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  1. The positive is we picked up a spot or 2 in the draft with the loss. I just hope we lose out the rest of the season as tough as it is to say. After being completely eliminated from the playoffs winning only hurts this team. On to the 2020 draft.
  2. Still wish we did not get rid of Krishan Hogan. He was a very reliable set of hands had physicality and speed
  3. There are alot of us that have had our eyes on him since september and has been our most realistic quarterback to draft outside of maybe Fromm. There's no point into looking at Burrow or Herbert or guys like that because they will not be there for us. Love is in another category of those guys. He's not a finished product and has some weakness but they can be fixed and that's why most of us believe he will be there for our mid round pick.
  4. This one is purley a money grab. To wait a year and never press charges then one day just decide to sue? Pay for the mans camera that was allegedly broken and get on with it.
  5. Thats fine right in time for our playoff run all the way through the superbowl
  6. ST Elmos is always a must. If you are a big meat eater Fogo Dechao is a great place but be prepared to eat. They have some decent bars to go to, I really enjoy Punch bowl social, brothers and Howl at the moon. There is also the slippery noodle in the area if you're into blues. The circle center monument is always cool along with the museum at the speedway. If you go north there is topgolf which is a blast along with all sort of indoor go cart places.
  7. The second throw was very impressive, the first video the ball looks a little underthrown but a great play by the WR. I am excited to review all his film at the end of the season.
  8. I figured out the maybe more, we could further entice the trade by including the rights of a retired Andrew Luck. It's a joke but at the same time there has been a trend of retired players coming back so what would that be worth to a team if anything
  9. We did fleece the jets, then we get to the Redskins trade and we took two 2nd round picks, one that year and a future, in exchange for a first which i feel like we could have done better with. I did see you took the base line of the Rams trade for golf as a guideline. I was hoping a trade of a solid contributor might save us a pick. We would likely have to give up a future first but i would trade away more picks this year to instead trade next years 2nd.
  10. Ill sell this years 1st Redskins 2ND our 2nd and our 3rd plus quincy and Walker for Burrow. The kid is incredible and unlike any other QB i've witnessed coming out of college
  11. Trade deadline has passed unfortunately, I do love the Pink Floyd quote btw
  12. Which had a bigger impact on us losing the game, One point or three interceptions? 1 point or throwing 2/10 midway through the 2nd quarter? 1 point or not throwing to a wide open Pascal and throwing to a triple covered tight end? Vinny is missing kicks and its hurting the team but the loss is not on him. Like stated previously even if we do tie the game and go to overtime we could barely move the ball against a team that's been trying to lose. This loss is on Hoyer and Reich for not pulling him out of the game.
  13. I'm usually not much on trading up, but I would sell some picks for burrow
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