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  1. I have zero idea about Zach Allen, but isnt BC primarily a 3-4 defense?
  2. IMO bad move by him, he should stay in baseball. Cant imagine he will be taken very highly
  3. twfish


    I'm for sure going to disagree, re watching both times the football was still getting spun as adam was kicking. Youre going too tell me that has no effect on the ball?
  4. I'm sure its because this past year he would have gone in the 2nd when he thought he could have gone in the first this year. Im not sure what the price difference is between a mid first round and a 2nd round but I guarantee its more than I make in a year.
  5. Kupp wont happen even though he would be a nice addition, I think there will be better WR options then Stills just personally
  6. twfish


    From what I could tell its was all on Sanchez and looked like bad holds for sure.... laces weren't facing straight
  7. It has seemed like the past 2 years Free Agents of higher caliber have been hesitant too come here. Dontari Poe and Andrew Norwell all come too mind as far as listening too offers but ultimately signing with teams they viewed as contenders. So I see our pool of FA options being much larger, being very hot heading into the playoffs and having a ton of cap space is going to be very attractive too them. I have faith Ballard will not spend heavy and wont be bringing in big names but this should be a very entertaining off season!
  8. If Reich can have the same magic on Kevin White as he did Ebron then give me White. However it would be easy to see White as a bust at a F/A. All the tools he just cant stay healthy and never has....
  9. twfish

    We might be out Malik Hooker

    I expect bigger things from him next year opposed to this year. I think he will truly be healthy in August and the first time he will be 100% come a training camp
  10. twfish

    The big mess that is the Steelers

    Brown traded on draft night. You heard it here first folks.
  11. Ouch..... Was once seen as first round talent and now may fall too late day 2 or day. Someone is going to get him at a good value. Wouldn't mind him but I'm not sure who would be the odd man out at that point.
  12. twfish

    We might be out Malik Hooker
  13. twfish

    Skip is converted

    Pretty confident hell just froze over....
  14. twfish

    We might be out Malik Hooker

    This would not be a good game for him too be out but ill qoute @deadman Hooker has a blog and in his latest post he said... "I had to come out for a series cause I tweaked my foot, but I was able to go back out there for my brothers, there was no way I was not going to be out there. With treatment all week, I’m going to be just fine."
  15. twfish

    injury update

    Didnt know hooker had a blog, thats pretty sweet