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  1. runthepost

    #2 receiver

    Rather have Dez than Decker
  2. runthepost

    Let's Make Some Predictions!

    9-7 wildcard. Luck gets 31 TDS 13 picks is sack the less amount of time in his career. 3 teams make the playoffs from the afc south.
  3. This is a terrible hiring! We should of went after hank baskett he was a terrific receiver in his prime! #fireballard#reggiesucks#0-16quest#grinsonisthebestgmever#wecandobetter
  4. runthepost

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    Backlash for trading an average player that is injured prone...
  5. runthepost

    The big Nelson gamble

  6. runthepost

    Chris Ballard on Dez Bryant

    We got the money so why not a 1 year deal and see what happens.
  7. runthepost

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    Remember these are the same fans that were saying TY is better than OBJ
  8. runthepost

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    At least he was drafted by the jaguars
  9. runthepost

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Everyone was like who!?
  10. runthepost

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

  11. Draft the best player in the draft while adding more and more picks would be a great move
  12. We play them this year too
  13. Him and TY would be a good compliment
  14. runthepost

    NFL Playoffs Format

    What if the NFL went to an 8 team playoff in each conference like the NBA? Instead of a first round bye for the top 2 seeds they just gave a bye for all teams after the regular season and start the playoffs then?