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  1. coltsva

    Could The Colts Actually Make the Playoffs?

    12-4. we will beat them
  2. coltsva

    Could The Colts Actually Make the Playoffs?

    and another of those brilliant last second time outs at the end of the half, giving their lousy kicker a practice kick.
  3. coltsva

    Anyone remember the colts winning so many awards?

    I don't remember there being this many awards. So I guess my answer is "no."
  4. coltsva

    Dear Josh McDaniels,

    Dear Josh, I didn't realize you had a twin brother.
  5. coltsva

    Colts rank #1 in sack average through 8 games.

    I knew someone was going to ask that question. I have no idea.
  6. coltsva

    Colts rank #1 in sack average through 8 games.

    I give 3/5's of the credit to Ballard, 1/5 to Grigson, and 1/5 to Polian.
  7. Could the Colts go toe to toe with the Rams? Sure they could, but right now I think the Rams are the little piggy that "went to market," while the Colts are the little piggy that "had Roast Beef." Not too shabby since a few weeks ago the Colts would have gone "wee wee wee all the way home!"
  8. coltsva

    Could The Colts Actually Make the Playoffs?

    I disagree on the wild card not being in the picture. Right now the only team that appears in a good spot for a wild card is the Chargers. Ravens and Bengals are the only 4-3 teams. Ravens still play Panthers, Steelers, Chiefs, Chargers. Bengals still have Saints, Chargers, Steelers. They do also play each other again. Four loss teams - Dolphins, Jets, Jaguars, Titans, Broncos, Browns. Looks to me like 9-7 gets you in, pending tiebreaker.
  9. coltsva

    Four Jacksonville Jaguars Players Arrested In London

    Sounds like they handle liquor the same was they handle success.
  10. coltsva

    5 Players Ruled Out for Raiders Game

    I believe someone mentioned earlier in the week that maybe the Colts go for 2 after touchdowns (might be a better choice vs this defense regardless of Vinny's health), and they also go for more 4th downs as opposed to field goals. He's like insurance: hope you don't need him, but he's there if you do.
  11. coltsva

    Colts to trade Brissett??

    I’d be fine with it, but for it to be worth it value wise it would have to be a: 1. QB needy borderline playoff team, or 2. a team that thinks he is their potential young franchise QB. I dont think there are more than a couple in #1 category and it’s hard to imagine based on his body of work (incomplete) that a team would think he falls into #2 category. Brissett was valiant last year in a tough spot, but I didn’t see enough to say “he’s the guy!”
  12. coltsva

    What do these teams have in common?

    And the answer is....., In the past 5 years none of the 7 teams have had a first round draft pick in the top ten spots. All other 25 teams have picked in the top ten at least once from 2014-2018 drafts. Apologoes if this was a bit random or obscure, but thought it was “tricky interesting” due to the Miami angle.
  13. coltsva

    What do these teams have in common?

    Yes, without Miami the answer would not surprise you and probably be fairly obvious. But the fact that Miami is included on the list makes coming up with the answer harder.
  14. coltsva

    Rick Venturi on the OL yesterday.

    For me, his coaching record has no bearing on his credibility as an analyst, although I can understand how for some it does. For whatever reason or multitude of reasons, his knowledge didn’t translate to wins. Despite his amazingly poor win %, Venturi had a long coaching career. Apparently he was either well liked as a person, well respected as a coach, or could knock it out of the park when being interviewed for a job, or all of the above.
  15. coltsva

    Rick Venturi on the OL yesterday.

    You are correct, I did not see it. But thanks to updates like yours, if I miss them walking in the door, at least I see them walking out the door.