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  1. Ravens 7-10 49ers 7-10 I hate making these picks because I want the Lions to win and Ravens. I just not a huge fan of chiefs or ravens. But I'm rooting for Lamar. I like Lamar. Going with my gut feeling and I'm waiting for SB to place any bets. Haha
  2. I love it and I want lions to be there at the end.
  3. I'm liking cause my birthday is in February as well on the 6th. Lmao
  4. This is football, not horse racing. Lmao big difference. Like the old saying goes any giving Sunday. It's been that way all year, the team that wanted it the most won. Football isn't the Kentucky Derby a few minutes and done. Haha
  5. Ravens 1-3 49ers 4-6 I want Lions to win so bad. I just believe 49ers are the SB champs this year. 49ers and Ravens are the SB game IMO. I hope it's the Lions though ugh.. Lions make SB I'm putting a lot of money on them. Haha
  6. Looks like you might be right. Lol I should have picked Packers lol
  7. I won't bet on that game. Both teams have not been very impressing IMO. I took Bill's cause they have been playing good football at the most important time. Agree
  8. I always told my bears friends that SB night. You ever seen a Colt f a bear? I said bend over I will show you. Hope I don't offend anyone, but my friends are crazy Bear fans. When I could say something like that and get them to hush it was a great time. 😂
  9. I feel your pain. I thought damn if Minshew didn't throw a bad pass too him that is 6. I think damn if that was a play drown up for any player that actually touched the ball that evening a automatic 6. It's all a what if, but damn good playcall. SOB 😢
  10. Oh yeah I remember I was 10 and my best friend was a bears fan and I was a redskins fan. I remember us getting harbaugh and I rubbed it in his face. Lmao I loved colts every since they came to Indy and I left the Washington redskins. Commanders suck and their name change suck!! Haha
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