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  1. We decided to get refund also since there were too many what if’s. Package A games are so much better but no guarantee which package you will get. You have no idea where the seats will be located. Too many variables to deal with but it was still a hard decision. We are very appreciative of the Colts and Jim Irsay for giving us these options.
  2. Why has Kelly been on the 53 man roster if everyone knows he’s not an option without seeing him play? We know Hoyer is not. It’s perplexing. The Steelers were at least willing to switch qbs during a game when they struggled. They weren’t worried about hurting anyone’s feelings.
  3. Call me crazy but if AB continues to put Pitt in a position to lower the asking price, if I’m the Colts I’m ready to deal. If Tyrell Williams is projecting in the 12-13 million range in free agency, I’m willing to pay 4-5 million more to make AB happy to play for the Colts.
  4. The uniforms look straight out of the “I Tonya” movie. Not sure that’s the look they should be looking for.
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