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  1. When you are missing two key starters on the O-line, and your QB is immobile, your offense is in trouble. When you are missing three key starters on the defense, and you are going against Derrick Henry, your defense is in trouble. When you are not capable of making defensive adjustments until halftime, you're in trouble. When Rock Ya Sin is in your starting lineup, you're in trouble. When Le'Raven Clark enters the game, just punt.
  2. I also think we'll make the playoffs, but I'm not convinced if we do that it means Rivers will be back.
  3. When we are mathematically eliminated or if PR and JB are not able to play.
  4. That probably won't happen until we have a QB that can put the team on his back when things aren't going well. Not bashing Rivers, but he's just not that guy.
  5. Some results will help the Colts regardless of who wins. 11-5 will get the Colts into the playoffs. Also, I wouldn't be counting on Buffalo as a lock to get in yet. Colts (7-4) - Texans, Raiders, Texans, Steelers, Jaguars Titans (8-3) - Browns, Jaguars, Lions, Packers, Texans Browns (8-3) - Titans, Ravens, Giants, Jets Steelers Ravens (6-4) - Steelers, Cowboys, Browns, Jaguars, Giants, Bengals Raiders (6-5) - Jets, Colts, Chargers, Dolphins, Broncos Dolphins (6-4) - Bengals, Chiefs, Patriots, Raiders, Bills Bil
  6. Start playoffs a week later, using "week 18" as a make up date. Take out Super Bowl bye week.
  7. McCarthy was a much better coach with Aaron Rodgers at QB.
  8. Well done, but I say you're a dreamer
  9. I hope it means the league will be watching this reffing crew extremely close the next few games.
  10. Someone, anyone, needs to make a big play on D, or this will be over very quickly.
  11. And that player would have been right in the hole JT ran through
  12. Looked like he was hurting, but we'll know soon enough
  13. Didn't see him call for a fair catch. Now it makes sense
  14. Yeah, I get that, but with this being a game day thread, it must be somebody's fault!
  15. It wasn't off the receiver's hands, it was deflected by a defender. That's Rivers fault.
  16. That doesn't explain why it's a touch back. As IndySS said, you see players pick up balls in the end zone and run them out all the time, and when they get tackled the ball is not moved to the 25.
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