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  1. Superstars have egos. Nothing new. Zeke just wants to get paid that doesn’t make him a diva or have ego issues.
  2. Need revenge on the Saints. Last time at the superdome was the nightmare game 62-7
  3. 0-16 confirmed let the tanking begin.
  4. All the other teams have guys in the top tier in terms of their position. We still have a good offensive system that makes good use of players skill set. Only thing is compared to those team in the top 5 we don’t have a top 3 to 5 guy at the skill positions unless we are considering Ebron as a top tier tight end. Julio Jones Mike Thomas OBJ Tyreek Hill Gurley Kamara Kelce Not sure where Hunt ranks on running backs.
  5. They were 8th last year. Their offense will not be better than Kansas City
  6. Should be a good season for us Colts fans as we should have an elite offense next year. 1. Chiefs. They lost Hunt this year but they still have Kelce and Hill. Also have a Tyreek Hill clone minus the drama. Mahomes may not throw 50 TDS but I expect between 35 to 45 TDs 2. Falcons. Same offense minus Coleman but upgraded their offensive line. Matt Ryan last year had a year on par with his MVP year. Also Julio and Calvin will be a dynamic duo. 3. Rams. Yes they put up an ugly dud in the Super Bowl but next year they should still be a high scoring high yardage team again. Coop was a key receiver before his season ended last year. Team success depends on the growth of Goff and the health of Gurley. 4. Colts. Another year under our current staff and a healthy Doye hopefully this year. Improve from the younger receivers will be key this year. Luck will be Luck and Mack will have a great year. 5. Browns. Surprise team here. Mayfield will become a top 10 QB this season and OBJ will have a season on par or better than his rookie year. Browns also have Kareem Hunt who will have over 1700 in all purpose yards again. Remaining top 10 6. Saints 7. Patriots 8. Packers 9. Eagles 10. Panthers
  7. Good pickup for the Texans but they still need linemen
  8. Just wait till the cap hits 250 million
  9. Anybody hear how Ed Reed would purposely misplay a certain coverage during the season several times because he knew Peyton would see it on film? Long story short in 2009 when we played the Ravens he did it and immediately ran deep when Peyton threw the ball and got a pick. I guess even Peyton could get fooled.
  10. There’s still time to delete this lol.
  11. Just because he had a bad game against us in the playoffs does not mean he’s trash. That’s like chiefs fans saying Luck is trash because he played a bad game. His first 2 years have been amazing but he still needs to work on reading a blitz and the defense better. Also needs a better line which he can not control.
  12. Looks like Tyreek Hill will not be suspended Chiefs will still have a great offense
  13. Contract year and is 29 I believe, has been relatively heathy his whole career, and one of the best defenders in the league.. Realistically the colts won’t make this trade since we are building through the draft but if you’re a gm what would you give up? I say a 3rd at most
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