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  1. Could be worst lol. A 12-4 team in the NFC could be a wildcard team
  2. Chiefs scare me because it doesn’t matter how good your defense is, they will still put up over 30 points.. unless you catch them on a bad day
  3. We did. TD to Tonya was a cover 2, play action and the 2 corner routes opened up the middle for Tonya. MVS just ran pass the linebacker again on a cover 2.
  4. One thing is Rodgers picked on Darius quite a bit during the game
  5. You jinx this we are lining you up with Nelson... when he is doing a guard pull or you can do a 1 on 1 drill with Buckner. Choice is yours !
  6. It’ll be a lot closer than last time. Both teams coming off huge victories in overtime.
  7. Soft zone vs play action doesn’t go well if the QB is great
  8. Those numbers were from majority of Man to Man defense. Even when Rhodes was in his prime Adams still managed to get a touchdown in 5 consecutive games. 2017 when the Vikings had a great defense he still scored on Rhodes in both games. They both know each other like the back of their hand so it should hopefully be a fun matchup
  9. Rhodes vs Adams last season 20 catches 212 yards 1 TD. I posted Rhodes vs Adams stats from 2016-2018 but finally found 2019 stats
  10. I remember the play last year where he ran over big Q. I don’t think that happened last game.
  11. We can always trade for him next year
  12. I’m hoping he can perform some songs off of trilogy, the hills, feel my face, and after hours All I need during these songs is a bottle
  13. Offenses throwing into 30mph wind
  14. San Francisco played well for 55 minutes. The last 5 minutes 21-0
  15. IU with a top 10 football team... we are definitely in the end of days
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