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  1. PB but he won’t start this year and will play in blow outs. Kyle Pitts Falcons
  2. Trent Richardson or TJ Green deserve it more
  3. Just wait till the second wave of free agency hits when teams have to cut players.
  4. He’s the same size as Aaron Hernandez if that says something
  5. Every time I hear Campbell’s name I think about not getting AJ Brown because we traded down
  6. I wish we could of got both Rhodes and Fuller
  7. Fuller is an idea fit for this team. Can play zone or man
  8. Tampa had tons of cap space we don’t. All those years of sucking helped Tampa out
  9. People expect us to blow money when we need to pay Nelson, Smith, Leonard and Hines?
  10. Schwartz is most likely retiring and has a major back limitation
  11. Imagine this forum if we had a QB of Mahomes level making 40 + million
  12. Andrew Luck 5 seasons Andrew Luck 1 season
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