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  1. I heard as Gm, he is going to trade for Andrew Luck, then win a Super Bowl, and complete the Colts to Broncos trilogy,
  2. Bills? Oh, yee of little faith.
  3. Just doing NFC due to Colts in it. Rams at Seahawks: Seahawks Buccaneers at Football Team: WFT Bears at Saints: Saints WFT at Packers: Packers Seahawks at Saints: Saints Saints at Packers: Packers Packers
  4. After watching Tua and the Miami offense, I can understand Flores decision to put his defense on the field first. I think this would make for an interesting discussion if the Bills had marched down the field and put up some quick points.
  5. LOL, that's funny. And I have to admit, if he did what he did and it kept the Patriots out of the playoffs, I'd be applauding him too.
  6. I don't like it in either instance, but I understand that you can't control what someone else does, and they have the right to play who they want. It's why it's such a big deal when you hear "they control their own fate." When you have to rely on someone else, it's not good. However, this was a bit glaring, and the Philly/NY hatred is real, which is fueling it. Quite frankly, unless you're a Giants or WFT fan, it's all simply entertainment watching fans and players of a 6-10 team complaining about not getting in because another team blew it for you. YOU LOST 62.5% OF YO
  7. Pederson was naming other guys that were still out there trying to win, including Ertz. Well, there was a play late in the game where Ertz stayed in to block, and just stood there and let the rusher go right past him to the QB, then turned and just watched. I was like "what the heck?"
  8. Will not root for a team coached by Sean Payton or Pete Carroll, or Steelers or Browns. Don't want to root for Ravens, Bears,Titans, or Bucs. I guess that leaves Bills, Packers, Rams, Football team, Chiefs, if Colts get eliminated.
  9. Ha, that's what I said last night. Pathetic move by Pederson.
  10. Texans are creative losers, I'll give them that
  11. and driving. this is why they went to division games last week of season
  12. So the defender made a great play on a crappy throw by the QB. I can agree with that.
  13. Other than the throw being late and under thrown, I agree.
  14. He sure did. Wish he would have done a Darius swipe at the ball, cause that guy had no idea he was coming.
  15. We may lose by 30 to Buffalo, but at least we'll be up at halftime!
  16. If you have to prove you're the smartest guy in the room, you're not.
  17. There once was a team from Indianapolis, Who used to play close to Annapolis, They needed a loss, By just 1 team to cross, That bridge to the playoff Metropolis.
  18. I was thinking more in terms of style of play, and not experience in the elements, but clearly, experience won out.
  19. Very true. And also on the flip side, Tenn v GB in the snow: The star QB and WR played lights out in the snow, while the team with the star RB got smoked. the more I think I know, the less I know
  20. Having Mack does seem like a luxury, so it would certainly have to be a team friendly deal. My guess is where ever he signs, it will be a pretty inexpensive one year “prove it”deal. Hope it’s with Colts.
  21. I don’t like this at all. 1. Bills have the more talented QB and receivers. I’d prefer them on a fast surface. 2. Bad weather can create more turnovers. 3. If players start slipping and sliding it could raise the chance of injuries, and Buffalo may opt to pull starters early. in case you haven’t noticed, I’m going “glass half empty” today.
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