have to be anymore because Peyton was in full control of the offense by then. You really were screwed with future Hall of Famers in the backfield & out wide. Later, I think it flipped to where teams were so scared of 18, 88, 87, & 44 that the running game probably never saw stacked boxes except for short yardage plays. That was toward the end of Edge & during the Rhodes & Addai era. Only fools gave Edge a light box (I think the Bears were such fools).
  5. Exactly. His throws look effortless. Not quite Luck effortless but the ball jumps off his hand much quicker though . Kid can spin it with ease.
  6. For the first time, I was seriously scratching my head at a Ballard move with this one. But as I read the comments and think on it more, it may be the best move. If Hooker struggles, we let him walk & receive compensatory pick right? Not bad. Better than nothing. But let’s say he BALLS OUT. Pro bowl or all pro worthy. I’m talking like how he was looking as a rookie before injury. In that case, we can franchise tag him & work on an extension to keep him or even work an extension & trade him while we hold him with the tag right? I know this ship has sailed but, with way this worked out, I really believe Hooker was gonna be moved to the Seahawks with a pick for their late first to take Love. Packers jacked the plan up so Ballard went to Plan B. And I’m loving it so far. Anyway Hooker, the ball is in your court now. Let’s get it.
  7. He was listed as just behind on Jeudy, Lamb, & Jefferson & similarly to Higgins as guys that will have an immediate impact. He’s knows as having a higher floor but lower ceiling than most. If I was him, I’d be watching Michael Thomas highlights. Their measurables are very similar. Plus he went in the 2nd too I believe. As far as him & Dorsett, I think he’s much further along when both were drafted. He ran a much more diverse route tree at USC & this past year caught over 100 passes. That’s a huge number for a college season. Plus he was pretty much the only major outside target & was playing with a true freshman, though Slovis looked very talented. Having a father who was a 10 year NFL veteran will be a great source of knowledge for him to tap into on being a professional & working hard. I like his chances of being successful a lot. Rivers gonna put him straight to work.
  8. Arm talent is off the charts. Very electric. He kinda falls off some throws in that video but still had the talent & accuracy to get it in there. If Campbell develops into our slot (catch & run) receiver, I think he and Eason will have a good chemistry if/when they eventually share the field together. Interesting that Eason & Blankenship were teammates as freshmen. Eason even held for the XP at the end. This time he gets to sit his freshman/rookie year, then he gets to Wally Pip Phillip Rivers like Brady did Bledsoe & Fromm did him... How karmic would that be? Eason needs to know that playbook front & back. And keep working on his mechanics until they’re second nature. Also learn some leadership from Rivers & Brissett. Kid’s got a shot. Couldn’t have picked a better landing spot.
  9. I didn’t pick that up from this video. I don’t subscribe to their channel though. But it is “their” channel. It’s probably as close as she’s gonna get to famous with it. But she said all the right things & let him do most of the talking in this video. Perhaps she learned from the day 1 draftee’s girlfriends grabbing cell phones & decided to play it low key (very smart).
  10. Their dad played in the league for 10 years. I doubt they’ve had much of a problem with money.
  11. I think Eason is an example where NFL guys see a kid that was the top rated QB in high school. Goes to college and performs decently in the SEC as a true freshman. Then gets hurt the next season. Then sits the next after that in transfer. Then plays again after a 2 year hiatus. If NFL coaches are supposed to be the best, Eason is the type of player they covet. He’s got all the tools from a physicality stand point. He’s also got the pedigree coming out of high school. Maybe the thing he hasn’t had is “top flight coaching”??? He’s about to get that now. Great value pick in the 4th round. I wasn’t an Eason fan going into the draft. Now that I’ve learned more of his circumstances in college & the fact that he was the TOP guy has piqued my interest. I hope he can put it all together.
  12. Reggie was very special. But in some ways I think Peyton & Marv both had great influence on his development & growth. Now, I’m definitely not saying Reggie would have been common without those 2, but I think they played a much bigger role in his growth than vice versa. Whereas, Marv & Edge helped Peyton more early in his career. I wasn’t the biggest college football fan back then but I swear Peyton & Tennessee were on tv every week. So I started to watch him during his junior & senior seasons. He quickly became my favorite college football player. Hurt me when he kept losing to the Gators. Probably why I have never liked them. Then to somehow have him drafted by my home team... I honestly thought the football gods brought him here because I was his biggest fan. There was never any competition between him & Leaf with me. I had already seen years worth of him playing at Tennessee. Easy pick. I knew he was gonna be great. I didn’t know how great though. We Colts fans were blessed to watch a master technician at work. Imagine Peyton coming out now with even more wide open offenses than when he started? I think he’d be pushing Mahomes as the best QB in the game. 55 TD’s after neck surgery. I think he’d have tried for 60.
