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  1. I can only answer one of those with any certainty.
  2. If this were a high probability, I think the Colts would have told Siriani or Eberflus to stick around and you'll be the next HC, assuming Ballard thinks enough of one of them to offer the job.
  3. Not going to happen, but if it's there you make this deal immediately! Ten years of high level play at the most important position in sports. I am stunned that anyone would not make this deal.
  4. Most likely River's told them, but.....if what you said is true, it means the Colts already have a deal worked out for their next QB.
  5. This off season just got REALLY interesting!
  6. McWeasel: Bill, Mr Kraft, I'm taking the Eagles job. Bill: You mean that's what you're telling them, right? McWeasel: Of course, I'm not actually going to take it. Kraft: Okay, good. Take that Philly Special!
  7. Elway rushing stats were pretty consistent over the course of his career, except for 1992 and 1998, when he only started 12 games. His last two seasons: 1997 regular season 50 rushes 218 yards playoffs 9 rushes 25 yards (4 games) 1998 regular season 37 rushes for 94 yards (12 games) playoffs 9 rushes 34 yards (3 games)
  8. Bill O'Brien would trade the beer for prune juice and pretzel for some cauliflower.
  9. I think it means it's worse today than it was yesterday.
  10. $5 Pretzel $7 Beer Dang it, I'm out of money.
  11. Agree, and not meaning to take away from him, but the KC receivers are always wide open.
  12. Neither player is watching the game today. Rivers is playing with his 9 kids, and Jackson is in concussion protocol, which means no phone, computer or TV for a few days.
  13. Running QB, no. Ability to extend a play when the pocket breaks down, and run a boot leg for a 1st down or TD, yes. Sounds a lot like a guy we had a few years ago.
  14. While this may be true in theory, if the Colts D takes a step back next year, and you never know with injuries and such, he may miss his opportunity to be a head coach.
  15. As a fan who has attended winter games in Indy, Cleveland, Nashville and New Jersey, I'm fine with having reduced odds of winning the Super Bowl, while having a domed stadium with a Skywalk connected to my hotel and a lot of the fine local restaurants and watering holes.
  16. Did you know since 1997 only two warm weather teams have won the Super Bowl. New Orleans and Tampa Bay.
  17. I agree JB was way overpaid, but two things keep me from caring: 1. it wasn't my money 2. his salary never prevented the Colts from signing any player at any position
  18. It concerns me that Reich has been around the game a long time, and yet he says "analytics" said 4th and 4 was a strong go. That to me is a coach who is not confident in making a decision based on his many years in the game, and instead uses the crutch of analytics to make the tough decisions. And as far as the 4th and 4 goes, how do you rely on analytics in this situation? There are way too many variables that make the data irrelevant and incomplete. The fact that FR couldn't say in his head "they stuffed us on the goal line on 1st, 2nd and 3rd down, and the Bills defense pumped u
  19. Wentz may not play for two teams, but if he's traded, two teams will be paying his salary.
  20. This guy has had a busy couple of weeks.
  21. Ha, I copied and pasted Dan's original post and then forgot to change Broncos. I'll stick with Lock.
  22. This is assuming Rivers Roethlisberger and Brees retire Jaguars Trevor Lawrence Texans Deshaun Watson Titans Ryan Tannehill Colts Sam Darnold Patriots Ryan Fitzpatrick Jets Justin Fields Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa Bills Josh Allen Chargers Justin Herbert Raiders Derek Carr Broncos Carson Wentz Chiefs Patrick Mahomes Steelers Jimmy Garrapolo Ravens Lamar Jackson Browns Baker Mayfield Bengals Joe Burrow Vikings Kirk Cousins Packers Aaron Rodgers Lions Matt
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