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  1. To me he is one of the greatest GM's currently in the league. He's gotten the raw end of the deal on somethings but has made incredible moves. I would like to see him become less stubborn at times with moves, seems like he is to loyal to players at times such as Brissett. There are definitely some areas of concern for me and I am still scratching my head at picks such as the Banogu pick in the 2nd round. All in all I am incredibly happy with him and his positives heavily outweigh any negatives. The next 2 years will be very crucial for his legacy though because IMHO the excuses stop after havi
  2. I honestly feel like we would be to stubborn to even trade him if they offered him..
  3. What we would give up is a huge factor on this. A third and Brissett (which they would never do) then absolutely. Darnold has tons of talent and has flashed. Hes stuck with one of the worst teams in the league along with one of the worst coaches I have ever seen. I'd bring him in to play for 2021. Hes better then any other option we have moving forward and better then any QB who will be sitting in the mid 20's.
  4. I think how he will end up is entirely dependent on if this passing game starts picking up and if Reich will open up the playbook. Keep the defense honest and guessing and we will see big games out of him.
  5. #1 then put him on the practice squad and bring someone else who will contribute. #2 You don't get less raw sitting on the bench. He was making plays left and right during training camp and if there is one thing this team needs right now is a playmaker.
  6. I am still honestly curious why Patmon hasn't gotten some snaps. We have taken some serious drawbacks on that position with injuries so there's no better time then now to throw him out there and get some reps.
  7. I would 100% give a second round for Darnold, hell we have fleeced the Jets enough and possibly trading Brissett along with it. I still think he has every single tool to be a great QB in this league, his issue is #1 whose around him talent wise and #2 who is coaching him. It gets him out of a bad situation and keeps us set up to be contenders moving forward. He gets the time to learn our offense and team and then next year we roll with Darnold and Eason. I honestly see it as an absolute win for every party involved besides Brissett but even then he would only be there for a year. I
  8. Because JB has made it clear he wants to be a starter and get paid starter money. I highly doubt he will want to take the pay cut we would need him to to stay a backup
  9. I take it you just couldn't get to the game? All restaurants are pretty well open downtown, I had Fogo just about a month ago downtown
  10. The only comparison you got right there is the small school aspect. Totally different players. Love showed the touch and mechanics you drool over for a QB and lacked pretty much the rest, and i was a huge love advocate and that was because he was a moldable qb for the future. Lance on the other hand pretty well has it all, hes not just flashy the kid in 2019 threw for nearly 2800 yards, 28 TD's and ZERO interceptions, 67% completion rate rushed for 1100 yards and 14 touchdowns..... If he wasnt coming out in a absolutely loaded draft class i think we are looking at a #1 over all pick. I wouldnt
  11. Ehhh I'm pumping the breaks on that one
  12. I do love how quickly everyone is to denounce the browns offense. They have leaps and bounds better receiving core than the colts have had since Marvin and Reggie. Jarvis Landry and Beckham JR are top WR's. An incredible TE group and a really good stable of backs. Pair that with a former #1 overall QB who prides himself on his accuracy. Yea we gave up some plays but they had a hell of a day. Not nearly as upset about this loss vs the Jags and neither should the rest of you. They are a good team with a lot of playmakers.
  13. The only one I have any real worry about is Pittman. I stood on a podium for the guy and was ecstatic when he was drafted and thought he was one of the most pro ready WR of the class after Jeudy. I know he got injured but I guess I was expecting a little bit more from him and that's likely due to my own high expectations of him. I hope he comes off this injury strong. I will also eat crow here with JT. Going into the draft i thought it was dumb for us to even think about a RB before the 4th round but I was definitely wrong on that one.
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