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  1. twfish

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    So that's why the stadium was open... I was downtown and went to the children's museum with my girlfriend then to the Indians game and had no idea why the stadium was open
  2. twfish

    Quenton Nelson is the highest rookie.....

    I wonder if this is the first colts rookie that's been the highest rated?
  3. twfish

    Colts Contest for Fans

    I was a tad younger to have really "felt" the playoff runs with manning etc, I remember them but it wasnt as incredible too me. The luck game against KC though, man that was crazy
  4. twfish

    is wr Hakeen Nicks now a colt?

    Proper grammar is seen across the country the same, however the leniency of grammar is usually saw through the culture surrounding you and doesnt make it any less wrong.
  5. twfish

    is wr Hakeen Nicks now a colt?

  6. twfish

    Nate Hairston: Pass Rushing Legend

    So does he stay inside or go outside this season?
  7. twfish

    The Quenton Nelson Story you've wanted......

    Kamara was not underrated. He showed talent but he had very little production coming from Tennessee after he transferred from bama. If he played another year he would easily have been a higher pick, but there were a ton of questions surrounding him. He was definitely compared to a poor man's mccaffery though.
  8. twfish

    The Colts running game

    What are you talking about "trading gore with a beefed up line is stupid"?
  9. here's a terrific read of the situation
  10. One terrible concussion and a complete distrust from the NFL and the organization who were wanting him to take a medicine his professors at Yale told him not to touch definitely does not correspond with being injury prone. I mean he retired because of that incident.
  11. He's my dark horse for this season. He has already stated he slimmed back down this year and I expect him to compliment Leonard very nicely
  12. twfish

    OTAs 5/24

    I hope you guys have seen this
  13. twfish

    Colts OTA’s 5/23/18

    Watched that video yesterday too, that part was actually pretty insightful and made alot of sense
  14. twfish

    Top rookie offensive impact player

    Yall are sleeping on fountain. I'm a fan of cain for sure though as well as a big fan of our UDFA Ishmael.
  15. It was stated when he was drafted that it may take 3 years for him to really start picking it up. He was taken as a project due to the scheme he came out if in college. You can't expect a project to play lights out like Nate Hairston did. This is my last year on Clark but he had a very solid rookie campaign in the 3 or 4 games he played. Play calling sucked last year so we will see