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  1. Those are my starters for the week with Sutton on the bench. I tried to trade Sutton and Andrews for Chubb but it was declined.
  2. Full PPR. But my receivers are Evans, J.Jefferson and Mike Williams
  3. My bench receiver is Sutton. Sutton plays Washington this week. I also have touchdown machine James Conner. Remaining players on the bench are: Mark Andrews bye Logan Thomas IR Josh Jacobs bye
  4. Mike Evans owners, are y’all benching him this week against Lattimore? He has 9 receptions in 4 years on Lattimore. @chad72 @Superman @EastStreet @CR91 @Narcosys
  5. Tennessee has bad corners but I believe they have the best coverage tandem between between their safeties in Hooker and Byard. @EastStreet for confirmation?
  6. He got hurt when it was 27-3. KC problems lie in their non existing pass rush
  7. Not sure I can call them solid when they gave up 140 yards, 180 yards, 111 yards against teams that can run the ball decently
  8. Henry and Taylor combine for 300 rushing yards
  9. Henry also faces a stacked box on 60% of his carries
  10. 600k and have him sign my Eli Manning Jersey
  11. Just wait till Josh Allen and Murray. Both QBs will stretch the defense to the limit and then throw it over the top.
  12. They cost too much. We have no need for them when we have Turay and Banogu
  13. Lol. Bosa has been abusing Fisher please send him help
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