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  1. Good point but I don’t think Ramsey has had any off the field issues no arrest or news stories. He held out for a family related issue that’s about it.
  2. Top 3 corner when healthy but it’s too much for a trade.
  3. Brown plays for Seattle.. Tunsil is healthy
  4. I’m redoing mines Qb Peyton Rb CMC Wr Calvin Johnson Te Jimmy Graham Edge Mack, Miller Luke
  5. Mack CMC Zeke Kamara Barkley Bell Gurley
  6. What would a Jag qb be considered? Peyton won as a shell of his former self. But give me K.Mack (he can play end too) Jag Donald Myles Garret Jag Luke Jag Fuller Gilmore Jag J Adams All my offense has to do is score more than 18 points lol
  7. I feel like the Saints will be the best team when Brees gets back. But the NFC west has 3 good teams that are hard to beat. Rams should get back on track with wins the next 3 weeks.
  8. He hasn’t the last 2 games. Carolina got 6 but Carolina currently has the best pass rush
  9. Tampa Bay is confusing. Are we getting Winston that hung 55 on the Rams or the one who throws a lot of picks
  10. I hope Joseph plays and guards TY that’s usually who gets burnt
  11. You must of not looked at his stats the past 16 games. He’s a top 10 qb
  12. Rough schedule so far. Rams 49ers Seahawks then dropping a game to Titans. Glad we don’t have the nfc west this year.
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