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  1. I think the player to likely have the most Leonard'esque type year where they come out of nowhere is Banogu. It seems like the kid is coming in and working his tale off. He didnt take a summer break either because after the combine he started developing pass rush moves. I think this coaching staff and scouts are already pleasantly surprised by him. Especially if we drafted him for one specific role and then he ends up being able to contribute at a much more valuable position.
  2. To tell the truth I wasn't really excited about the signing of him. I would have rather given the playing time to someone else on the roster. Especially after the beef he had with Brissett I wouldn't mind if we cut him and that without taking any of this into consideration. I just don't have a great feeling about him nor any excitement like I usually have on players.
  3. Wut? He caught the last one 1 handed
  4. Right now the position the interests me the most would be the CB position. Desir, Moore, Wilson, Ya-Sin, Hairston, Milton, Collins, and Tell plus udfa and try outs. That is a pretty crowded position group and someone is either going to get cut or traded so I will be curious to see who is getting playing time.
  5. I know the superman luck play will likely be how hes always known but one of my favorites is during a Bengals game when he he falling but still throws a dime to Moncreif. Will always stand out to me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgosdL6w6MA
  6. Man that's awesome!! I wasn't sure if there was anyone else on the forum that was a fan of that genre of music. Although I've noticed the colts media has used some whiskey myers and their radio show song "the colts are on the radio" is from Reckless Kelly.
  7. So in years past I always really enjoyed looking at the UDFA that the team had picked up and loved to do write ups on standout or on players i felt strongly would make the team. Well now since Ballard has built this team so deep I think this may be the first year that a UDFA wont make the 53. To be honest I couldn't name a single guy we picked up this year but i still have a ton of guys from the past in my memory like Curt Maggitt, Bug Howard, and Mekale Mckay. So thank you Chris, thank you for ruining my offseason.....
  8. The area where the training camp is located is a very new, and likely the quickest growing are of Indiana. I've spent alot of time in the are for work. Top Golf is a very fun thing to do whether you're super into golf or not. The indiana gun club isnt far from there and have trap * and a nice sporting Clay's area. K1 speed is a cool indoor go cart track but there is a couple other in door go cart tracks. If shopping is your thing The mall right there in Carmel is nice. Then there is all the monuments in downtown. The museum at the speedway is cool too.
  9. Love the avatar man, huge Cody Jinks fan! Although i do love Whiskey Myers just a touch more
  10. There is a reason this team had fallen apart and we are now in year 3 of a rebuild and there are only 5 players from Grigsons time. This team was only a shell with former superstars while any drafted talent was set back in depth roles and never got true opportunities to play. Trading back for T.J Green when Cody Whitehair was there still chaps me. To your Number 6 In Grigsons time frame he had gone through 3 very different Offensive Coordinators, ya know the person who calls the offensive plays, dont get me wrong I wanted Chuck gone first but the offensive play calling isnt all on him.
  11. You must have missed the Grigson era Colts to learn this lesson
  12. off topic but what caught my eye was the time this was posted and I was like dang someone cant get too sleep (2 A.M Indiana time) then I saw it was you and if I recall correctly you're out on the west coast like Cali right?
  13. Top yet to prove anything 1 Campbell 2 Turray 3 Banogu 4 Cain 5 Hooker/Geathers
  14. So the past 2 years really ballard has traded back gathering picks to build this team. I believe we are at the end of our rebuild mode and are now at contending mode. I think the chances of us being back in the top 15 pick range in the next 3-5 years is pretty slim, first I must give huge kudos to ballard turning around this team so quickly. Saying all of that I would put money down on either this year or next year trading up in the first to grab a player. Roster is getting very tight with competition now, and man does it feel weird finally saying that, that it will likely be more impactful for the team to get a highly touted prospect versus 2 lower end prospects. I dont mind trading the same year picks but i dont like trading future pick. I understand this goes against everything Ballard has done to this point but I am pretty confident in this line of thinking
  15. What is so funny to me about people saying he is getting paid too much is the fact people see highest paid slot corner at 10-12 million a year but don't comprehend that he plays outside a decent bit and the highest paid outside CB, Xavian Howard at 15 million a year, and not a lock down by an means. We essentially got a high end outside cornerback who is a terrific Nickle CB at a huge discount.
  16. If you wanna work your magic and get me into that party it would be greatly appreciated
  17. Thats one birthday I would really like to go too
  18. I would imagine the contract is heavily front loaded to use up the salary cap we have this year. It's all how you structure it
  19. Talk about a decision that ended up paying off literally. I remember him coming into camp as a MLB but changed to LS so he could make the team
  20. I still think it all came down to want for Moncreif. I was a huge advocate for him and even though his social media said it I dont think he was motivated enough
  21. Hooker is elite IMO. QBs dont throw his way. He is going to be a pick machine this year as we convert to more cover 3 packages. I can only imagain how different the KC game could have been with him out there
  22. Manning's stats in this matchup weren't gaudy, but they were very efficient Completing 21-of-28 passes (75.0 percent) for 351 yards and a huge 12.5 yards per attempt. He only tossed one touchdown compared to two interceptions, but he hit on 10 passes of at least 10 yards including a pair of 60-plus-yard throws to Marvin Harrison.
  23. This is part of the reason i cant really trust the PFF grades. How does a QB grade out that well throwing that many interceptions?
  24. Mack is much more of an elusive runner than a speed guy
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