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  1. As for PI, I thought it much more enjoyable to watch without constant flags. The only one I thought they should have called was when Doyle got mugged, but he still caught it.
  2. Texans have a young, top level player at the most critical position. You don't trade him to build a team, you build a team around him. Heck, Grigson started with a 2-14 group and built around the starting QB, going 11-5, 11-5, 11-5, 8-7, in 4 "healthy" years. And that's with doing a terrible job of drafting (Luck, Hilton, Mewhort, Kelly), in 5 years.
  3. If I'm correct in my analysis, there is more than a 100% chance it will be dry today!
  4. How do you have less than 0% chance of precipitation?
  5. If the Texans trade Watson, it's not going to be for Round 1 picks that are in the 20's.
  6. Honestly, I have no idea what is standard prior to a playoff game. Just need to trust the staff knows what's best.
  7. I assume you are talking about both T/W being only walkthroughs? If this was week 3, I'd call it weird. For week 18, less is more, from a contact standpoint.
  8. Can you imagine a fresh JT and Mack all game long, mixing in Hines as well? It will be interesting to see what Mack wants coming off the injury, and if the Colts want him.
  9. I expect to see another variation of Hines and Taylor in the red zone, similar to that play vs Raiders in the regular season. Would not be at all surprised if Hines throws a TD pass out of that look. The lack of run/pass option from any formation and any personnel is what's hurting us in the red zone, IMHO.
  10. Didn't seem appropriate to hit the "like" button on this, but yes, it certainly does.
  11. Scenario #1 - Dodds leaves. Ballard is left scrambling for someone to fill his shoes Scenario #2 - Dodds leaves. Ballard knew this day would eventually come and has an excellent replacement lined up, from a list of qualified candidates. I'm going with #2
  12. Offensive player of the year - Goes to the player who had the most individual success MVP - Goes to the player that if taken off the team for this past season, would have the most impact. In other words, a quarterback on a winning team.
  13. Colts 31 Bills 28 Rams 13 Seahawks 21 Bucs 21 Football team 23 Ravens 20 Titans 31 Bears 10 Saints 31 Browns 20 Steelers 23 (OT)
  14. You lost me here, but that's fine. I'm lost half the time anyway.
  15. Correction, I believe Bills faced Steelers and Dolphins in their last five.
  16. Frank said " I spoke to Doug Pederson before the game, and he said I should get my backup a few more snaps."
  17. If this was week 1- 15, and no milestone for Henry, pretty sure it would have gone to Taylor. As for defenses, both Texans and Jags rushing D's are horrible. Jags gave up 153/game rushing, Texans 160/game.
  18. It's NBC's fault for flexing a 6-9 team vs a 4-10-1 team to prime time.
  19. I heard as Gm, he is going to trade for Andrew Luck, then win a Super Bowl, and complete the Colts to Broncos trilogy,
  20. Bills? Oh, yee of little faith.
  21. Just doing NFC due to Colts in it. Rams at Seahawks: Seahawks Buccaneers at Football Team: WFT Bears at Saints: Saints WFT at Packers: Packers Seahawks at Saints: Saints Saints at Packers: Packers Packers
  22. After watching Tua and the Miami offense, I can understand Flores decision to put his defense on the field first. I think this would make for an interesting discussion if the Bills had marched down the field and put up some quick points.
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