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  1. Yeah, I was joking. Would stink for even the Browns to lose out this way
  2. No cancellations allowed this late in the season. Browns forfeit.
  3. Thanks! Right back at ya, buddy! And everyone else, of course!
  4. I'd prefer Rivers not be back for next year. Basically, I see no reason to "bridge the gap" for another season. I think all it does is push back the inevitable for another year. I prefer they go with Eason or try like heck to get their guy in the draft. What the Colts have in place with their O-Line should set up a young QB for success. As for the QB's already in the league, if you're looking for an upgrade the pickings are slim: Not available - Murray, Jackson, Wilson, Rodgers, Mahomes, Allen, Mayfield, Watson, Tagovailoa, Herbert, Brady, Tannehill, Bridgewater,
  5. Okay, I’m confused by this thread. the Colts have a 5 year old Green tortoise with Webb feet playing tackle?
  6. AFC root for 1. Bills 2. Dolphins Don’t really care either way Chiefs Titans absolutely not 1. Steelers 2. Ravens 3. Browns NFC root for 1. Giants don’t really care either way 1. Bears 2. Packers 3. Cardinals 4. Rams 5. WFT absolutely not 1. Seahawks 2. Saints 2A. Bucs 3. Cowboys
  7. This^ and I’ll add, the longer you put off surgery, the more you have to deal with scar tissue. This is especially true with ankle injuries.
  8. Let's hope the Bills have a big lead and bringing in the closer is a moot point.
  9. I believe 80% of them will do this. It's the 20% knuckleheads you need to watch out for! And really, it only takes one.
  10. Agree, it's not happening, nor should it. Irsay and Ballard are both too smart to make that move. I criticize FR all the time, and I think he still has a lot to learn. But if you ask me who is out there that I would want instead of him, I have no answer. Which means the answer is obvious.
  11. And we're not done yet. It will be interesting to see how covid affects the rest of this week and playoffs. Teams are not allowed to do mandatory "bubbles" for the playoffs, so there is bound to be some cases/contacts.
  12. Here's a quote from LuckyColtsFan from a thread back in early September, BEFORE the first Jags game. Got any lottery numbers?
  13. He barely won a title with him. Highly doubtful he would win one without him.
  14. Is that right? Wow, did not know that. No sense in breaking that streak now. I keep waiting for Fitztragic to show his face. Maybe this Sunday.
  15. Just another reason why I have said I think the Bengals give the Ravens a tough game. Crazy stuff is happening. Man, 1:00pm Sunday can't get here soon enough!
  16. A favorite line of mine from Ralph Kramden "What I say about Norton is one thing, how I feel about him is something else"
  17. Which I'm guessing means they aren't sure what the Bills will do, so rather than have an out of whack line, they pull the game. If this isn't true, please correct me (which I know someone will).
  18. No, it means a lot of money is coming in on Cleveland and Miami, and the books are trying to get money to come in on Pitt and Buffalo.
  19. Which of these will happen? 1. The new Browns lose a "win and in" game against the Steelers backups. Cleveland fans are relieved that their beloved old Browns are alive and well. 2. The Bengals finish on a 3 game winning streak, knocking off the Ravens. 3. The Cinderella Dolphins, fresh off their miracle win vs the Raiders, come out flat as a pancake and lose to the Bills. 4. Deshaun Watson throws for 500 yards and the Texans eek out a win vs the Titans. 5. None of the above, and the Colts go 11-5 and miss the playoffs
  20. If the Bills hit the brakes now they are nuts. That offense is rolling. Of course, I also said that about a certain team back in the 2000's.
  21. No idea. Only said IF he wasn't it wouldn't be good. He did tweak something vs the Colts, though.
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