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  1. Chiefs vs Packers Super Bowl. I don’t think Mahomes has a concussion.. it looks like he was choked out and lost consciousness for like a second or 2 and tried to bounce up.
  2. Nelson has been playing injured this season.
  3. Rodgers had 3 lineman make all pro teams. All the remaining teams have good lines. Mobile Qbs with bad lines don’t work. See Ravens, Eagles, Texans..etc
  4. He’s improved since his MVP year. Not always looking for the homerun plays and reading defenses better.
  5. Can’t review those calls. Plus it was a bang bang play
  6. I still remember after we beat the Chiefs there was a comment by a poster who said it’s better to build a team around JB than Mahomes
  7. The Chiefs will probably steam roll the Browns tomorrow. They will probably repeat like I predicted
  8. Titans are pretty much the only team that can win the division over us next year.
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