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  1. Anyway to move Thursday night games to like Friday?
  2. He will drop his opportunity. I’ll pass
  3. Mathieu doesn’t play as a strong entirely. He’s in the box, in center field or in the slot. Simmons has the lowest passer rating when targeted. Lead the league with breakups and ints combined. There’s a reason why he was all pro and pff best coverage safety. Hookers rating when targeted was 123, gave up 4 TDs in his zone which were either being late or being looked off by the QB. To me when he’s free to roam he can still give up plays. Simmons eliminates plays, was thrown 23 times more and gave up 200 less yards than Hooker. Williams- plays how we want Hooker to play.
  4. Justin Simmons Minkah Fitzpatrick Harrison Smith Tyrann Mathieu Marcus Williams Eddie Jackson Kevin Byard
  5. There are plenty better than Hooker when left to roam.
  6. This team will get swept by the Bucks and will lose to Toronto, Miami and Boston in a playoff series. All those teams have a better coach and high end players.
  7. Doesn’t this Ryan Tannehill scenario have similarities to Brees when he left SD for New Orleans?
  8. You mean both safeties who have been invisible all year and Lewis who is a net negative didn’t play? Campbell was invisible too. Yes we won but if we played a 10 game series Chiefs win 9-1
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