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  1. He wasn’t playing after the drives against the Rams.
  2. JC Jackson is a good signing but if he’s going for more than 8M a year Ballard isn’t signing. Target a safety hopefully and I want Marcus Williams
  3. He’ll be remembered for targeting Ramsey with his first 2 throws. What a shame
  4. Depends. If Tyreek Hill catches passes then yes the Chiefs put up 30+. If he keeps dropping passes and tipping passes for picks then hard to say.
  5. KC isn’t stopping Henry. If Chris Jones isn’t back, Henry is getting 150 + yards
  6. And the colts decided to not guard Mark Andrews in the 4th quarter
  7. Well the Titans were playing with a back ups in the secondary and still won. The injury excuse is lame.
  8. Good but 5 extra Carrie’s and a touchdown is better than 2 total yards difference between the 2 players
  9. The vote for Taylor after what Henry did
  10. Hill has been giving picks to the defense this years. 3 passes that bounce off his hands have been picks
  11. Won’t matter if the Titans have Henry lol. Might be the first time we see a 2 minute offense with all run plays
  12. There was another poster, can’t remember his name but he said Buckner and DL are above average players
  13. Both are tougher matchups due to Colts having difficulties covering tight ends. Waller is going to get at least 120 yards.
  14. I mean everyone talks about the Titans schedule but the colts play the Bills, Bucs, Texans, Patriots, Cardinals, then the Raiders at the end of the season. The Texans are the only iffy team on there.
  15. Yeah a 2 time All Pro DT isn’t game changer. The 3rd best interior lineman is above average is funny. It was the correct trade 100 percent of the time.
  16. Fix 3 of these picks and the team is much better. 2017 15th pick Humphrey 2018 64th pick Hubbard 2019: 49th pick AJ Brown
  17. 27-20 Colts. Game MVP is Buckner with 3 sacks.
  18. I didn’t want to draft Metcalf. I wanted his teammate AJ Brown instead but we took Banogu instead
  19. I wanted Marlon Humphrey so bad but he went right after Hooker.
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