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  1. My guess is the good old youtube algorithm is getting this video around because i know it got me this past week lol
  2. plus he has said he wants to play well into his 40's..
  3. Do you not want him because of what we would have to give to get him or?
  4. 2nd for Love a first and a second for Rodgers lol
  5. Peyton IMHO changed the game to the way it is. His brains, his arm, the control he had of the offense, the ability to read a defense. There hasnt been another QB impact the game he has until Maholmes.
  6. His biggest weakness is he is not as dynamic of a QB, however i think his arm talent and his ability to read a defense is incredible. I need to watch more film of everyone but for this team to come out and start day one i like him more than Lance... Is there going to be a run on QB's like the 18 draft? Or will it stay top heavy like it was last year and guys fall to the second third and fourth that we all believed were first and fringe 2nd round players..
  7. Trask wont last that long. There are a lot of QB needy teams in that range. I am honestly not sure if he makes it to our pick the way QB's fly off the shelves
  8. Ehhh, I'm not in the camp to say he sucks but he is currently a broken QB. I believe Brett Kollman has a great video on him and his footwork and how much of an impact that is having on his throwing motion, accuracy and delivery of the ball. My assumption is he's injured something in that area and is either rehabbing it or needs to get comfortable and go through the basics to get it back. There are alot of excuses to be made for him such as a not so good o-line and a very young receiving core. IF he were to get cut I would be all about bringing him in and restructuring. However between his inj
  9. I agree he will fall and will be becasue of no recent film. I really disagree on the Love comp though. Lance is a ton better than Love and i wanted Love bad. One threw as many INT as TD's and one didnt throw a single interception. Plus Lance has a set of wheels under him. Really the only thing i could see if you are wanting Lance to sit for a year and I am not sure if i do. Albeit its all dependent on what hes done during his off time.
  10. I've got Darnold way ahead of Wentz. Wentz to me is a broken QB with injury problems, Darnold is a gifted QB who's system has failed him IMHO. I think with the help of Reich and Sirianni Darnold could become special. I do like Trey Lance quite a bit and we would really be fortunate to get him if he falls down to us since he was looked at as the 2nd best QB until he only got to play one game this season and then guys like Wilson and Trask came out.
  11. Sign him for another 10 years.... Seriously how man mainstays do we have on this team now because of him? Mack, Hines, JT, Nelson, Glowinski, Smith, Buckner, Stewart, Willis, Blackmon, Sanchez, Blankenship, Pittman, Leonard etc. These are all incredible players that would all be starting on pretty much any team in the league. He's had far more hit then misses and has built this team correctly
  12. Trey Lance really would be an incredible pick here. Not having a season to play outside of one game and risers or Zach Wilson and Kyle Trask to go with the other top guys may push this guy into our laps
  13. I would personally rather sign Mack back then draft another RB in your scenario
  14. I mean our two back ups combined for almost 700 rushing yards...
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