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  1. If he plays better then Desire, then what a flip by Ballard lol
  2. Miami Selects a behemoth of a man Cam Brown ILB Penn state
  3. Currently on the way back from a job so as soon as I get to the office I'll make a pick
  4. Here's the toss up between Mims and Higgins IMO. Higgins is easily more polished, ran a much fuller route tree in college, played against top DB's day in and day out as well as played in big games. He still has great physical traits and i think a lack luster combine hurt him but think he plays better than what that combine showed. Mims on the other hand has some incredible upside. He ran a very limited route tree in college however if there was any way a player could score an A+ in the offseason it was absolutely him. Killed it in the senior bowl and senior bowl practices showing his ability and willingness to expand on his route tree and then he absolutely killed it at the combine, running really well and doing all the drills great. So for me it comes down to what else are we doing in the draft? Are we going to take a 2nd receiver somewhere or just one? If we are planning on taking just the 1 receiver then I am taking Higgins because i think we can immediately throw him in at #2 day 1 and he will have success since he needs less work and has been under more pressure during his playing time at Clemson. If we are going to draft multiple receivers then i will take Mims, a second receiver could keep pressure off of him to exceed expectations immediately and lets him focus on his route running a little bit more. I would not complain in the slightest of either of these two though.
  5. A little thing called Free Agency and then probably the biggest QB carousel that i have ever seen happened and its still not out of the question he goes early. You had the Panthers who were a possibility in the QB market sign teddy to a long term deal. The bucs signed Brady to a long term deal, my guess is either the chargers or Miami will sign Cam. We also took our self out of the first round market by trading our pick and signing rivers. The titans held on to Tannehill and the raiders brought in Mariota. That little thing called supply and demand still holds true in the the draft itself. That is 6 teams who were initially in the running to draft a QB early have now backed away from that.
  6. If he did it with both prospects i would jump over the moon lol
  7. Undoubtedly smoke signals. I don't think you spend this much time with a prospect all the way back in september through after you traded away the first round pick we possibly could have used to pick him. If he falls to 20 i think we trade up to get him. He wont get past the patriots or the saints IMHO
  8. 34 Tee Higgins WR Clemson. I think he is extremely likely to drop here. Denzel Mims has a possibility of dropping to here as well but I think Higgins is more polished then Mims but i would love him here if Higgins didn't drop here. 44. Laviska Shenault WR Colorado. Heck yes I am double dipping hard here. The things this guy can do when the ball is in his hands is crazy. He reminds me alot of A.J Brown, essentially a big running back playing WR. I think this pick actually pulls the pressure off Campbell and lets him hone his game in and the things the two of them could do on the field at the same time.... 75. Brycen Hopkins TE Purdue. Athletic TE that has shown improvement every year . 122. A.J Dillon RB Boston College We finally get that big bruising between the tackle RB 160. Lamar Jackson CB Nebraska Long tall CB that can become an eventually outside guy. 193. Justin Herron T Wake Forrest 197. Matt Hennesey. G Temple I really wanted to see them go hard on offense this time. There is a ton of offensive talent in the draft and we are in dire need for a revamp and i think this draft pulls in enough talent to make Rivers quite comfortable. I can really see them rolling without a QB if they feel like it and hedge their bets of a deeper class next year but i will be doing another mock with a QB eventually.
  9. Trevor Lawrence here we come BABY!!!!
  10. The Miami Dolphins select. J.K Dobbins RB Ohio state
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