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  1. Every team will now have a game at a neutral site, such as Europe, Mexico, and who knows where.
  2. JC & 2006CB pretty much nailed it for me, so I'm going to project the top 10 by the end of 2020, sans rookies, of course, and break it down to offense/defense Nelson Hilton - clearly, this will be affected by health and who the QB is Castonzo Kelly, R Smith Mack - listed him 6th, since his success is very much dependent on the guys above him Leonard Okereke Moore Turay Willis Houston edit: okay, top 12
  3. Nudge, nudge, say no more
  4. Since there are no guarantees in life, I prefer the team I root for to try and win every year. For those that think tanking and drafting Lawrence will bring the Colts to the promised land, I did a little research for you. Unless the guy you're tanking for has the last name of Manning, you're likely not winning a SB with a QB selected in the top 3 picks. Let's go back in history to see which teams stunk and drafted a QB with the 1st, 2nd or 3rd pick in the draft: 1998 - Manning = 1 SB win, 2 appearances, with team that drafted him, Leaf = nuff said 1999 - Tim Couch = ouch, Donovan McNabb = 1 SB appearance, Akili Smith (3rd pick) = who? 2000 - none 2001 - Michael Vick 2002 - David Carr, Joey Harrington 2003 - Carson Palmer 2004 - Eli Manning = 2 SB 2005 - Alex Smith 2006 - Vince Young 2007 - Jamarcus Russell 2008 - Matt Ryan - 1 SB appearance 2009 - Matthew Stafford 2010 - Sam Bradford 2011 - Cam Newton - 1 SB appearance 2012 - Andrew Luck, RG III 2013 - none 2014 - Blake Bortles 2015 - Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota 2016 - Jarod Goff (1 SB appearance), Carson Wentz (his team won SB with their backup QB) 2017 - Mitchell Trubisky 2018, 2019 - let's wait and see.
  5. Agree. Keep 13th, 20th, 34th, 44th, and let someone else draft Tua.
  6. Why would you want AJ Green? He will be 32 by the time the season starts. He played 9 games in 2018, and 0 games in 2019. Throwing money at Green would be throwing money away. No way Ballard goes this route.
  7. He likely moved his family to where they will live after he retires. Better to deal with a year or two of being away from the family for several months, then to have to uproot them again in a couple of years. And who knows, maybe he doesn't get an offer he likes from a team, and retires now.
  8. Not a Rivers fan, but certainly agree with this premise.
  9. Next Irsay tweet will be "Do I like having the 13th pick in the draft? No, I LOVE having the 13th pick in the draft."
  10. I was thinking Chris Ballard fired up the grill, hosting a barbecue for the team. But either works. As for your headline, Actual meaning: experts predict the Colts to go 4-0 in the preseason. Actual meaning: what a dumb post
  11. Trying to get this thread closed before it gets going? okay, I’ll bite. Actual meaning: Heidi Lynn is moving from Indiana back to Hollywood. Misleading headline: Chris Ballard fired
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