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  1. I like the theory that this hit gave him so much CTE that he turned into a diva
  2. Really? I would have guessed he was minimal top 20
  3. Id give up one of next years 2nd and Jalen Collins for him lol
  4. Zeke over Gordon all day man. You would probably save money going with Gordon Elliot is easily the better back
  5. You heard it here first kids, Zeke is on his way
  6. I was figuring they would either do this or put foreman on the practice squad. Another offseason to continue to rehab that Achilles should do wonders for him. Crazy that it will be Fountains 3rd year when it will essentially be his rookie year as far as playing time goes.
  7. Regarding luck he is still throwing the ball behind the scenes. Heck in the first practice he was nearly perfect in his throws. I'm not concerned yet. If hes still not throwing after the browns leave ill start getting skeptical
  8. There are plenty of Scenarios but my head started hurting after 6...
  9. This is going to be a incredibly difficult task for the coaches and I haven't seen this much talent in awhile. Cain and Fountain would not last on the practice squad and Hogan has used up all practice squad eligibility and i really think these guys are making to big of plays to want to cut. I get the thinking of keeping Rogers for PR duties but I believe his ceiling is below these 3's floors and surely between the three and Hines someone can return punts.
  10. Garcia is suspended as well but you are correct they do not count against the 53
  11. That argument is relatively null on the fact during the 2 games Kelly will not count against the 53 so if it was lined out that way you would keep walker and have 4 QB's the first 2 games
  12. It doesn't matter how good the competition is. One guy completes passes to wide open guys and the other misses passes to wide open guys....
  13. I've never been a huge fan of Walker personally. He doesnt seem to throw the ball with any consistency. Plus the only time he can make good throws it out of the pocket it seems. I was liking what I saw against Kelly at training camp and seeing him tonight sealed it for me. I dont care if its against lower competition it's all about ball placement for me and he puts it right there. Thoughts?
  14. I am really thinking I will have to eat crow on funchess
  15. LOVE THIS MOVE. Was a huge fan of his and when the guys his healthy he can be a stud
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