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  1. coltsva

    Season Tickets

  2. coltsva

    2019 NFL Division Winners

    I must have still been half asleep when I did those predictions.
  3. coltsva

    The Gronk

    Like Laron Laundry
  4. coltsva

    Colts sign T J’Marcus Webb

    Whenever I buy my wife a nice piece of jewelry, I go to Jared. There, feel better now?
  5. This thread is nothing to sneeze at. Budum bump!
  6. Colts/Chargers, I believe it was Kenton Keith botching a short pass from Manning at the end zone, turning it into an int.
  7. coltsva

    Touchdown Music

    Whatever it is, as long as they play it so much that I get sick of it, I’ll be happy.
  8. coltsva


    How are fans repeating history? None of us have ever drafted a player, signed a free agent, or hired a coach. If you mean the fan base continues to root for the Colts year after year, regardless of who the GM, coaches and players are, or if the team is good, average or poor, then guilty as charged.
  9. coltsva

    Tre Boston explains his Colts visit

    I heard the Colts made him an offer, but he refused to agree to one of the conditions in the contract. He had to change his name.
  10. coltsva

    Tre Boston explains his Colts visit

    Maybe Ballard was meeting Boston's agent while he was playing basketball.
  11. sounds a bit like "Hot Blooded" to me
  12. coltsva

    Height, Weight, and Position updates

    Andrew Luck, previously listed as not yet throwing, is now listed as not yet throwing "footballs."
  13. coltsva

    Peyton talks Colts on NFL Network

    Thank you for the information.
  14. coltsva

    2019 NFL Division Winners

    AFC East - Patriots, jets, bills, dolphins AFC North - Steelers, browns, ravens, bengals AFC South - Colts, texans, jaguars, titans (healthy Luck, healthy Watson) AFC West - Raiders, chiefs, chargers, broncos Wild Cards - Texans, Jaguars NFC East - Eagles, cowboys, giants, redskins NFC North - Bears, packers, vikings, lions NFC South - Falcons, panthers, saints, bucs NFC West - Rams, niners, seahawks, cardinals Wild cards - Cowboys, Niners
  15. coltsva

    Full NFL Regular Season Schedule

    The league is getting the Colts Monday night game out of the way during preseason (August 20).