  13. Some of you Peyton lovers are ridiculous. I love Peyton too but for you to sit up here & suggest that Peyton made Edge great & without Peyton Edge would be common is foolish. Go back & look at Peyton’s numbers his rookie year. He was a turnover machine & led us to a 3-13 record. Not knocking him but those are facts. And that was with Faulk. Now, go to his 2nd season. He still wasn’t the MVP Peyton Manning that dominated the league yet. But we went 13-3. You wanna know why? It wasn’t because Peyton made Edge better it was because Edge made the game easier for Peyton by leading the league in rushing. Edge allowed the game to slow down for Peyton and he didn’t have to throw up as many prayer balls rather than get pounded into the dirt. He had a new best friend in Edge. And do I even have to mention Marv and how he helped Peyton’s development? Peyton is a smart dude. Why do you think he wanted to practice so much with Marvin? Because he ALREADY knew he was the greatest receiver he had ever played with was a straight BEAST. He was gonna attach his horse to that saddle and ride until he couldn’t anymore. 88 & 32 played big roles in helping Peyton become the GOAT or one of the GOATS. I bet you’ll never hear him call 88 or 32 common.
  14. How can you say that and call yourself a Colts fan? Run game abysmal? Edge led the league in rushing twice. And it was the running game & defense that helped Peyton win the big one here in Indy. Not Peyton putting up Star Wars numbers and ripping through the playoffs like we all hoped & figured he would.
  15. And you sir can’t give up on Kelly for whatever reason that is...
  16. I wonder if Peyton would have had TY watching tape of Marv?
  17. That's with a guy we picked. Has he ever said he wanted a guy and someone else took him? I don't think he would because then you make the guys you did take feel like they were your 2nd choices... Ballard is the real deal at GM. Once GB took him it was dead and done. No need to speak on would of's and could of's and should of's... He's all in with the guys he took as he should be... We get to play these arm chair games.
  18. That's gonna be a good game. I hope this pandemic passes so I can be there.
  19. This man looks fast on tape. Check that. Super fast on tape. His ACCELERATION is amazing. On that kick off return towards the end of the video he turned on the jets and destroyed the angle so quickly... Wow. His speed is real. He has potential to flash in camp and make the squad.
  20. I was kind of wanting 32 as well but I'd probably always be seeing Edge. His running style seems more like Faulk, so I'm fine with the 28. Feels like a "faster" number. Lol.
  21. With the way receivers went after Higgins and Pittman, we might have still gotten Pittman at 44. Claypool & Mims were still available too. But we would have missed out on Taylor, who I think is gonna help us win NOW. And I'm just throwing things out there. But I honestly wouldn't have hated moving up for Love at then end of the 1st but is there that big of a gap between him and Eason in the 4th?? Value wise probably Eason is the better value unless Love becomes the next great Packers QB. We and the Packers have a recent history of following legendary QB's with a top flight replacement. I hope they didn't out-maneuver us and it's gonna be Favre to Rodgers to Love when it could have been Manning to Luck to Love. Hopefully Eason realizes his potential. The id sure can spin it like Favre, Rodgers, and Luck.
  22. That very well cold explain the look. But would Ballard come out and say yes we wanted to move up into the end of the 1st for Love but Packers beat us to it? Not being a smart alleck. Just wondering what your opinion or is it better to just say we never were interested because with him gone it was a lost cause anyway?
  23. It could be. I just think Jordan Love's best fits were gonna be places where he could go sit and learn for a year or 2. We and GB both fit the bill. Saints as well. But I think CB stayed calm and played it perfectly though. Getting Pittman, Taylor, and Eason was a nice haul. Got needs and guys who will contribute this season and still got a potential future QB... Couldn't have worked out much better unless Love fell to 34.
  24. I have no inside information or connections in the Seattle or Indy front offices. It was strictly conjecture and I wasn't looking for credibility either. I just know that Carroll is usually a very enthusiastic guy and he looked very subdued on camera. I then thought it is late so he may be tired. But it was only 8 or 9 pm on the West Coast. Just my opinion, but I would't be surprised at all to hear years down the road that we were interested in trading up for him and Packers suspected it and jumped in front of Seahawks to make sure they got him. And honestly, I would have been ok with moving up for him and then still taking Pittman at 34. But I'm happy with Taylor and Eason in the 4th. Probably ended up with better value with those guys anyway.
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