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  1. The same experts that said the 49ers were going 3-13 last year?
  2. Carr in my opinion was/is a better fit for this offense than Rivers
  3. I wish there was a skill challenge at the end of the season where we can see these 1 vs 1 drills.
  4. 2 vs 2 matchup Big Q and Zack Martin vs Aaron Donald and Deforest. Who will get thrown to the ground? 1 vs 1 Derrick Henry vs Bobby Wagner. Truck or stuff? Julio Jones vs Gilmore. Catch or no catch?
  5. Offseason boredom and random thoughts. This tread is about player vs player matchups. Like lineman vs lineman, running back vs lineback, defensive back vs receivers. What matchups would you like to see?
  6. I remember when Leonard was called the worst pick of the draft fun times . Then Bobby hall of famer Okereke was compared to Leonard and called the worst pick of the draft the next year
  7. Yes Leonard is good but he’s like 2 tiers behind Lewis.
  8. 3rd and 4 pass is incomplete but Marlin Jackson got a facemask 1st and goal at the 9 and only gained 2 yards. Didn’t Dallas Clark drop the last 4th down play?
  9. 2005 vs Pitt 2007 vs Chargers last game in the RCA dome
  10. Who can we get on the Texans for a bag of popcorn?
  11. Thursday night games should only occur the first week, teams coming off a bye, thanksgiving and Christmas
  12. Toronto fans are crazy. The Raptors championship parade had 3 million people attend it.
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