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  1. We need a receiver that can get separation because of the offense being shut down by Kansas City. Also we play a team twice in our division that can bottle up our current receivers. But I’ll take Brown and Butler over DK.
  2. He’s basically been their offense the pass 2 or 3 seasons. He accounted for an average of 83 % of their total offense. He deserves the pay and to say he’s not a top 5 qb is crazy talk
  3. 3 straight games against the NFC south towards the end of the year
  4. Great news the game is week 16 Monday Night
  5. Correction Saints @ Titans in week 4 MNF
  6. It was separate weeks like that game was week 5 and our game with the saints is week 9
  7. Saints prime time game were leaked they also play Tennessee on the road for a Monday night game
  8. Hopefully we play this game after our bye week Source Reddit and Indy Sports One
  9. Regardless the Jags isn’t an easy W like the titans. We haven’t score on them for 6 quarters
  10. Or @NO then @Pitt then have our home game against Car or Atl lol
  11. Only first round worthy backs the last few years have been Barkley and Zeke Josh and Miles are no where near as polished as those 2 backs were.
  12. Use the playoffs as motivation since he’s never been there.
  13. Still would of rather had Cole Beasley, Golden Tate over DF. He’s basically an under size tight end playing reciever but he does give us a big body reciever finally
  14. New England can lose talent players and replace them and get the same production. Why does this happen? The scheme from Belicheck. They won’t take a step back this year just watch
  15. That can be a test to see how good our secondary will be this season
  16. Remember that block he put on Segrio Brown? Need to show that to all tightends
  17. Still got their best defensive player in big Chris Jones
  18. We love our average to below average plays here. John Simon, Geathers, Dorsett, and Geathers
  19. He allowed one of the highest passer rating this year and plus he missed on 12 tackles
  20. To not spend money on quality players
  21. Great player to sign lol
  22. Losing arguably the top receiver and a top 5 rb will hurt any offense. Plus they lose Jessie James
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