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  1. I guess that rules out the Washington Haskins
  2. To clarify, the above is based on their radio appearances and not on their writing, which I don’t follow.
  3. I like Bowen and Venturi. You can keep the rest, as I find them unlistenable.
  4. Pretty sure he will look the same.
  5. Considering the Colts QB situation, I think it would be wise to get another QB prospect in the next draft. You can't simply say "it's Eason or bust."
  6. Hopefully Vegas can survive the hit.
  7. Bottom line, it’s very frustrating for a fan to have their team playing with a statue QB with a pop gun arm, in a league filled with mobile QB’s with rifle arms.
  8. Now where have I heard that line before?
  9. Ballard and his staff, as good as I think they are in most areas, appear to be very weak at evaluating the skill positions. Maybe Eason pans out. Maybe Campbell and Pittman get healthy and tear it up, but those are big maybes. I’m not thrilled with Reich, but look at the QB’s, WR’s, and TE’s Reich has had the past two seasons. Is it any wonder our offense is struggling.
  10. They are also opposites. Cesspools take in sewage, twitter spews it out.
  11. Wasn't it more like Luck had one "calf" out the door?
  12. The NFL could have done a shortened schedule, with bubbles, with a bye in the middle for players and coaches to visit their families, followed by a playoff bubble. Less risk, less reward/$. They chose a traditional schedule with precautions. Higher risk, higher reward/$.
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