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  1. For me easily Christian McCaffrey. He is easily my favorite college football of all time, and I love what hes doing in the pros, glad hes not in our division though. I remember standing on a podium for the guy during the draft process and getting tons of flack because people said he wouldn't last long in the nfl or he was going to be injury prone, dude is a straight stud.
  2. Several questions. Are the colts planning on doing much in the form of social media on the practices? In years prior members of the media would tweet and give us updates as practices went along, We would see more videos of training camp. Will members of the media eventually be able to watch from a far? Hows the WR competition looking especially on the back end of it because it seems like there some deep competition there. Whats the chances we see Eric Berry or Jadeveon Clowney in a colts uniform this year? Where do you think the colts are going to utilize the extra 2 positions on the 55 man roster QB or OL? Do you think Chad Kelly stands a chance to still be on this roster 2021?
  3. Dont forget our signings of Rhodes and T.J Carrie. Both are arguably better then Tell and Miligan. Im not sure Tell would have gotten alot of playing time this year but i do think its going to hurt his development. I think we would see more harm on ST's instead.
  4. No, that one wasn't me at least not that I remember lol
  5. So that's why she doesn't return my love letters....
  6. Training camp is one of my favorite times of year. I love hearing about the players and seeing the videos and constantly refreshing the thread to see the tweets of the training camp. The hype rising of certain players, reading every play breakdown, hearing whose beating who in drills, which players are really shining from the fans perspective. Then going to the training camps, seeing the players up close and being able to have my own opinion on players and how they are coming along as far as development goes, seeing all the players the media has very little coverage of. I am missing it really bad this year. I would get more hyped for it then the opening day of the season and it kept me occupied for a couple weeks. Not being able to see one of the most competitive teams this franchise has had in awhile really sucks. It kinda reminds me of the year my family kinda skipped Christmas lol. I wish they would throw us a bone with more videos or even let the colts writers watch the practice from a far and tweet out giving us updates.
  7. I'm actually going on wednesday to pick out our seats for the 2021 season. Tickets are so cheap it's hard not to right now. I'd go to every game of I was able too
  8. The way i understood it, its prohibited for a season ticket holder to receive the tickets and then turn around and sell them on like ticketmaster or something like that.
  9. For those that care, I did get a call today about becoming a season ticket holder. I did ask about this coming season on tickets with the 25% capacity who would be given first chance at tickets and it sounds like the selling of tickets to a game will be prohibited so it will just be those who have been loyal fans for while. He did tell me if there was a game we wanted to go to badly enough this year that they could put in a request. Supposed to go pick out our seats in the next couple weeks so hopefully there will be some more clarity.
  10. I am surprised no one has made a thread about it but what if there is no college football season but the NFL plays through? Would that mean no draft? An added year of eligibility for players? A seniors only draft? The draft is one of my favorite times of year but to only go off of 2019's film for a 2021 draft you would think could be disastrous.
  11. Okay I'll play the devils advocate. What has Kelly done to get the spot over Eason?
  12. I want B but know it will be A
  13. What i don't understand on the speed and agility stuff if there is literally a combine so the majority of players have detailed numbers so why doesn't madden correlate with real life in that aspect?
  14. While you all are throwing a hissy fit I'm just happy to see Ryan Kelly getting some recognition
  15. I guess I really did expect him to stay in Indy afterwards. Seems like a lot of prior players stay here afterwards.
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