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  1. IMHO it is not a talent problem as to why this is a losing football team. Not every single draft pick is going to be a super star but if youre getting people who contribute then youre doing well. Whether you like it or not the majority of those players are contributing. Banogu is still playing out of position imho. Plus as it sits Ballard has still drafted better talent then Grigs ever did and better talent then Polian did in his later years.
  2. Lots of questionable calls and blitz's last night leaving the middle of the field wide open.
  3. How can you tell if he can read NFL defenses or not? The only regular season snaps hes played he got thrown out to play hero ball against one of the better secondary's in the league. Just because someone is religious doesnt mean they cant have something against someone gtfoh with that idea
  4. I think its way more of an indication of how much Reich utilizes a QB's mobility as a crutch rather then Eason's ability. Sure Rivers wasnt mobile but he had a quick release and years of experience reading coverages which IMHO made Reich look better then he is. Hundly can do only 1 thing and thats to scramble. Eason is a pocket passer. If you have faith in your O-Line and your receivers ability to get open then you start Eason 10/10. If you don't think your O-Line will hold up and you need time for coverage to break down so your receivers will get open you start Hundly. That being said I personally think Reich has it out for Eason. I felt that way back during training camp and preseason. Even down to the plays he would call for Ehlinger vs Eason.
  5. Atleast Wentz had a career game as well. Did we end up stopping their rushing streak?
  6. The ineptitude of Reichs play calling is the leading factor IMO. Luck and Rivers were able to overcome it, but it was apparent with Brissett and now Wentz. With players like MAC, Pittman and Strachan there’s no reason why we should have the redzone struggles we have had. Our defense plays soft by design. The scheme is designed to give up small gains but take away big chunks, unfortunately the defense has lost their discipline.
  7. This sort of stuff is largely why I blame Reich and not Ballard. I think we have some great players on this team but the usage of them is so head scratching..
  8. I guess I'm really kinda disappointed here. I like Mack and feel he has always worked hard and played hard for this organization. Why we have two 1,000 yard running backs in our back field and Reich is refusing to utilize either one to the point where one is asking for a trade is honestly just adding to my frustration of Reich
  9. Regretting getting season tickets this year.........
  10. 36% in the red zone................. Thats right 36% of the time we are in the red zone it ends up with a TD. How pathetic...
  11. We heavily rotate on DE, we also just spent a 1st on a guy so hes going to get the start. The others still get significant snaps. Our back up o-line is injured as well. Wont argue the Campbell pick, i hated it from the get go. Eason was drafted in the 4th and was basically red shirted for a year. Also Hooker walked in free agency he wasnt cut. Do you actually think about what you post or do you just let your brain have diarrhea all over this forum?
  12. Everything Reich does is kinda laughable at this point
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