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  1. Colts had 3 receivers in the area. Mo was coming in too late (of course, our tallest guy), and Hines stayed in as a 6th blocker, which had to be done because Rivers can't roll out like essentially every other NFL QB can do on a hail mary pass.
  2. If we would have won, I wonder what team he would have chosen to play for this weekend? note - this is a joke!
  3. Although I did save several thousand $$ this year on tickets, hotels and travel, I smile at the thought of being able to attend some games again next year. Watching Taylor run makes me smile. If we re-sign Mack, the grin will be ear to ear! I smile seeing a solid defense wearing Colts uniforms. I smile every time I see big Q running down the field to help the running back get up.
  4. Add in Fields on the Jets. Kraft will push for realignment.
  5. Can you get Brady on that list? Please!
  6. It looked like Ben was thinking “my shoulder is really going to hurt tomorrow!”
  7. We would have to sign him first, which begs the question, why wouldn't the other team just sign him?
  8. The only way I trade Reich to Philly is if it includes unlimited Cheese Steaks for fans at Colts games. Otherwise, no deal!
  9. Frank does own up to his mistakes that he feels are mistakes. He doesn't own up to mistakes that WE feel are mistakes. I thought not kicking the FG on 4th a 4 was a mistake. If Frank doesn't come out and say "I should have kicked the FG" it's not because he won't own up to it, it's because in his mind it was the right call.
  10. If you watch that play again (I know, it's tough to do), Turay actually flinched earlier in the hard count, which had me concerned. Then things relaxed and it looked like the entire Colts defense knew the ball was never going to be snapped, so I wasn't worried. I will never, ever understand how he got faked out there. One of the dumbest penalties I've ever seen.
  11. The way I try look at these decisions is "what was I yelling at the TV in real time," and not in hindsight. 4th and goal - I was saying "kick the FG" The way the drive was coming apart, I was very surprised FR went for it. That is a tough down and distance in that situation. As we saw, it had to be a perfect pass, and it wasn't. Granted, it was inches, but inches or feet it's still incomplete. Penalty on the extra point - I immediately said "go for two." I'd want Frank to go for this every time. Not getting 1 yard is on the players, not the coach. Challenge on Moss fumble
  12. Goal to go - we could not get in on 3 downs and we were moving in the wrong direction. I don't care what analytics say, you had to get some points out of that drive. As SR711 said, that was a turnover, and it was crushing to come away with nothing. I agreed with the decision to go for two once the ball was moved to the 1 yard line.
  13. LOL, this is anti my stance, but giving credit where credit is due, that is a quick, funny, accurate response. Well done.
  14. This is what Golf and Tennis are for!
  15. I'm not talking a run first QB like Jackson. Just someone who is mobile enough that the defense can't ignore to option of taking off and running if the opening is there.
  16. It will be easier to find a mobile QB than another Peyton.
  17. The red zone efficiency will improve with a mobile QB.
  18. I felt it appropriate to quote myself. I just got off the phone with the Titans, Saints and Steelers. They asked if I could please change my picks for today. So I am revising my selections for today: Ravens 31 Titans 20 Bears 31 Saints 10 Browns 23 Steelers 20 (OT) You're welcome
  19. It was obvious in the first series that he didn't have the same "pop" in his legs or decisiveness in seeing and hitting the hole. It happens. He gutted it out and had a positive impact on the game on a day when he wasn't at his best. When we needed a big play, he did come through. That 4th and 1 late in the game was huge, and it was all JT.
  20. That is really weird. Lots of good young players all over the place. Our window starts now, regardless of who is QB next season. Go COLTS!
  21. I'll see your bet and raise you an I hope so
  22. One does not necessarily eliminate the other.
  23. Perhaps he's going to go play in the same place he's planning on retiring to?
  24. No, it's a tie. If Colts kick the extra point the first time, they also kick it the 2nd time (total of 2 points). The missed two point try was washed out by the made two point try later (still 2 points).
  25. I’d change it to “if” he learns he’ll get better. In regard to the aggressiveness, I’m not seeing learning. With Rivers at QB, not taking the points on 4th and 4 was wrong today, just as it was wrong doing it three times last year vs Jags with JB at QB. Until we get a QB who can make a play out of a busted play, passing up points in most situations will continue to be wrong. Today, it was critically wrong. Frank needs to learn that soon. Having said that, I understand the thinking behind going for two with the ball at the one. Andy Reid was always criticized for
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