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  1. What round would you take him at?
  2. Its gonna be a hard pass for me. The hype that will surround him draft night is going to be unreal. I wouldn't be surprised to see him go top 5, heck maybe even to the 49ers. He doesnt meet my own personally criteria for a 1st rounder since he has such low production in college and if he played like a 4.3 player then he would have absolutely destroyed Henre Toliver (4.63). I'll take someone more accomplished that knows how to get open
  3. I watched this one today. Hes definitely one of my more respected youtubers, but I'd love to actually have a conversation with him about D.K
  4. twfish

    Kelvin Harmon

    I was a huge fan of taking harmon in the first, but like everyone else that kinda dropped. I'm 100% down with A.J at #26 though. Harmon is incredibly polished still and is going to be a great WR
  5. twfish

    Tampering Day 2

    Likely will, but should work for us if we so choose to sign him. I'm sure his hype man of a agent has his head inflated too much
  6. Works wonders in madden in my latest I grabbed William's, bosa, josh Allen, sweat, and tillery if only if only
  7. Outside of trading for big name players that's how I build my franchise trade your better players but players you dont want for some more draft picks and build your team. I wouldn't be signing all these fa though
  8. I've had very similar worries. He says he wants to pay players who come here and play well, but he has let people walk who have like Melvin last year and I am afraid that's going to happen with desir. It's hard enough trying to find someone to keep Hopkins under 100 yards let alone doing it twice
  9. No way bennie makes it to the 5th. IMO hes the 3rd pr 4th best back in the draft
  10. twfish

    Antonio Brown to the Bills.

    "Yo dog I just dont think this is me" pulls a vontae a retired at halftime
  11. Teams that need a QB. Dolphins, broncos, giants, Jaguars. Teams I wouldn't be surprised at taking one is Tampa bay, raiders, bengals and the Patriots. Theres a run on QB's every year so I believe it's a lock we see 3 QBs go in the first. Murray, haskins, and then Lock. If I where to bet I would put Grier down as going in the first as well.
  12. Soooooo you like Hakeem Butler? Haha it's okay my view on D.K has been very different then most, we all see different things different ways. Just like how for me Harmon appears to be the most polished pro ready WR in this class. I havent watched hardly any of butlers tape so I cant judge to harshly. I am also looking at the WR that I think will compliment t.y and this offense, I dont want another Dorsett type so I havent really looked at the smaller speedsters
  13. Yea you and I see so differently on him it's not worth arguing over haha.
  14. Have you watched J.J yet? I cant recall a receiver attack the ball like that. I was disappointed in Harmons R.A.S score so much so that it took him out of #26 consideration for me. I don't believe that score to be a end all be all, but it definitely has an impact and shows itself well. That being said at #34 I'm all in on him as long as we didnt take another wr in the first