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  1. twfish

    Another awesome Brian Baldinger breakdown

    Draft discussions are some of my favorite times spent on this forum lol
  2. twfish

    Nelson Scream was edited.

    It was though. I remember caroline cann speaking on it and deon cain speaking up...
  3. twfish

    Nelson Scream was edited.

    This isnt the first time the local media has fibbed to make Nelson look better, like earlier in TC they said he was out there working alone when fountain and cain where both our there
  4. twfish

    BigQ Was Mic'ed Up - Night. Made.

    I cant stop laughing at it
  5. twfish

    Bye week Stories

    I stayed in a bath tub wayyy longer than I care to admit to let my body rest and heal, played a little bit of madden and really nothing else lol. Kept looking to the forum but nothing was happening
  6. twfish

    Luck's Throwing Program.... (Long)

    I'm pumped for next season, I think hes going to be better than he was and with this offense and a new draft class under luck we are going to make a deep playoff run
  7. twfish

    Colts contacted Raiders about Cooper

    He wont cover up Daks inability too make a read.
  8. twfish

    Chubb vs the Maniac

    Why dont wr compare him to someone else the forum really wanted, Roquan Smith. His stats are just 18 tackles and 1 sack. Granted I dont watch the bears but that's 1 game for Leonard
  9. twfish

    Injury Report

    Upside is that its Monday and most were likely precautionary
  10. twfish

    So the Steelers want this for Bell....

    I wouldn't give them either. How about a 5th and Robert turbin
  11. Colts are on 4th down with 5 yards to go. They punt and Sanchez gets hit and causes a 5 yard penalty. Only we get 4th and inches out of it. Any other team that would have been a first down besides us. One of the worst officiated games I've seen
  12. twfish

    Erik Swoope is back

    All it takes is one big game and everyone changes their mind.
  13. twfish

    When will the light turn on?

  14. twfish

    Christine Michael

    He is a fumble machine, keep him on the bench
  15. twfish

    Colts Inactives vs Bengals

    R.I.P. I have decent confidence in haeg but in confused why Clark is inactive