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  1. coltsva

    Peyton Manning on MNF

    If I’m Peyton, my first demand is no Booger and a new play by play man.
  2. coltsva

    Luke Rhodes Signs Exclusive Rights Tender

    I’d like to see his consistency on FG/XP snaps improve. Too many high ones throwing off the timing of the kick. Was execellent on punts.
  3. coltsva

    Mayock Fleeced Steelers

    Was he freakishly accurate with predicting what players would be hits & misses, or freakishly accurate in regard to what team would select what player? Huge difference.
  4. Apparently the Raiders have a strategy. Sign everyone named Brown!
  5. coltsva

    Jacoby Brissett

    And this ^ helps me sleep better!
  6. coltsva

    Robert Kraft Charged in Prostitution Probe

    As opposed to having an escort service send a mature women up to their room? Shouldn't be too hard to deduce.
  7. coltsva

    Zak Keefer - Quenton Nelson Mindset

    As long as they’re playing hard and destroying the opposition I don’t care if they’re nasty, friendly, trash talk or simply ignore the players on the other team, after the play is over.
  8. coltsva

    Jacoby Brissett

    Two options: 1. Brissett to Redskins. With the uncertainty of Alex Smith they get a cheap one year look to see if Brissett is a long term solution. 2. Brissett to Eagles. Assuming they trade Foles they will can get a cheap one year insurance policy on Carson Wentz. Brissett being with Reich should be familiar with a lot of what Philly does. Also gives them a chance to see if Wentz can make it through a season. Maybe they like Sudfeld. Who knows.
  9. coltsva

    AAF league

    I don't know. Betty White looked pretty tough in that Snickers commercial.
  10. coltsva

    The FA Predictions Game

    I must have buzzed in on Bell a split second before you. Willuams- Packers
  11. coltsva

    The FA Predictions Game

    49ers Adsm Humphries
  12. coltsva

    My latest mock

    So you don’t think we’re getting Antonio Brown?
  13. coltsva

    Behind closed doors demand from Irsay ?

    If this had been posted in the "Howard Mudd" thread it may have been received differently from the forum members.
  14. coltsva

    Season Ticker Holder again

    Cool, I'm in 639 and looking to upgrade again 1 more section over to 640 or opposite side (613).
  15. coltsva

    Question About Mack

    Which begs the question: Why was he not utilized in the passing game in the two playoff games?