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  1. Inman was a great fit last year and became one of my favorite players. He was exactly what the Colts needed, especially with Doyle out. But it's hard to see where he would fit with this year's team.
  2. As our defense improves it should force more punts, adding to the importance of having a reliable return guy. Not just good hands, but good decision making. Right now it's Rogers. Actually, it's TY, but that's not happening.
  3. coltsva


    I thought MAC was a receiving TE who has worked hard to become a good blocker.
  4. After today's game, the guy who catches balls for the QB in warmups may have jumped Johnson.
  5. Speaking strictly from a starters standpoint, ironically, I think our biggest weakness is K. Vinatieri is injured and Hedlund is an unproven rookie.
  6. Chargers 5-3 at home last year. Not seeing the HFA.
  7. Isn't there already a thread for helmets in the NFL General section?
  8. It's a few people on a message board. The 70,000 at Lucas Oil will display the fan base's opinion of Andrew on Sept 22.
  9. I second this! It was like reading a game day thread, without the emotional mood swings!
  10. A trip down memory lane and full disclosure George Brett's backside provided some comic relief during the 1980 Phillies-Royals World Series, though not to the third baseman himself, who first began suffering from hemorrhoids during the ALCS against the Yankees. In fact, he was able to play only five innings of Game 1 in Philly.
  11. While this would not surprise me, I think it will depend on two things: 1. how does his body hold up in the next few years? 2. do the Colts win a Super Bowl, and if not, how much does winning one mean to him?
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