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  1. Well, I certainly learned something today. Against the Chiefs speed rushers, I began to ponder why the Colts Oline looked so ponderous. How'd I do?
  2. coltsva

    Rick Venturi on JMV

    Ballard is trying to build a culture on a team with a lot of young players. While that culture is being built, you don't want to bring in someone who may jeopardize that process. Once you build that culture and have your strong team leaders, you can bring in guys that will help you win, even though they may not fit your culture. Your culture and team leaders will trump whatever baggage the new player brings (see Patriots, Moss, Blount, Gordon, etc). I believe once Ballard (and Reich) feel their culture is strong enough, they will not hesitate to bring in a very talented player they believe can help the team, even if it's questionable that said player will fit the "culture."
  3. coltsva

    Joe Flacco to Jaguars ?

    Jaguars = Flacco Bengals = Foles Redskins = Brissett to the Redskins makes a lot of sense. Gives them an experienced starter until Smith is ready. Could win the job long term, or be a solid back up. If Foles ends up with Jags, where does that leave Flacco? No way he goes to a division rival, and there just aren't many teams that need QB's.
  4. This was puzzling. Maybe they thought the Saints were reeling and wanted one more play before letting defense get a break. Didn't watch after game conferences, so don't know if anyone asked Foles.
  5. Wow, Frank Reich with a Forum move. One bad game and "get rid of him!"
  6. coltsva

    Philip Rivers or Eli Manning To The HoF?

    Eli has been a good QB, and he has had several great runs and memorable, historic even, moments. (as I type this, I am starting to rethink my earlier post where I said "no.") Rivers has been a good QB, and I really can't remember a great moment.
  7. coltsva

    Philip Rivers or Eli Manning To The HoF?

    If I did have to pick one of the two, it would be Eli.
  8. If the Colts lost the way Philly lost, with a ball going right through the hands of Ebron and getting intercepted, it would be way worse than how we lost to the Chiefs.
  9. coltsva

    Philip Rivers or Eli Manning To The HoF?

    Neither. Eli - a .500 QB whose has made the playoffs in just 6 out of 15 years. Two SB's and 4 one and dones. Although I am forever grateful for him beating the Pats. Rivers - Also, just 6 playoff appearances in 15 seasons. In this era, where the rules are constantly changing to help the passing game, a HOF QB needs to at least make the playoffs close to 50% of their seasons. Not sure how Kurt Warner got in.
  10. coltsva

    Dee Ford

    And the play is designed so that you don't need to block him. Luck and Mack just ran the play(s) so slowly that Mack was still in the backfield when he should already be hitting the line. Just another example of Colts playing in slow motion and the Chiefs playing at Warp speed.
  11. coltsva

    Luck did not play well comments are simply false

    On the bright side, Peyton Manning was in his 9th year and 30 years old when he won his first Super Bowl. Looks like things are right on schedule!
  12. coltsva

    Ballard press conference

    How do we find a great kicker without giving that player a legit chance in games over the course of a season, or half a season? Badgley was perfect in preseason and we cut him.
  13. coltsva

    Reality check

    IMO, this is the 2nd tier of teams: Steelers, Ravens, Seahawks, Browns, Chargers, Texans, Titans, Eagles, Cowboys, Bears, Colts. We were 5-2 vs these teams, 3 of which made the playoffs. I didn't include the Vikings because they are a notch below these teams. Their wins this season were Lions (twice), Packers, Dolphins, Jets, Cardinals, 49ers, Eagles (a good one). Record of 2nd tier teams vs 2nd tier teams: Colts 5-2 Chargers 5-1 Ravens 4-3 Texans 4-4 Eagles 3-3 Bears 1-1 Steelers 2-2-1 Cowboys 3-4 Titans 3-5 Seahawks 1-3 Browns 1-4-1 I think we're sitting nicely near the top of the 2nd tier teams.
  14. coltsva

    Colts away schedule is brutal

    It’s the same for Texans. Away vs Saints, Chargers, Chiefs, and Ravens instead of Steelers. The Titans get Chargers, Saints and Chiefs at home.
  15. coltsva

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    For what team?