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  1. Not a lot of attractive home games for Chiefs. I'll go with Texans first & Ravens second.
  2. Thanks Chad and 2006 for playoff and regular season thread/scoring/updates, etc. Looking forward to next season and using my high draft position to flip the standings!
  3. Hope it’s not too late to get my pick in. I’ll take 49ers by 10!
  4. That's an easy one. He's say "these receivers are too quick to jam. You need to give a little cushion."
  5. I'm not a big fan of seeing Taylor Swift every time Kelce does something good, but it sure beats seeing Jerry Jones.
  6. Truth be told, I picked the 49ers because I want to see the Lions in the Super Bowl! Hoping for 50% on the picks!
  7. With only two games this week, my odds of an undefeated week have greatly increased! Ravens by 7-10 49ers by 7-10
  8. AFC Texans @ Ravens(11-13) Chiefs @ Bills(4-6) NFC Buccaneers @ Lions(4-6) Packers @ 49'ers(4-6)
  9. Finally, a format where I can get the pick completely wrong and still be partially right!
  10. Dak doesn't just run it and the extra point is doink. Hey guys, can we get another shot of the owners box, please.
  11. I did not watch the game, but it seems the Dolphins going into frigid KC was very much like the playoff game a few years ago in KC with Colts/Luck.
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