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  1. That would not be good. TJ Watt not playing would not be good either.
  2. I honestly don't think this is a big negative. Ben has not looked sharp, other than the 20 minute stretch last game.
  3. Guess we got our answer on what Tomlin values more, health and rest over seeding. Steelers could still win though. Other than 2nd half of Colts game, Ben hasn't look very good. But again, he is tired.
  4. If you allow the refs to be a factor in the game, they will be. Learn to stomp on your opponent when you have them down. Colts didn't and allowed Steelers to get back in it, which in turn allowed the refs to be a factor.
  5. Now there's a realty check! I'm not a Rivers fan, but he's done well this season. Much better than I expected (see "eat crow" thread). I don't think it was possible for us to sign anyone better than Rivers last year, and he's worked out fine. You don't go 11-5 with garbage QB play. Having said that, I'm not really thrilled with bringing Rivers back. Although, he may once again be the best option. The thing I, and I think most Colts fans want to see for next year, is that our QB of the future is at least on the roster. Right now, with JB as the backup, it's hard to know what they th
  6. To be fair, he did say it was a private party with strippers. LOL
  7. In a few days we will find out: Which do Steelers and Bills value more, rest or the 2 seed?
  8. Ah, I see. Obviously, the 2 seed is not the same prize without the bye or the full stadium, but I'm sure teams still prefer to play as many games as possible at home. Guess we'll find out just how much it means. In regard to Watson, the early report was he got injured late in the game, so speculation started that he might not play this Sunday. Then Watson and Crennel both said if he's cleared by the medical staff, he;s playing.
  9. Maybe I missed some posts, but I have seen posters (including myself) say they “could” rest starters, not “should” rest starters.
  10. . I’d say both halves were a bit surprising
  11. I hope you guys are right and every team plays a "normal" game next week. If so, I think the Colts get in. But....I will be strongly rooting for Allen to not get touched tonight. Don't want Bills to get spooked into sitting him next week.
  12. It’s not what I would want my team to do. But I could see the Steelers thinking rest is more important than seeding. I’d be a bit surprised if the Bills did it.
  13. Same here, and the sinking feeling that the opportunity is gone (even though it’s not), is going to increase each day. probably a good thing, because by Sunday I’ll be prepared for all 5 teams winning.
  14. When Colts were 1st and 10 at own 2 yard line, I was expecting to see Brissett come in for a QB sneak to get a couple yards breathing room. Some of his sneaks have netted twice that, even against short yardage D.
  15. The odds are fine and dandy, but there are other variables at play here: pitt resting starters? bills resting starters? texans sitting Watson? although I think Bengals give Ravens a fight, I’d hate to rely on that being the best chance for a loss
  16. Ben was saying how they were mentally tired, so Steelers may look to rest and recharge. Other angle is they want to build on the 2nd half and get that offense totally in sync and ready for the playoffs. Who knows. Going to be a long 6 days.
  17. Yes, they don't seem capable of making adjustments on the fly. It's obvious they make adjustments at halftime, but from series to series in the same half, not so much.
  18. Then why would they agree to it? I am assuming they have a say in it.
  19. This is great! It now makes the Colts opening day loss each season even less relevant!
  20. We can only be eliminated from the wild card. The division is in play until Titans/Texans game ends.
  21. Love this switch. Going to turn the living room the into a sports bar for 6 hours!
  22. I think all the games will be close, but if I had to predict one blowout game, it would be Browns. I still think the Steelers stink. 1:00 - 4:00 will be an emotional roller coaster, for sure.
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