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  1. Heck, the Rams are desperate trying to win a wild card spot now.
  2. That’s going to be some atmosphere in a few years with that new state of the art stadium, with the Rams and the Chargers playing there away games, uhm....I mean home games there. In 2022, LA Rams play LA Chargers. Guess the stadium will be empty without any visiting team fans.
  3. That's Quite a list you have there. Who's your Qb?
  4. As for replay, I have two options: Option #1 1. On any down, review change of possession and score/no score. That's it. 2. On 1st and 2nd down, no reviews (other than the two above). 3. On 3rd down review it all. 4. On 4th down that is not a punt, review it all. Option #2 Only reviewable play involves change of possession or potential change of possession. Score or no score.
  5. I think we can all agree that the refs are human. Well, at least most of them. Which means: They will make mistakes. They may not be unbiased in regard to teams and/or players. They may have vices that interfere with their judgement. They may have physical deficiencies that affect their ability to make a call correctly. They have a life outside of football that may affect them while on the job. Unfortunately, the best sport has the worst officials. First thing I do now after every play is look at the bottom right of the screen to see if the box turns yellow. It's awful.
  6. I’ve never been a conspiracy theorist, but when you see those two calls and the overruling of the running back catch (think is was Lions Johnson), it’s really hard to watch the NFL and not think the game is somewhat rigged. You with me Saints fans?!
  7. Most teams fluctuate from week to week, or at least every few weeks. Three weeks ago the Chiefs were uneatable and the Raiders were awful. The Bears were "all that" and talk was could the Cowboys go undefeated?" The Chargers were even considered a contender. Now the winner of Colts/Texans has the inside track to the #2 seed. Crazy, but "any given Sunday makes the season fun." Unfortunately, there is only one constant in the NFL, and it's the evil empire in the northeast. But there is a stretch of games coming up that will test that theory as well.
  8. At 6-5 320, it's probably a potato chip.
  9. Quote from tech expert John Randall on cell phones: “Nowadays I always tell people to destroy it yourself or take it to a recycling place that will allow you to witness them destroying it.”
  10. I thought the Lions were going to beat the Chiefs the week prior. Am I drinking the Lions kool-aid? As far as I'm concerned, going along with what 80% of the population thinks is drinking the kool-aid, especially when it comes to sports prognostication. Those predicting a Colts victory were refusing to drink the kool-aid.
  11. Superstar QB/average team vs average QB/Complete team I would argue if you have an average QB then you are not a complete team.
  12. I refuse to answer that question because the answer does not fit my narrative.
  13. I guess Haislop is from the school of "I never met a joke I didn't steal."
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