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  1. Looks like a dog fight could be happening Cardinals 5-2 Rams 5-2 Bears 5-2 Saints 4-2 Niners 4-3 Lions 3-3 Who makes it?
  2. 2018 Rams are back. This time more balance of a team instead of super explosive offense
  3. Chad Kelly isn’t good but a 4th for Brissett is good
  4. I think we should of know the Bucs we’re going to be a good team. They went 7-9 with 40 offensive turnovers last year. Cut those turnovers in half they finish 13-3.
  5. I would take him and hopefully we can get AJ Green too
  6. Colts 23-21. Lions miss the game winning kick
  7. Murray is the 4th best young qb in the league. He’s Russell Wilson like But Metcalf is faster than fast
  8. Chiefs vs Seahawks Surprise pick Titans vs Bucs
  9. He’s a rookie back. Not all rookies come in like Kamara, Barkley, Zeke, and Chubb. Henry and CMC didn’t dominate their rookie year.
  10. Rushing 4 gives teams a better chance of not getting beat over the top. We all saw that 1 on 1 with Hill/Kelce/Hardman and nobody covering over top is a mismatch.
  11. After Mahomes embarrassed them they got some help
  12. Wentz and Kelce are the only week 1 starters on offense not hurt yet for the Eagles Also Eagles dropped 2 wide open touchdowns
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